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Mercedes-Benz M-class (ML320, ML350, ML500 and ML55) 2005 and earlier



  • tariktarik Posts: 344
    Ha ha haaa!!! What in the world...?


    Disgusted Tarik

  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    an accessory to padlock your hood ;-)
  • wnielwniel Posts: 97
    No I don't have pictures. Had to have temp repairs done at a body shop in Mammoth as the latch wouldn't latch. The floor was pushed back in about five inches because of the door being pushed in that much. Had to pull out the lower latch a few inches and then drilled a hole through the door to attach a wire to the locking mechanism to onlatch the door. Then took heavy plastic and taped over the broken window to help seal and keep out the weather. We drove halfway home in heavy snow before the snow turned to heavy rain. Had to stop one time to retape the plastic as the wind and rain had loosened it up so that it was flapping in the wind. I had my son-in-law with me and neither of us was hurt other than a little stiffness in the neck for a day or so. The driver of the other vehicle claimed he was only doing about 3MPH and I said B/S. We were hit hard enough that the slide under the sunroof slid open. It was definitely a heavy hit that got your attention in a big way. Had he only been going that fast we wouldn't have had all of the damage even though he missed the bumper. I would say that he was going 7-10 MPH.
  • tariktarik Posts: 344
    William, nice thought, LOL!

    How about the lower wing being a release mechanism for the spring loaded hockey stick on top of the hood, leaving an imprint of the three-pointed star on your forehead?

    Can't imagine what those folks were thinking... would you describe it... ...contest "go"!

  • rexconde1rexconde1 Posts: 278
    I feel your pain,

    I'm surprised that it caused that much damage. When I was rearended by a tahoe last summer the rear hatch was caved in, the galss didnt break, but they replaced the whole rear hatch. I do think that the Tahoe was going much faster than yours because he was coming from highway speeds. I think that the hitch took most of the impact as the tahoe bumper had a huge pinhole dent that looked to hit the structure of the Tahoe.

    At the same time the hitch probably caused more dmage to the ML as well... It bent teh rear member that holds the hitch reciever, thus bent it. Total cost for the other guy was about $$8000

    Like you said though the bumper of the Ram is higher so it probably didnt do internal damage.

    Glad no one was hurt,
  • rexconde1rexconde1 Posts: 278
    Could one say:

    Das ist häßlich!

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    The rear crossmember that holds the trailer hitch receiver is also the rear bumper, so even if you didn't have it, it would've been damaged by the impact anyway. In fact, I think that the rear bumper would be damaged even more so if you didn't have the hitch.
  • rexconde1rexconde1 Posts: 278
    I just thought that the hitch gave the impact the leverage (perhaps moreso) to break the cross member. Rather than taking a flat impact the Tahoe hit the hitch and pushed it down. After the impact it was pushed down but no major bumper damage.

    Click for a bigger pic:


  • dmh10dmh10 Posts: 8
    I ordered a new engine air filter from Mercedes recently and they sent me a filter that does fit into the filter housing but the filter element is not straight across on the bottom like the original but is stepped up on one side across the bottom. The original filter element is part #604 094 00 04 and my replacement filter is part #604 094 14 04. Does anyone know if they gave me the
    wrong filter or is it a new design for the filter.


  • Hey,

    To sound like a complete brat, for the winter, my parents gave me their ML320 (paranoid Jewish mother...not necessarily a bad thing in this case). I'm in Cornell, where it's winter 11 months a year (it snowed 6 days in a row this week...and as I speak too), so the car gets COVERED in road salt. Would mudflaps help keep dirt and salt off the side steps? Whenever you get out of the car, the bottom of your pants have a nice white line on the back. I just brought myself to wash it, but I know it's just going to get dirty again in 4 minutes. Thanks.

    Oh yeah, about post 2004, I had no idea that Pontiac designed accessories for the CLK.

  • howvoodhowvood Posts: 19
    I saw a set of rear seats being offered on e-bay.
    They are item #565254324
  • bob259bob259 Posts: 280
    Got my H7 Phillips Vision Plus bulbs yesterday and installed them in the HID's Quite a bit more light then the stock Hella's, but still a yellowish light compared to the HID's Hotter center spot and as advertised a lot more light down the road. Still spoiled by the HID's and really notice the difference in temperature of the light.

    Side note, 4-6" of snow here in upstate NY and they are calling for over 24" by Tuesday. We're gonna leave the Volvo XC home tomorrow and take the ML for the additional ground clearance. I am ready for SPRING!!!! I hate not being able to keep the cars clean.

    Supposed to go in Tuesday for the coolant leak and inspection. 8,065 miles and just about 1 year old now and except for this recent coolant leak and a bad door actuator it's been a great car.
  • cavman2xcavman2x Posts: 26
    Congratulations sounds like you got a good deal. I just purchased Saturday the following ML320, M1,M2,sunroof, heated seats, Bose 6-CD,metallic silver for $40,500 inc. dest. fee. Does yours include dest fee? I purchased in Northern NJ. MSRP was $42,470. I checked around a feel I got a "fair" deal only because i needed it in 2 weeks because my car was coming off lease.Too bad I didn't P/U last week I could have used it with this snowstorm coming. G
  • nyeungnyeung Posts: 1
    I am from Toronto Canada. I am thinking of buying the Legacy L instead of the GT wagon. Is the Limited slip differential (LSD), the two sun roof, leather seats and side air bag worth the $4,000. Mainly the LSD is it worth it.

    Edmunds comment was that the transmission was 'lethargic', that maybe OK if it is reliable? The Auto show magazine also indicated that the major problem areas are Engine, transmission, electrical system, the minor ones are final drive, suspension and brakes.

    I Have not read any poor review in these areas in the discussion.

    Can any one shed light?


  • rexconde1rexconde1 Posts: 278
    I think that you are on the wrong board.

    But while you are here why not consider what seems to be a far superior choice? An Mercedes ML!

    Comfort, safety, power, luxury and 4WD all rolled into one! Where elses can you get this?

  • mlx52mlx52 Posts: 72
    Recently I have noticed that I cringe at the sight of every bump that I see. Since, I know that I will be able to feel the entire bump throughout the cabin. I noticed this when I bought the car, but I didn't think of it because I thought it might just be a characteristic of a new car. However, it has now been a few months and the car has broken in but the stiffness has not gone away. The tires are at 32.5 psi as reported by the Mercedes tire gauge. Could this problem be related to under or over-inflated tires? What else could be causing this problem?

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    I think the break-in period is for the engine/brakes, and not for the ride of the vehicle :-)

    Your tires should be inflated at 29psi when cold (read: after sitting overnight, or at least stationary for 4 hours) and when carrying a normal load. At 32.5 psi, the air will expand even more (vs 29psi) when the tires are heated up after driving for a few minutes and the ride will be even stiffer.

    If you were driving something like a Lexus LS or Toyota Camry before the ML, the change in ride quality will be very obvious. If you were driving another firmly tuned German car before, the difference will probably not be too vast.
  • mlx52mlx52 Posts: 72
    Thanks for the information. Before I had the M-Class I drove a 98 Chrysler Town and Country, which had a somewhat soft suspension. However, I will deflate my tires to 29psi.

  • drmhfdrmhf Posts: 29
    Caveman, the price includes the destination fee.
    Good luck with your new ML320. Because of the sky roof mine has to be special ordered. I'll get it in about 8 weeks. We have a jeep also so the snow is no problem.
    I've read posts from people claiming they got the ML320 below invoice. There's a 3% dealer holdback, so the dealer makes $1200 if the car is sold at invoice. I'm wondering how much lower I can go than $371 above invoice.
  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120

    Getting an ML below invoice will get more likely as you get closer to end of year production. The fact that you are having to wait 8 weeks may put you very close to this point. If and when Mercedes finally announces the 2002 ML with new features and minor facelift the dealers will be very willing to deal on 2001 models.

    You are getting a very good price for the moment but this will change with the above mentioned. Using holdback for a greater discount is not as likely as getting an "additional" discount due to an increased end-of-year holdback or manufacturer to dealer incentive. Remember that the sales person does not likely get any of the normal 3% holdback - this is a dealer incentive and is not paid at time of dealer purchase but is usually paid at specific times during the year depending on the dealers allotment and floor planing. In other words, the dealer does not see the 3% at the time of your purchase.

    Anyway, you will certainly be following the upcoming model changes and this will start the dealers dealing the way they are with you currently. Don't be surprised if a month or so after you take delivery the ML even greater below dealer invoice pricing is common. At some point this year Mercedes will likely determine an increased dealer holdback or incentive is necessary to clear out the 2001's prior to the new 2002 ML's arriving. I think the severity of the discount will be determined by how significant the changes are and how this impacts dealers inventory. If 2001 inventory stops moving due to customers waiting for new models the incentives will be greater.

    My final comment - It seems to me that if you are able to wait 8 weeks and you already know that there will be significant amenities changes and a minor facelift that you should hold out a bit longer. This way you can either take advantage of above mentioned end-of-year discounts or if you see the 2002 ML has a better standard appointment package you might decide to wait. I have said this here more than once - it is a bummer to purchase a $40K vehicle of any sort to see it replaced a few months later with new appointments and such. 2002 will be one of those significant years in getting the latest and greatest Mercedes has to offer in the SUV line.

    Good Luck - Frank
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