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Mazda 626 Troubles



  • My story: 95 626 DX 4-cyl/auto, bought 2 months ago with 87K. (Yes, the engine/trans combination I now know I should have avoided...) Drove 1500 miles in 6 weeks, noticed engine malfunction light occasionally lighting for a few seconds. Then the O/D light started flashing, and trans started shifting very harshly from gear to gear. Took to local reputable trans shop: $1700 for full rebuild with 12 month warranty. He says he sees a lot of them with blown pump gaskets etc. Oh well, I got the car for a good price. Now engine mal light comes on less often than before, no other symptoms, so I plan to drive until something else actually breaks.

    My question: The car has a delay in acceleration. Not a hesitation like you would normally think of, but a delay: Starting from a stop, I press the accelerator, and nothing happens for about half a second, then the engine smoothly revs up. Runs fine otherwise, but slightly annoying. Is the computer adding a 0.5 sec delay before opening the throttle? Ideas?
  • It may be that the computer itself is taking a long time to respond to the throttle-position sensor. But I'd check the TPS first, since it's way cheaper.

    The blown pump gasket was one of the most common CD4E failures. If the tech was wise, he installed Ford's new and improved pump plate and gasket, which is an easy retrofit to the original design.
  • Hello,
    Its the 96 626 owner again w/all of the nightmare problems posted earlier...well not all as I know that I have much company in this area. I still own my mazda but am now the proud owner of a 2000 Toyota 4 I will make my trips. Now questions asked. My mazda still remains in the shop for its 3rd rebuild...
  • It may be a little late for some of you but I own a 5 speed '93 626 EX V6 (original clutch, transmission and engine @ 165,000 miles). It began stalling when I came to stop lights and stop signs as well as just slowing down with my foot on the clutch. It took about 5 trips to the dealer which included cleaning the throttle body, replacing spark plugs and wires, replacing the distributor cap and replacing cam shaft gears. After the threat of a law suit, they finally called several other dealers (they should have done that first) and found another 626 owner that had the same problem. Something called the Idle Ignition Box (as close as I can remember it was at least 10 months ago) was dirty. They simply cleaned this box out similar to cleaning the throttle body, and I haven't had a stalling problem since.
  • That would definitely cause these symptoms. (I had a problem like that two years ago, but it was diagnosed correctly on the first try.)
  • i am considering buying a 1989 mazda 626 LX for my 16 yr old is a clean car.. well maintained, reasonably new trans,,,but it has 135,000 mi. the owner seems to have taken care of this car and is asking $3,000. should i be worried about the lifespan of this engine?? how long can it go if well maintained,, and what should i be looking for before purchasing? any advice?
  • please share with me the problems you've had with your 89 626..i am looking at the same model to purchase in the next few days...any info will be many miles were on it when you bought it?..thanks..nancmac1
  • The Millenia is generally more reliable than the 626, at least according to the usual suspects, but it seems to me that if you can afford one of those, you can afford to fix up an old 626. (The oldest ones out there are '95s, after all.) An older Maxima is a reasonable choice, if you can find one that hasn't been driven to death. If you want a 626 as much like this one as possible, look for a '92.
  • Hello good people. I own a 97 626 4cyl Auto, with 50k miles. I have had no problems other than a failed catalytic coverter at 45k.

    Anyway, after reading these post for several months I decided to take preventative care on the transmission and got the following stuff done:
    -- fluid check- mechanic said it was clean
    --- power flush -$68
    --- heavy duty oil cooler for tranny - $150
    --- in-line filter - $38

    Price included labor. I figure spend $250 now and hopefully get a another couple of years out of the car maybe another 30k miles. It would kill me to fork over $2500 for a rebuilt tranny. My sympathy goes out to all that ahd to.

    The mechanic (not from dealer) said that a tell-tale sign of impending failure is to find metal in the tranny fluid. I will post again in a few months. This transmission mechanic is in Everett,WA, He was an older gent and seemed pretty knowledgeable and most importantly, trustworthy.
  • Hello all. My wife and I have two mazdas, a 99 626 and 2000 millenia. I was told that, when we were shopping, if you buy a four cylinder mazda the tranny is made by ford, however if you buy a 6 cylinder vehicle it is all Japan made. I have also seen this on the web and I wish I could remember where. I will search my bookmarks and try to find it. Now this is not to say that the V6 trannies don't have some problems but not near the trouble of the 4 cylinders. My uncle owns his own import shop and this is his reasoning to the problems. He explained that Mazda's 4 cyclinder, like most, are really overpowered for the ford tranny. He said it was like the mind of the japanese was building the motor and the Ford people were on break at the time the engineering specs were given to them. The same thing happened to dodge back in 98 with the Dakota sport and their V6 Magnum. The 5 speeds were fine, however they were japanese built, and so were the automatic trannies however one company was working while the other was taking lunch.
  • My mother has had a 1987 Honda Accord LX. She is the only one that has owned it and has had everything fixed the moment it started to make a noise. I don't care if the car mada a light rattle in the rear shock, it was off to be fixed. She changed the oil every 3000 miles...not 3001, but 3000. The car is exceptional however it does have 165,000 miles on it. Right now she is contemplating buying a new one or having the motor reworked or rebuilt. It is starting to leak oil at the rear main seal and front seal and the tranny is starting to leak. It is just now starting to smoke when she starts it. All of this is easy to fix, some seals and some valve guide seals would work however the wear marks on the motor, when the oil pan gasket was replaced shows signs of wear. My best advice is to be careful with that many miles. Is the car worth 3,000? That is relative. Would I consider it, more likely than not.
  • Well, it's true of the 626, at least since '94 - you buy a four-cylinder, you get a Ford autobox; you buy a V6, you get one from Mazda. All Millenias have six cylinders; the base version has the same transmission as the V6 626, while the S version, with the Miller-cycle engine, has a transmission sourced from Jatco, which turns out to be basically the same unit that's in the Nissan Maxima. The Tribute SUV, however, has a Ford powertrain regardless of which engine you choose.

    The thing is, the CD4E, for which everyone reviles Ford, wasn't designed for the 626 in the first place - it was first used in the '93 Ford Mondeo, a European model, from which the '95 Ford Contour/Mercury Mystique twins were derived. How it got into the 626 and its sister ships is something neither Ford nor Mazda is explaining.
  • Hi,friends,
    There is a 1995 Mazda 626, with 89k miles and everything else seems OK. I know nothing about cars, but I was told that there is some serious problem with 626( since 1994). Is it true?
    If anybody could give some help, I will be greatly appreciated.

  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    Welcome to Town Hall.

    If you haven't already, you can read through the posts here in this topic to get a sense of what Town Hall 626 owners' maintenance and repair issues have been.

    Generally, the right place to look for buying advice is in Sedans or Smart Shopper. You can use the Topic Search feature on the left side of the page to find relevant topics.

    Good luck and again, welcome.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • It took me a long time to come to a decision as to what kind of car I would like to buy. The 626 is different from the Nissan's and the Honda's and that what I like about it. And with all the trimmings, it doesn't hit you too hard in the pockets. my question to all you 626 owners, is there anything good about the 626?
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    You need to keep in mind that this entire conference exists to help folks with problems they are having. You are not going to find a balanced view of any vehicle here.

    Try using the Topic Search feature on the left side of the page for 626 - look for topics in our Sedans conference and check them out. You may find an entirely different perspective.

    Good luck.

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • I'm wondering how/if/when to adjust the valves on
    my '86 Mazda 626 GT Turbo 4cyl with 223,500 miles.

    They are a little noisy but not too bad and I
    would like to take some preventative measures.
    Actually, I want my husband to do it :-)

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Just to kinda let people know. I bought the car in January and again, it has over 253,000 miles on it. So far, all we've done is tune it up, change the oil and the fuel filter (fuel filter appeared to be original) and it runs like a champ. I've never had any problems with it. It's a 5 speed manual transmission and it runs like it's got hardly any miles on it at all. I'm also wondering if anyone has any idea how long this thing could go! I only paid $1600 for it so I think I'm really getting my money's worth.

    Anyway, feedback on the valves would be appreciated.
  • I think the 2.2-liter engines had hydraulic valve-lash adjusters, which means that there really isn't any adjustment possible. As usual with Mazda engines, the best thing you can do for them is keep their oil supply nice and fresh - and switching to Mazda's OEM oil filter, which costs maybe a couple bucks extra, is generally a good idea, since they contain that trick drainback valve to keep the HLAs from going dry in a big hurry at engine shutdown. If there's a big wear issue, it's the turbo, and so long as you let it spool down for a minute or so before you shut it off, it should run more or less indefinitely. (Turbos run at some ungodly six-figure RPM, and when you cut their oil supply, they don't like it.)
  • I just wanted to say thanks! The info was very helpful.

  • Hi I know this is 626 area, but I own a 1993 MX-6 V6 LS Automatic with 55000 mile on it. I am the original owner. The problem I am having is that when sometimes taking of from a start the car shakes & then runs find. It also does the same thing when it shifts at time form 1st to 2nd gear. The motor works great,I know it must be the transmission. The weird thing is that it doesn't always do it. If I floor the pedal, the runs great & shifts great. If I manually shift the gears it works fine. I don't understand what the problem is? The Mazda dealer couldn't find anything wrong. They said the fluid looked good & that the shift points were fine. Can anybody help?

    Thanks George
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