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Mini Cooper S; parts of other cars


  • muse94552
    Have Acura 2006 TSX, manual trans, 97K miles. Was told a strut was leaking, so looking to replace all. Prices quoted near Castro Valley, California (94552) are $1500-$1700 (!), for OEM "genuine Acura parts' and alignment ($100).
    I was taken aback- Does this quote seem reasonable to you? Doing a reality check here....thank you very much
    May 27
  • broken_dodge
    i have a 2006 dakota with 4.7. i swapped transmissions and shift cable now it will go in p,r,n,d,2 will not go in 1. if i disconnect either end it will shift by hand. transmission and cable are from a durango. the cable bracket is also from a durango. i am lost on this one
    May 24
  • bobcerullo
    I am trig to identify my father cars show in an old photo. It might be a Stuz bearcat. Any ideas how to find out?
    Bob Ceerullo
    May 15
  • rickp123
    I drive 2011 Equus Any ice or snow on road will cause car to veer off course.
    The tire size is staggered.I have all season tires.
    May 8
  • saprano
  • hcaillot
    Hi, I have the 2011 Equus with the battery drain. Here's the problem. I was gone over 3 weeks and when I came back the car started first crank and ran fine for a week. THEN, the drain started again and I had to put a charger in the trunk and leave it there. The battery DOES NOT DRAIN when the car is turned off. ONLY when I am driving it. short distances, stop and go traffic, and the battery just drains and the car stops. The power steering goes out first, then the lights on the dash all come on, then it just stops and needs to be charged to get it running again.
    How can you find a power drain when the car is running, but not when it's OFF? thanks, henri
    April 10
  • Carlos
    March 18
  • Carlos
    oh! my car is a 1997 XK8 CONVERTIBLE JAGUAR 125,OOO MILES
    March 18
  • Carlos
    having warning lights on gearbox issues and warning lights on stabilization, drives slowly in "D" drive...takes time to accelerate till i get to 45 -55mph slowly ... but shakes a little n smells of gas
    March 18
  • marine62
    Thanks for your help..All is fine and easy to complete..unbelievable they wanted $ 180 to complete the cabin and air filters..
    thanks again
    March 9
  • lopster
    my 1999 ols. aleros lights go on and off while I'm driving at night
    March 7
  • xeye
    Hi. Are you still active on Do you know where nycarguy went? I just bought a new 2016 340i and I absolutely love driving it. I'd like to share thoughts. Let me know.
    March 4
  • Mr_Shiftright changed their profile picture.
    March 3
  • lostwrench1
    Hi Mr Shiftright:
    Submitted an answer on Mystery Car Pix and received the message that posted comments must first be approved before they are displayed. New procedure?
    March 1
  • Mr_Shiftright earned the 50000 Comments badge.
    Some people are beginning to wonder if you’re the owner.
    February 28
  • isaacjose1
    February 18
  • sgaddy
    2003 4 runner , road noise has been gradually increasing over the last 6 months, what should I look for ? Same tires as last time no changes on anything, 159,000 good health
    February 13
  • Mr_Shiftright earned the 500 LOLs badge.
    You received 500 LOLs. It ain't no fluke, you post great stuff and we're lucky to have you here.
    February 12
  • Mr_Shiftright earned the 500 Likes badge.
    You received 500 Likes. It ain't no fluke, you post great stuff and we're lucky to have you here.
    February 10
  • hudgmanvi
    Thanks for the feedback. The problem is no spark when this happens. We flushed the tank when the pump was changed. I do have to try and find a float the the fuel sending unit somewhere.
    February 4
  • toyotec88
    hey how its going ? im new here with a jaguar first. The car is a 2007 jag xk with a non supercharged 4.2. This moring the check engine light came on. Scanned vehicle with autologic, had codes p0031, p0051, p0036, p0056, and p430 cat system below threshold. all 4 oxygen sensor codes are heater circuts low. any idea what would cause all 4 of these to come on ? I highely doubt theres a problem with all 4 sensors. Maybe a relay or module?
    February 3
  • dakkota65
    yes the abs light is on.
    January 23
  • artzelda
    Thanks, don't feel like buying a car that will be a year old in 9 months
    January 14
  • njvolvo1
    Thank you for responding. I checked the gas cap and that seems to be ok so I'll try your other suggestions.

    Thanks again,

    December 2015
  • whymenow
    thanx Mr_shiftright

    Would you recommend to have the trans rebuilt has about 200040.00 km
    November 2015
  • Mr_Shiftright earned the 100 Answers badge.
    Admit it, you read Wikipedia in your spare time.
    November 2015
  • tag
    my 2003 crown vic has full power will not turn over at times, one day I held gear ship tight in park & it started but that method didn't work the next time, checked fuses, attempted to reset keys opening and closing the door with key that didn't help, when car is unlocked theft system not engaged the security light repeatedly blinks ???? Tried banging in trunk while another tried to start car thinking it mat be fuel pump, did not work. It seems like when it is wet outside fails to turn over and later when sun comes out it will engage, this has happen about four times. The car is well maintained does have 180,000 miles.
    October 2015
  • texases
    Do you know if I can register a 49-state 2007 Forester in CA? I'm pretty sure it's not a 50-state car. Unfortunately the emissions sticker is missing (replaced the hood a while back).
    Thanks for any thoughts on this!
    Randy 'Texases'
    October 2015
  • isellhondas
    Hey Mr. S...

    I tried upgrading to windows 10 and it was a disaster. I couldn't get into Edmunds because I have no idea what my password is since it auto fills. Can you email it to me?

    Thanks so much!

    August 2015
  • nestorh
    I just want to know if the accumulator and the throttle can be checked and adjusted without removing the transmission.Toyota service tells me it is not. Thanks
    August 2015
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