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Mini Cooper S; parts of other cars


  • cski
    So, please please please help me!
    August 20
  • cski
    Hey sir. I am having some trouble. I kept accumulating long posts and then they would repost so it looks like I have taken over the board. I just want the one post to have all that long info on how the car has performed since purchase new to payoff....almost 5 years.

    I don't want to look like I am taking over the board (again) and I give you permission to delete, cut down, or kind of fix the board. I think I inadvertently screwed it up. Now, I did find a post that kept staying open, and it had all the info I described, so I cut ALL the text and posted a short reply and the problem is gone.....but going looks like I posted pics of my car 3 times and kept posting the same thing over and over again. Like an IDIOT. It was the last way I wanted to start off again, I am very sorry. I wasn't doing it on purpose.
    August 20
  • timvee2009
    I have a 1999 Toyota Camry. Put in a new battery and now Car will not start, Cannot Shift out of Park, Moon Roof will not close, Wipers will not work, Radio, Lighter, Windows, will not work. The Brights work and the flashers work.
    I have tried a lot of the fuses that correspond with the problems and they are good. Is there a main fuse. When I try to
    start the car it seems like not getting any fuel.
    August 14
  • zigjag61
    Hi I have a 2000 s type it takes of real slow from stand still and when driving on hyway at 65 mph it tac's at 3000 rpms I am wondering it maybe its stuck in 3rd gear and I try to shift through all gears no change.
    Please advise 
    August 13
  • eagles927
    I have a 2005 Toyota Avalon will crank and try to start but won't Have replaced the fuel pump and regulator and filter and wants to start but won't any Ideas?
    August 12
  • OK777
    Do not even doubted it. It is a common problem for General Motors produced cars.
    July 23
  • OK777
    So far, I was able to start my car without towing and unnecessary repairs. Are you angry about it?
    July 22
  • OK777
    But I am open for learning.
    July 22
  • OK777
    Well, forgive me, if I insulted you somehow. I can't fix AC leak with owner's manual.
    July 22
  • fritz
    my 2003t impala 3.4 liter won't shift into overdrive...I recently flushed transmission fluid, has 219k, also shifts late into third gear..any thoughts would be appreciated
    July 15
  • milo4444
    Hi, the cooling fans are not working properly now so it must be an electrical problem, do you think, in the uplander, and why do you think it happened with the new install of the used transmission(bought at a salvage that they said it checked out good)milo4444
    July 13
  • stever
    Your test worked. :)
    July 9
  • Just testing this out
    July 9
  • stonemech
    I have a 95 Avalon that I changed the timing belt on and I cannot get it to start, The belt was not broken; however the drive belts were thrown and seized up the crank and shut the motor down. Any ideas on what else to look at ?????
    July 4
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