Volvo C70

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I have been following the various topics on the
Volvo C70 in the dearly departed "Coupes" section.
I would like to reopen these discussions. Has
anyone test driven the 1999 low pressure C70?


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    ...are we upset that our little Swedish company got bought out?
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    the 1999 C70 is available at dealers in both HT and LT. The dealer in my neighborhood has both, but I did not drive the LT.
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    Okay, I'll find that C70 topic for you that was frozen and post a link to it here, so you can review the old posts. Give me a minute or two, power's out in my area.

    Anyone can start a new topic. Just click on "new topic" at the top of this page. Create a descriptive and readable header and then go down to the text box for the main body of your post. Easy.

    Mr. Shiftright
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    Yhanks Mr. Shifright, jsut started 2 new topics at the copue place, it the last 2.
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    Just read in "Road and Track" about sport sedans. I made a topic too. Anyway, is it possible to supercharge the C70 for better performance or should I keep it as oringinal as possible, I paln to keep in for about 20 or 30 or hell my whole life. Should I make it more unique or leave it alone? Thanks
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    If it can handle the supercharger...

    You might shorten its life.
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    just recived info on euro delivery.can get the c70 at what would be cost, plus free airlines tickets and nites hotel.
    fastline can u be more specific about "junk" or potential problems with the c70.....thx
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    Please don't let me scare you about the C70 being junk. I'm just saying that no cars is perfect and some car company(even ROLLS) will built a few cars that just don't come out right.
    When I mean junk, I ment that the car was a waste(which means 2 people I heard had similar problems, thay are vibrations, loose moldings, broken interior parts, engine problems, computer malfunction and others. What I see is a 2% chance that you will get a lemon C70 versus 98% chance that youl will get a great car. I think that is very low and you shouldn't worry because Volvo hasn't built a coupe since the 80s and the 60s. The first C70 productions(early 98 to may 98) are the ones that I heard have problems. I just heard positives from then and all but 2 I've meet LOVE their car. I have an 88 Volvo wagon 740 GLE, RUNS PERFECT. I trust Volvo and if you do get a crapper, Volvo North America will buy the car back or give you a new one with = value.

    E-mail me at [email protected] for ANY question about Volvo, Japanese VS America VS European, safty, quality and on.........
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    I'm no mechanical genius, and this question will probably prove that---can you add a supercharger to a turbocharged engine as you said you wanted to do in post 6?
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    thx for the insight ,im not familar with the volvo as u can see , but i was suprised at the value of the c70 the lp turbo anyway.
    TESTDRIVE, just got back had too do it.
    was impressed, had too try the 236hp as u mentioned it will be a few weeks before the 190hp is available.
    After talking to the dealership manager and service i feel a lot more confident that any potentional problem would be resolved.i agree also that any model especially new could have problems but does not mean that the entire line is bad.
    I have to be honest i am very disapointed with all the problems the LEXI, and bimmer folks are having and will prob stay away.
    MY INFINITI is the finest auto ive owned, no problems-zero, and expected a EURO car too even be a improvement on that , guess not.

    omar- if u figure how to mount the super on top of the turbo let me know we will open up a speed shop and get rich.....Don
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    I think you could supercharge a C70 on top of the turbo but because supercharge is constantly running at high RPM, there is a good chance that the engine won't last as long if you push it and use it everyday. Again, you could, but the C70 engine is designed for turbo "behavior". I would NOT recommend this because the C70 is way to expensive to waste and there are only 20,000 or less coupes that will ever be produced. Also, just keep it "original". That way it will be the original piece of work 20 years from now.
  • fastline486fastline486 Member Posts: 20
    I think you could supercharge a C70 on top of the turbo but because supercharge is constantly running at high RPM, there is a good chance that the engine won't last as long if you push it and use it everyday. Again, you could, but the C70 engine is designed for turbo "behavior". I would NOT recommend this because the C70 is way to expensive to waste and there are only 20,000 or less coupes that will ever be produced. Also, just keep it "original". That way it will be the original piece of work 20 years from now.

    Also, supercharge would ware the frontwheel drive tire uot quick and there will be more vibrations.
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    Many heavy-duty diesel engines(i.e. for construction vehicles, etc.) are supercharged and turbocharged to increase their poor volumetric efficiency. However, adding a supercharger to the Volvo's existing turbocharger would be incredibly complex and costly. As for removing the turbo and putting in a supercharger, that would be downright stupid. Since the car is already set up with the turbo, you could spend the money on increasing boost. Besides, for sporty cars I like turbos better than superchargers, especially on the smaller displacement engines.
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    I think 300z is right. Supercharging the Volvo is expensive considering this price you pay for the car alone but, at the same time supercharging a Volvo and the car price added together is still much cheaper than the Mercedes CLK 430 or maybe 320. Then again, on the long run, your car just lost a good number of miles from its total life.
    Also, if something does go wrong, the Volvo mechanic will be confused on what to do.

    I don't recommend a supercharger in a expensive and rare C70!
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    There is nothing wrong with a supercharger concept by itself - Jaguar XJR is an expensive and rare luxury car, but it is supercharged. So will be the XKR.
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    ruski.. The Jags are manufactured installed supercharger and the engineers Jag, or Ford have designed the car to withstand thatsupercharger.Also, the company informs their dealer mechanics about what to do if a problems occurs. Jag mechanic work on superchargers all the time, Volvo works on turbos all the time.
    Supercharging a C70 is a personal business so the mechanic has no idea what you have do to the engine.
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    That's what I'm asking. In #6, fastline pondered whether s/he should add a supe to a C70.

    Didn't think made a lot of sense since there is already a factory trubo sitting there, but what do I know?
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    OK....I just read this old review at kelly blue book about the C70 and they said that there is as opitional "soft" avaliable. I already know about the standard and sport suspension opition but is there really three types of suspension avaliable
    1.standard upgrade
    3.soft version???????
    Is that true?????
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    Ok, just got back from the Auto Show Sun. I saw the C70 though it was locked. Like always, I asked to go inside, very comfortable and roomy. The C70 was another black one with automatic. I was a 99. Now I'm stuck between the C70 and S80 T6. There both very good cars.

    Could someone tell me if there is a softer suspension for the C70(the question from my last post)
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    Why don't you look on Volvo's site?
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    Fastline, I can't believe you are still asking people about the car. My god, just buy the freakin' thing.
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    The T5 is the uglies Volvo in years, while the C70 is the most beautiful. The C70 is sort of a poser sports car. It looks like one, but it's more of a soft-sedan ride and not rip-away acceleration either. I looked closely at them before I bought my 328. I love the 268hp engine in the s80. I love the interior as well, but that exterior... ugh! I think their commercials said it best something like swedish heart, california body. Problem is it looks like a typical "starlet" where everything about the exterior says "I'm cheap and made of plastic".
    Since you're looking for a more gentle ride, get the C70 with the Lower Turbo (190hp vs 236 for the HT).
    Also don't get the 18" wheels. Rougher ride, follows grooves more, etc.
    BUT do get the "special" leather seats option. They are the BEST seats in any car I've ever sat in. I wish I could get a set for my bmw.
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    I'm still finding conflicting price information on the C70 LPT. At several dealers, the list base price is $33,925 and a sunroof is listed as an option along with full leather seats. On the internet (Edumunds, Autosite etc...) and in Volvo's own literature, the sunroof is a standard item. I would like to know what is the real story? What is the invoice price of the sunroof if it is not included in the base price?
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    bjorn 1 "sort of a poser sports car"

    "POSER" sports car, the C70 with the 18" wheels, the HPT engine and a 5 speed is probably the sportiest thing in its field:

    Lexus: nice v8, no manual transmission

    MB CLK: again, nice engines, but UGLY interior and no manual tranny

    BMW's 3 series is amazing, but I could actually transport more than 2 people in a C70.
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    Have fun getting them in the back seat. those motorized seats are the WORST. Try it for yourself.. no picnic and then try it in the rain.. TERRIBLE design on the Volvo. The best seat movement design is with the Lexus coupe series, motorized and moves at a reasonable speed.
  • bjorn_lbjorn_l Member Posts: 16
    The C70 is a poser.
    The c70 has many wonderful aspects. With the "deluxe leather" option, It's got the most comfortable seats in the world.
    It's also very visually attractive. Very nice classic lines.
    c70 is a nice car but, it looks far sportier then it is. 18" wheels have nothing to do with what is a sports coupe. Nothing. Compared to others in it's class it doesn't drive very well. While it's theoretically as capable as others in a straight line torque steer from it's turbo charged fwd interfers a good deal in real world situations.
    Every review I've seen of it agrees with this observation. The Volvo is a fine comfortable car. But it's not well suited for hard/sporting driving.
    I'm not saying it's an undesirable car. It's a very nice car. But in the highly competive 40-50k sports coupe/sedan market, it is consistently the least sporty in performance, though argueably the most so in cosmetics.
    As for being alot roomier then a BMW 3series, have you actually checked out both?
    The BMW is roomier in the back then the Volvo, and easier to get in and out of.

    See for yourself

    bmw 3 series (e46)
    Front Headroom: 38.4 in.
    Shoulder Room: 54.4 in.
    Leg Room: 41.4 in.
    Rear Headroom: 37.5 in.
    Shoulder Room: 54.2 in.
    Leg Room: 34.6 in.

    Volvo C70
    Front Headroom: 37.4 in.
    Shoulder Room: 55.5 in.
    Leg Room: 41.3 in.
    Rear Headroom: 36.6 in.
    Shoulder Room: 52.2 in.
    Leg Room: 34.6 in.
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  • mcohenmcohen Member Posts: 21
    I don't buy a car based on one number or one feature. I look at the complete package. If you're a performance junkie, then the C-70 is not for you, get a vette or something else.

    The c70 package is the best deal for a luxury sports coupe. It offers great looks, comfort, usability, and performance.

    Let's take a look closer.
    room for 4 (I've taken 4 to Tahoe for a weekend)
    fast (0-60 6.2)
    big trunk (bigger than Lexus)
    good looks (aribtrary)
    great equipment (Dolby w/ 12 speakers, sunroof, seat warmers, leather 17/18 in wheels)
    price buy the "same" Mercedes or Lexus for 5k MorE
    attitude (generaly people who own a Mercedes or BMW think they are the center of the world)

    In my opinion, the Volvo gives the best overall car in the C70. The Swedes got it right...
  • 97grandamgt97grandamgt Member Posts: 11
    I have to agree with Mcohen.
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    Fellow C70 owners...I recently bought a C70 and although I LOVE the car the way the seats move
    forward to allow access to the rear drives me crazy. It just too slow. It's especially a problem in the rain. Does anybody know if there are any after-market fixes or "work-arounds" or if Volvo is offering a solution? Other than that the car is perfect...the best I'll ever own. Thanks in advance for your input. Any other after-market performance or accesorizing tips are appreciated as well.
  • fastline486fastline486 Member Posts: 20
    mlewis, what is too slow, the car seat moves to slow or the car is to slow. IF you mean the car, what the hell do you mean and what difference does it make in the rain??????? I'm confused????
  • mlewismlewis Member Posts: 9
    You must not own a C70. :^) The car is plenty fast enough. The seats are motorized and move very slowly when moving them forward for providing access to the rear seat.It is a problem in the rain because you are getting wet while you are trying to get in the back seat.
  • genearchgenearch Member Posts: 12
    "best... I'll ever own?"

    Low expectations eh?

    Ever want:
    Integrated Garage door opener?
    Dimming Mirrors?
    Memory Mirrors?
    Automatic headlights?
    Memory seats that don't require that you hold the memory button while the seat moves?
    No Antenna?
    Intergated Cellular phone option?

    The C70 is a marginally "decent" car.. not anywhere near some of the others in it's class. Volvo reliability is another HUGE question mark. Also, the C70 has been selling terribly! The local dealerships still have brand new, fully loaded 1998's in stock and on the showroom floor!

    C70 is a miss....
  • mlewismlewis Member Posts: 9
    Yea, low expectations...I guess you would just
    like a limo to ride around in, then you wouldn't
    have to do thanks. The C70 may be a
    "miss" to you, or anybody else for that matter, but to me it's a HIT! You can have your Merc or Bimmer and I'll keep my C70 and not see one on every corner. BTW, which cars in its class is it not "anywhere near?" Check out these reviews: or which compares the CLK320 and the 328is. You don't have to agree with "the experts", you don't even have to think the C70 is a "decent" car but don't mistakenly think your post has any credibility. While you are concerned with "integrated door openers" I'll take the car that "provides the best blend of all elements."
  • genearchgenearch Member Posts: 12
    My post has PLENTY of credibility.. I owned a C70, FULLY LOADED ($48K) for all of 7 months.. pile of crap to say the least...Maybe Ford will bring some innovation and reliability to the Volvo product. Been there.. done that. Also, the torquesteer on the C70 is a joke. If Volvo wanted to take the world by storm with the new coupe, they would have chosen AWD. It's one thing to have a "rare" car, yes the C70 is produced in limited quantities, but that "uniqueness" goes right out the window when the car is a dog at selling. Here in Southern California, they are sitting on dealers lots, every dealer has at least one and the majority of those are 1998 models.. very rare indeed... more like undesirable. The Price/Value equation is at work here.. simply not enough value for the buck.
  • mlewismlewis Member Posts: 9
    Ah, Southern California...say no more squire...
  • mcohenmcohen Member Posts: 21
    Well then, what is the best car in the C-70's class? CLK320? SC300? 328is? Saab 9-5? Remember these are $40,000. They won't be perfect. You want perfect, keep saving...

    All of these cars are good cars. They all have problems too. But for an overall car, I believe the Volvo wins. I don't care if it sells 30,000 or 30. I got mine because I wanted it. Volvo (and Ford) have to deal with the sales.
    Maybe next year or the following year they will produce the AWD version.

    As for the seats, you can get new seats from Volvo, but they are gonna cost you!
  • fastline486fastline486 Member Posts: 20
    Well said, it all comes down to what you like and afford.

    What!!??? new seats??
  • mlewismlewis Member Posts: 9
    Is there an alternative to the seat issue? What exactly can you buy from Volvo to solve the "slow seat issue."
  • bjorn_lbjorn_l Member Posts: 16
    best in class... I would give it to BMW.
    M3 coupe = $39,700
    328is coupe = $33,200
    Volvo C70 HT = $39,395

    As you can see the Volvo is priced at the same level as the M3 while delivering less preformance then even the 328. Also FWD is not a good on a high preformance vehicle. Torque steer is a drag. AWD would have been a very good idea. They have it on the V70, so why not? Better would have been awd with the lovely engine in the S80 t-5.
    Volvo has the most comfortable seats. in the bunch. It has very nice style and lines. Very pretty. The BMW is the best handler and best preformer, even if you 'just' consider the 328.
    The Mercedes probably has the best over all "luxury" approach, although I don't consider their seats nearly as nice to sit in as bmw's or Volvo's.
    Most reviews on the C70, rate it very low due to its relatively low "drivability" compared to others in it's class
    for example:,1350,_sl_Article_sl_0_cm_1298_cm_705_1_16_cm_00,00.html
    This article rates it 4th in a 4 way comparison with BMW 328, MB clk320, Saab 9-3 se.
    I've seen others as well NONE of which rate the Volvo above the middle of the pack.
  • mlewismlewis Member Posts: 9
    First, that review covers the convertibles not the coupes. Second, if you want to read a review which rates the Volvo ahead of the pack read the review I linked in a prior message. I have never read a review that ranked the coupe "low." Third, I drove all the competitors, owned several BMW's, never owned a Mercedez however, and on balance, all things considered, preferred the Volvo and am very happy with my choice. That is not to say that I don't respect the CLK or the Bimmer, I just fell in love with the C70.
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    I just bought a 99 Volvo C70, 5 speed, HT, all the options. The 5 speed has to be ordered - 10-12 weeks delivery. I think I got a pretty good deal - $1,000 over invoice. I understand that this is a limited production car - does anyone know how many for '99?

    Also - what about aftermarket performance upgrades??
  • zaqzaq Member Posts: 19
    No idea on production.

    For performance mods for a C70 checkout IPD their website is at

    Replace the exhaust and ECU and you have a 285 HP car. Lower it, add bilstien shocks and stiffer anti-roll bars and it should make a significant difference in handleing too.

    I'm currently planning what's going to happen to my 740-T this july after I start work. I'll probably be turning to Group-6 performance, but they don't have any listings for C70's so I think IPD may be your best bet.
  • rmastellrmastell Member Posts: 3
    If any of you own or are looking to own a C70 convertible, there is a topic "All convertibles - general info" where shoppers are speaking with owners about all kinds of cars and their opinions. Please stop by and contribute some knowlage.
  • fronobulaxfronobulax Member Posts: 23
    Sounds like a salesman's line. The only limitation to production is the demand, not many in this market want to change their own gears....
  • fastline486fastline486 Member Posts: 20
    HAs anyone driven both the C70 and Chevy Prism? I want to compare the ride quality because the Prism also a stiff ride? I just need to know which is more harsh, more solid, and other ride factors?
  • gcamp11gcamp11 Member Posts: 4
    2 different leagues - Chevy Prism vs Volvo C70 - don't you think??
  • vaevae Member Posts: 1
    I am graduating and want to buy a new convertible. I have always wanted a convertible. I don't want to go over $30,000 and I do not like the mustangs. My choices include; the volvoc70, BMW conver, spyder, and maybe the toyota celica. Any thoughts.

    Johnavae Quinn
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    All nice cars...this is a matter of personal taste, I think, so you'll probably get 4 different answers....but first of all, $30K will not buy you a new Volvo or BMW...what 'sypder' were you referring to?
  • mcohenmcohen Member Posts: 21
    Best convertible for under 30k would be the Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder (redesign next year though), or the new mustang convertible. The Volvo is going to be around $45k.
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