Buick Enclave Air Noise in Steering Wheel

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Our enclave is a month ols and we can hear the steering wheel which sound like air if you put your ear up to it. We checked out another new enclave on the lot and it had the same noise but not quite as loud as ours. Ours seemed like it got worse after we had 2 front struts replaced. Anyone have a sinmilar issue?


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    Yes I have had my enclave for 8 months now and over the past month the noise has gotten louder, I took it into the dealer and they test drove it and test drove another one and said it is the same on both enclaves. I am hoping that Buick gets enough complaints about this to fix it, it gets annoying when you pay all that money and sometimes just want a nice quiet drive.
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    Thanks for the reply. We took ours to the dealership 2 times and they claim they don't hear it. We then went to another dealer and they did hear it but they claim they would have to take the car apart to see what it could be, (No way!) it's a new buick dealer and they may not have the experience. I may take it to another and get a 3d opinion. I will post if I get any info: I don't know if this is normal or not....
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    I have the same problem with my new 08 Enclave new off the show room. I call this problem a steering wheel feedback while I apply the brake. I took it to the dealer and they said they don't have the fix for it. So; is this going to be lemon or what? I am considering talking to an attorney in this regard. It's very aggravating to hear this noise while using my brake.
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    Mine has a constant air noise that never stops. I have been reporting all my issues to buick and I have one more visit to the dealership (6th visit). Today the car had a brief shake and started to slow down. I am also considering lemon law or another dealership opinion.
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    Update: Dealer checked out the car and found no issues....the air noise they said is normal until they hear other wise from GM since the car is new it's hard to know what is normal and what isn't. Dealer agreed.. I still love the car.
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    Just so everyone with this issue knows, I've got a new 2010 CXL1 Enclave, makes the same air noise from the steering wheel. Especially when the car is all warmed up. I hear it when I turn left and right at slow speeds. When the wheel is centered it seems be be quiet or almost quiet. Soon as I turn the wheel I hear it. From what I've learned from all the forums, (Enclave, Traverse, Acadia, Outlook) I don't believe there is a known fix for it. I could take it to the dealer 4 to 6 times and let them tear it up and get it filthy, Like they vdid when my battery went dead for no reason, but they will never get rid of it and will in all liklyhood break some thing else or make it worse. If they come out with a recall or TSB or definite fix I'll take it in. My experience with Service Depts has been dismal indeed.
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    This is not an air noise, but has anyone experienced a clunking noise from the steering? I find it when the car is stopped or moving very slowly. If I rock the wheel from side to side I can hear a definite clunking noise that seems to be louder in cold weather. It's like something is loose. Two different Buick dealers told me that this noise is "normal", but did not properly inspect the car other than to shake the wheel. They did hear the noise though. I am very suspicious when it comes to steering issues and I intend to go to an independent shop to have them look underneath. Has anyone encountered this noise or this explanation from a dealer?
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    I had a 2008 GMC Acadia (turned it in early on lease and bought a 2008 BMW 328i)and a 2008 Buick Enclave. Both of them have the same clunking noise that you have described as well as the noisy steering wheels from the power steering. Last Saturday, 4/17, the power steering failed in the Enclave and I took it into the local GMC repair shop on Monday 4/19. The power steering pump was bad. Supposedly when it failed it also damaged the "gearbox" or rack & pinion assembly. As of today, 4/27 the dealer is still waiting for a gearbox. It is supposedly on backorder with GM and they have placed a SWAT order to get one from another dealer but with no luck. They said it could be another week or two!!! before I have the Enclave back.

    BTW, the power steering failure came about 5 weeks after the water pump failed and we lost ALL cooling fluid before we could get the car home.
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    I am from GM Customer Service. Can you keep me informed if the part doesn’t come in by the end of this week please? You can email me at [email protected] Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
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    I have had the same swooshing noise since day one in my 2009 CXL. Indisputably the noise comes from the steering pump or steering system and does get louder as the engine warms up. It's very quiet for the first few minutes in the morning, but gets noticeably louder as you drive it. I took this issue with the dealer who was very accomodating and agreed to replace the steering pump, bled the system, but the noise is still there and perhaps event louder now than before. So, it looks like something we all experience. It's too bad because otherwise this vehicle is super quiet and comfortable. They should just go with the electric steering assist, which would be silent (as in my wife's Prius).
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    I finally got my vehicle back on Wednesday April 28th after it being in the shop for 10 days to get the power stering pump and gear box replaced.

    On Thursday April 29th I was driving to an evening meeting when all of a sudden my Onstar system dialed Onstar Emergency. I had not touched anything! After explaining what happened to the lady on the other end the call was ended. 2 minutes later it did it again...and then again...and then again. After about 6 calls to Onstar Emergency uninitiated my me they connected me to Tech Support. They ran a diagnostic and said that "button # 3 was showing an error and it appeared to be a wiring fault". I took the car in to the dealer on Friday April 30 am...they confirmed the same as Tech Supt. and ordered a mirror assembly but could not provide an ETA.

    On Wed May 5th I called the dealer because the power steering was "grinding and squeeling" again to arrange to bring it in and see if the mirror was in. It was. The mirror assembly was replaced and fluid added to the power steering...supposedly they cannot get all the air out of the system when the work is done... the fill cap has a vent to allow air to escape and therefore the fluid was low.

    Friday May 7th the power steering started to "grind" again. Saturday it was louder and by Sunday it was squeeling like a pig! I checked the power steering fluid level...it did not even register on the stick!! Then I noticed power steering fluid on my garage floor (I had not paid attention before as I thought it was condensation from the air conditioning). So Monday May 10th back to the dealer...it is still there!

    So, since this is a lease vehicle that I had planned on buying at the end of the lease. I am now looking to end the lease early with no penalty and find myself another SUV like a BMW X5!!
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    Thanks for your valuable input regarding the air noise in the steering. I have the exact same condition on my 2010 CXL. I've decided to live with it unless GM comes out with a SB or recall with an exact fix. I don't like service departments especially when they are grasping at straws. Mine is not very loud and is only noticeable at very slow speeds or when parking.
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    Hello Axiomlover,
    I am from GM Customer Service. Have you spoken to the dealership since the fix and explained that the noise concern still exists? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
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    In reply to my own message of Jan 28 about a clunking/knocking noise in my Buick Enclave when you turn the wheel from side to side---- I took it to another GM dealer (a Chevrolet dealer) where they looked at it and said right away "Oh that's the intermediary steering shaft". They replaced the parts under warranty. It is a known probem. The replacement part is supposed to be a better fix. The Chevy dealer also handled the safety recall for the heated windshield washer in the Enclave.
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    i see you replying to people and i've had interactions wth GM CS and my issues back then didnt resolved. it was actually more irritating because people there had no real power to change anything especially if you dont have a warranty.
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