Mazda CX-9 Airbag Location?

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Precisely where will the front passenger airbag deploy? I'm adding some accessories to the dash of my CX-9, and (obviously) want to avoid the possibility of the airbag launching them.

From the bottom, there is the glove compartment. Above that is a big, blank panel. Above that is a seam, and a panel labeled "SRS AIRBAG."

Does it deploy through that upper SRS AIRBAG panel?

PS - It's refreshing to find a forum where people actually help each other. No flames, no snarky comments!


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    I will have to look at the WorkShop manual to be certain, but the upper panel is very very likely. If you are thinking about dash cover, it should be OK.
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    Thanks, ceric. Is the "dash cover" the panel above the glove box, and below the upper panel that says "SRS AIRBAG?" If so, I'll put the receiver there.

    Anybody have any tips of where to tap switched +12VDC?
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    What exactly are you trying to install?
    I know where the 12V constant and 12V switch tap-ins are. Read either one of the PDF instructions listed in the starting post of the thread.
    - 12V constant: homelink uses 12V constant
    - 12V switch: autodimming uses 12V ignition
    They are inside the kick panel.
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    I just checked the WorkShop manual,
    the passenger-side airbag is on top side of the glove compartment.
    When it deploys, the top side plastic trim will tear open and the airbag will expand from the borken seam.
    Don't put anything on top of it (as expected).
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    Thanks again, ceric. I completed the install this weekend. The Valentine One is tucked above the rearview mirror, the Garmin nüvi is on centered on top of the dash, and the XM Satellite receiver is on the face of the dash above the glove box (and below the air bag).

    I ended up tapping a big, fat switched +12VDC line (black/ white stripe) at the back of the fuse box. It's a big (15A?) circuit that feeds the accessory outlet on the front dash. Plenty of power for these little accessories.

    Thanks again for the assistance. This board is great! :shades:
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