Buick Rendezvous Service Engine Light

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How do I turn off the service engine light?


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    Correct the problem that caused it to illuminate. The most common thing is loose/misaligned/ bad sealing fuel cap. IF thats the cause you can correct it and it will turn itself off after a number of starts (The system runs a check everytime vehicle is started and after the right amount of starts without the problem it will turn light off)
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    OK, I guess I should clarify. I have supposedly had the problem fixed - the car seems to be working great now but the light never went off - how many starts are we talking before it would normally shut off?
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    The scenario I described about the fuel cap will turn off the light ( I don't have exact number on starts, maybe a dozen or so). Other problems that may have caused light to go on may or may not be taken care of automaticly. You may have to get it reset by magic tool mechanic has.
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    My engine light is on and off 2006 Rendezvous. I called ONSTAR and they ran a check on it and told me the code # was PO717 and that it was Powertrane system cited a malfunction related to transmission. I called Dealership and they said didn't mean a thing, bring it in they would have to do their own diagnostic....After reading all these messages, I am afraid what it might cost and how do I trust them? Or even trust them to fix it? Maybe I should get rid of it??
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    Hhmm dealer response seems a little strange as a google search for that code finds quite a few hits. Anyway from what I see it could be a problem with a sensor, one that is not real easy to access. May also be a problem with wiring to that sensor, I saw one instance of a wiring harness that goes to transmission being cut into by sharp edge of box that holds the air filter (in engine compartment). Good luck, may be difficult to find an answer for.
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    I apologize for the problems you are experiencing with your vehicle. Please keep us posted on any information after you have visited the dealership.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
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    As I was told it is probably a sensor causing the Service Engine light to stay on, and that is one of the last things they put into the transmission...If that is true we will need to replace the transmission. I will just drive the thing until it stops!!!! Don't believe I will buy another GM again.. As many people I have read about having this problem, you would think GM would help solve it.
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    Thank you for your response. I would definitely recommend taking the vehicle to the dealership even if only to have the vehicle diagnosed. Can you email me ([email protected]) your VIN, current mileage, concerns, and contact information? I look forward to hearing more from you.
    GM Customer Service
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    To Amcustservice. In reply to your answer about my Engine light being on all the time. I did take it to a dealership..Here was their reply. "It is probably the sencor which is one of the first things they put in the transmission when they build it, therefore it would about as cheap to replace the transmission...They suggested I just drive the thing until it quit on me. Thanks GM!!! The VIN # is 3G5DA03L46S581497
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    2 things.. I purchased a used 2002 rendezvous for my son as he as a new baby and needed something with extra room. I took the car to a dealership to have everything checked out. Although they found no major issues initially I have now put close to $4,000.00 in it already!! And the check engine light continues to come on. The transmission shifts hard and recently while driving from Ft Lauderdale to Tampa with the cruise control set at 68mph the "service engine light" (that has pretty much stayed on since i bought the car) began blinking on and off and the car just started slowing down. They described it as being like it ran out of gas and started coasting to a stop.. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE INTERSTATE!!!!! They pulled it to the shoulder and shut it off. The car did not run rough prior to loosing speed, the fluids were checked (before the trip and after this incident) the temperature gauge was at the 10 o'clock point. After a few minutes they started the car and drove it to a gas station. The problem did NOT repeat itself in the short drive to the gas station or to the hotel. Any idea what would cause this? They still need to drive it back home tonight ( 4 hour drive ) and since it's Sunday they can't even take it to a dealership beforehand... Secondly, on one of service trips to the dealership I was informed the gas tank was leaking and charged 1100.00 to replace it. After researching online I found that the leaking fuel tank was a recall item from GM in 2007... Why was I charged for this repair by a dealership when it was a recall issue with this year rendezvous???????? :confuse:
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    The stalling condition could be a number of things, if it seemed to be running fine before and after I might wonder about the c305 connector (due a Google or other favorite search engine for 'gm c305' ) one of the thing it can cause is stalling. The leaking fuel tank recall was ONLY for certain vehicles (titled in southern states) and there was calender and mileage limit to have recall done (likely one or both have expired ).
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    I have a 2002 buick rendezvous cxl.

    For the past week. Every morning (below or near freezing point) when i start the SUV i will get the service vehicle soon and passkey flashing icons or other times the car interrior console and exterrior lights flicker. But throughout any of those symptoms i will still be able to run the vehicle normally (other then mentioned symptoms). The vehicle's motor behavior stays constant (knock on wood).

    Sometimes the door locks will try to relock every second. If i unplug the negative current from battery (nothing changes with positive connector) wait for 30 seconds and replug it it will work fine all day. But the next day i'm back to square one.

    Thank you for any help
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    For that kind of weird stuff in cabin I would have to be thinking about issue involving BCM. The cable removal may be kind of resetting everything (for a bit). These magic electronic things can be pretty sensitive to variation in voltage, hows the battery holding up in the cooler weather?
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    i was thinking the bcm also but all blogs that i red would explain not being able to start vehicle when passkey warning arrives.

    Battery in tip top shape....SUV starts with no problem (starter turns fast)
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    I believe if it was a true issue with passkey system it would indeed not start (or if it did, it wouldn't stay running). If you have sunroof, any chance it was leaking and allowing mositure to go where it shouldn't?
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    everything is sealed tight. Today tempertures were a couple degres above and it started without any problems.
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    edited October 2013
    this morning... minus 5 celcius and vehicle is going crazy...no way of stopping other than unplugging battery. When i replug and start it i get....passkey warning...or...flickering lights...or...back door opened.

    (update) once the suv was heated up the problems stopped.
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    In lieu of any other ideas (and if it seems to run ok for now) I have thought that may or may not work (still thing about possible mositure thing). In my Pontiac version there are two doors (one on each side of center console where shifter may be). You could remove these doors and run heater on full (blower on high) with heat directed towards floor for a couple days and see if it changes anything. Wouldn't cost you anything but warm toes :)
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    still does it but now the radio has gone into locked mode. Everything else works but can't use radio anymore.
  • alexmealexme Member Posts: 8
    waited for another cold day for the problems to return. This morning it was minus 5 outside and truck flickered alot. So shut it down..went in the house and got my heat gun and heated up the area were the bcm and fusebox is located. No more flickering at all. Still have the radio problem. I can unlock it using "right seek" + 5 button + power button. But will relock about 10 seconds after playing radio and all.
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    my mecanic put it on obd2 senson and gave a code in the bcm that he said can't be "P026C". He tested all wires that came back nice. So he suggest changing BCM. So i ordered new one on ebay and waiting to see if that is the problem.
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    I bought my 02 about 5 years ago and I have had nothing but problems with the front driver's side tire. 4 days after purchasing I had it back to the dealer bc the sound I questioned during our test drive had not gone away after they serviced it before I took ownership. It sounds like a loud thunk when I make a right hand turn or drive over a man-hole cover and I fear the whole tire is going to fall off. I took my Rendezvous back to the dealer about once every 3-4 months during the first 3 years I owned it bc I purchased the best extended warranty that was offered - surprise that most items still were not covered. I have replaced the shocks and the compressor to the stabilizer 2x (once with the help of GM)- and now the car is scheduled to back into the shop this week for the same problem (which the Buick dealer told me is a known issue in this vehicle). Two days ago every light on my dashboard lit up and they have not turned off. The radio LOCKS about once a month -luckily I was able to locate the fuse to reset this issue (dealer wanted $85 just to look at it!). I have not had AC for 3 years and now the heat is working poorly as well (it takes 25 minutes on defrost to clear the slightest bit of frost) and my fuel gauge has stopped working. I love this car but the mechanical issues are getting to be ridiculous!
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    Try locating the fuse to the radio. In my Buick the fuse is in the panel on the passenger side and it is the next to last fuse on the right end of the lowest row. My dealer wanted to charge me $85 to even look at the vehicle the first time this happened about 3 years ago. My radio goes into LOCKED mode about once every month or two so paying the dealer price would have gotten expensive pretty quick. Hope this helps.
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    ok so after over a month and a half of having the truck i finally fixed it.

    Here where the symptoms.

    truck very warm interrior:

    lights flicker
    doors keep trying to relock over and over
    passkey warning(once or twice)

    0 and -2 degres celcius:

    passkey warning
    abs and awd warning

    -2 and lower:

    all of the above but never all at the same time

    While searching the internet i came across i site explaining the problem with the earlier BCM's. That BCM'S for the rendezvous that had earlier version than GMAB410C had a faulty microprocessor that would give out when the ambiant tempertures would go to high or to low (hot summer day or cold winter).

    In my truck i had version GMAB400D. So seeing as all my problems were connected to the bcm i ordered one off ebay(made sure it was a later version) cost 195$ with shipping and duties and 69.99 +tx to get it programmed from dealer.

    This morning was a cold -9 ( -18 with chill factor ) and it started no problem with radio and all.

    Btw. From my personnal experience if your radio is stock original and it locks the faulty bcm will keep locking it no matter what trick you do from the unplug battery.... pop fuse.... and even the unlocking of the radio ( right seek + 5 and then power)

    Hope this can help someone save alot of $$$
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