Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Body Issues

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Please tell me I am not the only one... My driver side window came off track right after purchasing this truck, next my passenger side window came off track. It took the dealership three days to "fix" now my passenger side window is off track again and my warrantee is up! Is anyone else having similar issues?


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    Yes i have a 2004 colorado and last month i noticed water in driver side floorboard and removed my carpet to get water out and found a leak it is coming through behind the gas pedal from the firewall i cant get to outside part of the firewall to fix it and G.M wont fix it even though two dealers told me it was because of lack of factory sealant that it was leaking someone please help me because i have lost all faith in GM products.
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    Come on the darn truck is 5 years old. Do you think they are going to fix it forever. Go to the auto parts store, explain your problem and buy some stuff to fix it or pay a repairman to do the job for ya. Or you could buy a Toyota truck where they are buying them back with a secret so to speak recall due to rusting frames that are dangerous. :lemon:
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    they had leaks from the plennum seams under the wiper motor, r/r the wiper motor and seal the seam from drivers to pass side. (Directly below the motor)
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    They leak up in the cowl, and have you will have to remove the cowl filler under the wipers to seal. Mine filled up with water four times, and GM failed to fix it multiple times under warranty. Traded the P.O.S. in, sure hope you didn't get it. I say call GM and press for repair, there are warranty claims on this issue. Have them check in Missouri and Kansas for claims. Tried more than one dealership, and was told they couldn't find the leak. I took the truck apart and hosed it down outside at the windshield base and watched the water seep in.
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    So I've seen that there is a problem with the leaks in the Colorado. Does anyone know if the dealer will help fix the leak if the warranty is up? :cry:
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    We have a 2005 GMC Canyon
    Rain keeps leaking and running down the inside back window
    We tried to seal the seam right above the window but it
    still leaks.
    Seems to be coming from the roof itself.

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    Hello Loco_motion,
    Have you had any look at the problem for you? I would recommend having a dealership look at the concern so it doesn't do any real damage to the vehicle. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
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    What is leaking is a defective gasket on the roof brake light. Remove the light see if you can re-glue the gasket to the light housing, use some clear silicone. I found this problem myself, after I was charged to have my rear window resealed! It is not the window. Also check under your carpet...the insulation is probably wet, and will need to be dried out. It may rust and/or mold! But it is the light leaking!
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    You are correct. I did take it to the dealer and had it fixed under warranty
    Thank you for the tip on the carpet. I will check it out.
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    The problem with dealerships is most mechanics...oops..(technicians) don't have problem solving skills anymore, if they can't plug in tech2 to get an answer, they are out of luck! The thinkers are all it is parts replacers!
    All you good mechanics that are still hanging on know what I mean!
    Dealerships are run by numbers, not customer first--customer satisfaction! The good old days are over! Now, it is Pay Pay Pay!
    Even if it ain't fixed!
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    i have a 2005 coloardo and have problems with the seal aroud the overhead light/brake light that is mounted on the rear of the cab. three times now i have had to pull the entire inside of the cab out to vaccum the wter out and dry my carpet out. of course my warranty has expired now and have gone to several dealers to try and find out if there has been any type of recall. on all occassions, I got the same answer. NO!!!!!
    but they do not hesitate to try to sell you a new one. why the hell should i buy a new one if they have not corredted the problem in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SIGNED; another consumer who is rapidlly losing faith in the way AMERICAN companies are outsourcing for cheaper labor. part is probably made in MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I apologize you are having concerns with your vehicle. Will you please e-mail me your username, request, complete contact information including a good number to reach you, VIN, current mileage, and involved dealer? I would like to look into this further for you.
    GM Customer Service
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    i to have a chevy coloardo and having same problem with brake light . i spoke with Reggie at chevy customer service office and explained the problem. His response was that they are not aware of this. anyone out there who is looking to help bring this to thier attention, can e-mail me at [email protected]
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    Have you taken your vehicle to the dealer? If not I would recommend doing so.
    GM Customer Service
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    I just got a phone call with the bill for the very same problem After a week and multiple phone calls, the dealer said it was the rear brake light seal, the back window seal and the drivers side door seal. All at the same time? Give me a break. $800.00 in seals and labor with only 42,000 miles. This is my third Chevy in a row and i'm done. I'm switching brands.
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    I have a 2004 quad cab Canyon and had a leak near the back window as well. I read on another forum about the 3rd brake light and decided to take a look. One forum mentioned repairing it with Frost King door foam.

    Once I pulled the light it was evident why I was getting the leak in the headliner on the one side. First off my truck is in the driveway in the same spot and it tilts to one side. Anyway behind the 3rd brake light is a channel and the water was getting in and just finding the lowest spot to come out.

    Anyway, I used the Frost King to make a new gasket as the original one caved in around the middle light sockets. After performing this repair it rain like heck in the northeast, actually Irene came to town, and guess what . . . no leaks.

    To help my cause because I was unsure how long it was leaking I took a local mechanic's advise and put my home dehumidifier in the truck over night with the windows cranked up. Next morning there was a 12oz glass of water in the bucket. I feel much better knowing that there is less moisture in the truck, but I still have some concern that mildew will occur.
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    I own a 2010 Colorado. Every winter since new , I have had the vehicle in for service in a attempt to seal the vehicle to prevent water and salt from entering the vehicle .4 x the dealership has removed the interior, sealed the vehicle and assured me "this will resolve the issue"
    I have had promises , and assurances from customer service when I voiced my concerns about future electrical issues and the vehicle rusting out. The last time I requested another vehicle , I was assured by Customer Service they would do everything they could. I received a voucher for a oil change and wheel rotation. GM doesn't care about the problems I will be faced going forward , and only dealing with the current problem. I took my vehicle to another dealership recently , as last week I received it back after yet another attempt to seal the car. The dealership I took it to , wouldn't do anything for me as they stated my vehicle is past the 3 year warranty , even though I assured them GM had advised me to take my truck to whoever I wanted for service .
    I have lost all faith in GM products after exclusively owning a GM product my entire life ,
    over 30 years of driving
    4 attempts by dealerships / 4 failures
    I understand why GM and the other 2 automakers are no longer referred to as the Big 3 , but now referred to as the Detroit 3
    These photos were taken last year before repairs .Notice the rust on the seat rails.
    The vehicle has been in for "repairs " 2 x since then for the same issue.

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    Hello derrick65,

    I do apologize that your experience with your Colorado has caused you to feel this way. I would be happy to look into your situation further. If this is something you would like my assistance with please reach out via email at [email protected], Attn: Jonathan A. with your name, address, phone number, VIN, current mileage, and involved dealership.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Jonathan A.
    GM Customer Care

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    I am in the same situation as derrick65. 2010 Colorado. Photos look identical. Also had a leased 2008 that did the same thing in the winter. Had it looked at by the dealer last summer. Took it in 3 times cause each time they either couldn't find the leak or said they they found it and fixed it but they didn't. Carpet has salt ring all around the driver side foot well, bolt that secures the seat belt to the frame completely rusted. Asked for it to be changed out and replace the seat belt last summer but they wouldn't do it. Now I just opened file with GM Customer Care but they said they don't think my Total Plus warranty will cover leaks. If you have similar issues please post it and keep posting about how it is being dealt with so we maybe can help each other.

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    Hi bmac44ca,

    We're sorry to hear that this issue with your Colorado has gone unresolved. We would be happy look more into this concern and work towards a possible resolution. Please feel free to private message, or email us your full contact information, VIN, mileage and dealership if you would like our assistance. Our email address is [email protected] [attn Amber]. Please reference your screen name as well.

    Thank you,

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care

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    I have a 2005 Chevy Colorado Crew Cab with 112,000 miles. Just have 8 issues - which by the way I found out the cause to one of them by reading all these posts.
    1. Water coming in from the back window. First I thought it was the window seal. And it makes sense that the back light would leak. I can see the streak marks on the inside just above the light. With all the water that has leaked in, smells like wet carpet, wet dog and B.O./nerdy armpit in there. Safe to say it's not a pleasant odor. Looks like I'll be investing my funds into some air fresheners and shop vac to soak of the water.
    2. After driving it awhile throughout the day, the steering wheel makes a funny sound. Kind of like a muffled bearing rubbing sound. It doesn't grind or pop. The steering wheel is not hard to steer, just makes an odd sound after I have turned the wheel multiple times. Checked the fluid and I have plenty. It's a mystery. Not sure why it's doing this.
    3. The drivers side of the truck leans or is off kilter. I would say it's about a 1-inch to 1.5-inches. Thought it might be a leaf spring going out or a shock replacement. Not sure what to do about it. Can't really see it from the front. Only able to see it looking at the back of the truck.
    4. When I get up to about 40 mph, there's a sudden pop or a torque that I can feel in the floorboard just underneath my feet on the drivers side. I can also hear it. Only happens when I'm approaching 40 mph. Not sure if it's a rod, trainy or the frame may be out of alignment. It's a little unsettling I have to admit.
    5. The passenger side front light is a little loose. Makes an annoying squeaking sound. The area that makes the sound is the plastic pop in connection just behind the right blinker that connects to the radiator framing. I can move it a little. It's not as tight and the drivers side. Any suggestions to eliminate the squeak or find a rubber washer to give it some cushion?
    6. CD Player doesn't work. I still have a CD in the player and it will not eject. Radio works but not the CD Player. Any ideas how I can get this to function?
    7. The back left passenger window will not go down. Tried opening and shutting the door several times, The window is on the track but it will not go up or down. I have had ti working in the past at random times. May be a loose wire or connection.
    8. When I turn on the heater, the blower just underneath the glove box makes a muffled clicking sound. Like it's hitting something or a leaf has found it's way into the blower. I can't see it but I can hear it near the fuses. I can actually adjust the speed of the clicking sound by turning the dial to adjust the speed of the heater fan.

    After reviewing this biography, I think it's safe to say I'm due for a trade-in. I think I might venture outside the vehicle madness box and pursue and Elio.
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    I have a 2009 Colorado crew cab and I also started noticing a water leak above the rear window. At first I thought it was coming from the sliding rear window. I live in Florida and the problem started last winter while I was up north. After reading other posts I now believe that the leak is coming from up high from the cab mounted brake light. I even have a water mark on the lower part of the headliner. My truck only has 35000 miles on it. It sounds like this has been a recurring problem with a lot of other Colorados. You'd think that GM would bite the bullet and simply replace all the gaskets and seal the brake light for these vehicles. Guess I'll have to go pay to have it repaired. But with all of the problems I've had in the past with my local Chevrolet service center I'm thinking of just taking it to a qualified mechanic. I was thinking about getting a 2015/2016 Colorado or Canyon but now am having second thoughts. I'd love to find out how many other Colorado owners have had this same leak problem. Please respond to this post if you have. And what your solution was to get it fixed. Thanks!
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    I'm a fastidious 3rd generation Chevrolet owner and have to say that the lack of reliable or consistent support from GM on well-documented issues with the Colorado astounds me.

    On my 2005 Z/71 Extended Cab (which I bought brand new), I suffered through the "air-bag" light issue due to the rear 1/2 door harness being cut/broken from normal use. I just spent $150 on a new harness last week for the 2nd time and installed myself as my truck was one year and a few thousand miles over what that nice letter from GM specified. Funny the dealer had this part in stock as - they said it was a known issue. Could I get any consideration on price or labor? Nope! It would have been nice to get that letter before the 1st time I had to replace. I'm certain that if I keep this truck for another 5 years, I"ll have to spend money on a new harness once this one breaks. I know things get old and wear out - but this is a defect for sure.

    I've always kept the truck parked in a garage at home and happen to have a parking garage at work so the truck hadn't really been exposed to heavy rain for long periods of time while parked (yes, I'm lucky!) I've recently had to park the truck outside at home for a few weeks and noticed the wet carpet issue. At first I thought it was the windshield so ripped out the interior and carpet, hung it all in my basement to dry with a dehumidifier, then had the windshield replaced to the tune of $350 . Just rained last night and the carpet is wet again which is insanely frustrating. I know other brands aren't without their issues, but common Chevy/GM - I've owned Jeeps which leak less after 20 years! I too may have to look at another brand's mid-size truck in the near future.
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    Just inherited my mom's 2005 GMC Canyon - and her oft-reported experience that the brake light on the back window leaks - soaking both seats - and causing a buildup of mold inside the rear window.(and cab)
    How does one get that repaired?
    Do I take it to a certified GMC repair shop where the part (gasket?) is $1.50 and the labor to install said gasket is $550.? Or do I attempt to "do it myself"? Or . . . .?
    All advice and/or guidance is appreciated?
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    I moved from sunny CA to Seattle WA in 2016. All of a sudden I noticed my Colorado smelling like mildew and mold after moderate rain. The back corner behind the driver side carpet would be damp/wet depending on how much rain got in. In early 2017 the wiring harness that runs along the trim of the driver side floor panel (interior) shorted due to the excessive moisture, and killed my ECM module (something to do with the control voltage from the brake pedal). I had the module replaced and the carpets cleaned/dried and hadn't really had issues since. Now I'm having water pooling up again - the back corner driver side soaked, and the carpet under the driver side pedal damp. I'm frustrated as this appears to be a known issue, but there is no recall/fix/bulletin officially from GM, and as far as I'm concerned is a preexisting condition (prove me wrong GM). I'm sick of dealing with the dealerships, as I have had horrible experience with horrible service managers (had to pull the service tech by the nose to show them the broken wire in the door panel for the airbag @ Hardin GMC CA, and had to take the president of GMC of Puyallup WA to small claims over incomplete service that had my engine overheating).

    GM social media - please reach out to me as soon as possible. Case no: 8-4687939673
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    About to take delivery of a 2019 Colorado.

    Sure do hope I don't have to deal with these shenanigans. :/
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