Lexus ES 350 Paint Problems

draperysewerdraperysewer Member Posts: 11
I picked up my car with Smokey Granite Mica paint Feb. 8 2008. I quickly noticed after each hand washing all the scratches that were showing up. Each scratch and chip showed up as white lines or marks. A casual bump with my brief case and bam another chip. Within 2 months of ownership I am waxing the car and rubbing out the multiple scratches. The car has been on no dirt roads or car washes. Am I the only one with this problem or is this problem concentrated on my color or this model or production date? The dealer has been called and records noted. I have never had a car that scratches and chips so easily. I hate to see what it will look like in 3 years when I turn it in.


  • debra12debra12 Member Posts: 2
    I have had similar issues with paint on my Lexus 460L 2008. In the first 1000 miles
    excessive rock chipping on front and lower rocker panels on sides of car. Lexus
    repaired the paint on the sides and installed clear protective film. The front is still an
    issue I am trying to resolve with Lexus now. I have had an independant painter look
    at it and he thought the clear coat or last finish was not hard enough. There is
    definately a flaw with the paint. I have only 4000 miles on my car and am very
    unhappy. Also paint chips on trunk shelf from merely resting a suitcase and also
    white paint scratches from who knows what. Possible car wash? I use to take my 745i BMW through the same car wash. Never an issue.
  • draperysewerdraperysewer Member Posts: 11
    You did not mention what color your vehicle is. It is discouraging to take care of a nice auto, but have it look terrible with scratches. :(
  • debra12debra12 Member Posts: 2
    It is a mica red beautiful color. I agree it is very discouraging for a car so expensive.
    I love all the other things about the car. But I don't think I would have purchased
    knowing the paint issue. Have you had any satisfaction with the dealer on your problem?
  • joeldavidjoeldavid Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problems.I have a new 07 gs350 same paint color. 1800 miles all sort of small scratches,and a number of blemishes on the hood ,quarter panel ,roof trunk.The dealer first said it was caused by moths stuck in the protective cover while being shipped.Now speaking direct to Lexus,its "rail dust" that settles on the paint during shipping, that caused the blemishes, the small scratches are because of the "clear coat" getting scratched,and the dark color paint.The dealer will solve the problem, by either buffing out the blemishes ,or repaint.I am not happy...this shouldn't happen on a Lexus.I have asked the dealer to make me happy....will see.
  • roadrunner4roadrunner4 Member Posts: 5
    I have a 1 and half yr old 350 same color. I talked to the dealer a few months ago about the same problem. The car just seems to get scratches and chips too easily. The dealer says non-lead paint nowadays is not as hard as those used years ago. I don't quite buy the answer. I doubt if other premium brand car has the same paint issue. A few days ago, I discover that there are small brown bubble just below the license plate. Upon close inspection, I can see rust starting to surface. And it is not even at a spot that you get chips. I had the feeling that there is some problem with the paint job in 350. I find that really surprising given lexus renowned quality. It is actually some sort of a relief to know that this is not a problem peculiar to my car. I am going to talk to lexus and see what they will do.
  • draperysewerdraperysewer Member Posts: 11
    My 2008 Smokey Grey Mica ES 350 went back to the dealer for its first oil change and what ever else they do. Aftter 2 weeks of ownership I was calling the dealer about the scratches that showed white and how easily it chips. After a month my husband was rubbing out and waxing the car to conceal the white scratches. I must say I did not feel satisfied. The service manager would not admit a known problem about the paint. He tried to sell me on the same story about the paint not being the same quality or hardness due to enviromental laws. I had him nailed because my husband bought a black Cadillac Escalade from the same dealer and I told him his paint is fine, does not chip easily or scratch white. I asked about another clear coat but he would not do it. He touched up my abundant chips and rubbed out some of the scratches. He told me there was nothing he could do about the car scratching. I made sure he noted in my record about the paint issue not wanting it to be a deduction when I turned in the car. I am very disappointed with this paint. Neither of my other 2 ES autos had this problem.

    I plan to contact Lexus directly with hopes of some resolution.

    Regarding the transmission concerns. They can check the vin number to make sure it has all the latest updates. (He admitted to this issue) Mine occassionally shifts hard, sort of like a chunk. Mine is up to date but again, had it noted in the record. My other 2 didn't have transmission issue.

    Unfortunately I have 2 1/2 years more to drive this car. I am working on attitude change but it is disappointing when you take care of a vehicle to have it look bad right out the door.
  • scottinmemscottinmem Member Posts: 9
    Same color here on my 2007 and it looks great, BUT I am very careful with the paint. Light scratches and swirls show up more on dark colored cars - black is by far the worst. Different car companies are known for different paint hardness. Lexus is considered to be among the softest. Others are correct to not buy into the "environmental" reason and I don't know why Lexus is soft yet Mercedes is hard. Unfortunately, this is the way it is. Personally, btw, I would never let a dealer touch my paint or wash my car - most do not know how to properly wash a car - or they are in too much of a hurry to do it right.

    If you have the time, energy and desire to take care of the soft Lexus paint, the site is a wealth of information on proper care. I'm not trying to justify Lexus paint, just informing how to deal with it.

    The sad truth is that if swirls bother you and you don't want to spend a lot of time on car care, you should buy silver cars with hard paint. Again, I'm not saying it is your fault for buying a dark Lexus, but next time, now that you know the score, you may want to consider color and hardness in your car buying decision.
  • llee44llee44 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2007 Lexus ES 350 Smokey Graphite. I'm having the exact same problem too. The chips are huge I mean larger and deeper then average. The chips are so deep that they go through the primer. Today I found one about the size of the head of a thumb tack, also down to the metal/fiberglass body. Its like they didn't even prime the car. Further more it was not on the hood, but on the side of the front driver side wheel well.

    I too think this is very disturbing. I'm going to contact Lexus about this problem.

    I am also having problems with the car shifting really hard. I guess I can also get that looked at at the same time. This really makes me made because you wouldn't expect this from Lexus.
  • magicalmagical Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 ES 350 that I purchased 10/2006 - gold color. I have noticed, ever since the beginning, that my car has been developing numerous fine but deep scratches. At first I thought it was "keyed" - you know, what nasty people do a car's paint with a key. I have decided that this must NOT be the case as they keep popping up here and there. Have any of you had any success in getting Lexus to fix your problems????? It is most disappointing for such a good and expensive car to look so messed up - this should not be! I'm getting mad now.
  • scottinmemscottinmem Member Posts: 9
    Not at all trying to defend Lexus with their paint - I agree with you. But now that you have the car and the paint problem, I would suggest you try to figure out why you are getting the scratches. Can you feel the scratches with your fingernail? If not, it is likely to be normal washing. Autopia dot com is a great site to learn about proper washing and care of paint. In short you should be very careful in how you wash and dry your car. If you're going to the car wash, you will get scratches/swirls. What often happens is the washer will get small pieces of dirt on the wash cloth or the drying cloth and then rub it back and forth - the result is scratches. Again, I'm not trying to blame you, just help you understand the problem and perhaps correct it.
  • carhop1carhop1 Member Posts: 3
    just changed oil @5000 miles & need to reset oil service light but don't know how.
  • lmlee08lmlee08 Member Posts: 2
    I purchased an 08 rx400h back in march of last year. It has now developed quite the rust problem all over the vehicle. The dealership states that it is rail dust. I am taking it in to get a second and third opinion (hoping the next two disagree with the lexus dealership but agree in their findings) I am also going to be in contact with Lexus in the next few days and hopefully will be meeting with a LExus Rep for the area where we bought the car to have it inspected as well. The dealership is only willing to clay bar my vehicle to remove the rust but believe that the paint issues are due to rail dust and lack of maintence. They scoff at the idea that Lexus could ever have an issue with paint or any other quality of their vehicles and basically have treated my husband and I as if we are complete idiots. The lack in customer service as well as the lack in quality of the vehicle have me livid. I am happy that I came across this thread and found that I am not the only Lexus owner with paint issues and believe that there is something up with the paint on these vehicles and that it is not up to par. I intend to do everything in my power to make sure Lexus answers appropriatly to this problem. I would like to know if anyone else would like to join me in forcing Lexus to answer to this serious lack of quality? If your interested you may email me at [email protected] I want to hear your issues and bring it to Lexus's attention as well.
  • bluelexusbluelexus Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 ES in dark blue. It also scratches and chips way too easily. I have never had this problem with BMW, Infiniti, VW and even a 1997 ES. The paint is just too fragile.
  • zaff6zaff6 Member Posts: 1
    The hood on my 2007 ES 350 has a chipping and rust issue. Some are almost the size
    of a dime, others are down to the metal. The metal has rust which is generating under the paint. Contacted the dealer and they said they would not help with out Lexus approval. Contacted Lexus California's Corporate office and after many discussions they said we will fix to Lexus standards. Brought the car to the dealer and the Lexus district representative had the dealer chip away some paint and try to fix it with bottled brush on touch up paint which shows lifting under the original paint even more. The Hood looks worse than before. Lexus and the dealer all agree the hood needs to be re painted to be done right but washed their hands of it and said we are on our own to have the hood repainted. The same dealer estimate is approximately $1500.00. Basically there 7 year paint rust warranty is none. Find this totally un acceptable and we are very disappointed. Never had paint issues with our 1999 S80 Volvo or 2003 BMW Z4. Our Volvo has seen 8 winters the Lexus one and the Volvo looks new. The hood on our Lexus is an embarrassment. Have Owned many vehicles over the years and never experienced this type of problem.
  • krishnavkrishnav Member Posts: 5
    I live in mass and got myES350 in Oct 08. I would have got the paint protection film installed from day one - if only i knew about the east rock chips on Lexus. Because I never had any rock chip issues on my earlier cars even after 3 years I did not think it was so much of a value add to the Lexus. I had a Passat(00) and have CRV( 07) and both had been through tougher roads than my Lexus and no issues.
    With in first 1000 miles I noticed a lot of rock chips and by 6 months time it looked as if it was sand blasted. The dealer said they cant help. So i decided to put the 3M clear bra. I bought the touch up paint from Lexus and the 3M installer helped me with touch up before applying the film. I know it is late, it is better now than not having the film look paint-stripped with in one year.

    Of course, this does not solve the problem of easy scratching and swirling on the rest of the ares where the film is not applied.

    Note: when I was at the clear film installer there was another curious customer who wanted to get the same on her 8000 Miles BMW ( more than 12 months old). And I checked her car, I could not believe her paint ( hood and bumper) looked so new with out any chips.Though it also depends one's driving style and the routes, still the difference was so clear between her 12month/8Kmiles car and my 6month/7K Lexus
  • rapo74rapo74 Member Posts: 1
    I purchased my Lexus ES350 in Aug of 2008.
    I complained at my first oil change about all the stone chips on the hood and bumper and they gave me a bottle of touch-up paint and told me that was the best they could do . I wish I had read all the issues with this car I probably would not have purchased it.. I've been a Lexus owner for 10 yrs. and this might just be my last one .Really disappointed .
    I have a feeling that's why Buick has jumped ahead of Lexus for quality.
  • dviscusodviscuso Member Posts: 3
    New to this group and cannot believe all the issues I found with Lexus paint on the ES350. I purchased my 2008 ES350 in December 2007. By the spring of 2008 i could not believe all the chips i had on the front bumper and hood on my car, which is ruby red. I love the car and have received multiple compliments on its looks. But get up close and its another story. I complained enough to the dealer that they re-did the front of the car at no cost to me in October 2008. Now here it is summer of 2009 and the front of the car is again disgusting. Started complaining to the dealer and as I have read here they cannot do anything. Well, more complaining and negioating I believe they will re-do the front end of my car again only this time after 30 days I will have to have that clear sheathing applied for protection, at a cost of $1,000.00. That is rediculious. I have spoken to body shops and other ES350 owners and some do not have this problem. I have owned many cars and this my 2nd lexus. Never had problems with the first one which was a RX330. To me this is a defect with the paint and Lexus should be responsible. Even with the clear plastic applied does not guantee no chips just to minimize. So let's spend a couple of thousand of dollars for minimal; protection and let the rest of the car go to hell. I rambled on enough. Like to know how all you other owners are dealing with this problem.
  • draperysewerdraperysewer Member Posts: 11
    My way of dealing with it is looking forward to 1 1/2 yrs from now when I can turn the car in. The paint is awful and I will need a mighty guarantee on the paint quality before buying another Lexus. I stopped looking at the car nicks and scratches because it annoys me to no end. I still take care of the auto as if it were mine forever. It looks pretty at a distance but don't look close. I appreciate hearing about the rust issue, which I will watch carefully. I have another issue that has developed in the last 3-5 months and need to have it looked into. When I turn or go up and uneven area where the auto weight shifts (like a driveway as you are turning into it) I hear a thunk noise. Something is not bearing the weight shift properly. It is worse in the right rear near the wheel. There is nothing in my trunk that is shifting.
  • dviscusodviscuso Member Posts: 3
    Well just got emailed to day from the dealer and they are going to re-paint the front of the car at no charge. However, the compromise I had to make will be that after 30 days I have to have a protective sheathing put on the front of the car for protection. That I will have to pay for ^$%&*^%%^&*%, cost about $1,000. I will be turning mine in December 2011. If I hear anything about how bad car is with marks there will be another battle at that time. But we will see what happens. That will be a story for another day.
  • carhop1carhop1 Member Posts: 3
    Has anybody started a class action suit against Lexus for their lousy paint ? I have '09 that is full of scratches & chips @12K miles
  • draperysewerdraperysewer Member Posts: 11
    That is a lot of money to put into a car you don't own. I would work with corporate if it is that bad before putting one dime into resolving their problem.

    I just made sure my paint issues were noted on my records so as not to be penalized when I turn mine in Feb. 2011. I figured if Toyota is going to produce a crappy painted car, they can have it back that way. Thank goodness I am leasing.
  • klee3klee3 Member Posts: 57
    I own a 2008 ES 350 with 19000 miles and I too have the same paint chip problem. It's really frustrating to have spent so much money on a car and having this type of fundamental problem. My previous car (2005 Acura TL) did not have this problem. It had only 3 chips in 4 years that I owned it. I have at least 15 chips on the bumper and hood areas on my ES. The sad part is I've only owned it for 12 months!!!
  • carhop1carhop1 Member Posts: 3
    How about all of us Lexus owners with paint problems file a class action lawsuit against them & let's band together. If you are reading this let me know your year. & mileage on your car so I can get a handle on how many people are willing to join me in suing! Also how about tires wearing out @15k
  • dviscusodviscuso Member Posts: 3
    2008 ES 350 19K So far tires have been good for me.
  • lmlee08lmlee08 Member Posts: 2
    Hi, I posted awhile back when I first noticed my 08 RX400 had so many rust spots after only one year. I would be interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Lexus. The dealership we went to treated us like dirt and said that we didn't maintain our car properly and that is why the paint is damaged. They refuse to return phone calls and emails. We have yet to call 1800LEXUS which is what the dealership kept telling us was our only option. ( to complain to lexus) We haven't had a chance to do that yet. Has anyone else been told that they needed to call 1800LEXUS? and have you done it and what was your outcome?

    Anyways... Im sad to say that Im kind of glad that so many ppl share the same problem because that means its not just us.
    2008 RX400 25,000 miles.. So far tires are ok.
  • billeveebillevee Member Posts: 15
    I like about 350 people on this post have owned an ES350 and am experiencing paint issues with chips. It is obsidian black and has about 15 chips in the hood and bumpers and picks up scratches very easily. What do we Lexus owners need to do to start a class action suit vs the dealers? This is ridiculous-I did not pay $38k to look at paint chips. In fact I am not even sure if the car was primed since the color beneath is white

    Anyway what do we do? I do not want the dealers "complimentary" paint job under the condition that I fork over $1,000 for a protective clearcoat--

  • radar6radar6 Member Posts: 28
    We opted for the Venture Shield that covers front bumper and parts of hood and fenders.Its a clear plastic cover you really cant notice it unless you look for it.I read this forum before we bought car we decided that the 450.00 price would be a good investment.
  • jandanjandan Member Posts: 1
    Mine is a ES330 - multiple paint chips on hood - color is alabaster - so chips are very noticeable - I have contacted the Lexus Dealership here in GA - I'm already fighting with them in my head - HOW do we start a class action suit? OMG! just got a response from the dealership ........"Chips on a hood are usually from driving the car, no matter what brand is. If you would like to address this issue feel free to contact our service department at 770 680 1000.......
    Good Grief - I was right to start the fight in my head - any words of advice about my response????
  • hatecardealershatecardealers Member Posts: 1
    i've never been to a lexus dealer that I like. Especially the one in Kingsport, TN. Talk about a snob. Its just a car dude, not fort knox! My wife wants a new es 350 but I am terrified to buy one because of the issues I have been hearing. Our 2001 e 300 does just fine and only has 62000 miles. Lexus of Kingsport SUCKS!!
  • draperysewerdraperysewer Member Posts: 11
    My 2001 was a fine auto. This one is another story. I can't wait to trade it in and buy the new how Buick that is coming out. Unfortunately I have another 16 months to go. I wonder if I will have any paint left. Very disheartening to hear the multiple dealers and Toyota itself that is shirking responsibility on the paint and other issues. I am going back to American made. They know they have to win the market back and will bend over backward for customer satisfaction. My Grand Prix (loaded) had many more luxuries and convenineces and better sound system than this car. Cheaper to drive too. I was disappointed within a week of ownership.
  • lookin4qualitylookin4quality Member Posts: 2
    Lexus historically has led other auto's in consumer quality. There is no way that paint can be a part of that survey, or lexus would be much lower. I have never owned a car that has so many spots where the paint has just released. My Dodge truck has dents made from road rocks, but the paint has not released.
    Has anyone had success with Lexus making good on repair or repaint?
  • mdlaskmdlask Member Posts: 1
    Well I'm glad to see I'm not the only person having problems with the paint. I had a 2004 ES 330 in the dark blue - traded it in less than 3 years old - the dealer said the car was in excellent condition except for the hood that would need to be painted which of course lowered the price of the trade in. I now have a 2007 ES 350 in black - same thing! Also on my 330 - had the brakes checked at 50k miles and they said I was good for another 50. On the 350 needed brakes at 40K. My driving hasn't changed and the car was taken to the same place - not the dealer. For the price we pay for these cars the paint should not be like that. I've had other dark colored vehicles and never had this problem. I will print out these posts when I trade my car in and argue with the dealer on the trade in value.
  • kearnyflkearnyfl Member Posts: 1
    I have same problem with my 2008 ES-350, Obsidian Blacke, Paint is chipping off from engine hood, i had to buy touch up paint, but same problem continues.
    Any help is welcome.
  • sbergersberger Member Posts: 2
    Have identical problems with my 2008 Obsidian Black ES 350- multiple small chips to white base on front hood near grille, as well as lots of swirl scratches on body without any good explanation. If there is help out there for this problem, beyond bickering with dealer, would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • kenmac16kenmac16 Member Posts: 1
    I have a black 2008 ES 350. There are numerous paint chips on the hood and both sides. My previous vehicles have been from Ford, GM, Honda and Acura. In very similar driving conditions none of these vehicles have experienced anywhere near the number of chips that the Lexus has. My 10 year old Accord looks pristine by comparison. The dealer's touch ups look as bad as the chips, which appear to go right to the base metal. This is a shockingly poor way to finish an otherwise excellent vehicle.
  • bill11783bill11783 Member Posts: 38
    Does anyone know how the White holds up? Seems the paint issues are mostly with the darker colors.
  • bqsbqs Member Posts: 1
    I am an attorney who has been investigating the paint issue. I'd like to hear from anyone who has had problems with chipping, etc. contact me through my website at:
  • lookin4qualitylookin4quality Member Posts: 2
    I purchased new, a 2007 IS250 from Alderson Lexus in Lubbock Texas that has consistently developed numerous paint flakings. I took photographs of the various spots on the vehicle and forwarded them to the dealer. Without asking to actually look at the car the dealer, based solely on the photo's stated they believed them to be rock chips. There are no dents behind the points where the paint has released. There is paint release where a rock would have had to be dropped vertically to cause the paint to have released. My plan is to run a full page add in the local paper inquiring as to others that are experiencing similar problems.
  • mtcarmelfoxmtcarmelfox Member Posts: 13
    Paint issues appear to be occurring with every automaker.

    Do an internet search for "vehicle brand" paint problems and millions
    of results are returned.
  • smarty666smarty666 Member Posts: 1,503
    agree completely, go on any of the other major forums, infiniti, nissan, honda, acura, toyota and you'll all see forums for paint chipping; cars are made cheaper now a days and the paint chips easily

    if you have a dark color car, especially black, you'll really notice the paint chips more than a light colored car

    I have a 2010 Black Nissan Maxima, its only about 3 months old and already have two paint chips at the tip of the front hood

    If you see them on your car, you'll either have to try touch up paint on a tooth pick or just leave it alone

    Good Luck getting Lexus, Infiniti, Acura, Nissan, Honda, or Toyota to admit fault when it comes to paint chips

    Only recommendation I can give is to not get a black or very dark color car or even white for that matter; stick with a neutral color so you won't notice the chips as much
  • mkhoimkhoi Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 ES 350 and also noticed many paint chipping spots in front bumper and also the lower doors panels are coming off the plastic fasteners!
    Are Japanese auto-workers adopting American workers habits? I am not very please with the quality of the exterior. This car suppose to be "luxurious"?
    If Lexus is becoming complacent with quality assurance, just look at the fate of the American automakers. Customers are the final judge of your existence.
    We pay a lot for these cars and we are not getting the quality products.
    Will Lexus bumper-to-bumper warranty cover these issues?
    I have signed up to join a potential law suit against defects in workmanship.
  • magiccarpetmagiccarpet Member Posts: 2
    The easily chipped paint problem is well documented but is anyone seeing my problem?

    Aside from having to carry touch up paint & a brush with me, my black ES 350 ultra premium has numerous miniature whitish splotches on hood & truck lid. Very unsightly for an expensive vehicle. It only had 6000 miles on it when I noticed this.
    Absolutely unacceptable negligence.

    I will see what their factory rep has to say.
  • lexhoulexhou Member Posts: 81
    what you described actuall so like waht is being described as rock chips. You need to get clear shield - 3m product on frnt hood , side mirrors, etc. it really minimizes the issue. I recently purchase 2010 ES350 - BLACK SAPPHIRE PEARL( very dark blue ) and had done right after purchase. In speaking to the owner of the shop--he mentioned it's not just Lexus...he does work for lexus, Infinti, mercedes dealers and says all their dark colors fight the rock chip issue. Hope you solve your situation..
  • draperysewerdraperysewer Member Posts: 11
    That is a ridiculous concept that you have to pay top dollar for a car that has the luxury image and then you have to have a clear shield put on it before it even hits the road. My husbands all black, 4 yr. old Cadillac Escalade doesn't have one white mark from stones, bumps, or washing. He has never put a clear coat on it. Several years ago he had a black Lincoln that didn't have these paint issues. When it turned 3 he did have a clear coat put on to eliminate swirl marks but they never were white. Lexus should be embaressed at how much rubbing compound my ES 350 has had put on to make it look decent. My car has been fastidiously maintained but it makes me sad when I see the white marks all over. I had body/paint work done on 3 large door dings. It will be interesting to see if the body shops paint will do the same. The only thing I can look forward to is the end of my lease in Feb and go back to American made autos with decent paint.
  • njvikenjvike Member Posts: 56
    Your are very accurate on your assessment of this so-called paint problem. I've gotten hit from mostly trucks (Bastardos) and even some 4X4 that probably go off-roading or are too cheap to get a paved driveway.

    Here in NJ you will see a big difference between people that drive on the Garden State Parkway (no trucks in most areas) vs. say RT80. If you think Black is bad in showing chips, you should see a white car; mine looked like the hood had the measles. If you think the chips are bad, wait till one hits your windshield.

    As far as the person with the SUV never getting a chip, you sit higher than cars and therefore don't get hit as much; I noticed just one chip on my Yukon Denali.

  • magiccarpetmagiccarpet Member Posts: 2
    Sorry lexhou, but rock chips & a clear shield is not the problem or solution. I've done the clear shield on other of my vehicles. My Es easily gets rock chips and I have to repair monthly. What I am referring to are whitish spider-like blemishes that appear beneath the top layer of paint. They are between the paint layers and are absolutely smooth on the top layer but show up visually to the eye. Has anyone else seen these on their hood or trunk? Look closely.

    Even my old vehicles with 200-300,000 Km don't have such blemishes. My 08 ES only has 11K miles and is stored inside during winter.
  • jrealmutojrealmuto Member Posts: 3
    edited May 2010
    We purchased a lexus is250 from Herion Gear in Jackson MS
    this was back on 1-12-10 the car now only has 3000 miles and is less than 5 months old.

    It has over 50 chips on the front bumper cover!
    the rest of the car: hood,fenders,mirrors,and windshield are flawless.

    I contacted the dealer in febuary and advised that the
    bumper did not seem to be holding paint! it took the 2 months to send touch up paint due to it being back ordered!

    The car only has 3000 miles and looks like it has chicken pox! They said its because its so low! we owned a 2002 is250 and put 40,000 on it with the same driving style and it never did this!

    [non-permissible content removed] CRAP!!!!
  • h_es350h_es350 Member Posts: 1
    I drive ES 350 2007 has only 9000 mile and i have same problem with paint, took to the dealer and told me its road chips can not do any thing with it.
    also have trans. problem. looking for a lawsuit.
  • es3502010es3502010 Member Posts: 1
    Is there a class action suit on this? For $40k, it's unacceptable
  • hafaithvehafaithve Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 RX330 and about 2 years ago I noticed the clear paint bubbling on my driver side mirror and peeling. I called lexus dealership and told them what was happening and the guy on the phone told me that should be covered by my warranty. So I brought the car in and they changed their minds and they accused me of PEELING THE PAINT MYSELF! After long arguments over the phone with me and than sticking my husband on them they ordered me a replacement. I knew a guy that worked there (who at the time was a sales manager) and I told him what happened with them accusing me and treating me poorly. He was the one who took care of the problem for me but he said that they were paying for it out of their pocket as a favor to him since I knew him and it wasn't covered by warranty. I'm sure I am still known as the b!tch at the dealership.
    Fast forward to now and it's happening again in the mirror that was replaced and also on the passenger side mirror as well as all of the door handles. This looks ridiculous! There has got to be something we can do about this.
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