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Lexus ES 350 Paint Problems



  • Lexus historically has led other auto's in consumer quality. There is no way that paint can be a part of that survey, or lexus would be much lower. I have never owned a car that has so many spots where the paint has just released. My Dodge truck has dents made from road rocks, but the paint has not released.
    Has anyone had success with Lexus making good on repair or repaint?
  • mdlaskmdlask Posts: 1
    Well I'm glad to see I'm not the only person having problems with the paint. I had a 2004 ES 330 in the dark blue - traded it in less than 3 years old - the dealer said the car was in excellent condition except for the hood that would need to be painted which of course lowered the price of the trade in. I now have a 2007 ES 350 in black - same thing! Also on my 330 - had the brakes checked at 50k miles and they said I was good for another 50. On the 350 needed brakes at 40K. My driving hasn't changed and the car was taken to the same place - not the dealer. For the price we pay for these cars the paint should not be like that. I've had other dark colored vehicles and never had this problem. I will print out these posts when I trade my car in and argue with the dealer on the trade in value.
  • I have same problem with my 2008 ES-350, Obsidian Blacke, Paint is chipping off from engine hood, i had to buy touch up paint, but same problem continues.
    Any help is welcome.
  • Have identical problems with my 2008 Obsidian Black ES 350- multiple small chips to white base on front hood near grille, as well as lots of swirl scratches on body without any good explanation. If there is help out there for this problem, beyond bickering with dealer, would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • I have a black 2008 ES 350. There are numerous paint chips on the hood and both sides. My previous vehicles have been from Ford, GM, Honda and Acura. In very similar driving conditions none of these vehicles have experienced anywhere near the number of chips that the Lexus has. My 10 year old Accord looks pristine by comparison. The dealer's touch ups look as bad as the chips, which appear to go right to the base metal. This is a shockingly poor way to finish an otherwise excellent vehicle.
  • Does anyone know how the White holds up? Seems the paint issues are mostly with the darker colors.
  • bqsbqs Posts: 1
    I am an attorney who has been investigating the paint issue. I'd like to hear from anyone who has had problems with chipping, etc. contact me through my website at:
  • I purchased new, a 2007 IS250 from Alderson Lexus in Lubbock Texas that has consistently developed numerous paint flakings. I took photographs of the various spots on the vehicle and forwarded them to the dealer. Without asking to actually look at the car the dealer, based solely on the photo's stated they believed them to be rock chips. There are no dents behind the points where the paint has released. There is paint release where a rock would have had to be dropped vertically to cause the paint to have released. My plan is to run a full page add in the local paper inquiring as to others that are experiencing similar problems.
  • Paint issues appear to be occurring with every automaker.

    Do an internet search for "vehicle brand" paint problems and millions
    of results are returned.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    agree completely, go on any of the other major forums, infiniti, nissan, honda, acura, toyota and you'll all see forums for paint chipping; cars are made cheaper now a days and the paint chips easily

    if you have a dark color car, especially black, you'll really notice the paint chips more than a light colored car

    I have a 2010 Black Nissan Maxima, its only about 3 months old and already have two paint chips at the tip of the front hood

    If you see them on your car, you'll either have to try touch up paint on a tooth pick or just leave it alone

    Good Luck getting Lexus, Infiniti, Acura, Nissan, Honda, or Toyota to admit fault when it comes to paint chips

    Only recommendation I can give is to not get a black or very dark color car or even white for that matter; stick with a neutral color so you won't notice the chips as much
  • mkhoimkhoi Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 ES 350 and also noticed many paint chipping spots in front bumper and also the lower doors panels are coming off the plastic fasteners!
    Are Japanese auto-workers adopting American workers habits? I am not very please with the quality of the exterior. This car suppose to be "luxurious"?
    If Lexus is becoming complacent with quality assurance, just look at the fate of the American automakers. Customers are the final judge of your existence.
    We pay a lot for these cars and we are not getting the quality products.
    Will Lexus bumper-to-bumper warranty cover these issues?
    I have signed up to join a potential law suit against defects in workmanship.
  • The easily chipped paint problem is well documented but is anyone seeing my problem?

    Aside from having to carry touch up paint & a brush with me, my black ES 350 ultra premium has numerous miniature whitish splotches on hood & truck lid. Very unsightly for an expensive vehicle. It only had 6000 miles on it when I noticed this.
    Absolutely unacceptable negligence.

    I will see what their factory rep has to say.
  • lexhoulexhou Posts: 81
    what you described actuall so like waht is being described as rock chips. You need to get clear shield - 3m product on frnt hood , side mirrors, etc. it really minimizes the issue. I recently purchase 2010 ES350 - BLACK SAPPHIRE PEARL( very dark blue ) and had done right after purchase. In speaking to the owner of the shop--he mentioned it's not just Lexus...he does work for lexus, Infinti, mercedes dealers and says all their dark colors fight the rock chip issue. Hope you solve your situation..
  • That is a ridiculous concept that you have to pay top dollar for a car that has the luxury image and then you have to have a clear shield put on it before it even hits the road. My husbands all black, 4 yr. old Cadillac Escalade doesn't have one white mark from stones, bumps, or washing. He has never put a clear coat on it. Several years ago he had a black Lincoln that didn't have these paint issues. When it turned 3 he did have a clear coat put on to eliminate swirl marks but they never were white. Lexus should be embaressed at how much rubbing compound my ES 350 has had put on to make it look decent. My car has been fastidiously maintained but it makes me sad when I see the white marks all over. I had body/paint work done on 3 large door dings. It will be interesting to see if the body shops paint will do the same. The only thing I can look forward to is the end of my lease in Feb and go back to American made autos with decent paint.
  • njvikenjvike Posts: 56
    Your are very accurate on your assessment of this so-called paint problem. I've gotten hit from mostly trucks (Bastardos) and even some 4X4 that probably go off-roading or are too cheap to get a paved driveway.

    Here in NJ you will see a big difference between people that drive on the Garden State Parkway (no trucks in most areas) vs. say RT80. If you think Black is bad in showing chips, you should see a white car; mine looked like the hood had the measles. If you think the chips are bad, wait till one hits your windshield.

    As far as the person with the SUV never getting a chip, you sit higher than cars and therefore don't get hit as much; I noticed just one chip on my Yukon Denali.

  • Sorry lexhou, but rock chips & a clear shield is not the problem or solution. I've done the clear shield on other of my vehicles. My Es easily gets rock chips and I have to repair monthly. What I am referring to are whitish spider-like blemishes that appear beneath the top layer of paint. They are between the paint layers and are absolutely smooth on the top layer but show up visually to the eye. Has anyone else seen these on their hood or trunk? Look closely.

    Even my old vehicles with 200-300,000 Km don't have such blemishes. My 08 ES only has 11K miles and is stored inside during winter.
  • jrealmutojrealmuto Posts: 3
    edited May 2010
    We purchased a lexus is250 from Herion Gear in Jackson MS
    this was back on 1-12-10 the car now only has 3000 miles and is less than 5 months old.

    It has over 50 chips on the front bumper cover!
    the rest of the car: hood,fenders,mirrors,and windshield are flawless.

    I contacted the dealer in febuary and advised that the
    bumper did not seem to be holding paint! it took the 2 months to send touch up paint due to it being back ordered!

    The car only has 3000 miles and looks like it has chicken pox! They said its because its so low! we owned a 2002 is250 and put 40,000 on it with the same driving style and it never did this!

    [non-permissible content removed] CRAP!!!!
  • h_es350h_es350 Posts: 1
    I drive ES 350 2007 has only 9000 mile and i have same problem with paint, took to the dealer and told me its road chips can not do any thing with it.
    also have trans. problem. looking for a lawsuit.
  • es3502010es3502010 Posts: 1
    Is there a class action suit on this? For $40k, it's unacceptable
  • I have a 2006 RX330 and about 2 years ago I noticed the clear paint bubbling on my driver side mirror and peeling. I called lexus dealership and told them what was happening and the guy on the phone told me that should be covered by my warranty. So I brought the car in and they changed their minds and they accused me of PEELING THE PAINT MYSELF! After long arguments over the phone with me and than sticking my husband on them they ordered me a replacement. I knew a guy that worked there (who at the time was a sales manager) and I told him what happened with them accusing me and treating me poorly. He was the one who took care of the problem for me but he said that they were paying for it out of their pocket as a favor to him since I knew him and it wasn't covered by warranty. I'm sure I am still known as the b!tch at the dealership.
    Fast forward to now and it's happening again in the mirror that was replaced and also on the passenger side mirror as well as all of the door handles. This looks ridiculous! There has got to be something we can do about this.
  • kenb757kenb757 Posts: 149
    edited August 2010
    And this is why you bought a Lexus? Are you sure you didn't buy it from a Yugo dealership?
  • I live in Canada but weather is no different than Northern US. I have a white 2007 ES350 and had a 3M clear shield applied to the hood before delivery so have not had stone chip problems. But the car started to show rust when it was brand new in areas protected by trim, like under window molding, behind door handles, in the water channel under the trunk lid and on the trunk lid itself. Both rear doors and the trunk channel have been repainted under warrantee (there were roughly 20 different rust spots) but Lexus refuses to acknowledge that the car has an inherent problem. Two mag wheels also had to be repainted due to paint bubbling. I've been driving Lexus for 15 years but this will be the last. I hope someone manages to show them that they cannot advertise "Perfection", charge premium prices then stick consumers with inferior product.
  • I purchased my 2008 IS 250 new here in Phoenix, Arizona. My service advisor, whom I adore said I should purchase the clear bra for the car. I haven't and my black paint has held up pretty well considering? I may check again. I went through the recall for the floor mats and gas pedal. No big deal. Had my valves serviced three times now for getting clogged? Always use premium. Now I only use Shell premium gasoline and all is good, just like they said! I do have a question. I just recently had to have my windshield replaced. At first glance, it looked like the glass company just did a horrible job! The moldings around the sides of the windshield is all cracked and glued back together and the moldings around the bottom of the windshield is cracked, rotting and coming away from the car. It literally crumbles in your hands. Come to find out the moldings around the windshield are just bad. Defective? The car is only two years old and well taken care of. So, new moldings are being ordered and replaced. I am curious if anyone else has this problem? And, are the rest of the seals around the windows in the car going to start to crack and rot too? I'm kind of bummed.
  • I have a 2006 ES 330, color is Black Garnet looks like Black Cherry..very pretty color. I purchased it 12 months that time, the paint was fine, no dings or chips. I have noticed in the past few months chips of paint missing on the hood and bumper. The car appears to have a cloudy finish now. I wash it weekly and take very good care of it...I have also noticed loud "road noise", I noticed that the seal around the windshield is cracking and I wonder if the noise I'm hearing is from the windshield. After reading the other comments posted about dark colored Lexus..I feel certain I am on my own in dealing with the paint issues, but what about the seal/seals....I bought a Lexus becasue i wanted quality, I was very unhappy with my previous domestic and wanted to have a quality vehicle...I'm staring to think this was not a good idea. Any suggestions.
  • Help , my paint gets worse everyday . First oil change , I told my dealer and he said that is the curse of the Lexus Paint . Wow, that made me feel great . So of course they will not paint the car . He said it was just road conditions too . Bull ,I had a 11 year old Honda , Only had a few chips in paint , no dings in the paint . Makes me sick for the money I paid . Honda had 237000 miles . What can we do from here ? Is ther a lawsuit for this going on ?
  • My blue ES 350 had hundreds of chips on the hood. I had Lexus of Carlsbad auto shop repaint it and within months there were hundreds more. I took it to an excellent independent auto body shop and had it repainted at my own expense. Within 2 weeks there were chips already forming. I went back to the shop and he pointed out there were also a myriad of chips in my windshield and in the paint of my rear view mirrors. He feels that the design of the car with the front dipping down allows for debris to come up and chip the paint and other parts of the car.
    I'd be glad to join in a class action lawsuit also.
    I had bought a 2006 ES 350 and had a loud thunk sound at various times. After taking it to the dealership many times, they finally admitted they could not fix it. The head mechanic said that most of the 2006 ES 350s had this problem. So I had to buy a newer car, the one I have now, a 2007 ES 350, which was not in my budget. And now I have the paint problem.
    I had a 1995 Lexus for 14 years and had no problems whatsoever. That is why I spent the money to buy another Lexus, and I have nothing but problems!!!
  • I started this thread three years ago on the paint issue. I have appreciated the comments that others are experiencing the same. Thank goodness I leased this vehicle and it was a happy day Friday when I turned it in and picked up my very fun to drive Buick LaCrosse. I was so disappointed in the quality of this 2008 ES, when compared to 3 other ES models that I have leased or owned. I felt the quality had declined with my 2008 model. In the last few months it developed a very annoying rattle up by the locking mechanism of the sunroof. It does not rattle all the time but when it does, it isn't pleasant. My Michalin tires lasted less than 24,000 miles. I paid for regular rotations. Either the dealer never actually rotated them, but collected the money, or they are inferior. My right front had barely any tread and the left front wasn't much better. At no charge the dealer did exchange the fronts and rear tires. The rear tires weren't real good but they definitely had more tread. I finally was able to ignore the paint issue and just count the days until turning it in. Yesterday I bumped the door frame edge of my new car with a metal pan. I nearly died thinking I had made a knick on my 4 day old car. I was so relieved it didn't even scratch it. I wrote Lexus numerous times with no response. Lexus requested that I send one question to the General Manager, Lexus US. Paint was it. I never heard back sadly. Maybe they don't care or maybe they think they can ride on previous quality image. Good luck to you all. For you that own the vehicle...go for it on what ever compensation you can get.
  • A final thought on the car design. There may be merit to the design being the problem, but I don't really buy it. My 2002 was a very similar front and never had the chipping issue. This is not the only vehicle with a sloping hood design. I guess you would have to ask owners of other brand models if they experience the same.
  • nealk1nealk1 Posts: 2
    Please contact them. There are so many people who don't do anything because they don't know what to do.

    My name is on the class action law suit. My paint job is a joke. Everybody is in shock after they see it and when I tell them Lexus wouldn't do anything about it.

    Please watch video Ford Taurus vs. LS460 chipping test

    I took my 2010 Lexus IS in at 3400 miles to a Cadillac dealer in the area I was considering to repaint my car. His first comment was the front end looked like a car with 70000 plus miles on it. I have a 1999 Blazer, 140,000 miles, used for hunting, off road, utility, etc. When you match the front ends up ( both black ) the Chevrolet doesn't have hardly a mark on it. Night and day comparison.
  • qtgritsqtgrits Posts: 2
    OMG, I noticed all these chips in the front of my 2007 ES350 and I thought it was because I went down a gravel driveway at my girlfriend's house ONE TIME. Now to read that everyone is having issues is really depressing. I can't seem to find anything about a lawsuit though. Do you know anything?
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