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Toyota Highlander Homelink Programming

mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
Anyone have any luck programming the HL's Homelink buttons with a scrolling-code garage door opener?


  • Yes, I've done it on my 04 highlander for both a Sears and Genie opener with rolling code. You need to use both your remote door opener and the control unit attached to the garage door motor in order to be successful. Follow each step of the instructions in your owners manual carefully. It took me awhile but I finally prevailed.
  • nimrod99nimrod99 Posts: 343
    Yes, the instructions are in the owners manual.
    You have to push the button on the garage door opener to learn the code from the homelink
    The garage door opener (HomeLink
    Universal Transceiver) is manufactured
    under license from HomeLink and can
    be programmed to operate garage
    doors, gates, entry doors, door locks,
    home lighting systems, and security
    systems, etc.

    (a) Programming the HomeLink
    The HomeLink in your vehicle has 3
    buttons and you can store one program
    for each button.
    To ensure correct programming into the
    HomeLink, install a new battery in the
    hand–held transmitter prior to programming.
    The battery side of the hand–held transmitter
    must be pointed away from the
    HomeLink during the programming process.
    For Canadian users, follow the procedure
    in “Programming an entrance gate/Programming
    all devices in the Canadian
    1. Decide which of 3 HomeLink buttons
    you want to program.
    2. Place your hand–held garage transmitter
    25 to 75 mm (1 to 3 in.) away from
    the surface of the HomeLink.
    Keep the indicator light on the HomeLink
    in view while programming.

    3. Simultaneously press and hold the
    hand–held garage transmitter button
    along with the selected HomeLink button.
    4. When the indicator light on the
    HomeLink changes from a slow to a
    rapid flash after 20 seconds, you can
    release both buttons.
    5. Test the operation of the HomeLink by
    pressing the newly programmed button.
    If programming a garage door opener,
    check to see if the garage door opens
    and closes.
    If the garage door does not operate, identify
    if your garage transmitter is of the
    “Rolling Code” type. Press and hold the
    programmed HomeLink button. The garage
    door has the rolling code feature if
    the indicator light (on the HomeLink)
    flashes rapidly and then remains lit after
    2 seconds. If your garage transmitter is
    the “Rolling Code” type, proceed to the
    heading “Programming a rolling code system”.
    6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for each remaining
    HomeLink button to program
    another device.

    Programming a rolling code system
    If your device is “Rolling Code”
    equipped, it is necessary to follow
    steps 1 through 4 under the heading
    “Programming the HomeLink” before
    proceeding with the steps listed below.
    1. Locate the “training” button on the ceiling
    mounted garage door opener motor.
    The exact location and color of the
    button may vary by brand of garage
    door opener. Refer to the owner’s
    guide supplied by the garage door
    opener manufacturer for the location of
    this “training” button.
    2. Press the “training” button on the ceiling
    mounted garage door opener motor.
    Following this step, you have 30 seconds
    in which to initiate step 3 below.
    3. Press and release the vehicle’s programmed
    HomeLink button twice. The
    garage door may open. If the door
    does open, the programming process is
    complete. If the door does not open,
    press and release the button a third
    time. This third press and release will
    complete the programming process by
    opening the garage door.

    The ceiling mounted garage door opener
    motor should now recognize the
    HomeLink unit and be able activate the
    garage door up/down.
    4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for each remaining
    HomeLink button to program
    another rolling code system.
    Programming an entrance gate/Programming
    all devices in the Canadian market
    1. Decide which of the 3 HomeLink buttons
    you want to program.
    2. Place your hand–held gate/device
    transmitter 25 to 75 mm (1 to 3 in.)
    away from the surface of the
    Keep the indicator light on the HomeLink
    in view while programming.
    3. Press and hold the selected
    HomeLink button.
    4. Continuously press and release (cycle)
    the hand–held gate/device transmitter
    button every two seconds until step 5
    is complete.
    5. When the indicator light on the
    HomeLink changes from a slow to a
    rapid flash after 20 seconds, you can
    release both buttons.

    6. Test the operation of the HomeLink by
    pressing the newly programmed button.
    Check to see if the gate/device operates
    7. Repeat steps 1 through 6 for each remaining
    HomeLink button to program
    another device.
    Programming other devices
    To program other devices such as home
    security systems, home door locks or
    lighting, contact your authorized Toyota
    dealer for assistance.
    Reprogramming a button
    Individual HomeLink
    buttons cannot be
    erased, however, to reprogram a single
    button, follow the procedure “Programming
    the HomeLink”.
    (b) Operating the HomeLink
    To operate the HomeLink, press the
    appropriate HomeLink button to activate
    the programmed device. The HomeLink
    indicator light should come on. The
    HomeLink continues to send the signal
    for up to 20 seconds as long as the
    button is pressed.

    (c) Erasing the entire HomeLink
    memory (all three programs)
    To erase all previously programmed codes
    at one time, press and hold down the 2
    outside buttons for 20 seconds until the
    indicator light flashes.
    If you sell your vehicle, be sure to erase
    the programs stored in the HomeLink

     When programming the HomeLink
    Universal Transceiver, you may be
    operating a garage door or other
    device. Make sure people and objects
    are out of the way of the garage
    door or other device to prevent
    potential harm or damage.
     Do not use this HomeLink Universal
    Transceiver with any garage
    door opener that lacks the safety
    stop and reverse feature as required
    by federal safety standards.
    (This includes any garage door
    opener model manufactured before
    April 1, 1982.) A garage door opener,
    which cannot detect an object,
    signaling the door to stop and reverse,
    does not meet current federal
    safety standards. Using a garage
    door opener without these features
    increases risk of serious injury or
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    Thanks for all the help, it's working now. BTW, the manual as I read it and as is posted here is useless. Google-search got me going...
  • Hi,

    I have the similar issue. I haev Genie Door opener. I tried programming it however the home link button blinks slowly for about 20 seconds and then it goes off. Next time when I press it it again keeps on blinking.

    My understanding is that, even if the door system is rolling, the home link should learn within 20 seconds means, the light should blink fast after 20 seconds of programming...

    Can someone help please

  • I have a 2006 HL Hybrid, but my question is only about the Homelink transmitter. I use all 3 of my buttons (for 3 different gates), and all 3 still work. But it seems like as time goes by I have to get closer and closer to the receivers for the HL transmitter to trigger a gate open/close. Anybody else experiencing anything like that? If so, what can be done about it?

  • Finally! After multiple attempts I got my HomeLink to work.

    I had the same problem - when I held the garage transmitter along with the HomeLink button, the HomeLink indicator light would flash slowly for 20 seconds and then stop. It would never flash rapidly. I finally got the indicator light to flash rapidly by first pressing the learn button on the garage door unit and then simultaneously pressing the garage transmitter along with the HomeLink. Within 5 seconds the HomeLink indicator light flashed rapidly. The garage door still did not work – so I followed the instructions for programming a rolling code system. I pressed the learn button on the garage door unit again and then pressed the HomeLink button twice – each time holding the button for approximately 2 seconds.

    Looks like pressing the learn button on the garage door unit first, then quickly pressing & holding the HomeLink button and garage transmitter at the same time did the trick!
  • Just a note since it seems their is a bit of confusion with the programming of the Homelink.

    Reading the manual it almost reads that if your garage door opener is the rolling code type - I have a Genie Excelerator - that you depress the learn mode on the garage door opener then depress the homelink buttons in your car to pair.

    You need to do the remote pairing first and new batteries in your remotes are probably a good idea. Once you have paired the remotes THEN set the garage door opener to learn mode and pair the homelink buttons.

    Hope this helps.
  • sstauffachersstauffacher Posts: 2
    edited August 2011
    I just bought a 2011 Highlander, and am having problems programming the garage doors. Do I need to have the remote control for the garage door, or can I just program it by pressing the learn button on the garage door opener, and then pressing the homelink button twice? Anyone have any luck programming without a remote? I've tried all the different combinations I could think of to program my homelink, but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!
  • tom348tom348 Posts: 1
    I had the same problem and tried everything. Here is how I finally programmed my 2012 Highlander Homelink. As strange as this sounds, here is how I finally did it.

    1, Tried to program the Highlander Homelink using my remote bringing both units into close proximity. After pressing both the Homelink button and the remote button for ~20 seconds or so, the flashing LED indicated that I have a rolling code system which I already knew. I then went to my door opener, pressed the learn button, then rushed into the car and presses the Homelink button on my Highlander. Presto the button does now function opening and closing the garage door. Hope this helps.
  • I was just having trouble with my '12 HL pairing up to my garage door opener. Following the directions in the manual didn't work. To get it to work I pushed the learn button on the garage door opener, then quickly pushed in one of the homelink buttons, then pushed a button on the remote that already worked. It flashed slowly then went to flashing rapidly and finally worked! The manual never says to use the remote when you are doing the learn process, only if you are just trying to hold the homelink button and the remote.
  • I have had NO LUCK whatsoever getting the light on my Homelink to blink rapidly. I have pushed the learn button, then the remote and the homelink button simutaneously, then I tried the owner's manual method (pushing the homelink and the remote button (next to one another) for up to a minute...nothing. any ideas???
  • julie_ojulie_o Posts: 1
    I have a new 2012 HyHi, and am also having trouble getting the homelink set. When I hold the garage door opener remote next to the homelink button, and the press both buttons per the owners manual, I get a rapid blink and then light on without any blinking. Help!
  • ftutoneftutone Posts: 1
    So, I thought this was going to be the solution to my problem but it did not work!!!

    I have a 2012 Toyota Highlander and just installed a new Chamberlain belt drive garage door opener. Needless to say, the installer could not get the Homelink programmed. His response was to take the car to the Toyota dealer. Before doing that, I contacted HomeLink (on the phone with them for 2-1/2 hours with no success. Their response was to take the car back to the dealer and explain the problem. I did that and after 3 hours at the dealer they convinced me (by programming another remote to my Homelink) that there was no problem with my HomeLink. I then called Chamberlain back and got the following answer: "Although my model car is listed on the Homelink site as compatible with the model of GDO I purchased, there is no guarantee that the car manufacturer installed the proper version of HomeLink in my specific car. The GDO is a "Security+2.0" version which ONLY works with HomeLink version 4 or above. The 2012 Toyota Highlander is listed as having version 4 of HomeLink but some manufacturers are using up old inventory and still installing version 3 HLs!!! I have now asked the dealer to research whether or not my specific car has HL version 4 installed and if not, to replace mine with a version 4 of HL. I'll let you all know if I ever hear back from them. :cry:
  • rizaxerizaxe Posts: 1

    I finally got my Highlander to work by following the directions from another forum. -homelink-programming.html

    even if you have a rolling code system, you have to program the remote controller AND press learn on the garage door system. Here's a copy of his post below:

    Today, I was working on remote controllers for doors on an out building, and got all the doors "confused"- I was too! After many attempts, I think I have the Theory of Operation down.
    First, hold down Buttons 1 & 3 in the Highlander. Hold for 30 seconds or until the light flashes. This clears all codes in the Highlander.

    Next, using the garage door remote control- Push the Highlander's Button (1,2, or 3) and the hand held remote control button at the same time. Hold a few inches apart until the light blinks fast (about 20 seconds). The Highlander's Button (1,2, or 3) has just "Learned" what code to use. (This is all in the owners manual, but I didn't think this step was necessary since I had the Rolling Code System!)

    Now, push the Learn button on the garage door's motor control unit and the Learn Light will glow. You have 30 seconds to push the Button you just selected in the Highlander. The Door Control Light will blink if you are successful.

    Repeat for other Highlander Buttons using other door remotes and matching door opener control units.
    Be sure you are close to the garage door units when setting up the systems.
    When everything else fails! - Always read and follow manufacturers instructions.
  • Thanks so much!! Your post did it for me and now it works!! YEAH!!
  • I had trouble too until I read some of the posts here. I first held my garage door remote next to the Homelink button end pressed both buttons simultaneously until the Homelink led flashed rapidly. I then released the buttons, pressed the programming button on the garage door head unit until the led there stayed lit. I then pressed the Homelink button twice on the scar. Both leds flashed and the connection was made. The key is first linking the garage door remote to the Homelink.
  • I ran into a different problem. I could program the Homelink but when I programmed the keypad on the outside of the garage the Homelink would stop working. I have a Genie opener and contacted Genie. The problem was that the Genie will only hold so many codes. I was instructed to hold the button on the Genie in until the indicator light stopped blinking. This cleared all the old codes from the Genie and then I could program the Homelink, key pad, and another remote.
  • glx69glx69 Posts: 1
    Hey all,

    Read through the thread and tried everything but couldn't get my 2013 Highlander Homelink to work with my garage genie, it's an older model but not first generation (Garage Genie IS550/A I believe). I followed the manual instructions to the letter and I could tell that the car had accepted the remote's code but the garage head unit wasn't recognizing it. I tried using the garage genie remote while getting the GHU to learn but no go.

    My last ditch attempt was to move the car as close to the GHU as possible. I'm an engineer and with the distance I was at and what I figured the frequencies were, the homelink shouldn't have had a problem reaching the GHU, unless the homelink with the car ignition off is really low power. I parked right under the GHU, pressed the learn button, pressed the Homelink button in the Highlander that was already programmed to the existing remote and the indicator light on the GHU turned from blinking to solid (to signify it's in learn mode has received the code and is ready for the 2nd confirmation press), pressed the homelink button again and the learn indicator extinguished. Backed the car out and bingo! Worked like a champ.

    So there's a tip...first off try doing it with the engine running, it's possible when on car battery power the homelink goes into a low power transmitter mode (this is an educated guess at best), if that doesn't work get your homelink as close to your garage door opener unit is possible. Good luck everybody!
  • After a few different tries, this one worked!
  • I have a 2010 Sienna and a 2014 Genie. I had to press the learn button on the GHU and use the remote with my homelink to get it into rolling mode. Thanks for the tip.
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