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Nissan Rogue Tires and Wheels

I have a 2008 Rogue and need some information.

1. What is the proper way to protect the Alloy Wheels? Any product to buy to keep them looking new?
2. What is the best wax to use on the Rogue? My brother said to use Turtle One Step.
3. What is the best scratch remover?



  • I have noticed the Rogue's have two different OE tires Dunlop & Continental's, what are some opinions from owners.

  • cpcacpca Posts: 20
    We have Continentals on our Rogue and I haven't been impressed with them. They seem to transmit more road noise than new tires should. On one particular stretch of freeway, the lanes had been shifted, and the previous striping (which had been burned/scraped off) was exactly where the tires would normally track when the car is centered in the lane. When driving on that section, it seemed like the tires actually amplified that particular noise frequency. I'm sure we will be talking to our tire guy and changing them out to another brand when the initial set wear down.
  • I'll have to ck which tires I have. I notice too much road noise at highway speeds and certain surfaces. More than any car I've ever owned. I have the P225/60R17 low profile tires which I really didn't want but, they came with the model package.

    If anybody does a tire swap to another brand and it quiets down noticable please post your results.

    thanks, Ron
  • .....I cked, mine are the Continentals too. I found that the dealer had too much air pressure in them and brought them back down to 33 psi, it made a difference, also just putting a few miles on them made a difference too. I've only got 120miles on the Rogue so I suspect with a few more miles they will wear in a little more and get a little bit quieter. The Rogue doesn't seem so bad as the first drive home from the dealer. I was coming from a Sienna mini van, which if you ever drove one you would know they are a marsh mellow soft and quiet ride.

    I'm pretty fussy and hard to please with cars [and other things]. I bought the Rogue for my wife but, I find the more I drive it the more I love it! I want to trade my pickup in for one now! :)
  • I purchased my rogue the beginning of November. With 5,000 miles on my car, I picked up a screw which embedded itself in the side wall. Drat! That ended the life of the tire. As if that wasn't so bad, consider this....there wasn't another tire for this car anywhere in the area. (South Boston area). My husband and I searched every major tire company and when we couldn't find a replacement tire, I promptly returned to the dealer. They declared it wasn't their fault but I insisted that it certainly was. The net result was the dealership paid for a rental for 7 days until they could ship in one tire from "who knows where"! Even similar new rogue vehicles in the lot were no match (we all figured that the best thing was to take a tire off a new car, put the spare on that and then worry about that tire being replaced thereby giving me immediate access back to my car). The next shock was the sticker price of the tire.....ONE tire cost me $280 !!! The dealership probably paid somewhere over $400 for the rental --- ONE EXPENSIVE TIRE!

    BYW, I have the continental tires. I find no appreciable difference between any other riding tire.
  • That's crazy, ck out these tire prices.....
    Tire Rack
  • Hi Fellow Rogue owners. Well, I'm actually NOT a Rogue owner, yet, and am looking for some info on tires/rims. I'm probably going to order the Rogue tomorrow and my only complaint is the dreadful rims and large empty wheel wells. Is there a replacement tire that fills the well better, or just plain looks less... cheap... than the standard ones? I'm thinking of at least chroming the standard rims, but it might be cheaper to buy new cherome rims, and would love to hear anyone's experience there. Please hurry!! =}
  • ohiobuckohiobuck Posts: 6
    I just bought a Rogue AWD SL that was equipped with Contis. I paid the dealer $50 extra to give me a set of Dunloops from another Rogue on the lot. At present it seems that many more Rogues are coming with the Contis but I have always had good luck with Dunlops and liked the more open aggressive tread pattern on the Dunlop. It should be better in bad weather. It seems like a quiet riding good handling tire, so far.
  • ohiobuckohiobuck Posts: 6
    The tire pressure monitor on my new Rogue has been on constantly since shortly after I took delivery. Tire pressure is 36 lb in each tire which is 3 lb more than the sticker on the doorframe recommends.

    What does it take to get this thing to turn off ? My son has a new Maxima and had the same problem. The dealer offered to 'fix' it by filling the tires with nitrogen (for $20). That tells me not to take this car to the dealer for service but doesn't solve the problem. I'd just turn the thing off if I knew what wire to cut.

    Anyone else had a problem with the tire pressure monitor?
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    nitrogen wont do any good. what people don't realize with nitrogen is, about 80% of the air your breathing is nitrogen. My advice would be to first get a new tire gauge. I'm not saying that is deffinitly your problem, but most of the people I've know who have had TPMS problems simply were getting incorrect pressure readings from a bad gauge.
  • ohiobuckohiobuck Posts: 6
    Took my car in for the 1000 mile service today. The problem with the TPMS was that its trigger point was set too high. Using their diagnostic computer they reset it to 32lb and the light has stayed off. They did not give me any BS about trying a nitrogen fill and I left thinking I had made the right choice of which dealer to buy the car from.
  • How does the monitor work, if I want to run my tires alittle softer than reccomended, will it be going off constantly?
  • rkoko164rkoko164 Posts: 10
    No. It will only warn you if one tire is softer than the others. Just keep all 4 tires at equal pressures and you'll be OK. Dealer had mine too high [38lbs]. Two weeks later I lowered them to 33lbs [6 wks ago], everything is fine. One under inflated tire spins more revolutions to cover the same distance than the other properly inflated tires...... the computer sees that and puts a warning light on.

    PS: you did say "a little softer", I'm not sure if you went to extreme pressure drop...I never tried that.
  • ohiobuckohiobuck Posts: 6
    No. It will only warn you if one tire is softer than the others. Just keep all 4 tires at equal pressures and you'll be OK. Dealer had mine too high [38lbs]. Two weeks later I lowered them to 33lbs [6 wks ago], everything is fine. One under inflated tire spins more revolutions to cover the same distance than the other properly inflated tires...... the computer sees that and puts a warning light on.

    Interesting explanation. The dealer told me something different. They said there is a setting that determines the least amont of pressure that is OK. Below that the alrm lights up. Mine was set to 38lb. All my tires were at 36lb (I checked more than once) and the indicator was on. They reset the limit to 32lb and now the light is off. To test the two explanations you might lower yours to 30lb and make sure they are all equal then see if the light comes on.
  • rkoko164rkoko164 Posts: 10
    Your probable right, there has to be some kind of threshold to set off the warning light. Usually you just have one tire going soft as my past experience has been on my Toyota that put the light on. And your limit might have been set too high. I lowered mine to 33lbs and its OK, as I said in my PS...

    "PS: you did say "a little softer", I'm not sure if you went to extreme pressure drop...I never tried that. "

  • pitkeyspitkeys Posts: 18
    FYI OEM Conti 4x4 Contact:

    Took delivery on my Rogue at 19 miles on ODO. Tread depth on Contis was 6,6,6, & 7/32!!! Won't go far on that. So upgraded to Avids for that and other reasons. 16/32 at install. Much quieter at Interstate speeds. Much smoother at slower speeds. The CVT vibration is noticeably less at slow speeds. dealer gave good trade on the OEMS.
  • I am looking for a set of four centre caps best described as a mini hub cap approx 6" dia which can be clipped on. The wheels on my car has the centre recessed and I want the centres to stand proud thus giving the car that "squat" look.
    Would appreciate feedback as to where I might locate same.
  • srauhalasrauhala Posts: 2
    I just started to use Zaino Bros Show Car Polish Products. They are a little on the expensive side but well worth it. It initially takes some work but it is amazing and the shine lasts a long time.

    You can only purchase online on their website.

    I discovered it by doing some searching on the web. I kept running across their name on different sites as well as this one. Check them out, they have a ton of pics on their site.
  • mlmcgaheemlmcgahee Posts: 102
    I have been using the Turtle Wax ICE products for my interior and exterior. Great products....
  • Does anybody know if the TPMS will pair itself automatically if I put on snow tires, new wheels and sensors? thx
  • hess5hess5 Posts: 6
    I know your post on edmunds is over one year old but I am having a problem with shimming between 15-21 miles per hour. 08 rogue with 28k. I bought it a month ago and it had new tires. I have had them balanced and rotated twice to see if one is out of round or have a bent rim but they say no. The nisson dealer says that is the way the cvt tranm. is. Do you think it might be the tires on it, they came from tire kindom. Did you have this problem? If so what tires did you put on. Harry
  • rkoko164rkoko164 Posts: 10
    You might have a problem if it already has new tires at 28k miles. I have 28k miles on our 08 Rouge and the original tires still look like new. No shimmying or shakes at any speeds. Depending on the cars options it had 2 tire sizes from the factory, ours has the larger rims w/the low profile tires [don't remember the size w/out looking].

    Good Luck, Ron
  • hess5hess5 Posts: 6
    Thanks Ron, I bought it with 27k on it and new sumitomo touring lst tires, size 225/60R17 as per book. I think I will take it to a new nisson place and see what they say.. Its a loaded rogue with leather, sun roof, boise system, paddle shifters, etc..Drive nice except the 15-22 mph speed. It was a repo-and the dealer who sold it to me does not know the past history. Harry
  • asurasur Posts: 4
    pitkeys, now that it's been 1+ year on those Avids, what is your experience? Also, what model Avid did you get?

    Anyone else replace their Contis?
  • pitkeyspitkeys Posts: 18

    Avid TRZ 225-60 17.

    10,500 miles on them, not much wear. Fine wet traction and OK (within limits) on wet snow and light ice. So far they seem to be a fine tire: Much better wear than the OEM Conti Contacts, and MUCH better traction, braking and cornering. Also much quieter on the highway.

  • hess5hess5 Posts: 6
    You say the cvt tranm.vibration is less noticable with the diff. tires? Can you please explain? I have the vibration between 15-20 mph. Harry
  • hess5hess5 Posts: 6
    Between 15-=20 mph slight veberation or shimmying. Dealer (2) of them says that is the cvt tranm., they say that most people do not notice it or either drive throught it. In other words if my speed creaps up to ten and I then push the pedal through to twenty I will not notice the shimmying. Only when I stay in that range do I notice it. I have emailed nisson to see what they say. Just finished a 1,500 mile trip and got 27 mpg, love this car except the above problem. Harry
  • asurasur Posts: 4
    Thanks for the report, pitkeys. What you're finding seems in line w/ what I've read.

    I'm not a fan of the Conti Contacts--not a lot of tread out of the box--but they've worn ok. Granted, I rotate them regularly and make sure inflation is good, and drive pretty conservatively. I've got over 46K on them and I think they're good for a few more months, maybe even til the snow flies.
  • asurasur Posts: 4
    Hess, I have no such vibration from my cvt. However, the speed range 10-20 is problemmatic for this trans, in that whatever gearing ratios they chose make for a big drop in power right then. So when it shifts at 10 or 15, it feels like you let off the gas. To make up for it you have to gas it a bit, especially if you're merging into high-speed stuff.
  • roguer1roguer1 Posts: 1
    Has anyone else experienced rusting steel rims on a 2008 Rogue S? Nissan is refusing to replace saying it's not a warranty issue, but they will "paint" them, so something must be up. :confuse:
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