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Toyota Corolla Paint Problems

laurenfowlkeslaurenfowlkes Posts: 5
edited December 2013 in Toyota
I have a 2007 Corolla LE that I purchased almost a year ago. I noticed recently that the paint is chipping off of my car. I went to one dealership about the issue and all the service representative did was argue with me in a sarcastic voice saying it was rock chips.

Unless rocks can defy gravity and fly backwards the chips are not from rocks when they are located on the trunk, hood, and sides of the car. There are 43 paint chips on my car as of today. I am taking the car to another dealership tomorrow to see if I have any better luck. I am not paying $18,000 for a car that will have no paint on it in two more years.

I have a feeling Toyota will refuse to fix the problem and continue to blame it on me.

Has anyone else noticed the paint chipping on their cars?

If Toyota does not fix the car properly I will be driving a different car soon, and it WONT be a TOYOTA! I will fight this for all it is worth.


  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,681
    This is a common complaint for many new cars, including Honda. Some say it is the environmentally friendly paint they must use.

    I have only a few chips on my '07 Camry - I don't follow cars too close.

    Good luck, but you won't win this one, and Honda is no better for stone chips - check the forums.
  • mark401mark401 Posts: 1

    I too am having a paint issue with my Toyota. It is a 2007 Corolla (silver in color). Just recently I noticed 3 spots where the paint is chipping. The best way to describe it is a circle about the size of a pencil eraser. It is a what you would expect the paint to do if it had a bubble in it and you popped it. it is all the way down to the primer. I have so far 2 on the roof and 1 on the trunk. Is this what yours has?
  • Hi,

    Yes that is exactly what my car is doing. I also have an '07 Corolla (blue). Toyota is not doing anything but if we could get enough people we could get a class action lawsuit started.
  • cyberhomicyberhomi Posts: 1
    My 2007 white Corolla Type S has many spots where the paint is chipped off. On the hood, the front door edges, near the back windows, etc. In one spot on the hood it looks like a bubble has formed. I haven't checked with any Toyota dealer yet but understand it may not do any good. What can be done?
  • I am not exactly sure what can be done. I am taking my car to a specialist
    outside of Toyota to see if the problem is indeed a paint defect. If it is
    then I will probably contact a lawyer and go from there. I would recommend
    taking your car to someone in your area that specializes in body work to
    verify whether or not you have a paint defect. The only other thing I know
  • What is everybody's exterior color that you have on your cars. Nobody has mentioned that and if they are all similar...perhaps therein lies the issue!
  • My exterior is blue.
  • drgntudodrgntudo Posts: 4
    Yes!!! I have the same problem. I just got my 07 Toyota Corolla about 6 wks ago and now see there are a few rock chips on my hood. Looks as tho the manufacturer just painted the metal and did not cover with what most car painters use (clear coat) to protect the paint job.
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    Yes, you are correct all new cars these days come with clearcoat. But clearcoat will not protect your car paint from stone chips, etc. Clearcoat is more for appearance sake than it is for protection. Clearcoat will keep your paint from becoming dull.
  • raynakayraynakay Posts: 22
    I purchased my 2007 phantom grey corolla LE in January of '07 for just under $20,000.00 and have paint chips on the hood, doors and fenders already. I've been trying to get a toyota representative to take a look at it. I believe the least little thing and the paint chips off the car. It is evident that the paint is coming off these cars too easy. I've printed all of your comments from this web discussion and have given them to the toyota dealer but I'm asking for anyone with paint chipping on their corolla to request that their cars be recalled and repainted. I will print all request and send to the toyota representative. Please give me your feedback.
  • Best of luck to you. I still have not had any luck getting a representative
    to look at my car. Please let me know if you have any luck or get any
    where. These problems are ridiculous and I have a feeling that Toyota knows
    this but they are going to deny the problem as long as they can.
  • Wow. I first starting researching on this about 8 months ago when the paint started SEVERELY chipping of of my then, nearly brand new car. All, and I mean all over my hood, trunk, roof, spoiler, etc., is chipping so severely. I have been to two different Toyota shops and they blame it on, get this, BIRD CRAP! Not possible for so many reasons I don't wish to write a loooong message about. Long story short I have written to spervisors, CEO, President, and Better Business Bureau to no resolve. I gave up on this issue about 5 months ago after literally, many tears and headaches. I recently moved into a new home and came accross my lease from Toyota and decided to give it a look over and found something else interesting. When I decided to buy my car the gentelman that sold it to me advised that it would me much more benificial to lease instead of buying because Toyota has something special called a "residual Lease" which meant for me that I would not be charged for milage. Well as I recently discovered that was a big fat ugly lie. I have now confirmed in my lease that my mileage limit is 36,000. Lovely. These people are liars and thieves. PLEASE let me know what you guys find out. Let's get these *$#%%@#*@^$#% in a class action. :mad:
  • raynakayraynakay Posts: 22
    Lets all ask for a recall and make it public that we are asking for one.
  • Hi
    I have the same problem, my blue corolla 2007 has bubbles where eventually the paint chips off, it is in several parts of the car, especially in the trunk. I took my car to a dealer and they told me that it might be acid rain or some industrial liquid, come one. I am taking my car to another dealer, and if they do not solve the problem, I think making the problem public, local news and Business bureau should help.
  • If your salesperson told you that you have unlimited miles then he lied. The finance person should have also went over the lease contract with you and that's when you would of seen that you signed up for a 36,000 miles lease. I can't believe you thought you could buy a car on a lease and have unlimited miles. How would anyone make any money if you put a lot of miles on that car. Your "residual value" is what the leasing company expects your car to be worth at the end of the lease time and the 36,000 miles. A lot of the time when you lease a Toyota if you don't go over the miles and the car is in excellent condition, the actual value is higher than the residual value which then in turn you have equity in the car. As far as for the chipping I would check some other paint shops and get their opinion and use that for leverage to get your car fixed under warranty. It could very well be bird crap or something of that nature though. If you don't wash your car for a period of time and there are smashed bugs, bird crap, tree sap, the acid in it will eat through the clear coat and damage the paint. Good luck on getting this resolved and I would recommend to find another dealer that won't lie to you.
  • white3white3 Posts: 29
    I just bought a 09 Corolla LE 2 days ago and it already has 2 paint chips. Apparently the paint on the corollas are not what they should be. I had an 96 corolla with 227,000 miles, I bought it 3 yrs old with 25,000 miles and I never had this problem!! I just called the dealer yesterday, their explanation was rock chips, well really there are rocks everywhere and all cars would be chipping and look terrible if this was the case. Another toyota dealership salemen I called did admit that sometimes a car gets a bad paint job. Does anyone have this problem, is there a class action suit against toyota that I can sign up to complain about this? Also would getting a clear coat put over the car help? I would appreciate any responses. Thanks!!
  • white3white3 Posts: 29
    I just bought my 09 Corolla LE 2 days ago, 12 Aug 08, and on 14 Aug 08, I have 2 paint chips. I would gladly like to be on your recall to have cars repainted!! After only 2 days, that is just ridiculious!! Julia
  • I have sold my 09 corolla already but I too had two areas where the paint was chipping. Doesnt bode well for Toyotas paint does it.
  • white3white3 Posts: 29
    Why did you decide to sell? How long did you have your car? What kind of car did you buy after selling the 09 corolla. Also, just called the lemon law attorney, he thought I should check the warranty to see if the outside paint is covered, even though the dealership (salepersons at dealership) said it was not covered.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,681
    I see the same complaint from all manufacturers, not just Toyota. Remember, the new paint that all makers have to use is more environmentally friendly. My newer Camry has a only about 3, but that's because I don't follow too close and my route is good for not having small rocks around to get tossed around. Your situation may be different, but again, Honda, etc. all have this complaint.
  • Well the main reason I sold was due to the electronic power steering, just couldnt get used to it. The paint issue was secondary to my decision to sell. I replaced it with a Mazda 3 and I'm very pleased with it.
  • white3white3 Posts: 29
    I test drove several corollas (09) where the steering wheel was going everywhere (this was on brand new 09 corollas).
  • raynakayraynakay Posts: 22
    I'm supposed to get in with a toyota representive on the 27th and I'm going to let him know that there are other people with paint chips that are not happy with Toyota. I'm going to ask for a recall when I talk to him. Maybe I can find out his contact information and we can all contact him.
  • white3white3 Posts: 29
    That sounds good to me!
  • raynakayraynakay Posts: 22
    I just left Twin City Toyota in St. Louis. I met with a Toyota Rep named Ryan Schwank who looked at the chips all over my paint. He blamed it on bird droppings contrary to the dealership blaming it on rock chips. My response was that the paint isn't durable and chips too easy. I told him that I've never owned a car that chipped so easy but Mr Schwank wouldn't admit that the paint and clear coat is cheap. He said he was sorry that all cars have these kinds of chips and that he couldn't do anything about it.
    I then talked to Service manager Bret at the dealership and I told him that it is a shame the Toyota Rep won't do anything to fix it and that bottom line is the paint on these cars is so cheap that it chips. Bret said I have a point because the paint these days is environmentally friendly/water based (like the kind that washes right off your hands) and that the paint used on automobiles in the past was indeed more durable but people like the EPA stepped in and made changes to make paint environmentally safe. My response was " that says it the paint isn't durable and Toyota automobiles cost too much to have that much paint chipping on them and that bottom line is the paint is cheap and that I wasn't satisfied because seeing the Toyota rep was a waste of my time." Bret then gave me a telephone number which I could call to request arbitration and the number is 1-800-331-4331.
    How does everyone feel about getting together and signing a petetion asking for a recall and or going for a class action suit.
  • raynakayraynakay Posts: 22
    You asked me to let you know what happens with the Toyota Rep.
    I just posted my experience here at edmunds for you to read.
  • white3white3 Posts: 29
    Hi, thanks for letting us know about your meeting, I would be interested in going in on a class action. It is unfortunate, but of course, toyota reps wants to come back with it is a rock chip or whatever because they dont want to be responsible. Both my chips came when, as far as I can determine, my car was in the garage (1st chip); and parked (2nd chip) in the first week. Can you tell me again when you bought your car and when it started chipping and is the chipping in a lot of places? We 1996 toyota only chipped after years and years of driving and washing. I am hopefully, Lord willing, going to have the 2 small paint chips painted at the dealership this Saturday, and then hopefully, Lord willing, I am going to have a clear paint sealant put over the car called "Strike Force" it is resin-based and supposedly from what I hear and read it is better than the polymer-based paint sealant that some new car dealerships put on basically new cars. At the dealerships it is usually $299 - $399. But at an independent shop in my area they will put the "Strike Force" on for $120.00. It is guaranteed for five years, it help protect your car and supposedly you will not have to wax it for five years. My neighbor has something similar on their car and they have not had to wax their car. First of course they clear the outside of your car - the sooner you have it done to your car the better of course. Please keep me inform. Thanks.
  • terceltomterceltom Allentown, PSPosts: 1,024
    3M makes a 4mil. plastic film made for front end of new automobiles called 3M front end clear bra. This film is invisible but does a great job of protecting the cars finish. It's usually applied to higher end cars but you can have a certfied tech. apply it to your car as well. It's a little pricey depending on how much coverage you want on your car. There are do-it-yourself kits but I recommend having a professional install it. There should be one available in your area. I have attached the link for your viewing.
  • white3white3 Posts: 29
    Thanks! I think I did hear about that also, like you said it probably is pricey, so I will go with the "Strike Force" brand name paint sealant. But I really appreciate you giving me this information. God Bless.
  • raynakayraynakay Posts: 22
    Meeting with the Toyota Rep was no help at all but the Service Manager at Twin City opened my eyes to the fact that Toyota did make changes to the type of paint they are putting on cars now and that the paint is enviromentally friendly. The problem I have with this new environmentally friendly paint is that you can brush against a leaf of nature and it chips. I think what has to be done is we will have to prove that Toyota is using a paint that isn't durable and the proof is in the pudding because it is happening to all of us. After we prove the paint is cheap, then we will have to go for a breech of contract of their warranty. Does anyone know a class action attorney?
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