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Toyota Corolla Paint Problems



  • raynakayraynakay Posts: 22
    just want to let you know that the Toyota rep I talked with today blamed my paint chips on bird droppings which was contrary to the dealer blaming it on rocks.
    I learned that Toyota started painting thier cars with environmentally friendly
    water/based paint recently which isn't as durable at the paint they use to use.
    You may be interested in reading the other comments I've made about this.
  • I just got my 5,000 mile oil change (had the car 2 months, heavy driver) and my paint is chipped and my windshield has cracked in 2 places. I am VERY interested in getting in on any class action suits. We deserve better with BRAND NEW cars... Let me know how to get involved.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    Aren't the windshield cracks a tip-off that you might have hit some stones or cinders on the road to cause not only the windshield cracks but the paint chips as well? Obviously any car's windshield would have cracked under a stones perferation, but if the stones are getting that high on the vehicle they are sure to hit your hood and bumper as well. I'm not saying the Toyota paint isn't a problem on these new cars but it does sound like your car is driven under harder then normal road conditions to aquire these windshield cracks. Are you keeping suggested following distances from the vehicle in front of you?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    As I've said before, you're going to have to sue all manufacturers, because they all use new environmentally-friendly paint, and I read complaints about the other manufacturers' cars and how many paint chips they have. This has been a complaint for years. Good luck, but don't waste too much time or money on your suit.
  • Well, the paint chips showed up very quickly after getting the car and I drove an 08 Caliber for 40,000 miles on the same daily route without any problems on the paint. Not to say that the conditions are the same every single day.

    The first windshield crack came from the very edge and cracked as I was driving down a empty neighborhood street with no cars in view. It stumped me as to how it could have happened. I spoke with the service manager and he claimed that because the crack (not a chip) started from the edge of the windshield and was external (can't feel it on the inside) it is not a dealer issue. I posted that mainly because I have seen the ads for the 09 that flaunt its special soundproof windshield. I was curious if anyone else had these problems.

    I wondered if the second one happened because the windshield was weakened by the first crack. I am just curious if anyone else has noticed the windshield crack easily.

    I never follow closely and drive very cautiously, I take good care of my cars, which is why I have been surprised by these 2 issues showing up so quickly after purchase.
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    Windshield cracks like mentioned you will get regardless of what you drive some get more than others. My 00 Accord 1, 04 Forester 3, 06 CRV 2, 09 Corolla 0, so far.

    Rock chips and windshield cracks will depend on how high or low the car sits when i do get a crack i get it fill ASAP so it wont spread i missed one on my CRV that cost me a windshield when it started spreading.

    That was was located in a area where i could not see and when the sun came out one chilly morning it grew like a wildfire.

  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    Had my 2009 Corolla XLE for two weeks so far and put on 250 miles to date with paint still as good as day one. I was starting to get concerned about the paint on the Corolla's after reading this discussion topic but this issue was unfounded so far. I would guess much of this discussion depends on individual driving habits, but we'll see !!
  • Now I have 4 paint chips instead of 2 and I believe the chips all happened when I was not driving the car but when the car was parked. And I never had any problems with my 96 corolla that has 227,580 miles on it. My 09 Corolla only has about 780 miles on it, and it is less than a month old. It is not how we are driving the car, it is most certainly the paint! I would love to go in with a class action suit, just let me know how and when.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    If you are fairly sure that these most recent paint chips happened when your new Corolla was parked I would guess maybe the original two also happened when parked. Perhaps I would look around for any environmental concerns where you park the car, like trees, squirrels, cats etc. The other thing I might be concerned about would be kids playing, throwing rocks or even vandalism in the neighborhood. Will the "strike force" warranty cover these new chips?
  • I park my car in my garage. It is just a weak, thin-type paint, apparently!
  • I had my 09 about a 2 months. I noticed a chip on the hood even before we drove it off the dealers lot...but didn't say is small. Now my wife noticed two chips on the trunk lid. I didn't tell her about this chip problem so it wasn't a result of me making her think about paint chips. We have a spoiler and you know the lid is pretty small. I can't think of any way it would chip...we never put anything on the trunk lid.

    Anyway the car is white and I think I can paint the chips. They are very small, but noticiable. The undercoating (primer) seems to be black. I expect chips when rocks hit, but tell me how it would hit the trunck lid behind the rear windshield and in front of the spoiler?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    but tell me how it would hit the trunck lid behind the rear windshield and in front of the spoiler?

    Easy! Rocks fly sideways too! I had a large one hit the side window one time that I thought for sure was going to cause a crack - I acutally saw it flying at me, almost at a perfect 90 degree angle.

    Seriously, have you looked at other forums? Honda has the same complaints of people saying the paint quality is bad, and so does Chevy, to name a few.
  • Like I said, the paint is thin, etc. If ever time my 96 corolla hit a rock, stone, etc., at 227,580 miles I would not have any paint on the car; contary the paint never had any problems until the last year maybe, and then this is after over 200,000 miles and hundreds of car washes, and the last year I have not taken the care I should have - but their are only several paint chips and after 10 years and 227,580 miles - it is not a problem!! The paint should not be chipping after a week or 2 months, there is a defect in the paint, we all paid a lot of money for our cars, and they should fix this problem. I do hope that someone will get a class act suit going. I don't like to sue, but Toyota should be responsible for the chipping paint, they are making big money off of us.
  • I've owned cars since '69. All of them have had chips. I never complained because it was obvious that you are going to get some chips and even a cracked windshield. This is different. The chips are not round like all the chips I've seen before. These are narrow and long. If I don't see more, I'll not complain, but if I get a chip every month, the resale is not going to be good.

    Complaints on other forums? Means nothing to me. Its like telling me I shouldn't complain about going down on the Titanic simply because others are going down too.

    I have had several Toyotas and if this one will simply hold up like they did, I'll be happy. I'm not a Toyota basher. I also expect a few chips in life.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    Just saying that every manufacturer is using environmentally-friendly paint, and no, it is not as good as the older stuff. My Corolla with 100k+ miles had the same paint complaints in these and other forums when new, but it still looks great, even with more paint chips than my older cars had at the same age.

    Hope everything turns out good for you.
  • smithedsmithed Posts: 444
    I happened to be near a Toyota dealership this weekend and, having read these posts, took a look at the paint on the Corollas and Camrys. There were noticeable chips/defects on the Corollas that I couldn't see on the Camrys. Needless to say, Toyota is not painting Corollas they way they do Lexus. All the defects I saw were round areas of 3-4 mm where the paint was either thin or gone.
  • Very interesting, we should take a picture of these new corolla with paint chips and give to a claim attorney.
  • Also, the reason could be they are trying to produce corollas for the demand that was created with the higher price of gasoline, and they are trying to "roll them off the press" as fast as they can and are not doing the quality work or checks, and are cutting corners.
  • I was just reading all the recent, and I must say depressing, postings for this forum. I guess it some how makes me feel a little bit better that I am not the only one and THAT I AM NOT CRAZY! I recently sent off a total of 9 identical letters to 9 big names in Toyota. They consisted of my Better Business Bereau Letter, my letter that was sent to Toyoat 8 months ago whom nobody had the decency to reply to, along with printed copies of this forum to show that I am not alone. It took MONTHS of searching but I found the addresses of several "big wigs" in the company including the Vice Chairman and Head of R&D, President, Founder and Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and a few more.PLEASE let me know if you would like for me to provide the names and addresses of these people. I will include for you my letter to use as a template. IF ENOUGH OF US DO THIS MAYBE SOMEBODY WILL TAKE NOTICE AND DO SOMETHING!

    :mad: :cry: :mad: :cry: :mad:
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Just a word of caution - you can provide any names and addresses that are on a Toyota public web page somewhere, but please do not post any private contact information. That will have to be removed.

  • My windshield has chips in it too.
  • I think the more information we share with one another the better chance we have of
    getting not only Toyota but all the car companies to realize that we are getting an undeserved poor quality paint job on our new and expensive cars. I say go ahead and share what you have with all of us.
  • Are there any personal property attorneys out there that think they can take this on? We as consumers are asking for your help. I know I brought my paint problem to Toyota before my factory warranty was up and they did not honor it.
  • I would like to know what area of the USA you and all the others are from. I purchased my Corolla in St. Louis in Jan of 07. I have owned new vehicals before and the new Chevy vehicals I've purchased in Nashville Tn within the past 10 years have never had a paint chip in one of them.
    I started noticing tiny scratches in the
    clear coat of my Toyota immediately and I noticed the first chiplike in the fender within the first month I owned the car. I then started noticing more and more paint chips on the hood as each month went by. I took my car to the dealer with several paint chips on the hood before my 36 thousand mile warranty was up. I now have chips on the hood, the fenders and doors. I have been applying touch up paint that I purchased at one of the dealerships.
  • I live in Ohio.
  • I'm in Texas. The first dealership I went to said bird droppings were causing the paint chips. Which is impossible because of some of the locations that the chips are in. I went to a different dealership and they said i must have been driving behind a truck that was hauling acid. LOL!
  • What Dealership and what state?
  • The thing is, the least little thing will take the paint off the car. You may not have any chips now, but give it a little time. It wouldn't suprise me if the wind starts taking the paint off.
  • I went into an attorneys office yesterday with some questions and I was advised to try contacting the attorney general so I did email the AG and I did get an email response that seems hopeful. I'm going to move forward with what they are advising and hopefully it will make a difference. Maybe you all should try the attorney general in your state.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,022
    I'm convinced a few of you new Corolla owners might either have a few individual cars with bad paint jobs or else you might be subjecting your cars to a harsh environment or maybe too close of driving conditions or some other road hazards. I truly doubt that this is a problem with ALL new Corollas. Otherwise this forum would be swarming with post from other owners having the same problem as well. If the paint was a manufacturing defect there would be many more complaints then what we are seeing here. Do you realize how many new 2009 Corollas have been sold and are on the road and there is only 60 posts on this problem? And most of these posts are from the same few people but multiple times. But for the few of you who are having bad luck with their paint jobs I do hope it all works out for all of you.
    I had my 2009 Barcelona Red Corolla XLE a month and the paint is still as good as new with daily city/highway driving.
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