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Help me understand these Buick Rendezvous repairs!

cloverboycloverboy Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Buick
We just bought an '05 Rendezvous and have the service records, but I have no idea what the parts are that were repaired.

This is the list:

hoses, power steering hydraulic-return
harness, wiring-engine complete-replace
wiring and/or connector-fuel system
throttle body assembly and harness
throttle position sensor
wiring and/or connector-emissions system,
powertrain control module replacement
cover and or gasket, camshift housing right
lever, detent-replace

If anyone has had any of these done, or if they know what they are and why they would need replacement, I would appreciate a reply.

Thanks for any info you can provide.



  • rose50rose50 Posts: 3
    I am so upset with our Buick dealer. I purchased a 2002 with 50,000 in Nov. 2004 with an extended warranty which expired a year ago. I currently have 76,000 miles on my vehicle. While driving I stopped at a stop sign and went to accelerate and nothing just like the car was idling. No reverse no nothing. I had the vehicle towed and was told it was the transmission . Per the receipt they found code p1811 stored. all other electrical systems operated properly. removed and disassembled tran and found faulty pcs solenoid caused severe internal damage. sublet repair. reinstalled reconditioned trans, flushed cooler lines and aligned and test drove. The bill was $1997.73. On the bill they also state by the way, your lower intake and possible head gasket leaking.
    The dealer said the head gasket they are not sure of and would only be able to tell once they get into it. I also have a groan when making tight turns such as in a parking lot or sharp corner. Also now my fuel tank doesn't register how much fuel I have. I use the trip gauge. I am so upset. I still owe money on this vehicle. I called the general manager at the dealer regarding this, but he returned my call and I wasn't home, he did give me his personal number. However, I have returned his call 3 times on 3 differant days and no response. I then called the buick 800 and they gave me a case number and I should hear back within 24-48 hours. I was so mad that I called the bank and put a stop payment on my check, maybe now he will call me back. I will pay them for the repair, I won't stiff them, but they could at least call me back and tell me no or whatever. Am I off base on this. From what I'm reading I don't think so. Any advice, would be appreciated. I can't sell this car so I need options?
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,652
    On your 02 vous, intake manifold gasket failure is common problem and is resolved with updated part. I think what can happen sometimes if the coolant leak associated with this isn't noticed, coolant level can can low enough to cause overheating and subsequent head gasket failure.
    For the groan you hear, if you have the AWD version it is likely the versatrak fluid either needs changing or there is a leak causing low fluid level.
  • i would say get a mechanic that would sit down with you and talk to you in laymans terms and if the repair shop you went to wont get rid of him
  • I just want to tell everyone "thanks for all your help". I am a fifty year old woman, a bit fiesty when I feel I get a bad deal and disrespect. I did my homework and investigated everything that was wrong with my 02. Bottomline, I have a new transmission, the manifold leak is fixed and the awd is fixed. The original problem with the transmission was with the pcs value which after stopping my check, made the dealership take notice of my complaint. GM reviewed the issue and went 1/2 with me due to the age of the vehicle, they also fixed the manifold for the $100 deductible and did the awd for free, the mechanic told me there was moisture in it. I guess it does pay to do your homework so you know what your dealing with. I have made new friends at the dealership which is a good thing, I just want to say thank you again everyone for al your help. For the women out there, don't be afraid to challenge repairs and the reasons for them. If you feel its something that should be covered do you homework. I saved myself almost $2000.00.

  • juliaomjuliaom Posts: 29
    Well at least you had a good dealer. I am still paying on the Head Gaskets $2700, plus the new motor repair on the driver window of my 2002 RDV CXL.
    This car is a nightmare, has cost more than all my prior four cars combined since I bought it used in 2004.
    No extended warrenty, and dealer said nothing they could do to help, althought they knew I had excessive repairs on this, the Buick rep also said tough.
  • My 03 Rondevous has very poor performance at highway speeds. No power. Losses speed going up minor hills. I've had the fuel pump, fuel filter and air filter replaced. Improved fuel economy but still sluggish. Any help would be appreciated.
  • rose50rose50 Posts: 3
    Something happened to me it was the transmission. It had to be replaced.=
    GM paid half and I paid half due to it being an internal problem.A0 The dealer will probally try to get out of it but due to the mileage at the time of my car problem like 75000 they would only do half.It was better
    then paying it all.Also there was a problem with the antifreeze leaking
    they repaired that for free it was a 500 dollar repair...Both were factory
    defects....I do have a contact at GM that helped me with the dealership if
    you need it I had to stop payment with the dealer before they finally had the owner call me to explain my situation.Mine runs great since.
    Good luck.If I can make them do it anyone can..Menopausal Rose
  • wjk4wjk4 Posts: 2
    I had the problem with the fuel tank, it was the fuel pump...( I had to do the same thing..I filled up and used mileage). It cost 800.00 to fix.
  • I would definatlty try the fuel regulator. My car would stall and not start no power. I replaced it at a cost of 50$for part and 125$ labor. Now i get better gas milage. more power. I also changed the air filter. Last year I did a compete tune up. I had 100,000 miles. It should have been done at 60,000. If I had to do it over at 60,000 I would have changed the plugs only.
    Bewary of garages many are rip offs and their only concern is taking your money. Do your homework!
  • rbarone49rbarone49 Posts: 2
    02 Rendezvous CXL, 76,000 mi.
    I noticed when turning into parking spaces or making tight or U turns there is a groaning sound coming from the front wheels,manely when the outside temp is 80+, I took it to my mechanic and he told me there was a service tech bulletin on this problem and was told the fluid is breaking down and needed to be replaced, he said they told him he had to drain the axle fluid and after you replace the fluid you have to drive it then drain it again and replace again, this stuff is $38.00 a quart and he said I need 6 quarts but I can't believe you put $100. of fluid in then just put it down the drain ? Has anyone heard of this problem ?
  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239
    Sounds like your vehicle has:
    TSB 1835 or
    TSB 01486
    The AWD drive system growling on sharp turns is a known problem with many GM Vehicles. For example, Venture Rendezvous Silhouette Aztek Montana Uplander Terraza, etc..

    For more details, read the many posts within:
    Note: Scroll down the page for its discussion.

    Bottom line... Sounds like you need to "flush / replace" your vehicle's AWD Fluids. This "most often" eliminates the growning sound. Hopefully, it eliminates the growling / growning sounds in your GM vehicle as well.

    Hope this helps - some how...

  • Everything above has been repaired atleast once on my Buick. I bought my 06 used with 10,000 miles on it in Dec of 06. It's just about 3 years old. I've got 80,000 miles on it and so far my repairs have totaled over $6,000.00 on a car I paid $26,000 for! The AWD sensor failed in June of 08 along with the rear hatch button to open the door from the outside. I had to have the entire rear end taken apart to replace the sensor and they replaced the button at the same time. I've had to put 9 wheel bearings in so far and the front passenger side is failing for the third time now. I've had all 4 rotors replaced. Then in June of 09 the engine blew for no apparent reason. The dealership put another engine in that they claim had 12,000 miles on it, but today (12/4/09) the valves have started tapping very loudly and suddenly. A week after the engine was replaced the power steering failed on the NJ Turnpike! I have filed a :lemon: law case against GM and so far they have utterly denied that my repairs are out of the ordinary. I have NEVER had to replace an entire engine on a 2 year old car! Much less, ever had to think about it happening again only 6 months later! There are more issues with this car too. Like, the back passenger door no longer stays closed once you open it. I took it to the dealership and they said they fixed it. I happily left and 2 days later it was back to not staying closed again and also if you accelerate uphill after turning right all the dash lights turn on/off very quickly. I can not wait to get rid of this car! :mad:
  • :) I'm sorry it took me so long to respond back but Thanks for the info, I did go to the dealer and purchased 4 pints of diff.($25.00 a pint) fluid, took it to jiffy lube, they evacuated old and replaced with new fluid ($50.00) and it took care of the problem..Cost me $150.00 total so I saved $300.00 my mechanic wanted 450.00 !!

    Thanks again, Richard
  • I am the original owner of the 2002 Buick Rendezvous CX. To date, we have repaired parts listed below for this vehicle.

    Intake manifold gasket...$1,100

    Driver side Window Regulator
    Driver side Window Motor
    Driver side Window Regulator $170

    Front Wheel Bearing Assembly....(repaired both front assemblies on separate occasions - this is simply a horrible part) $3000

    Water Pump......$350

    Thermostat.......(replaced twice) $615

    In addition to the repairs listed above, we live with a constant electrical problem which plagues this car. It will sometimes fail to start or will lock and unlock the doors for no reason. I once had to disconnect the battery in order to force the car from repeatedly locking and unlocking the doors. However, by that time, the batter was drained to the point that it needed to be recharged.

    This is simply a horribly designed vehicle. I hope that anyone considering buying a GM car will think twice before putting good money into a GM money pit like this one.
  • juliaomjuliaom Posts: 29
    edited July 2010
    Hey #15, well God works in mysterious ways, and he has chosen to give us our hell on earth with this gift of a 2002 Buick Rendevous.
    I have had all that, except for Front wheel Bearing, but incl the AC, $2000, and both tie rods, 400+, both front window motors, and at 96,000 miles the head gaskets started to leak. My dealer forgot to mention that on one repair, so at 104,000 miles the heads exploded near Bowling Green, KY. I limped backed to Lex and had the dealer repair that for $3000.
    Now the AWD is disabled and the Power lock breaks light is on, another 700$+ and the gasket around the bottom of the motor is leaking oil. Oh, and the hood is bubbling with rust. I am broke, so this puppy will just have to fall apart now.
    Has 137,500 miles now and worth about $4000 maybe.
    It has one darned good sound system for my opera tho, helps keep my sanity. :mad:
  • My best advice. Get rid of it as soon as possible. GM fought my lemon law case to the point my lawyers backed off. So, here I sit with this money pit still in my possession. It's a total piece of junk. I thought with all wheel drive this vehicle would be great in the snow as I have to drive up a pretty steep hill to get home. Well what a mistake that was, I have more traction in the snow in my bedroom slippers!

    The repair list I have on my 06 Rendezvous has grown to the point that I've spent more on it in repairs than it cost to buy. Dump it! Ditch it! It will put you in the poorhouse. :sick:


    I have less problems with the 1990 Jeep we have. :shades:
  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239
    Sorry you are having so many problems with your 2002 AWD RDV.

    If wondering, my wife has a "used" 2003 FWD RDV (2nd edition of 2003). So far, we've only needed to replace its front wheel bearings and its 2 x front brake rotors. Being a heavy "front end" vehicle, it loves chewing up wheel bearings and brake rotors. These are well known weak design problem.

    For far at 74,000 Miles, our 2003 FWD RDV is running great. No problems with its intake gasket (then again, we do replace its cooling fluid every 3.5 years) and its transmission is working great as well. We were going to install a Trailer hitch on it and my local "trusted" auto mechanic said, "NO way - if you do, you'll kill it". To him, this specfic heavy weight Cross-Over vehicle has barely enough power and strength to pull (and stop) itself. Having an attached trailer, extra weight of AWD system (if we had an AWD system) and internal heavy cargo would immediately over stress this vehicle. Thus, blowing its intake gasket, its head gaskets and other "under designed" parts. Thus, our Class III hitch is now sitting in our shed - which is a great thing in the long run...

    For our 2003 (2nd edition) FWD RDV with 3,4L engine, we drive it like a weaker design vehicle (re: never make it over stress in traffic or up hills) and let it drive us around in comfort. And we never "push it hard" on extreme hot days either. So far, my wife's 2003 FWD RDV has been treating us great.

    Sorry to hear your 2002 AWD RDV is giving you problems. If it were me, I'd probably sell your heavier weight 2002 AWD RDV cross-over vehicle and get something more reliable. Especially if you need its AWD system and/or use if for aggresive driving (or heavy weight transport needs).

  • i have 2005 AWD. My antilock brakes will engage at any time for no apparent reason, like when turning or going down a hill. Sometimes the antilock light comes on and the awd is disabled. Mechanic buddy hooked up his machine for ABS diagnostics, said problem was right front sensor, so had it replaced. 6 weeks later problem happens again. Light turns on, again diagnosed, and again says right front sensor. Maybe it was bad sensor installled? so replaced again, but problem still there. anybody had this problem, or know what it could be. It obviously is not the sensor like the diagnostic tool says.
  • You could have your mechanic take a look at the sensor for the awd inside the rear differential for the awd disable problem. When the awd disable light came on in my Rendezvous, it turned out that the sensor inside had failed. The dealership had to drain the differential and replace the sensor then refill it. Not long after that (within a few months) the engine blew on the highway and about a month after that the tranny quit with no warning of either being a potential issue. :(

    As far as the anti-lock breaks...I never had that issue so they both may be unrelated issues.
  • juliaomjuliaom Posts: 29
    Yep, me too. My AWD light and the anti lock break light has been on for four months. I still have regular breaks. Dealer says sensors and wants $700 for it just for AWD.
    More for the anti lock break.
    Now the car is jumping and bucking like it is not firing, so must be the spark plugs I hop. Sucker is still leaking from a seal and I can't afford to repair any of it.
    I am hoping it will self immolate on the road, as it is probably only worth 3500$ and I have over 11,000 dollars in repairs in it since 2004. I could have bought a H :mad: ummer.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Juliaom,
    I apologize that you have had concerns with your vehicle. I would like an agent to look into your concern further. Can you please email me your VIN, contact information, dealership and best time to contact you? You can get my email by clicking on gmcustsvc. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • It should not be a awd problem(i think). the brakes engage and pump at wrong times. The manual says that the awd is automatically disabled when there is a problem with the abs system. So i would tend to believe that if it was just an awd issue that that light would come on by itself without the antilock light coming on. Both lights are coming on which is why i believe it is abs problem.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,652
    For the AWD/ABS and perhaps the Jumping bucking problem it may be due to an issue with the C305 connector (water intrusion/ corrosion). Do a google search on 'gm c305 connector' and you will find all the troubles it can cause.
  • 2002rdv2002rdv Posts: 2
    My rear view mirror just fell off the windshield of our 2002 RDZ. I cannot get the metal clip out of the mirror housing to re-attach it to the windshield. I have removed the screw but nothing happpens when I try to pry it loose. I am afraid if I try to hard I will crack the housing completely.

    these cars are brutal!!
  • 2002rdv2002rdv Posts: 2
    Same problem. AWD and anti-lock light came on. Took it to my buddy to replace the sensor and 3 days later the light comes on even more often. Can any harm come from just driving with these lights on.. Brakes work fine and don't need 4WD.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,652
    No harm I can think of, you just have to realize you don't have ABS (like the thousands of other vehicles on the road that don't have ABS system)
  • i did alot of research on other forum sites on this problem. Rendezvous and Azteck forums. Most people had their problem fixed by looking for and finding broken, bent, or pinched wires near the abs sensor. i havent looked at mine yet, but it would make sense. My problem triggers on my first turn, and never happened that fast before a sensor was replaced. I am thinking just by the mechanic moving around the wires while replacing the sensor made the bad wire worse, and that is why it happens more often, as is the case with your car.
  • I bought a 03 Buick Rendezvous 2 months ago . From the beginning there was a loud noise when you step on the gas pedal. As soon as you let go of the pedal it stops. It sounds like exaust but I have had it to so many people and no one knows for sure. They say the whole exaust system should be replaced but when I bought it they put a new muffler on it. It also has a sound when the wheel is turned far to either side . They say the power stearing pump is fine. Buick dealership says that the sounds are the way they sound. I can't believe that. I have to turn radio very loud and can still hear it. Can anyone help? Have you had this problem?
  • Mariah, I am sorry I did not get your message about contacting you.. I do not check this board anymore since I traded the Buick in for a good car.
    Boy you have a full time job answering this Rendezvoodoo board.
    I will send you what I have. Thank you.
    Julia Mitchel, Lexington, KY :mad:
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Juliaom,
    I didn't know that you don't have the vehicle anymore. I received your e-mail before I saw that you posted back. So my e-mail will be addressing your old vehicle, sorry about the mix-up.
    Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
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