Mitsubishi Outlander Audio Sirius Bluetooth

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I'm close to buying an outlander XLS.
I'm in love with the 9 speaker rockford system sound and what people think about it.

I plan to install a parrot mk6100 with a2dp audrio, in order to play on thar system music from my cellphone....
Will I take advantage of the System? Or Does my mobile phone or parrot mk6100 will be a bottleneck?

Do I explain myself?

Question 2: I hear heavy metal and power metal, and I dislike rap and other busic that makes the speakers vibrate BROOOM.... BROOOM... Wirh my music I won't have a vibratin car, right?



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    Has anyone removed the R Fosgate speaker in the back? I am removing the 3rd row seat and that is the only thing in the way. There are two bolts at the base but wonder if the hidden clips are pull or lift and pull etc - before I break some hidden plastic clips - thanks
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    remove the bolts from the bottom of the housing, then prise out the oblong panel at the top of the unit with a small flat blade or screwdriver;.... there are two more bolts there, remove them and then gently lift up from the bottom and away from the rear of the car;..... there are locating lugs on the right hand side of the unit which go behind the rear wheel arch cover and also two lugs at the top of the unit. It is not an easy task to remove, but it is a hell of a lot more difficult to put the unit back !!
    Have fun
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    Just a quick question. I bought an 07 xls used and it had the standard 6 disk changer. This radio has an am/fm/sat button but I cannot get into the sattelite channels. Since there are no added speakers I assume that the sun and sound package was not installed. Does this mean that I will have to install my external Sirius radio from my last car? Or is there a fairly painless way I can get the sattelite portion up and running. I will do the external option if the other requires me to pay a dealer several hundred dollars for parts and labor.

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.
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    If it's a Sirius enabled radio you should be able to receive ch 184 without being subscribed (that channel is used to verify the receiver is working before signing up)

    If you can't get Ch 184, you don't have it. If you can receive it you should be able to call and sign up.
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    Ok, so is there an adapter I can buy? From what I am reading, the prewire is there, it just wasn't hooked up. I haven't been able to locate anything that will tell me what I can do to add it in at this point.
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    I guess you'll have to use your old Sirius radio adaptor. If you really had the sun and sound package you'd have the obvious sunroof , the 9 speakers and the Rockford Fosgate radio with sub woofer in back. I'm not familiar why you would have a sat button on whatever radio you do have, but it sounds like you're missing too much for a cheap upgrade. (I don't know enough to tell you otherwise).

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    I took it in to a local dealer and they said it would be $300 for parts then whatever labor. I guess there is the actual sirrius radio $210 and the install kit $90 that I will have to purchase. Unfortunately the original owner either did not care or did not realize there was an issue with the factory radio. I am having the issue many others did with the treble fading in and out. They have ordered me a new radio so I am hoping when it gets installed they will allow me to see how they open up the radio area and get behind it. I am fairly confident that once inside I can do the installations myself of the sirius unit. I will also be attempting to contact Sirius to see if there is a discount for existing customers or if I can get a discount for returning my current radio and upgrading to the in dash system. Never hurts to ask eh?

    Thanks for the comments and the help though!
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    Has anyone wired 12V and ground from the battery through the firewall into the passenger compartment?

    I'm looking for an existing path through the firewall to power an amateur radio in my 2007 Outlander. For best RF performance, I need a direct connection to the battery.


    Mark, KI6KQD
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    Hi, I bought an 2008 outlander -v6 mivec 4wd, with base radio model , have it for 4 months.

    I noticed a upsetting (very high frequency) noise in mp3 cd playback. The noise will be perceptible for 5 seconds at the beginning of any song and then, every 8 seconds the noise will be audible for 1 second.
    I think this is due to the CD player electric motor starting to fill the anti-skip buffer of the playback system.

    I've aks the dealer, they don't know about it. At the dealer, I tried an other Ottie radio and same problem....I wonder if anyone else has the same issue???

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    I don't know much about the mobile phone thing, but you should'nt hear any vibrating unless it's really cranked up.

    It's much better in that regard than an aftermarket system.

    You can adjust the subwoofer output, also.
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    Anyone else have really poor sound quality? We hear fine in the car, but the person on the other end can barely hear us....
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    I just purchased a 2008 outlander and have the same problem. I have brought it to the dealer and they will open a report. So far they are not taking responsibility to say that it is a Mitsubishi problem. I know there is a TSB out there but have not been able to get a copy of it.

    Have you had any success in resolving this problem?
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    I have the same problem... can hear great but the sound on the receiver end is totally muffled. The other is the voice recognition system. If you miss a prompt or speak to soon you have to wait through all the 'operator' choices before you can start over.
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    Same problem here....terrible sound quality on the receiver end.
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    My LS 2008 has inbuilt bluetooth capability.
    This means I can make/receive calls
    which are played via the inbuilt stereo system.

    However, my phone also has an mp3 player.
    Is it possible to play music from my phone
    so it comes out on the stereo system via
    the bluetooth connection. I know I can plug it
    into the jacks at the back of the center console.

  • idavidsonidavidson Member Posts: 41
    I've never noticed any quality problems either at my end nor
    has anyone complained.

    But I've only being using it for a few days.
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    I bought a used Mitsubishi outlander "from Feb 2008", when trying to enable Bluetooth I got the message that "Bluetooth is locked and I have to enter the password". Unfortunately the dealer did not know the code and don't know how to reset it.
    I tried the 0000, 1111 and 9999 but does not work.

    Is there a way to reset the Bluetooth code, any help would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Is this a Mitsu dealer or just a used car at another type car dealer? Usually as a worst case scenario, there is a way to reset "all" settings to factory defaults(probably no password is set) and the Mitsu dealer should know. I personally have not done anything with Bluetooth, sorry.
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    It's a Mitsubishi dealer, but apparently he don't know how to proceed. He told me that he will check. In the mean time I'm trying to find out how to do it, but apparently no one knows :cry:

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    - Turn ignition to the on position
    - Press and hold the hang up button for 2 seconds (do this 3 times total back-to-back) - the whole process should take more than 10 seconds
    - Press the speak button to see if it asks you for the password - if not, problem solved.
  • erik06erik06 Member Posts: 6
    I tried this also without success. I think that the dealer will have to order a new Bluetooth module. He should call me on next week.
  • coolguy949coolguy949 Member Posts: 5
    Keep trying. There is no confirmation when it happens. You just have to hit the speak button to see if it works.

    It completely resets the bluetooth module back to factory settings. It should work. I had the same problem.

    Wait 1 second between each button push. So it should be

    Push end call button for two seconds
    wait 1 second
    repeat two more times
  • erik06erik06 Member Posts: 6
    Ok will try again tomorrow.
    when you say ignition button to on "what is this !" it's not the speak Bluetooth

  • coolguy949coolguy949 Member Posts: 5
    Put the key in the ON position first, then start the procedure. The speak button is the one on the left that you use to activate bluetooth functions.
  • erik06erik06 Member Posts: 6
    I tried .... tried ... re-tried without luck.... I think that I will have to ask for Bluetooth module replacement. The car is still under warranty.
  • coolguy949coolguy949 Member Posts: 5
    Keep trying.....

    Just kidding. Yeah, time for warranty. Very weird.
  • erik06erik06 Member Posts: 6
    Here we are, Mitsu changed the Bluetooth module, and all is working like a charm :)
    My iPhone is happy and the woman talking to him also :blush:
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    So how well does the bluetooth work in the Outlander.? I seem to remember someone not liking the volume level or something along those lines. I'd love to be
    hands free and see Tracfone now has a bluetooth phone available. (I don't live on the phone)
  • coolguy949coolguy949 Member Posts: 5
    Works great for me. The sound quality is great. Very loud if I need it to be.
  • comem47comem47 Member Posts: 399
    Thanks, I can get that bluetooth Tracfone for just $30.
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    Comem47 - Would you happen to know how to disable Sirius in a Sirius enabled radio?
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    I guess I don't follow why you need to disable it. instead of Sirius you can listen to AM or FM radio or select CD or Aux input (MP3 etc) just by pushing the correct buttons. So just don't select the Sat radio position and leave it set for FM.
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    If you remove the lower glovebox there is a Sirius module on the right side. Can't miss it. If you disconnect that you still might get the Sirius mode on the stereo, though.
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    BT audio quality is fine in the 2010. The only thing I do is make sure the heater/AC fan is off or at minimal speed to reduce background noise. No one on the other end of a call has ever complained about our voice quality.

    2010 models have dual-mics in the headliner; I'm not sure about prior years.
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    I use my phone to play Pandora and then streamed it over BT to my Outlander. It's a 2010 so I don't know if your 2008 would do it. With BT enabled on your phone do you have the option of selecting BT as an input on the stereo?

    BlueTooth has profiles for different functions so it's possible your Outlander supports BT phone profile but not BT audio streaming. Basic profile info at

    It isn't super detailed but there is a little info at
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    Erik, did you also try the "super-secret" password of 1234?

    Beyond that I'm not sure so I'd suggest doing an RTFM or calling Mitsu's customer service number: 1-888-MITSU2010 (1-888-648-7820). Some references I saw from a quick search showed that dealers should be able to reset the BT module.
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    I didn't look at the post dates and apparently replied to some old discussions. Oops.

    The forum software must've glitched as I was viewing the threads using the "Read new posts" option.
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    Oh, some posts were consolidated and I moved some out of sequence.

    But just think of all the Bing/Google/Yahoo searchers you've helped. :shades:
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