91 S-10 4.3 overheating problem

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Having problem with truck running hot? Overheats
with small loads while air conditiong is on .Have
changed fan clutch,thermostat and new coolant. Any
ideas or similar problems


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    My 91 4.3 needed a new radiator during the warranty period, think it was 40 K or so. Now have 225 K on it, and it still runs great. I also replaced the radiator about 70 K ago...this one from PepBoys for about $150, we installed. Always have kept it clean, and flushed, but when I was living in LA area, I had to have it reliable.
    Still love my truck, still running strong.
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    When you changed your Radiator Shelby 12 did you install a heavy duty one.I have had the radiator flushed ,acid bathed and rodded out and it still overheats with a load and air-on.Was there a recall on the radiator
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