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Toyota RAV4 Climate Control and Clock Display

lproulxlproulx Posts: 2
edited September 2014 in Toyota
I recently bought an '06 that I am generally very happy with, but the heat/ac/clock display is almost impossible to read. Have they improved this in the newer models? If so, is the display backward compatable to '06? Cost?


  • normhnormh Posts: 31
    Has anyone had any problems with there pushbutton air controls. I try to change the air flow output (foot, foot/face, face) by pushing the associated button, but nothing happens. I hear the "servo's" moving but the air output doesn't change. It is a 2006 model.
  • kjtg1kjtg1 Posts: 12
    I had the 06 and now have 2010. They are no better. I have complained to toyota twice..
  • dadmdadm Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    This is the second time this has happened to my 08 RAV4. I went to my car in the morning, and found a gaping hole in my dash where the temp control know was- it had fallen into the dash!! First time warranty covered it. I haven't bashed it or anything- sucker just falls out!
    Anyone know how to disassemble the dash board so I can reach behind and push the thing back in?
    Thank you.
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