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2004 Chevy Blazer Trans. Fluid Dipstick

timmerhylltimmerhyll Member Posts: 3
The trans. fluid dipstick is stuck and no amount of pulling or twisting is dislodging it so I can check the fluid in my 2004 Blazer. Any suggestions?


  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Member Posts: 2,242
    Spray some silicone around it and let it soak in. It must have bene a very long time for that to stick.
  • timmerhylltimmerhyll Member Posts: 3
    The dipstick is not seated all the way down, but won't go down and won't come up. It was checked two weeks before I had the oil changed at one of those quick lube places, and now it won't come out.
  • duntovduntov Member Posts: 133
    Take it back to where it was checked last and tell them to take it out. Most automobile repair and service garages as well as the fast lube establishments are notorious about over tightening oil drain plugs and oil filters . One reason is that they do not want you to change the oil and filter youself. They want you to bring it back to them for that service. If that fails, remove the transmission pan and change the fluid and see what the dipstick is hung on. You probably need a transmission fluid change anyway. Transission fluid should be bright red.

    Example of the grease monkeys at fast lube establishments:
    I was in a hurry to change the engine oil and filter on my 1991 Chevrolet Blazer 4WD so I took it to a fast lubrication establishment and had it done. I immediately went home and was going to replace the oil filter they put on and install a special high quality oil filter that is never sold at fast lube garages. No amount of twisting by hand or even with a band type oil filter wrench could dislodge the filter they installed. I took it back to themn and told them to loosen it. They tried and the manager came to me ans asked "Who put that filter on anyway?" I said "You did! And I want it loosened.! They finally go it loosened enough where I could replace it with my higher quality special oil filter.

    I explained to the fast oil change garage manager that the higher quality oil filters have red silicone rubber gaskets and only need to be hand tight. Older and poor quality oil filters use black nitrile rubber gasket which is prone to shrinkage and hardening.If you cannot remove a oil filter by hand, it was previously installed too tight.
  • timmerhylltimmerhyll Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for your advice. I will try your suggestion.
  • miked1010miked1010 Member Posts: 1
    Truck was driving fine , all of a sudden
    2nd great will not engage. Rest of gears
    Shift ok...it a automatic.
    What would cause this.?
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