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2008 Honda Pilot Air Conditioning Problems



  • samzsamz Posts: 4
    Recently, I've noticed my 2010 Pilot's fans having these 2 strange behaviors:

    1. When I start the vehicle, the fans will sound working but no air from the vents. If I press the mode button to what I want, the air will come out quickly. For sure I never change the mode manually before I turn off the engine.

    2. With A/C off, the fans will blow hot or cool air if I change the temperature on either the diver or passenger side. Is this normal?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions/comments.
  • I have seen post very similar to my problem but just want to clarify. My A/C Heat controls look to be working properly but I do not hear the compressor kick on nor do I get any air out of the front vents on any setting. I do get air out of the rear vent. I can hear the controls moving under the dash when I select Head/Feet or Dash. using the "Mode" control but no air or compressor. My biggest question is, would the power resistor on the blower prevent the compressor from coming on?
  • jhnydrmrjhnydrmr Posts: 1
    I'm thinking this might be the same problem. The AC was working fine and I was about 10hrs into a trip when the control panel blanked out (nothing on the LCD and buttons do nothing) When this happened the rear blowers came on full and appeared to be cold. It came back on a few minutes later and stayed on for a bit before repeating the same symptoms. Now its sort of hit and miss. I also noticed that the outside temp was not reading anything either. Not sure if that is related.

    I'm a long way from home and its hot down here in South Carolina.
  • jim475jim475 Posts: 1
    2004 Pilot, 176k miles - Same symptoms, i.e, going down the road, the front blower stopped, no AC air from front vents, although blower for back still worked. Did the self-check as described in this thread via the post by piealot (Jul 11, 2008) and confirmed air conditioner/heater front blower motor and fan transistor (Honda P/N 79330s3va01) was at fault. Purchased a replacement from ebay store for 69.00 (inc. shipping). While at it, replaced the front cabin air filter (24.00 from local auto parts store) located in vertical slot hold behind glove box. Filter was matted thick w/dirt/dust. Note that if you replace filter, you may have to cut metal crosspiece after removing the glove-box (easily done). For the metal crosspiece, I used aviation shears. Dremmel tool would have worked as well. Too difficult to use hacksaw blade, not enough push/pull space.
    The transistor assembly change-out was straightforward. Disconnect plug to transistor assembly, remove three phillips screws, drop out old and insert new one, return screws and reconnect. Heads up, its an on-your-back, under the dashboard, pretzel twisting position you'll find yourself in doing this...however, its a money saver if you elect to do it yourself.
  • I have a 2004 honda pilot that the front blower quit. I replaced the blower motor resistor and it worked for about 10 minutes and quit again. What could the problem be? Could the new resistor have been bad? Or is something else wrong?
  • Hi, my a/c seems to working correctly however, at times (usually when stopping) I hear a loud humming/thumping noise. It makes me think there's someone next to me w/a lot of bass! It stops if I turn the a/c off. Want to address it before it gets worse. Any suggestions?
  • I have an 2004 Pilot and that same thing has happened to me. it does not happen all the time, but comes and goes. When I took it to be serviced and aked them to check it out, they told me everything was normal.
  • I know that some of the posts here are pretty old, but man did you all help me out. My A/C just quit blowing out of the front vents and after checking all of the fuses that I thought might be the problem I called the shop where I usually get my vehicle serviced, and they told me that it would be six days befor they could even look at it. Well, i got on the internet and found this forum. I followed all of your suggestions and now today Saturday 8/06/2011 the day after my A/C shut down, it is running again! O'Reilly's had me the part and the filter the next morning and it went in pretty easy. I did look on youtube for a video and was able to find this one on how to change the cabin air filter. I helped me to see someone taking the glove box out and removing the metal brace without cutting it off.
    Thanks again for all of your help!
  • fny139fny139 Posts: 1
    Can this be normal? When the climate control is set to AUTO the AC control on the passenger's side does not work.

    Specifically, if the passenger lowers the AC to a temp. below the driver's temp. the air comes out colder on the passenger's side but it will just trickle out - the fan will not kick up until the driver's side temp is lowered. Even if the passenger's side is lowered to Low, the coldest it can be set at, the air just barely comes out.

    The dealer tested the temperature and said it is coming out colder and that this is normal. He said he tested it on two other identical Pilots and they did the same thing.

    If you are on the driver's side then the fan will kick on right away when you lower the temp.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks you.
  • imjajaimjaja Posts: 1
    Mine is a 2003 honda pilot that the front blower quit. I read throught this forum and replaced the blower motor resistor and it worked for about 10 minutes and quit again. Is the Resistor bad again. It cost me $95. What is my problem? Please help!!!
  • pjl3pjl3 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Pilot that the A/C is blowing cool air instead of cold, also a noise is coming out from under the dash on the passengers side, has anyone had this problem and what was the problem? Can the problem be corrected by me instead of going to the dealership?
  • I have a 2003 Pilot with 130K miles on it. The blower motor is failing intermittently.

    - This has been happening off and on for the last 6 months. It has gone weeks or a month without happening at this time, then the issue reappears.
    - blower Motor generally fails to come on when vehicle is started, when it fails
    - motor appears to not have power at all, when it fails (it's on, or it's off)
    - condensor appears to be working, as cool air continues to come out of vents if vent is open and car is moving
    - Motor will come back on occasionally, and it coming back on seems to be tied to getting the vehicle up to a certain speed (50-60mph), or RPM (not sure?). Once it comes back on, it stays on.
    - Sometimes, shutting the vehicle off, and restarting, will bring power back to the blower. Other times, it will not.
    - Interestingly, the radio has lost power several times during this period of time of intermittent loss of power to the blower. NOT at the same time, ever. Shutting the vehicle off and back on seems to bring power back to the radio, although shutting it off and on had to be done several times on one occasion, and didn't work on another occasion (power randomly came back to the radio the next time the vehicle was driven).
    - A local mechanic who is a relative of a friend heard about this issue and immediately identified the problem as a faulty NEUTRAL SAFETY SWITCH, but I have been unable to get this person to confirm this, or do the work to fix it. Based on what I've read on neutral safety switches, I see no way that this could be a root cause for the failure of power to the blower motor or radio.
    - My mechanic that generally works on the vehicle was unable to recreate the problem, and doesn't have any theories on how to fix it.

    Does anybody out there have any theories about what could be causing it, and have a strategy for systematically tracking down a way of fixing it?
  • jmcc4jmcc4 Posts: 1
    My 2004 pilot heat/ac/blower keeps blowing the 7.5 a fuse for the heater control. I'm told the problem is a blower motor but the seat heaters quit too (seat heater fuse is ok). This (these) problem started 2 mos ago. What can I do (other than drive around with a pocket full of extra 7.5 amp fuses)?
  • About 10 minutes after driving, the heat starts to blow out of the upper vents when the a/c is on automatic. The heat comes out even if the outdoor temperature is warm, which heats up the SUV quickly making it very uncomfortable. Turning the a/c off tends to somewhat solve the problem most of the time, however, occasionally hot air creeps through the vents even with the a/c off. The a/c often makes a gurgling sound whether it is on or off.
  • jessd82jessd82 Posts: 1
    edited March 2012
    my 03 honda pilot has never given me any problems. but when i turned the a/c on last week it just blew hot air. my husband took it to wk & re-charged it & it passed leak test. It seemed to blow cold air again @ that point but the temps had also been back in the 40 & 50's. turned a/c on on another 75 degree day & it blows hot air again. what is wrong w/ my a/c??

    also would like to add that for almost two years now ever so often it sounds like to me the fan motor is making a weird sound. especially if i hit a bump. its a grinding type sound. I can turn the power off & it will quit. this happens w/ heat or a/c. sometimes if i have my fan on high it will do it & the only way to keep it from happening @ that paticular moment is to keep on low. not sure if the two problems coincide. I have no prob w/ my heating & my a/c worked perfect last summer.
  • jkclarkjkclark Posts: 1
    i have a 2007 pilot ex-l. the airbag/srs indicator came on yesterday. shortly after, the AC stopped blowing air from all vents, the display went blank as did the exterior temp reading (--- F). meanwhile, i could hear a very loud fan sound - as if the AC were on high - coming from the area where the center console is.

    thanks for any help.
  • Have a 2012 Honda Pilot LX with just under 10K miles on it. The A/C has been making this load moaning sound everything it comes on. Took it into the dealer and they said they called the tech line and the problem is still under investigation. Filed a complaint with customer service, they just told me today that there is nothing they can do but the issue is still under investigation and refuse to work with me to get it resolved!! ie trade in or return.

    Anyone else having this issue??
  • sqrladysqrlady Posts: 1
    My 2004 Pilot seems to have the a/c stuck in the ice cold position. The temperature control no longer seems to function at all. Has anyone experienced this before? At times it seems to have difficulty starting after being driven now too and I am wondering if it might be related. Any ideas?
  • msinmsin Posts: 1
    I also have the same 2012 Pilot A/C moaning noise. I can hear the noise more clearly when my 2012 Pilot is standing. It is very annoying. I have not taken to the dealership yet. Perhaps I should. However, I doubt they will do anything about it.
  • holliprohollipro Posts: 1
    Good Day Gentlemen
    I have a Honda RD1 with similar A/C problems except the fuses in the engine compartment are being burnt. Where can this come from? The electricians have not touched the resistor. We all need help

  • gary15809gary15809 Posts: 1
    I am having the same problems ,did you ever get iot fixed and what was wrong with it
  • shaolinkazshaolinkaz Posts: 2
    edited July 2012
    So I take my 2007 Honda Pilot to the dealer to have my A/C worked on since it stopped blowing cold air and I get a call back from the Service Technician to tell me that there's a hole in my condenser due to "foreign object" that struck it. My question is wouldn't the undercarriage guard that protects the oil pan and other engine components be able to block this? I have Honda Care coverage and when I called them, they told me that it wasn't covered under the warranty. What's not to prevent this from happening again? I think this is a poor design on Honda's part and not the fault of myself or any driver. So upset that Honda wants to charge me almost $700 on a repair that can obviously happen again at anytime. Completely BS...they should do a TSB/Recall on this issue.
  • big_jorgebig_jorge Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    Unfortunately, in order for your a/c to work efficiently the condenser needs to be in front of the vehicle where there is maximum air flow. All vehicles have this issue not just Hondas. If the condenser was re-located or covered to protect it, your a/c wouldn't be as efficient. Some drivers may drive 100,000's of miles without incident others may encounter it several times. It's not Hondas fault. If a rock ran into your windshield, would you also think Hondas have a problem with windshields? Your car insurance may cover that repair. It depends on your policy carrier and your coverage.
  • I understand that the condenser needs as much air flow as possible to function properly and the location of the unit is fine by me but the problem is the actual front grille design on the 04-07 Honda Pilot. If you look closely, its an open design and anything can fly in there while the vehicle is in motion. A simple fix would be to install a mesh grille to keep the foreign objects from striking the condenser while driving. This shouldn't have to fall on the consumer and that's my point because it isn't the fault of the driver. I strongly believe Honda is aware of this design flaw yet refuses to acknowledge it. My dealer called back to inform me they'll cover the entire cost of the repair and I won't have to payout of pocket since I have Honda Care with a $0 deductible. They're sending a representative from Honda to investigate. If they decide to have a change of heart at the last minute, I've already contacted my insurance company and they said surprisingly they should be able to cover the entire repair cost under "Collision" and not "Comprehensive". I'll just need to fork over my $100 deductible, better than paying over $700!
  • mgranmgran Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. I brought it in for service (July 2012) and was told that the diagnostic check didn't reveal any issues. The tech said he agrees the sound can be annoying, but it is not a sign of a mechanical issue and therefore there is nothing he can do. Wonderful
  • mike8383mike8383 Posts: 1
    I have a 2012 pilot with 7300 miles on it. A/C moaning noise that dealer cannot find. Have replaced compressor and right cooling fan so far with no results
  • urbs15urbs15 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Honda Pilot. My air conditioning works fine when I am on the highway or when I am not stopped but when I am in stop and go traffic, the air conditioning blows warm air. Also, when I turn the car off, the fan stays on for five to ten minutes then shuts off. In the winter, I was having the opposite problem. The car would only blow hot air when the pedal was on the accelerator. Otherwise, it would blow cold air. Hopefully, all these problems are related. Any ideas?
  • help34help34 Posts: 1
    I know it has been almost year and you may have it fixed by now. However, I believe it is the "anti-noise controller" that is making the noise, ironically. The dealer can check it pretty easily, but it is about $600 to fix. It is tied to the radio somehow...
  • Let me know if they find the problem. My dealership has had my vehicle twice and still cant figure it out. Honda motors refuses to give me any compensation, ie trade in. Basically said any thing else would have to be litigated!! WOW
  • I have a 2012 with the same noise. Noticeable at idle and when A/C is on. When I test drove the Pilot I noticed it on some and not on others. I'm not sure if this is normal, I would say not. I have not taken it to the dealer for the noise yet. Have you had your problem resolved? If so, what was the problem?
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