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Chevy TrailBlazer. Would you buy it again?

disneymom3disneymom3 Member Posts: 4
I am in the process of buying a new car and I am looking at the Trail Blazer. I have a Toyota Highlander right now and I hate it. I am looking for on 07-08. My question is, have you been happy with your TB and have you had any major problems that would keep you from buying another one? Any advice would be most helpful.


  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    I've been happy with mine, but being an older design I think I would look elsewhere for something new.
  • disneymom3disneymom3 Member Posts: 4
    I really like the 07 & 08's. I have searched and it looks like I can get a pretty good deal on one but I see where they are not going to be making the TB in the future. Not sure what to do. :confuse:
  • pipexpipex Member Posts: 14
    No. Never again. I'll replace it with a Chrysler Aspen.

    Heck, if GM and Chrysler amalgamate, it might be a Blazin'Aspen.
  • 2010fatboy522010fatboy52 Member Posts: 1
    i have 07 trailblazer prob rear weell paint keeps chipping dealer painted 2tim es in08 09 needsto be done agine anybode have this prob
  • kay46kay46 Member Posts: 3
    I hope the new ones are better. I have an 04 and have kept the maintance up on it, however after having it for 3 yrs ( I bought it new). I have had nothing but problems and will not buy another one. I am very disappointed with Chevy. They use to produce quality cars and trucks. Just to list a few problems: both o2 censors are out, back hatch will not open, replaced both head lights with in the last 6 months and just had another one go out this week, It is starting to die on me when I come to a stop or am getting ready to turn, the radio and windows will not stay on or roll down after I remove the key. (this is one of the features that I really liked). Im just waiting for the other ball to drop. The dealer will fix it for over $2400.00. I am looking to see if I can get it done cheaper. I would not be this upset if the car was an older car like a 96. But it is only a 04 and the problems started when it was 3 yrs old. Do your research and don't get screwed.
  • ebrixebrix Member Posts: 2
    I have a 05 tb and think it is the biggest piece of sh-- on the road and would never tell anyone I know to buy one new or used ,I think the daywoo were better cars.
  • scared2scared2 Member Posts: 1
    On Thurs. 12/30/10 I bought a 2006 Trailblazer LS with a few perks/DVD player and I don't know what else. It's a basic car though. It doesn't even have cruise control.
    Anyway, after researching for hours today I think I may have made a big mistake in buying the car.
    All I see is electrial issues, mechanical issues, possible fire issues, on and on.
    I bought it to carry my disabled husband's respiratory equipment around. And I thought it would be safer than the PT Cruiser we traded in.
    I am so very scared. Any ideas what I should look for? Any nice comments on the car or am I doomed for 5 years?
  • michaelcozensmichaelcozens Member Posts: 23
    I would not worry about your TB, some of these cars had issues but they were really on earlier models. And of course all cars have issues of some kind. I have an 04 LT and it had some issues over the years but nothing serious and now seems to more reliable the older it gets. The inline 6 is bulletproof, just keep up with your maintentance, oil and trans fluid changes and you hopefully will have the car you had hoped for. I have 125K on mine still going, no issues at the moment! :)
  • trzblzrtrzblzr Member Posts: 2
    Had a 2003 first. after 500 miles computer went. Had stopped car to get gas and couldn't restart, Had to have it towed and took a week for them to replace computer module. That was the only issue i had with that. replaced with a 2008, and have had the same ignition problem three times in one year (2nd going on 3rd year). Dash lights come on, a/c stops working, and you can't turn car off, key locks in the ignition. Has happened in 3 different cities and they all seem "surprised" that I have a problem. I also just had a battery die (2 years), replaced it as battery was dead, that died again in 30 days and hope this doesn't start being a recurring problem.

  • tlw4tlw4 Member Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    I agree, I would never buy this piece of crap again. I've had nothing but problems with this car and I bought it brand new in 05. Three years in to owning this vehicle I have had nothing but problems.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Are you still experiencing trouble with your vehicle? Please feel free to email me and fill me in on your situation.
    GM Customer Service
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    I probably would.
  • firetrx450rfiretrx450r Member Posts: 1
    NO never every post that i ahve looked at has fuel level problems and many others. i am manicaly inclined and i have nothing but problems. fuel pump,lights on dash and replacer all the brake calipers,rotators,pads.lines and the brakes lock up all the time. Go to honda or something eles.
  • mint51mint51 Member Posts: 1
    I purchased an '05 TB (60K miles) not even two years ago. In this short time (aside from the general maintenance) I have had to take it in for many different diagnostic tests that have ended in replacing cylinder valves, a cracked cylinder, rotors, fuel pump, fuel injector, engine light going on and off... etc. etc....in short: problems that shouldn't occur with out the "rig" even attaining 100K....POORLY BUILT, CRAPPY PARTS.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    I apologize for your frustrations. Have you spoke with Customer Assistance?
    GM Customer Service
  • uoghortyuoghorty Member Posts: 1
    I have an 04 trailblazer with 120k kms and it is all I can do to keep up with fixing it to keep it on the road. Today the ABS light, the 4x4 service light and the exclamation light went on at the same time as well as the fan for the a/c quit working. I am going to have to drive this piece of junk into a tree to get my money out of it. I think that I have spent over $2000 in repairs in the last 6 months an this isn't going to be cheap fix if history tells a story. I wish it was at least paid for so I could sell it and get anything else. Worst car I ever owned.
  • nogmanymore4menogmanymore4me Member Posts: 1
    I've owned two vehicles from Detroit (or Mexico, Canada, wherever it is that they build cars now). One was a 2000 Jeep Cherokee that was a great vehicle. A person rearended me and totalled the car. I bought a 2005 Trailblazer LS used with 55k miles on it in 2008. I felt like we got a good deal on it at the time, and I bought it against advisement from some friends on whether or not to buy a Trailblazer. 81k miles and I've had to replace the brakes (twice), radiator fan clutch, fan clutch bearings, battery cables, thermostat, water pump (twice), fuel pump and fuel lines, gas gauge, and now apparently I have a "busted cylinder" that's going to cost 2-3 THOUSAND dollars to replace. And let's not mention the cruise control that works about 10% of the time. I've put over $4,000 in repair costs into this vehicle. My wife drives a Hyundai Sonata that we've put ZERO into and have had it longer and put many more miles on. If I fix this cylinder issue, I'm going to have put around $7,000 into this car. If I would have bought a foreign made vehicle that was a few thousand dollars more, I wouldn't have had to interrupt my family's cash flow every few months with hundreds more in repairs. I will never buy a GM car again, even new, and I'll be making sure to recommend to ANYONE that I know who is shopping for a new or used car to absolutely bypass any GM vehicles. Chevrolet will not recall the problems that so many owners are complaining about all over the internet with Trailblazers (i.e.- misfirings, compression issues that result in needing a new engine/block, transmission failure, radiator fan clutch, electrical/computer issues, on and on, just google Chevy Trailblazer problems). Unless you enjoy giving your mechanic or a Chevy dealership's service department most of your paychecks don't buy one. I'll give you a hint, if you can talk to a mechanic or a service place that isn't affiliated with a specific car company, and they will tell you about the tons of problems with these cars, and you can call a Chevy dealership that says "hardly any of their customers have had issues", something is afoul and I would run to Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, or now even Kia. 81k miles and $7k in repairs don't lie. Worst made vehicle I've ever heard of and ever been affiliated with.
  • nurseferatunurseferatu Member Posts: 1
    I decided to buy my 2005 Trailblazer used in 2008 to replace my 1995 Jeep that had over 250K miles on it. Now I wish I had opted for another Jeep. Nothing but trouble and expense, most all of the problems listed on these forums. I have been driving it since 2009 with no working speedometer, tachometer, and in the past 6 months no oil pressure gauge. I have the electrical issues with the headlights, the random failures of power when driving, have replaced a transmission case that a part had eaten through from the inside...
    In short, it is a lemon. The fact that Chevrolet refuses to recall or repair their defective products is infuriating. So I am yet another voice letting people know - do not buy a GM vehicle.
    My husband drives my 1995 Jeep that now has 270K miles on it. When I can finally get this Chevy POS paid off I am selling it and buying another Jeep!
  • klpatriceklpatrice Member Posts: 1
    If this were the last car on earth, I'd walk everywhere!!! Bought the car in late 2004 and had nothing but problems every since. Before it even hit 35k miles the fuel gauge when crazy and had to be replaced. The power seat on the drivers side works when it wants to at one point we were told the seat would cost more than $1200 to fix and then it started working on it's own, thank god the adjustable pedals didn't stop working. Anyway, at 66k miles the fuel gauge when crazy again. We just never replaced it bc it was gonna be 800 to fix. Then in 2009 the transmission went that was 2600 to fix. Things seemed to be going okay til the thermostat sensor stopped working ant 700 dollars later that was now fixed, then the speedometer stopped working, we got the gas sensor fixed again and just recently, yes you guessed it, 33000 miles later it broke again. Then the cake topper. On the way to take my son trick or treating for halloween the damn transmission went again. I HATE THIS CAR!!! I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER CHEVY ANYTHING AGAIN!!! There is always something wrong with it. As soon as you fix it something else pops up. We had some kind of bearing fixed on it just a few months ago because the tire was making a noise. It's awful. I would have been better off keeping my 99 Maxima. Chevy needs to do something about this!!! I thought it was only me having all these problems till i googled and all this stuff came up. This car is the most unreliable car ever. I don't even want to drive it anymore, for all I know it will combust or something while I'm in it. Would not wish this car on my worst enemy!!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252

    I’m truly sorry to hear that you have had such a negative experience with your vehicle. If Customer Assistance can be of any help to you, please don’t hesitate to email Christina through the email address on the forum.

    GM Customer Service
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    I've owned an 02 since new and haven't had any major problems with it. To be truthful though I still like my 2000 Durango better. It uses more fuel, but then has a V8 engine and even though the TB has more HP the Durango has more "grunt" if you know what I mean. The seats in the Durango are much better, even after nearly 12 years. Neither of them has been completely trouble free, but your hearing from a person in the real world here that doesn't expect that.
  • icnotlicicnotlic Member Posts: 1
    Yes I would, I have an '03 with 261,000 km (163,125 miles) on it. It has every option known to man and nothing has ever gone wrong. Granted I have only owned it for 2 years, but have put around 20,000 miles on it and it runs like a top. Oh and did I mention 22-24 MPG and ability to haul 7 people and still a suitcase or two.
  • kdb11kdb11 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 TB and I can tell you 100% I would never, EVER, purchase another one of these vehicles. I have had numerous problems with this car, all very costly; power windows, gas gauge, heating system, engine cooling system have all needed in depth repair or replacement. Maybe my car is just a lemon but I will never purchase another Chevy in my lifetime. Good luck.
  • dws2kdws2k Member Posts: 12
    I bought my 03 Trailblazer in 2006 with 70000 miles on it. I have not cracked 100000 miles on it and have had nothing but problems. The drive axle dropped on me after 2 years. That was over $4000 to repair. The transmission sounds like it's ready to go. The truck sounds like its in low gear when I take off. My front suspension is bad now also. It rattles as I drive down the road. I just had new tires put on. I need to get this checked out in the next couple weeks. Don't know how much that will cost to fix. I had a no start last month and took it to the dealer. I was told the battery was bad. I told them it was a bad battery. They told me to take it and replaced it on warranty. After coming home early from work out of town to replace the battery. The battery was tested at purchase location and tested to be ok. I took the battery to dealer and told them battery was ok. They called me the next day and said I had an after market alarm on the truck and removed it. This cost me $400 for them to remove an after market alarm. I found out they only had to unplug the alarm. I was ripped off. I had just purchased my daughter a 2012 Chevy at this dealer one month prior to this. That is sad. I will never purchase another Chevy in my lifetime.
  • michaelcozensmichaelcozens Member Posts: 23
    Bought new has 140k now. Just did brakes and a new steering "rack", was leaking PS fluid-
    First major money I have spent on this in awhile, I am expecting 200k and wish they still built these if this blows up I'm liable to look for a used one. Tows my boat well, we use on weekends so not that much mileage gets put on now. I've had good luck with mine.
  • eddetereddeter Member Posts: 1
    My entire family was dedicated gm people, and had many vehicles all with good results. I bought this one brand new in 04 and it was a great vehicle right up till the warranty ran out. Since then I've had nothing but problems with the TB. Transmission replaced at 40K, none of the gauges have worked in the last 3 years. Check engine light will come and go, several different mechanics have tried, none can find any problems but it will always come back on. Both front wheel bearings and tie rod ends twice each. And this takes the cake and is why you couldn't even give me a GM. The rear window fell out of the truck while it was parked in the driveway. That's bad, but ok, things happen, but it was the attitude of the local dealer that sealed the deal. So condescending and arrogant. Oh and now whenever I turn on the defroster the engine dies. This car doesn't even have 82K miles on it. I have to try and nurse this thing along for another year or so until my kid is out of college but then new car for me and it definitely not be a gm product. Don't ever buy one of these vehicles.
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    I would rate our 02 as just OK. We sold it last summer and replaced it with a Chrysler 200. At that time it had a couple niggling issues:
    It would intermittently run rough and lose power, a re-start would always clear it.
    The A/C system had a slow but reliable leak. I would have to recharge it every 5-6 months or so. Nobody could find the source of the leak.
    Some of the interior parts were showing wear, one of the compartments on the upper console were loose and were going to come off soon. It would have been a simple fix however.
    Brakes were all original which was a surprise.
    Otherwise it was OK, but never had the grunt that my 2000 Durango has. It had about 90K at the time of sale, actually it was traded in on the Chrysler. We took $4500 for it on trade. It needed tires at that time.
  • chyna24chyna24 Member Posts: 3
    My '05 Trailblazer was my first SUV purchased in '05

    "Hello Christina my name is Sherrall and I have have several problems with my 2005 Chevy Trailblazer:

    1. the gas gauge went out in 2010
    2. the car will stall at a stop light or drive through
    3. the oil gauge went out April 2012
    4. the truck is now idling low June 11, 2012
    5. the speedometer went out June 22, 2012

    I've taken my car to the dealership on two different occasions and they have told me that as it relates to the car stalling, they have no idea what is causing it. As far as the gauges are concerned I would have to have the instrument cluster replaced and it would cost me approximately $800. I took it to another shop last week and they told me I need a new ENGINE! This is my only means of transportation and I can not afford to replace the engine and have the instrument cluster fixed and whatever else is wrong with it. I have read many posts regarding this same problem and I'm curious to why GM has not had a recall for this problem? It is extremely hard for people to support "American made" if we don't take care of our "OWN!" I would appreciate any help you can provide me with this matter.

    Thank you in advance."

    This was my original message sent to the GM CS last year and of course no help on rectifying the situation. Then 3 weeks ago my "trick", I mean truck started sputtering when I drive over 40mph. I just got it back from the dealer last Friday only to find out that I need:

    1. valve covers and plugs
    2. fuel pump.

    Really???!!! I just had to put another engine in the truck because I was running on 5 cylinders instead of 6!!!!!!! This was after the dealership could not figure out what was wrong and I got two other diagnoses in which both indicated a new engine. I spent several hundred dollars getting other things fixed that did not fix the stalling issue.

    I am living off of a teacher's salary and I am in a dilemma of whether or not to purchase another vehicle. I actually wanted a Tahoe or Yukon Denali, but not at the expense of living to pay off a vehicle that will keep on digging in my empty pockets. Thanks, but NO THANKS!!!!
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