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I have the new 3G iPhone and the bluetooth works fine. However, when I hook up the iPhone to the cable in the center console where my iPod used to be, the message on the iPhone says this cable can not charge the iPhone and do I want to change the mode to Airplane mode so that the phone doesn't work. While the iTunes library shows up on the navigation screen, I can't control the itunes with the iPhone while it is hooked up with the cable.

Does anyone know if I need a new cable or if it just doesn't work with the new 3G phone?


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    Apple changed the way they handle charging with the last generation of the nano and rendered some charging devices and cables obsolete. This was discussed on a few iPhone websites.

    My '08 G35 charges my old-style video iPod just fine - and plays great of course - but I haven't checked it with the 3G iPhone yet. I did pickup an iPhone a few days ago and can conform what you saw - it says it cannot charge - but hadn't loaded any tunes yet. I will test tomorrow music playing tomorrow.

    I would think Infiniti could come out with a new cable that uses the "correct" power-supplying pins. That change would probably fix the not-playing issue since it sounds like the iPhone is stopping the playing when hooked to the now obsolete cable. Whether Infiniti will do this or not remains to be seen.

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    As a follow-up I was able to control and play music from the iPhone 3G just like a normal iPod. I did say "no" to the Airplane mode question, and after that it just shows the iPod screen like normal. I selected a song and away it went :)

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    Given the iPhones battery life, I REALLY need to charge it in my car. Does anyone know if Infiniti is coming out with a new cable for it??

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    There is a product by scosche ( under the iphone accessories section that I used in a different car to enable charging of my iphone 3g with an older FM transmitter - I believe it will work for you.

    It costs about $30.

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    I used this for my Infiniti G35.I have a plug that usually charges and puts all the info on the G35's LCD and I control it via the cars dash. When i got a new 5th Generation IPOD, I would still be able to control it via the G35's system but it would not charge and a message on the IPOD's LCD warned this. I found out that it is because older IPOD's charge 12v and newer 5volts. So if you IPHONE says 5v on the back, which it might. This is your solution...
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    I have owned and used the scosche adapter on my 08 G35xS with no major issues. The one issue that bugs me though is the design of the part that inserts into the iphone! Since it does not "click" into place like the OEM and other apple OEM chargers, it tends to fall out of position often while driving. I am looking for a similar adapter that will of course allow me to charge, yet has a more robust iPhone-Adapter connection....ideas??
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    I purchased a Griffin Charge Converter through Amazon a few weeks ago to adapt my iPhone for use with my 2008 G35. It charges and allows iPod playback through the stereo. Have not had any issues with it disconnecting.
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