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Jeep Liberty SkySlider Roof



  • gtangjrgtangjr Posts: 25
    Your issue is consistent with the loosening of whatever part it was that my dealer fixed. It's likely just a matter of them doing it correctly. Also, your early fix could have been done with older parts, which were subsequently recalled for their ineffectiveness. There is a newer part that I had to wait a long time for. Read this thread in its entirety for complete information. Good luck.
  • Just purchased an 09 with SkySlider. No noise or issues yet... I wonder if the 09's had the new parts installed at the factory. Anyone know?
  • gtangjrgtangjr Posts: 25
    I know for certain (per my dealer) the new parts have been implemented.
  • I am haveing the same problem, I have an appointment Wednesday with the dealer, any updates? Part numbers???
  • I am having the same issues and have to bring my Liberty 08 in for them to look at again. Originally, they flashed the computer and it seemed to work better but then it just loosened up again and there was horrible noise. They say they read all of the latest Service Bulletins so if you have anymore specifics on what the part actually is or more of an explanation that would help alot. this is so frustrating.
  • I had the same problem,and fixed it by dealer last week. There is no noise so far. The parts # are 68057092AA which is Bow-Folding Top,and 68038578AA which is Grease-Nyogel 729F. Of course it was free to fix.
  • Thanks for the update. This should help out a lot and I am taking it in today for them to look at it. With this information I know they wont BS me and it will save me a lot of time and headach. Will keep everyone posted on the developments.
  • I took the information gathered from here and the ordered the part. It was called a header kit. I am hoping this will work and will keep you posted
  • Hate to disappoint all of you following this thread, but I had this latest fix (replacing header) done around 3000 miles ago... at the time it was done the wind noise was greatly reduced, with only a little noise coming from the passenger side of the skyslider... over the past 3000 miles however, the noise has gradually increased to the point it's as noisy as it was before the repair... Again, another CHEEP (CHryslerjEEP) repair... time to get the lemon law lawyers involved :mad:
  • I also purchased an "09" Liberty with a "skyslider" roof. Noise is not the right word for it. I'm assuming that Chrysler/Jeep didn't learn nor try to fix the problem for the 2009 model year. Noted to my dealer that there is a Blt. from Chrysler Jeep concerning this problem but his response was "it was or the 2008 model therefor not applicable to the 2009 model". DUH. I guess I too need to contact whomever about the "Lemon Law". Dealer Service Rep did say he had the same problem but to date has not found a solution for it other than a fixed air dam in front of the opening (none sold by JEEP fit this situation) nor offered on the open market. And you wonder why the BIG THREE are having a hard time selling their products...
  • So, are you able to go back and get the header kit replaced again? There does not seem to be any other solutions out there that I have heard of. Let me know if you find anything out about the Lemon Law with this situation because it is definately frustrating for sure.
  • lasersamlasersam Posts: 5
    No trouble on my 09 Liberty yet but this thread is very troubling. I worry every time I open the roof at 60 MPH. OK- I won't do that. What else might contribute to the seal failure? Is there a preventive maintenance procedure that would help avoid the problem (like getting the seal surfaces periodically greased)?
    Has anyone seen a physical part that gets replaced when a leaky roof is "fixed"? What is it and where does it go? Get a picture of it and post it here if you can. Can someone get their service manager to describe the procedure that is used to fix the roof and share it here?
  • a35242a35242 Posts: 9
    I just got my Jeep Liberty back after they installed the header kit and it is 100% better than before. I can go 70 Miles per hour + with no wind noise at all. Like a new car. I will scan and attach the service order later but it is called a header kit.
  • I have been dealing with the noise issue for the past few months, had the car at the dealer 4 times with no success and was told on my last visit that they could not replicate the issue. I believe the tech must have driven around the parking lot and decided he did not hear anything, which at that speed he would not have. I sent my Motor Vehicle Defect Notification to Chrysler and they directed me to bring the car back to the dealer and they will attempt to fix it AGAIN. The car is in the shop as we speak, and according to the Florida Lemon Law, if they don't get it right they are required to give me a replacement vehicle or refund my money, my choice. I will keep this forum posted.
  • a35242a35242 Posts: 9
    Did they replace the header kit?
  • magnetguymagnetguy Posts: 4
    To the best of my knowledge they only did what was required in the TSB, which was NOT replacing the header kit. The Chrysler rep apparently took the car for a test drive and decided that the roof is functioning as the manufacturer intended. I am not happy with that response, nor the fact that they had me drop off my car for 3 days and they seemingly had no intention of attempting another repair. I am in the process of filing a request for arbitration with the Florida Office of the Attorney General. IF they accept my request then I figure I have a 50/50 chance of getting a ruling in my favor. I have nothing to lose but some postage and a little more time but I feel it is worth the possible outcome, which for me would be a refund.
  • a35242a35242 Posts: 9
    That is crazy. The header kit was only like 150 dollars and they had it done in 1 day and it comletely took car of the wind noise. Good luck and let me know your outcome in case I have to deal with this in the future.
  • magnetguymagnetguy Posts: 4
    Is the header kit a Chrysler part? If so what is the part number? I would assume that Chrysler would try everything at its disposal, but then again they are not in a good place financially.
  • a35242a35242 Posts: 9
    What is your email address? i will scan the service copy with everything you will need and email it to you. ">
  • magnetguymagnetguy Posts: 4

    Thanks for your help. I placed a call to the Chrysler rep in South Florida and told him I was not happy with the "resolution" and he has not returned my call yet. That was 2 days ago.
    I may have to go to arbitration if they choose not to cooperate.
  • Hi,

    I am also having these problems. Can you send me the service copy and the info needed to explain to my dealer? I would greatly appreciate it!!!


  • mb1968camb1968ca Posts: 1
    Hello a35242,

    If you could send me a copy of the service order I would really appreciate it.I have had the same wind noise problem since I bought my Liberty new last September.I really like my Skyslider roof ,that is one of the reasons I bought the Liberty.But the noise above 60mph is something else.Thank you very much.

    My email address is:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • Do you have a picture of this prototype for everyone?
  • The header kit really works??
  • Pricemoore - What is the status of the wind deflector and can I get one????
  • ozylukeozyluke Posts: 1
    edited February 2010
    I just purchased a KK Liberty ( Re- badged as a cherokee over here) and I only just experienced the noisy skyslider problem. The dealer failed to mention there was a problem ( of course he did) and they didn't have a model with the skyslider in the yard when I went for a test drive. Who would have thought that a company as large as Chrysler would make such a fundamental design error, oh well live and learn I suppose. My car hasn't even gone for it's first service yet and I want to ditch it after reading this thread. I've always bought Holden or Ford and decided to try Jeep this time around, I only wish I had found this forum first. I'm now preparing myself for battle with the kings of BS- car dealers.
  • I recently purchased a08 Jeep Liberty used with17,000 miles. The tape on the skyslider was coming loose and they told me that is why it was noisy. The dealership fixed the slider tape and now it is so noisy at 40 miles an hour that you cannot talk without yelling. I am going to take my Jeep back to the dealership and request the Header Kit and the Jeep fixed. I am not sure how long this fix will work but also having the wind deflector installed would make me very happy. Does Jeep sell this deflector or where can I buy one. Love my Liberty, love my skyslider, hate the noise. I understand it is considered a convertable, but this is ridulous. Thanks for all your assistance. Glad I bought an extended warrenty, I may need it.
  • fedup18fedup18 Posts: 1
    Really would like to know more about this. The fabric on my slider has completely detached from the metal and supposedly it's my fault. I'm almost glad to know I'm not alone. If this is such a quality issue, why are we all suffering? Why won't Jeep fix it instead of charging us?
  • Great news...My Sky Slider is QUIET!!!!! There are tow diffferent fixes for the Sky Slider one if for the noise and the other is far the material coming out the metal. The Metal and Fabric issue is under Technical Service Bulletin TSB 23-002-09. The other TSB is for the wind noise it is TSB 23-003-010. To everyone who has left a reply Thank you if not for this blog my Jeep would never had been fixed. My Jeep only has 23,XXX and is a 2008 so it is still under Manufacturers Warrenty. Keep calling Jeep...they will assign someone to help you get your Sky Slider Fixed and make the dealership fix it. Good luck let me know if I can give you any additional information.,
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