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I have a 2008 CR-V. Has anyone converted the odometer from Imperial to Metric?


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    I have a spare metric gauge cluster for Gen 2 and 2.5. Probably won't fit Gen 3.
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    You indicate you have a spare metric gauge cluster - I imagine this means a Canadian cluster, and one which would fit my 2006 CRV? What is involved in converting my US cluster to your metric cluster, and how much would it cost me?
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    You would have to remove the US cluster and plug in the Canadian cluster.

    Here is a picture of it.

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    I'd like to know if this cluster is made to fit a 2006 CRV. What model year did it come from? I do notice it has only metric numbers on it, while Canadian models have both metric and US. Realistically, how much is involved in removing my US cluster and replacing it with this one - I mean in terms of total costs? Will any modifications need to be made in order to plug it in, or after I plug it in so that everything on the cluster becomes functional? Will my odometer reading automatically convert to kilometers? Will the temperature display in Celcius? You can email me directly at [email protected] - thanks!
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    email me directly at ...

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    Has anyone accomplished a CRV import yet? Two questions ... does the U.S. made Honda CRV have :

    1] a built in imperial/metric toggle for the speedometer?

    2] daytime running lights?

    3] an electronic immobilization system?

    Thanks for the help.
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    To answer your questions

    (1) I think most speedometers have a small ring to indictae the Metric KmPH. Just the MPH ring is larger.
    If there is no toggle for speedometer
    I think this company can convert the cluster speedo face from metric to imperial or vice versa... D&D Instruments

    (2) & (3) Both are standard features in the US
    visit : http://automobiles.honda.com/cr-v/specifications.aspx

    Note : Honda Canada won't honor standard bumper-to-bumper warranty on imported USA Honda. Guess you have to buy the warranty again.
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    Thanks BD. That helps.

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