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Durango Blower Motor Resistor Pack Harness Plug Melting

dadmancpu1dadmancpu1 Posts: 1
I have replaced my resister pack about a year ago. Not only was the pack bad but the wiring harness that plugged into was all meted. I bought a factory replacement and installed it. Now I am having the same isssue. Anyone know what is causing the harness to overheat and break down?


  • imhaving the same problem does any body have any answers resistor pack melting on the first prong please help brian.
  • i am melting the first prong on my air conditioner fan motor resistor pack help thanks brian.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I think you'll need to replace the resistor pack. Melting leads means that too much current is flowing because the resistors can't handle the load.

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  • thanks for the info but i did replace with new resister fron the dealer and it started to get hot right away whats next.thanks
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    My next step would be to check the fan motor itself. If you're lucky, it may just be crudded up and in need of a good cleaning. At worst, you may need to replace it due to damaged wiring, insulation or whatnot.

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    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • thanks a lot my sun in lay found the connection not locking to gether and the looseness my cause arking caussing heat build doesnt seem to be getting as hot ill look to see if fan is dirty or plugged ill try to keep in touch thanks brian.
  • skwrlyskwrly Posts: 1
    My 2006 SLT has about 40 k miles on it. While on a trip, AC suddenly went to ambient temperature in front and rear still was cooling. Since I was travelling, I stopped at a Firestone dealer (the only place in the area that said they did AC) and asked them to analyze. They said I need a new top line that was probably blocked and new compressor, but since I was in town only a day or two, they could not order it in time. I'm glad they could not do the fix as I was skeptical and it gave me time to do some research. I've seen other posts on this in this forum and I am still skeptical of the diagnosis, but have not seen a solution in this forum. One post hinted at a switch problem, another at an electrical problem and another a control module problem. I'm afraid of taking it to a dealer, especially given Dodge's current financial state. I don't mind doing some do it yourself, but this sounds like it could be a tricky problem to finally solve. I'm in the Pittsburgh area and I'm looking for a good AC service company. But does anyone have any confirmed diagnosis--blower works fine, rear has cool air, coolant gas pressure is good and full. Any thoughts would help. Thanks.
  • I have a 2002 Durango SLT and my blower motor resistor wiring harness connector just burned up. The Dealer wants $700 to fix it. I went to area junk yards to see if I could find and replace the part myself. I saw many Durangos with the connector and resistor already cut out. The staff all advised that they are a hot item that they can't keep in stock. Their view is that this frequent problem is the result of a design flaw that should have been the subject of a recall. They also suggested I try Ebay. Has Dodge taken a position on this problem? I would appreciate any other advice available.
  • I went To other websites and read where the blower motor was drawing to much power causing connector to over heat I too bought factory connector have so many wires don't know which wires to use please help
  • Iv been having the same problems with my 2003 durango I have went threw 4 motors 4 resisters and 2 wire harnesses now dodge jist told me that there was a desinge flaw in the wireharness so they sold me a new one for 2008 model and said its been redesinged so how do you rewire it because it did not come with any dieagrams and the wires are not hooked to the plugwhere can i get instructions or help cause dodge was no help they thought it was funny that iv spent hundreds of dollars witch did not seem funny at all please help if you can burning up in florida.
  • jeepfunjeepfun Posts: 1
    Please, Please tell me what you did to fix this problem. I feel like I'm burning money buying parts just trying to get the blower to work! Thanks for your help!
  • When this happens, first replace the resistor. If it happens again, then replace both the resistor AND the blower motor at the same time. Had this happen on my previous 04 Durango and after replacing both, the issue was fixed and ran for years.
  • rshaffrshaff Posts: 1

    Problem solved for me, I've had the same problem since last winter and after two motors and three resistors I got tired of paying and decided to investigate the issue, I've seen people say too much power is being drawn, so I tested the motor draw and it's perfect. then looked into the plug itself what I found out there is the plug is making minimal contact at best on the first two prongs, so I cut the plastic back off the resistor exposing the prongs and soldered each wire onto its prong and ran it for an hour and the wires are as cold as ice, it used to heat up immediately, problem solved, so if you can solder your good to go if not, learn it's beneficial!!!!!!!

  • desteveodesteveo Posts: 1
    edited September 2015
    It's the plug itself. The contacts inside can't handle the current from the motor. I cut some of the plastic off of a new resistor and soldered the wires right into a new resistor and haven't had any problems since. It doesn't get hot at all anymore. Cold as ice. If you do it make sure to heat shrink each wire so you don't arc and create a short. 

    dadmancpu1 said:
    I have replaced my resister pack about a year ago. Not only was the pack bad but the wiring harness that plugged into was all meted. I bought a factory replacement and installed it. Now I am having the same isssue. Anyone know what is causing the harness to overheat and break down?

  • Second time I've replaced the resistor.Rearched the process on youtube.Take the bolts out first then unlock the harness from the resistor.Much easier than to get under the passenger side dash to access it.Well you will find a way to get your body turned, bit uncomfortable. 
    Now in the 2004 Durango the resistor was changed because of the burn out fault on previous models.So,my second one is in,if it burns out again I will put in the new resistor from a 2004 and up model.What a pain.
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