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Audi Q5



  • I was at the Washington Auto Show last night. Pricing is going to start at $37,100.
  • Is that the newly revised pricing, as noted in my ealier post?

  • The Q5 is now on and the pricing begins at 37.2
  • I was able to test drive the Q5 today the wife loved it. better then the Mercedes GLK BMW X3 and Lexus RX350. Th bottom line is if you want a hood ornament that looks good in the driveway buy the Mercedes GLK. If you want great electronics get the RX350. If you want something to DRIVE get the Q5 blows away the aging X3
  • I happened to call the dealership the day they received their first test cars. My impressions:

    - great driving dynamic, though not as car-like as the X3
    - smaller cargo area than I had thought
    - looks good
    - wish i could get it without the panoramic sunroof (sunshade is semi-transparent! strange and ill-advised in hot climates)
    - wife approved, favorite CUV she's driven
    - stock radio kind of weak, but bang&olufsen only available on uber expensive Prestige package

    Now we need to check out the GLK as our local Audi dealership won't give us any deals on pricing until end of March.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    you can - the panoramic sunroof can be a deleted option on both the premium plus and prestige models. There is no roof on the premium model.
  • Had the opportunity to drive the GLK and Q5 back to back yesterday, and wanted to share my impressions. Overall, I'd say its pretty much a coin flip - both are excellent drives and I think your personal prefs (and pricing/availability) will be the final determinants.

    Anyway, I thought the 2 vehicles were very similar in terms of power, handling, and to a lesser extent, ride quality. I'd give the Mercedes the edge in ride quality (it had the 20" wheels, which I don't want). I live in Chicago and drove the Mercedes over several "craters". Nothing - not a quiver, shake, rattle. The Audi didn't have that same carved from granite feeling, but is still quite good.

    The drivetrain seemed a little bit better sorted on the Mercedes as well - there were times I caught the Audi hesitating under part-throttle acceleration (for example, slowing for a red light, and then pressing the accelerator when the light changed). The Mercedes also seemed a little smoother accelerating from a dead stop. The Mercedes just had a turbine quality to it the Audi couldn't match.

    In terms of interior room and comfort, I'd give the slight edge to the Audi. I'm a pretty big guy (6'4" and around 235), and the Mercedes felt a little narrow inside. Part of what drove this sense was the fact my shoulder was in frequent contact with the B-pillar, which never happened in the Audi. The Mercedes, however, did have more front legroom, which is great for tall people. The rear seat space seemed pretty comparable, but neither was spacious enough to accommodate me behind the driver's seat. Cargo space was comparable as well, but the Audi seemed to have a little more floor space, which seems more practical for daily use.

    For quality, the Mercedes get the edge for build quality, while the Audi gets the edge for materials. If the Mercedes people read this, and I hope they do, PUT LEATHER SEATS IN THE &^%$ CARS! It is ludicrous to be looking at a $45K vehicle without leather, esp. when all your direct competitors have it. Vinyl seats suck - they sucked in my parents 1973 Ford LTD station wagon, and they suck now. As expected, the Audi's interior had a warmer feel with the leather and wood trim, but the quality of the actual materials (other than the leather and wood) were no different than the Mercedes. The Mercedes did seem better assembled, and, again, gave the impression that it would last longer.

    For features, I'd give Audi the advantage for the MMI system, which is well designed and more intuitive than the Mercedes. I liked the Audi information display in the instrument cluster better than the Mercedes version as well. The integration of this display with the steering wheel controls was better executed on the Audi. The nav system worked better also. The Audi did not have the B&O sound system, while the Mercedes had the HK Logic 7 system - I preferred the sound quality of the Mercedes but would need to hear the B&O system before making any judgments.

    So, summing up, I'd likely pick the Mercedes over the Audi because of the ride quality, solidity, and assembly quality. I sense the Mercedes will be more durable and will have fewer problems over time. I also liked the enormous front legroom in the Mercedes. The rest of the preference is purely aesthetic - the Mercedes just seems a little more "manly" than the Audi, more like an SUV than a station wagon.

  • I have driven a Q5 and I think the drive was great. The car is for my wife, but I think the esthetics were much better than I anticipated. I have not seen the GLK, but from the pictures it looks like a Subaru Forester. Maybe I am wrong, but I think the Q5 looks much better. The MMI system is easy to use and the technology is a significant stepup from what's in the Q7. I was quotes $699 for a 36 month lease with 12K a year, $2000 up front for fees and 1st payment. I have not negotiated and don't know what the MF is, but I was told that residual is 49% without Audi Care and 50% with Audi Care. Has anyone else seen similar numbers? Are there better deals out there. From what I gather they are expecting this car to sell well and aren't too willing to budge.
    Overall it seems like a great car and the cargo space is enough for me and very versatile as well.
    Please inform of any deals out there that people are finding.

  • Which model? I've heard these ranges for the Premium Plus (without nav):

    36months, 15K miles, $3K down, $645
    36months, 15K miles, $2K down, $549

    Not sure why the difference but $699 might be a bit high unless this is the Prestige model. If you can wait you likely get a better deal in a few months.

    According to Edmunds TMV is about 1K off MSRP but I doubt you could get this right now. Potentially this comes from returning AFC customers getting a loyalty discount.
  • I had a chance to drive the Q5, GLK, and X3 within a 2 day period this week. First , all are quality automobiles and any would make a great choice for a person looking for an upscale compact SUV. All had good acceleration, though the GLK might have had the most pep form the starting line. All seemed to have solid build quality and felt solid. The interior quality on all was very good with nice materials - I preferred the Q5 in this area with the GLK second - nothing wrong wioth the X3- just not as plush feeling. The GLK and Q5 easily beat the X3 for me in ride comfort. I felt they both absorbed the road better. I know some people prefer the road feel of BMWs just like a little more comfort in the ride myself. Exterior styling is really just a matter of preference, but I agree the GLK has the most masculine look of the group, less carlike than the Q5 for sure. Both the GLK and the Q5 beat the X3 for looks - it is just a little dated and ready for a refresh. The one place that the GLK fell short for me was interior space especially shoulder room. I am 6'2 and broad shouldered. I was constantly in contact with the B pillar when driving which really gave me a closed in feeling. The Q5 and X3 felt much more spacious to me. Overall I am leaning toward the Q5 mostly for the feeling of comfort, space and luxury that it gave me as a driver.
  • Premium Plus with Nav, 12K, 2K down with Audi Care out the door at $672. I am not sure about your prices, is the $549 a mis-type?
    I got $740 off the price of the car and then bought the Audi Care since it increases the residual by 1%, therefore only increasing price about $8 per month.
    I do not have the lease info in front of me, but MSRP was around $45,300 and MF .00042 with residual at 50%. I may be able to save a little in a few months, but I am getting the car tomorrow, first one in the region. I had a chance to see it tonight, very excited.
  • Seems bit low indeed. This quote came from fourtitude forum:

    I think you got a decent deal definitely for a brand new model.

    I do think it's a pity how Audi priced the Q5. E.g. if you want base Audi Q5 with rear view camera (important safety feature I think) you have to spend at least extra 7K which amounts to $45K. Good amount of money for a smaller SUV but comparable to Mercedes/BMW (but much higher compared to Lexus/Acura).
  • clamsclams Posts: 11
    Received this lease quote today on a Q5 Prem Plus with nav:
    MSRP : $ 45,325
    Lease 36 months with 15 k mi per year
    Sales price - $ 44,025
    Residual: 50 %
    Money factor: .00037
    Zero down
    Inception fees and taxes : $ 3500
    Payment 659/month.

    This is the secon quote I recieved. The first one from a different dealer with the same parameters was $ 686/month. I am going to get a another quote in March. I think the numbers will come down after the first of the month.
  • I agree with you here. we have been looking for a SUV for sometime now, and I just fell in love with a Q5. I test drove the ML350 (wife's pick) right before test driving the Q5, and I must say ML did a crappy job with their NAVI system. It was a world of difference when I was trying to navigate while I was trying to drive. Also, to my understanding that MLs have great torque at a lower RPM but I couldn't feel much of the acceleration. I guess I have to go with amg or 550 in order to feel the difference.
  • Reserved a Q5 today. Details below:

    -Premium Plus
    -Cardamom Beige

    Delivery guaranteed for second week of March...
  • Hi guys,

    Just waned to share my experience with all of you. I put in the order for a Q5 2 weeks ago.

    - Prestige package
    - Deep Sea Metallic
    - Black interior
    - Audi side assist

    46995$ including destination charge. (Took about 30 calls (~ 2 hrs) to different dealers to get this price)
    This is a factory order for May delivery.

    Seems like a good deal?
  • timm2timm2 Posts: 1
    Firs to correct a mistake that edmunds made, these vehicles will be built in China, not Ingolstadt as mentioned. Second with a price tag of $45K quoted, you can buy the Q7 instead, which at least have 3 row of seats, bigger engine, not to mention bigger road presence.

    In summary, another unneccessary, overpriced SUV.
  • khlkhl Posts: 9
    Does anyone know when/if the S-line package will be available for the Q5 in the US...can't find any dealer that currently carries a Q5 Prestige with the S-line package.
  • brashmanbrashman Posts: 10
    The Q5 is assembled in Changchun, China, for the Chinese market. Models destined for most other markets (definitely the US) are assembled in Ingolstadt.

    "Bigger road presence" is by no means a universal benefit nor an objective point.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    My wife and I sat in a played around with 2 different q5s today. We did not drive one.
    It's a beautiful vehicle, although neither one of us liked the standard 18" wheels.
    A 5 spoke A5 18" wheel would have looked much better.
    The interior and dash design are really nice. head and shoulders above my '07 SRX.
    I wish GM could design a steering wheel as nice as the q5's.
    The cargo area is a little short but we determined that a push lawnmower would fit and that with the 3 different sections of the back seat being moved independently it would work for most cargo.
    I think it is a beautifully turned out crossover,maybe 1 or 2K too high in price but definitely something we are thinking about.
    BTW I am a long legged 6'8" and could comfortable in the front seat and comfortable in the back seat with front seat up some.
    I'm not sure how the sunroof shade will work in hot climates. I wonder if it should be solid and not just a screen?
    hopefully we will drive it in the next week or so to see how it performs from a handling and ride perspective. I am already guessing it has plenty of power.
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