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Audi Q5



  • Premium Plus with Nav, 12K, 2K down with Audi Care out the door at $672. I am not sure about your prices, is the $549 a mis-type?
    I got $740 off the price of the car and then bought the Audi Care since it increases the residual by 1%, therefore only increasing price about $8 per month.
    I do not have the lease info in front of me, but MSRP was around $45,300 and MF .00042 with residual at 50%. I may be able to save a little in a few months, but I am getting the car tomorrow, first one in the region. I had a chance to see it tonight, very excited.
  • Seems bit low indeed. This quote came from fourtitude forum:

    I think you got a decent deal definitely for a brand new model.

    I do think it's a pity how Audi priced the Q5. E.g. if you want base Audi Q5 with rear view camera (important safety feature I think) you have to spend at least extra 7K which amounts to $45K. Good amount of money for a smaller SUV but comparable to Mercedes/BMW (but much higher compared to Lexus/Acura).
  • clamsclams Posts: 11
    Received this lease quote today on a Q5 Prem Plus with nav:
    MSRP : $ 45,325
    Lease 36 months with 15 k mi per year
    Sales price - $ 44,025
    Residual: 50 %
    Money factor: .00037
    Zero down
    Inception fees and taxes : $ 3500
    Payment 659/month.

    This is the secon quote I recieved. The first one from a different dealer with the same parameters was $ 686/month. I am going to get a another quote in March. I think the numbers will come down after the first of the month.
  • I agree with you here. we have been looking for a SUV for sometime now, and I just fell in love with a Q5. I test drove the ML350 (wife's pick) right before test driving the Q5, and I must say ML did a crappy job with their NAVI system. It was a world of difference when I was trying to navigate while I was trying to drive. Also, to my understanding that MLs have great torque at a lower RPM but I couldn't feel much of the acceleration. I guess I have to go with amg or 550 in order to feel the difference.
  • Reserved a Q5 today. Details below:

    -Premium Plus
    -Cardamom Beige

    Delivery guaranteed for second week of March...
  • Hi guys,

    Just waned to share my experience with all of you. I put in the order for a Q5 2 weeks ago.

    - Prestige package
    - Deep Sea Metallic
    - Black interior
    - Audi side assist

    46995$ including destination charge. (Took about 30 calls (~ 2 hrs) to different dealers to get this price)
    This is a factory order for May delivery.

    Seems like a good deal?
  • timm2timm2 Posts: 1
    Firs to correct a mistake that edmunds made, these vehicles will be built in China, not Ingolstadt as mentioned. Second with a price tag of $45K quoted, you can buy the Q7 instead, which at least have 3 row of seats, bigger engine, not to mention bigger road presence.

    In summary, another unneccessary, overpriced SUV.
  • khlkhl Posts: 9
    Does anyone know when/if the S-line package will be available for the Q5 in the US...can't find any dealer that currently carries a Q5 Prestige with the S-line package.
  • brashmanbrashman Posts: 10
    The Q5 is assembled in Changchun, China, for the Chinese market. Models destined for most other markets (definitely the US) are assembled in Ingolstadt.

    "Bigger road presence" is by no means a universal benefit nor an objective point.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    My wife and I sat in a played around with 2 different q5s today. We did not drive one.
    It's a beautiful vehicle, although neither one of us liked the standard 18" wheels.
    A 5 spoke A5 18" wheel would have looked much better.
    The interior and dash design are really nice. head and shoulders above my '07 SRX.
    I wish GM could design a steering wheel as nice as the q5's.
    The cargo area is a little short but we determined that a push lawnmower would fit and that with the 3 different sections of the back seat being moved independently it would work for most cargo.
    I think it is a beautifully turned out crossover,maybe 1 or 2K too high in price but definitely something we are thinking about.
    BTW I am a long legged 6'8" and could comfortable in the front seat and comfortable in the back seat with front seat up some.
    I'm not sure how the sunroof shade will work in hot climates. I wonder if it should be solid and not just a screen?
    hopefully we will drive it in the next week or so to see how it performs from a handling and ride perspective. I am already guessing it has plenty of power.
  • hoinoyhoinoy Posts: 10
    Just came back from test driving a Q5 premium plus. My wife and I love the ext/int styling and the beautiful interior fit/finish. Steering wheel has a very nice leather feel and the thickness is just right. MMI interface is still heads and shoulders above that of the improved i-Drive from the new BMW. Navigation is beautiful and the additional direction-screen in the instrument panel helps. Panoramic sunroof is great, but the sunblock screen might add another part to break.

    Acceleration and pickup is decent but I really want Audi to bring over the 2.0T from the European models for comparison. We both love the car, but don't know if we love it to spend >$10k over a RDX or ~$4-5K over a comparably equipped MDX. (Listed at $45k).
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I've looked at the current audi offers and they have a 36mo deal for the base q5 that is $499mo. I believe the premium plus is $569. But the much large base Q7 is just $30mo. more at $599. I'm thinking if we do want to get one we should wait another month or 2 to see how this plays out and look for a better incentive or deal from audi.
    I also don't like how audi and MB have an additional charge to turn the car in. GM has never done that beffore, but alas no more leasing at GM.
    I went to the MB dealer yesterday and the GLK is a more expensive looking vehicle than the Audi.
    The q5 only looks good to me with the optional 5 spokers and then the sline wheels are nice too but a little over the top.
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,798
    The Portland Auto show suggested the Q5 is a nice vehicle. Interior seemed well laid out and assembled and the seats were comfortable. The GLK seemed ugly and clunky by comparison.
    Seeing how they do with mileage and reliability will be helpful for future decisions.

    Unfortunately we currently have __one__ Audi dealer here in Portland, though Audi staff at the show revealed another local dealer may show up in a year or so.

    Also, for Oregon I'd avoid the 20 inch bling-tires. Oregon roads have many potholes that will quickly smack them flat.
  • c280c280 Posts: 21
    I'm in Charlotte, NC. I test drove the Q5. The car seems bigger, looking at it from outside, especially in the front, compared to those photos (blue Q5 online) that we saw earlier. It also seems wider in the front. I questioned whether it could fit through my garage door. The trunk space is small. I drove it in pouring rain (75-80 mph) and it rides well. For a German car, the turning circle was not impressive. I like it, pretty car but not sure about the price. Audi adds the premium and premium plus which jacks up the price. The Q5 and the A4 is the same car but the A4 gives you more options with the engine and the A4 trunk is bigger than the Q5. I'm hesitant because the Q7(big brother) and the Q5 has the same engine, 3.2l V6 which is not great on gas if you are fuel conscious. Sun roof is excessive. I like the car but not sure about the price when you consider the pros and cons. Maybe if Audi offered the Q5 TDI in the US at a reasonable price I would seriously consider it because the TDI is more fuel efficient. Plus BMW is asking a rediculous price for their diesel X5.
  • marko12marko12 Posts: 4
    Price-$40500 with Prem Plus, 10K miles/36 months/no money down with 51% residual. Payments $710 a month. Money Factor 0.00068. What else goes into the monthly payments to make it $710? I understand the interest, cost of the car, but it still doesn't seem to add up to $710. This is my first time leasing a car?
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    Hey marko12, you need a little more information here. First, what is the actual MSRP of the vehicle? You need that to calculate the residual value that is used in the lease formula. I'm assuming that the $40,500 is your negotiated selling price for the Q5, is that correct? I took a rough guess of the MSRP, assuming it is a Q5 with Premium Package and nothing else - MSRP = $42,325. Plugging this in with your residual and money factor results in a net capital cost of about $45,510, suggesting there are $5000 in fees, taxes, etc. rolled into your lease cost. I don't know the tax rate where you live, but the numbers seem to be about $1800 or $50 per month too high.
  • marko12marko12 Posts: 4
    tax is 6.25% MSRP is right 53 residual. money factor 0.00068. Selling price $42,500. They say the monthly is $708 a month
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    Sorry, but you have me a bit confused here. What is the MSRP and the agreed upon selling price? Your selling price just went up by $2000, so I'm guessing the MSRP is above that. Thanks.
  • apdioapdio Posts: 4
    Try this link

    Lease Calculator

    Dealers' lease calculations are usually off by a few dollars than the result you will get from lease calculators, but at worst, the difference will be $5-10 a month and certainly not the enormous difference your dealer is telling you now. Sounds like a couple of thousand dollars in fees tacked on to the agreed-upon selling price.
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,798
    Thanks for video, Folks!

    Two things bother me:

    1. Turning Circle.
    With a 110 " wheelbase, this car could need a lot of turning room.
    By comparison, The Lexus RX450h needs something like 40 - 41" and it has roughly 107" wheelbase. My old Malibu Maxx, with a 112" wheelbase, needs 41 - 42".

    2. Fuel Economy.
    Had to dig elsewhere on the web and got 18 city and 23 highway. Not bad given the engine size and performance, and does well compared to the VW Tiguan, but is still more thirsty than the RAV4 V6 and a number of others.

    Also, the Audi web site, for whatever reason, is drowned in glitz and video effects, but doesn't let one get the Q5's furshingluggner basic specs (I found nothing after going through several presentations and alternate site maps)!

    By comparison, the Lexus and most other auto sites make getting specs easy.
  • md_outbackmd_outback Posts: 185
    Hey kurt...
    I wouldn't worry about the turning circle of the Q5, at 38.1 feet it is about the same as most of its competition (new Lexus RX is 38.8 feet). These are curb-to-curb distances, not wall-to-wall. And Q5 fuel economy, while not the best in class, it is in the same ballpark as most of the competition. It's just too bad that the competition is all overweight just like the Q5. If they could get these things down under two tons (like maybe 3600 lbs.) they could get the same lb/hp ratio with about 50 less hp. That could provide better mpg. A good example is the outgoing Subaru Outback. It is actually very close to the same size as the Q5 (longer but not as wide), with more cargo room, yet weighs about 775 lbs less. Life is all about compromises.
  • e46m3e46m3 Posts: 8
    Funny, I'm in the exact same place. My wife's 2007 RX350 lease runs out next month so we are shopping around for the replacement for her and my 5 and 6 year old boys. If the 2010 RX350 had the rear entertainment package ready to go we probably never would have made it out of the Lexus Dealership. But since it's not available yet we have looked at a few more cars and my wife really liked the Q5. The others we have looked at include the 2009 MDX, Mazda CX-7,and Hyundai Genesis V8 (my suggestion, love that 375 HP and impressive list of options with the Tech package). I have BMW 335i so we don't want 2 of the same make, and we had an ML 350 before and didn't like the ride or the experience with the service Dept plus the new Benz crossover is ugly. The MDX has such a bad ride in the rear with all the road vibration transmitted to the lateral seat support right to your ribs and kidney so that was a deal breaker.

    The Q5 is by far the best looking, most refined and has the nicest ride but I thin the lack of a true cover of the huge sunroof will make it unbearably hot in the rear seat. Couple that with the weak rear cooling vents and the fact that no rear entertainment is offered and to me that would mark it off the list. Basically I think she should extend her lease a few months and wait until the LX350 with the rear entertainment makes it's way to the dealerships because that to me is the gold standard 5 passenger kid hauler with them having made what was already the leader better in pretty much every aspect. But I'm afraid she has fallen for the beauty, elegence and and supperior ride of the Q5 so we migth end up with one in the driveway shortly. We could do a lot worse but the rear seat heat issue and lack of rear entertainment are big short-commings for me.
  • e46m3e46m3 Posts: 8
    Wow, I'm kind of surprised and confused. I think looks-wise to me it isn't even subjective or in the ey eof the beholder, the Audi looks MUCH better than the GLK period. In fact the Benz looks much more like a wagon and is much more of a chicks car if you ask me. I would bet at least 60-70% of GLK buyers will be women, closer to 50/50 for the Q5. And I dont really get how you saw better materials in the Audi but "sense the Mercedes will be more durable and will have fewer problems over time". If it is anything like my experience with a ML350 the fewer problems couldn't be more misguided.

    Just my opinion. I actually think my wife should get the 2010 RX350 but between the Benz and Audi, for me it's not even close, the Audi wins hands down.
  • nendonendo Posts: 2
    I was keen on getting a mercedes glk until i test drove it. Boy was i underwhelmed. The exterior styling looks pretty good with the 20,s but the interior looked cheap and felt like i was in a subaru. I am coming from a mercedes e55 and this was a huge step down in every way.

    Then i test drove the audi Q5 with sline trim and 20 inch wheels. WOW , i was really impressed with it. The styling exterior looked great and interior blew the glk away. Also it felt much zippier and handled better than the glk, less harsh of a ride as well.

    I took a bmw x3 out for a spin and it was god awful in almost everyway except the engine and good cargo room, The car reminded me of 1995!!

    I have test driven maybe 8 small suvs in the segment and ultimatley the q5 easily won for me.
    Now I have a audi 09 s-line sitting in front of my house and couldnt be happier with my desicion
  • crossover1crossover1 Posts: 27
    I am sorry, but the GLK is an ugly beast. When I saw it for the first time, I could not believe Mercedes designed such a car, specially when they have have the best styled vehicles on the road. Maybe it's just me, but I it realy sticks out as a soar thumb on the road.
  • jscotydjscotyd Posts: 1
    The EPA is 18/23. I live in San Francisco. I am getting 9.5 - 10 in the city and I am very dissappointed. The service department has pronounced the vehicle free from defects and Audi USA has said case closed since the EPA is the one who certifies the mileage.


    Although the vehicle is fabulous, I am certain most of us would expect something closer to 18 mpg. Having had a Toyota 4runner V8 in the same city which had an EPA of 14 and weighed 6000 lbs with the same horsepower, I would get 10 mpg in the city. So, by comparison, something doesn't add up.
  • crossover1crossover1 Posts: 27
    You are not talking about a Q5 (I hope). After my first week and I am averaging 19-21 mpg combined (mostly city driving). Highway I am averaging 24-25. Heard that after the first 1,000 miles MPG will improve. Something is not right!
  • alexgp11alexgp11 Posts: 8
    Friends, I am looking for some unbiased advice here. I am a longtime BMW owner and have always treated my cars as jewels. I currently have a 2001 X5 3.0 w/Sports Package, a real looker, and has absolutely never given me any headaches at all (in the contrary). That said, I have never owned a car for more than 5 years and we are coming onto 8 with this one now. All along, I had thought I’d make a change next year, but, with the release of the Q5 and others, plus the economy giving consumers theoretically some edge, I am considering a switch now. I am test-driving the Q5 next week and have already researched enough to know that the overall dimensions (interior and exterior) are not significantly different (although I want to witness that, as I am sure the trunk/cargo area is smaller).
    So my questions are: is it not true that Audi has a worse maintenance record than BMW (especially on the electrical side)? Would you, in my shoes, make the switch from X5 3.0 to Q5? If yes, why? If not why? (Again, I am looking for unbiased opinions here) Thanks.
  • crossover1crossover1 Posts: 27
    Car and Driver issue compares the X3 with the Q5 and three other luxury SUVs. Q5 came on Top. Also C&D has an online survey on which SUV will you preferre to buy. There must be a list of over twenty and the Q5 tops the list (distant first). I own one and it beat all my initial expectations.
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