How to find owners manual for older MPV

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My 1998 MPV 6, All-Sport didn't come with the owner's manual.
I am having no luck with finding one. One source said I could get a 1990 manual from them for $15. I'm worried about the differences between 1990 and 1998. Also, what about the price? I am getting frustrated at not being able to find a manual. I have always depended greatly on an owners manual. My previous car was almost 30 yrs old with a V8 engine with the original manual quite well worn. I've never owned a mini-van before.


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    Try Ebay.
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    I have a manual now through the net. It came right away. It seems to be right. Doesn't mention "All Sport" but says MPV 1998 Owner's Manual.

    Is this MPV 6 I have in the category mini-van, mid-size van? I see different terms. I even saw this van referred to once as a wagon. Maybe I read too much, huh?
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    My Mazda MPV just started having an "alarm" issue, where when I open the car door the parking lights go on & off and you cannot start the car. The only way to reset is bu disconnecting the battery and it resets until the next time. Anyone else with this problem?? Any suggestions? Thanks, jay
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    I just got a '98 MPV as my first car. Works pretty good, but I didn't get a manual either and want to know if you can point to the online one you received? Maybe you can send it direct. Let me know, thanks.
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    your post just showed up today in my e-mail. The 98 MPV manual cost abt $48 & it came quickly from the online company but I must look thru my email accts to find address. The manual was so helpful and the van has really worked great for the more than a year I've had it. Of course the gas mileage doesn't compare favorably with new cars but it was what I could afford and balance the fuel cost against not having had to have the expensive repairs my friends have from the gamble used cars usually are
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