Kia Sorento Timing Belts

sandyqsandyq Member Posts: 2
I have a 2005 Kia Sorento. It's my understanding that timing belt must be changed around the 60,000 mile mark and I'm getting close. The price of the actual belt is under $100 but was quoted $900 to replace it. What gives? Do they have to pull the entire motor to replace on of these things? Does this cost sound correct to anyone??? I can almost replace an entire motor for that amount. If anyone can shed some light on this, I would be grateful! Thank You!


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    I'm in the same boat but haven't asked about the cost yet. I've always done most of my own maintenance and can't understand a timing belt on a V6 engine. Usually, timing belts only exist on smaller 4 cylinder engines while V6's and V8's had timing chains. Maybe I'm just showing my age. It will be interesting to see what this brings.
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    the belt must be changed in order to maintain your drivetrain warranty....$900 is high for this.....long story...03 sorie here..had the belt changed at 82K...cost was around $ around......

    and yes it is a major motor take apart to get to the drive belt internal to the engine.....KIA scheduled maintenance is often and $$ IMO....differential fluid changes every 25k, oil changes every 3K......and many stories on the board if you cant fully document all your scheduled maintenance, warranty repairs have been denied......

    wait till you change the spark plugs!!
  • sandyqsandyq Member Posts: 2
    Sounds like I have much fun and $$$ out of pocket ahead. I think it might be time to sell, sell, sell and take the loss now. Thanks for info! Sandyq
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    The dealer replaced ours not too long ago for about $600. But that was with a 10% discount.
  • frustrated2frustrated2 Member Posts: 28
    Hello all
    I have 106K on 05 Kia. I have not had timing belt changed yet. I too have gotten prices of up to 900 bucks to have it changed. If you have not had your recall done on ICV then perfect timing. Get both fixed at same time. They will have motor out already therefore charging me about 450 bucks for timing belt since warranty work (ICV) will cover labor for taking motor out. However still going to complain since belt only cost 100 bucks. still way too expensive. BUT YES BEST THING TO DO IS TAKE LOSS NOW. looking around lately and only getting 3-5 K for trade in values for my piece of sh..!!
  • frustrated2frustrated2 Member Posts: 28
    forgot to ask. about how much time/labor should it take to replace timing belt. also fan belt? think going rate about $100 bucks an hr at kia?
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    $100 or more is the going rate these days at most dealerships and repair shops....
  • frustrated2frustrated2 Member Posts: 28
    Just an update: Had 2005 K. sorento in shop for ICV recall. Found out only because engine light came on and problems accelerated on highway as well as hearing knocking noise. Very long story short and week later without car, found out some parts were sucked into engine. So now dealor calling a Kia rep to find out if they will replace WHOLE motor and if under warranty. Remind you car only 3 yrs old. If under warranty, would new timing belt and serp belts be under warranty as well. These need replaced also and wondering if I need to fight for coverage. thanks to all for your assistance in the past, now and future problems.
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    with the ICV recall, the engine should be covered, sounds like it ingested the infamous butterfly screw and that was the reason for the recall...........not sure how an entire engine is packaged for replacment...but should included the timing belt as it is internal engine component.......I dont see them tearing apart a new engine to install a timing should already be there...

    if they replace the engine under warranty, I wouldnt argue over the serp belts...they are about $100 for the three of them.....
  • marcogmarcog Member Posts: 2
    To change the Timing belt you have to take the accesory belts and brackets in the front of the engine to reach the timing belt.
    The lowermost one is the crankshaft pulley, which has a bolt recall (03 sorento). If this bolt breaks, KIA will also give you a new engine because it is easier than to fix it. At least that is what the rep told me. I think they charge 5 hrs of labor at 100. each + parts.
  • edladaireedladaire Member Posts: 7
    I had nothing but trouble with the kia dealer repairs done in Yonkers, NY (the Kia rep told me that they are no longer affiliated with Kia. However, I believe the dealership that oversaw the shop now does repairs at a new location, so beware). I did the transmission recall in November 2008 and had to take back my 2005 sorento 5 times where they told me nothing was wrong but then found other problems to charge me $1,500 for. When I took it to a mechanic to check it out they found that the transmission fluid wasn't replaced after the repair was done. It was extremely dangerous driving the car during that time. :mad:
    While my sorento was in the shop I had them replace the timing chain at around 60,000 and now it appears that the crankshaft pully bolt was torqued inproperly and it snapped off yesterday while I was driving and I almost crashed. How on earth can people doing shotty repairs sleep at night.
    I called national Kia and tried to get satisfaction through them, but I was told that after 60,000 miles they no longer have road side assistance. It appears even when they do a repair improperly and send out dangerous vechicles that applies. The first representative I spoke with told me to drive the sorento in--even after I told her that the crank shaft bolt snaped. I told her it wasn't driveable. She told me that basically it was my problem. So I got the manager's boss who told me that they would cover the towing cost if it was found out by them that it was caused by an error in the previous repair. So I guess I have a lemmon that is falling apart at 64,000 miles. This is incredibly disheartening. :lemon:
    Now I have to get a tow truck to take the sorento to a different kia dealer repair shop that is in the bronx. I feel very powerless in dealing with this supposed great warranty.
    See TSB No. KT2009081001 issued 8/09 that they have on the proper installation of the crankshaft pully bolt.
    To learn more about recalls, TSB, etc. go to and sign up.
    I'm beyond disgusted with calling kia and trying to get satisfaction after having their representative Yonkers Kia dealer repair lying and saying that the transmission repair was done properly and then having to call Kia national to complain to try to get the problem resolved. :sick:
  • awalterawalter Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Kia that I bought about 1 year ago it has 130.000 miles now and just changed the belt only because the crank cencer went they advised me to change the water pump as well and the belt while they had it all apart the total cost for all was around 900.00

    Now it is the shop again because the harmonick ? balancer went so this is going to cost around 300.00 to fix

    anyone else had the same problem
  • sm2sm2 Member Posts: 1
    i have a 2006 Kia Sorento SUV...w/extended warranty...that does not cover drive belt. is the drive belt the same as timing belt? i replaced the timing belt about 3 months ago...just wondering should timing belt have been covered under warranty.

    please advise
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    all issues with the first MY Sorie...03s.....all if an AWD....EX version....probably need to replace the dif fluids as well if they havent done recently...beleive servicing on them is every 30K......the early MY sories are very scheduled maintenance intensive.....

    BTW..130k on your sorie with those repairs isnt unusual...timing belts in the 03s are changed every 60K under the published scheduled maintenance....replacing the H20 pump was a good move as it saved extra labor....pricing seems about average....but slightly on the higher end
  • paopao Member Posts: 1,867
    I would consider replacing the drive/timing belt normal scheduled maintenance and not warranty work...unless it failed and broke....
  • tylern1tylern1 Member Posts: 2
    Hello, My 2005 kia sorento 63,000 miles command shaft that ties into stearing wheel with 2 bolts came loose and one bolt fell off and the other is just hanging there, caused my family to crash into a guard rail going 60mph on I-5. I can spin steering wheel and tires will not move. Has anyone heard of anything like this? Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do, is kia to blame? Im trying to get work history of car but kia will not release to me. Thanks
  • onstankonstank Member Posts: 2
    we were on the highway when our sorento backfired and quit running. we tried restarting it but it just turns over and won't start. heard that the timing belt goes bad around 60,000 miles and ours is at 61,000 - but can see that the timing belt is still turning. anyone know what it can be?
  • testmonkytestmonky Member Posts: 6
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    your timing belt skipped teeth on one of the cam gears if so chance of crunched valves good chance
  • onefunkaronefunkar Member Posts: 113
    to me its a big plus that the new sorento doesnt have a timing belt!
  • soryibykiasoryibykia Member Posts: 6
    you need to file a complaint with the NHTSA this is how recalls occur I just filed a complaint for a sheered bolt I think they can offer recalls up to 10 years unless owners start stepping forward and directing their complaints to the correct people kia will keep getting away with this.
  • christine27christine27 Member Posts: 1
    I knew it..... thanks to whoever set up this site! I am a careful lady driver and cherish my car. My Kia Sorento 2006 model (purchased in Oct' 2005) is currently in the dealer for assessment/repair. It has only done 49,000kms and is serviced with the agent every 5,000kms.
    2 days ago I was driving to work, the car was a bit noisy and heaving and then the steering jammed. I immediately pulled over and stopped the car, switched everything off and re-started, when I put the air conditioning on the car was worse, since I was about 200mtrs from my office parking blg, I managed to get there, park the car and called the dealer. I explained the story and he told me to drive it to them but keep the a/c off. I declined to even think about driving a car in such a condition and called my insurance to sent a tow truck. They did and off it went to the dealer. To cut a long story short, it has been with them for 2 days and apparently has a catalogue of problems which will cost a fortune to repair. Snapped engine bolt, bent crankshaft, damaged bearings and pulley, hardened timing belt. My car which is in pristine condition and only done 49,000kms suddenly falls to bits? how can that be? I am convinced that faulty parts are to blame and after reading your forum am now positive and worse than that, KIA are well aware of this! Thank GOD it happened in a quiet area near work and not on a major highway with the kids in the car. I have not given the go-ahead for repairs as quite frankly I believe KIA should be held accountable and fully intend to put in a complaint. Can anyone advise of the most direct and effective link to top KIA officials, I live in the Middle East and the local dealer is insisting that since the warranty has expired that I should bear the costs. As far as I am aware the timing belts should be changed at 40,000kms and they did not do so.
  • mreymrey Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Kia Sorento w/83k miles. Placing a new timing belt, How do I know when I have the correct tension on the new belt? I had to replace the tensioner pulley also, I made a tool to place in the holes of the tensioner pulley so that I could apply pressure, it works great, so great I afraid I might have it to tight. Thanks in advance.
  • cheryl05cheryl05 Member Posts: 19
    i'm pretty sure kia has to give you a work history on the vehicle, if you have to get an attorney to release the records it may be worth it .
  • dawnjohnsdawnjohns Member Posts: 1
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    My fiance just replaced the oil pump, oil pan, and all the gaskets in our 2006 Kia Sorento. As I am sure you are aware, it was not a difficult but rather a time consuming job requiring taking apart the "entire engine". My fiance is not a mechanic by trade however is extremely mechanically inclined; thus, you can imagine how frustrated he became after putting everything back together only to find it would not start. It sounds like it is trying to turn over and at least one time backfiredd. He knows it is an issue of having to adjust the timing belt; however, he can't seem to correct it. In particular, last evening he couldn't seem to tighten the belt so it kept falling off. I have even spent numerous hours searching the web to find a FREE download for a schematic or repair manual as we are experiencing extreme financial difficulties. Can you help??? Any help would be appreciated!
  • 1960greaser1960greaser Member Posts: 1
    I recently blew out motor on my 2004 kia sorento 3.5L motor. Not sure what caused it, removed plugs and noticed 2 plugs heavily damaged, removed valve cover and saw damaged lifters. Tried to turn crankshaft by turning crankshaft pully bolt, would not turn. Determined motor completely shot. Planning on putting used motor to save $$. Looking for points of importance when buying these types of used motors. Also, in using the correct vin number can I install a newer motor such as off a 2006?
  • markpevelermarkpeveler Member Posts: 1
    I too have had the 2004 KIA Sorrento crank shaft bolt break twice. Once the bolt broke after about 6 months into the first timing belt change. I took it to the dealer and they were going to charge me $150 to see if it was broken, and then refund me the money when they fix it. It was 30 days from the recall cutoff. The bolt partially came out then seized in the crank shaft. Upon removal the bolt then snapped off. I then drilled out the center, put in an extractor and the extractor snapped off. I then tapped out the bolt with a smaller tap then went to the same size as the bolt thread tap. I replaced the bolt with a new bolt. Three years later it broke again. This time I used the centering jig from; this made it much easier drilling out the center of the bolt. I heated the bolt to remove any lock tight and the bolt came right out with an extractor. I then drilled out the crank shaft and put in a 5/8 grade 8 bolt with a “spider’ type lock washer and lock tight. The fix seems to be working great. I think the “Heavy Headed” original bolt is a very bad design, as the thick massive bolt head is actually longer then the bolt, causing centrifugal forces that aren’t needed. The standard grade 8 bolt, as used on most crank shafts, seems to work great. I also had to drill out the new harmonic balancer and washer to accommodate the larger 5/8’s bolt. I will try the softer belt tighten technique too. The fact that the harmonic balancer almost sits flush on the end of the crank shaft with no woodruff key (just a roll pin) seems to be a bad design too (have not ever seen this done). This 2004 Sorrento now has 160K on it. Very strong engine, still has a drinking problem.
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