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    Can someone tell me how to activate the daytime running lights? The CX-9 manual says only that they are required in Canada and come on automatically when car is turned on. Perhaps they wire the car differently for Canada sales.

    I am in NY, however, and would like to use them. I have tried all lighting switches, and can't get them to come on. Is this something a dealer has to tinker with, or is there a switch or action I am missing?

    Thanks for any comments.

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    First, you are on the wrong thread for that question.
    Second, there is no DRL for US model, AFAIK.
    Usually the wiring is different for the headlight. DRL uses 1/3 brightness of far lights.
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    Since you given some good info, I won't take offense at your needling the thread.

    I may ask dealer if he can somehow duplicate the DRL used on Canadian issue vehicles; can't imagine it could be that complicated.


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    Sorry for replying to your post.
    I will make sure I pass on yours next time.
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    Ceric, please try to be more mature and polite while using this forum.
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    First, you are on the wrong thread for that question.

    That has been corrected.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    You jumped to conclusion. The original post was in a wrong thread. Tidester (our host) created this new thread for it. I stand by my statement. I am very mature.
    I merely pointed out his error and provided info as much as I know. He didn't even apologize for it. Who was inmature? Me?
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    Has anyone bolted on an after-market hitch to a CX-9? I want one for carrying bicycles, not towing. I need the roof-rack for a cargo box.

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    I did.

    I had Hidden Hitch I purchased from
    On Youtube, you probably could find a video of installation.
    If not, go to search for "MAZDA CX9 Hitch".
    They have a video. The installation is easy if
    (1) you have another person help you hold it up
    (2) you have jack stand to replace (1)
    A torque wrentch is highly recommended since you need to tighten it to 75ft-lb.

    I will used it for bikes also.
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    Thanks for the info. I did see that video and it looked like a no-brainer. Finally, I'll be able to put that torque wrench to use! And I think my pop has a couple jack stands.

    Thanks again,
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    I checked with the dealer and they said there's no way that they could turn on the Daytime Running Lights (DRL) because it's NOT an option on the Electronic Control Module (ECM) for US cars. However, I was able to re-wire the relays to have my fog lights turned on with the ignition so they've become my DRL and they've been working well!
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    With 2009 models, you actually can now purchase OE hitch (class II). The OE hitch opening is positioned higher through the rear bumper (OE bumper has a cut-out mark looking from inside to cut out for the hitch). You can find one on eBay.
    The downside is that the OE hitch is much more expensive, but it integrate more nicely with the bumper. Just a thought. That was not an option in 2008. i.e. I had no such choice, then. :(
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    Does anyone know how to replace the low-beam HID bulbs? I could disconnect the contact but not the bulb itself ~ Help :confuse: !
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    how hard is it to perform an oil and filter change on a cx 9 ..and can i use full synthetic???
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    The cost of oil and filter change is only $28 at my Mazda dealer. I would let the professionals do that for that kind of cost. The parts (oil and filter alone) cost about $15-$20 already (with all OE parts). What is the point of saving $5-$10? To each one's own, I guess.

    For synthetic oil. It servces several purposes
    - it endures heat better. Good for those who bring their vehicles to the track often to race in high speed.
    - it lasts longer w/o breaking down. Good for longer interval between oil change (say, 10K-15K miles). However, the oil cost is 3X higher than regular one. Therefore, you don't really save much $$$ that way either.
    - it lubricates better especially at cold starts after long period of parking. How often do you do that?! If you change your oil regularly (say every 5000 miles) your CX9 engine will last long enough. Your transmission probably will fail before your engine does....

    So, you decide whether you need synthetic or not. It is your money and your CX9.
    Some poeple baby their CX9s more than other. :)
  • melanjianmelanjian Member Posts: 31
    thanks again ceric!!! love your advice!!!
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    Does this hitch go below the bumper?
    and if so, does it lower the rear height ie can you
    accidentally bump this on a steep drive?
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    Yes, the aftermarket hitch is 3" lower than the bumper.
    Google the image "CX9 Hitch" and you will see at least one picture.
    The picture is from an installation video at
    You can find the OE installation at here -> go to CX9 and see the accessories.

    However, the OE one is 2 1/4" while the aftermarket only carries 3".
    To each one's own. I like the 3" opening.
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    What is needed for hitch wiring for the 2009 CX-9 GT AWD? It is set up and pre-wired for towing by Mazda and I want to install a Hidden Hitch and do the wiring myself if its pretty straightforward. I've seen on several forums that there is one connection to make and I've also read where other individuals are running wires to the battery among other places - can anyone simplify for a very NON-mechanical person? Any help is much appreciated!!!
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    2009 GT AWD has the "Tow Preparation" done even if you don't have the hitch. The wiring should be at the rear end. There is no need to run wires from battery to the rear. This is different for 2007 and 2008 models, in which you need to have the tow package to have the wiring prepared.
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    It depends on what you are towing. If your trailer has a 4-pin connector (for light trailers without brakes), you have everything you need in the factory towing harness and do not need to run any additional wires. If you are towing anything that requires a 7-pin connector (heavier trailers which have brakes) and plan to actually use the trailer brakes, you WILL need to run additional wires back to the engine bay. The CX-9 does not have the factory wiring to accomodate 7-pin connectors.
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    Please forgive my ignorance. When you state that the wiring should be at the rear end, do you mean under the car and if so, what should I be looking for?
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    The wiring harness is tucked against the back of the vehicle on the right side, underneath the rear storage compartment.

    Take out the two little pins holding it in, and the entire compartment comes out..

    Then look under the harness against the body, sort of underneath the tail light... its a 6 pin white connector taped to it. You can use a voltmeter with ground on the black pin, and map out the remaing pins (tl, tr, brake, running lights, etc)
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    I couldn't have answered it better than jneeve did.
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    Hi Ceric,

    If I have a 2008 AWD CX9, and I get the tow added at the dealer, is this an after
    market hitch and hence, 3" below the bumper?
    Mazda dealer says he can install the hitch and have it covered by Mazda. Does
    this mean his will be through the bumper or below it? I can presume it is after market and hence below the bumper?


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    "get the tow added" needs clarification.
    No one can add the tow "package" which includes
    - heavy duty radiator
    - dual fan control modules (instead of one) - look for a silver module with heat sink about 2-3 inches in size near fan. CX9 has two fans. The one with Tow package (real OE one) has two fan control modules.
    - heavy duty transmission cooler
    - ECU programming revision - change gear shifting points and and stability control algorithm to counter trailer swinging.
    - hitch and wiring

    I am guessing that your dealer only gives you the factory hitch and wiring.
    (i.e. for you to tow 2000lb or less only)
    The factory hitch sticks out at the lower part of the rear bumper (better integration). However, it has 2 1/4" inch opening. Most after-market hitches available for CX9 have 3" inch opening.

    Depending on how you plan to use your CX9, a full-blown Tow package may not be best for you unless you need to tow more than 2000lb. Those changes with Tow package could slow down the performance of CX9 or decrease MPG (a tranny that is too "cool" may increase MPG slightly). The gear-shifting algorithm could also costs you MPG as well. Just a reminder that it's not "the more, the better". :)
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    Many have tried to answer the towing question for 2009 CX-9s. I have recently purchased an AWD CX-9 and thourghly researched the towing question. I do not know the answer for earlier models. Be cautious in that some of the Mazda literature has conflicting information and unless someone carefully researches this question they will likely have the incorrect information. So, here is the answer:

    All FWD CX-9 come standard with a towing capacity of 2000lbs. In order to tow to this capacity you will need to add a tow hitch and wiring harness neither is which is available from the factory but is available from the dealer.

    All AWD CX-9 come standard with a factory tow prep package which consists of a larger transmission cooler, revised ECM and wiring harness. With this tow prep package the towing capacity is 3500lbs. In addition, you will need to add a tow hitch which is not available from the factory but is available from the factory.

    The FWD Grand Touring CX-9 does have a factory towing package available which includes the tow prep package metioned above plus a tow hitch. This will allow towing to 3500 lbs. However, in order to get the towing package you also need to order a "mandatory" GT assist package.

    The towing prep package cannot be installed by the dealer only the factory.

    The factory tow hitch which is available for the dealer to install, is a class II (3500 lbs) hitch with a 1.5" reciever.

    I am getting a Class III hitch installated so I can get a 2" reciever for which I have a bicycle rack and other towing items. I do not know how it will integrate with the bumper but I will let everyone know.

    Don't reply that some literature or someone told you something else. This is what I learned over a 2 week period proir to purchasing my CX-9.
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    I made a mistake in my post stating 2 1/4" vs 3" when it should have been 1 1/4" (not 1.5", either) for class-II and 2" for class-III.

    I hope newawdcx9 was not implying that I provided wrong info. Because if I did, I certainly would love to know and correct it in my head.

    I have a 2008 model.
    newawdcx9 seems to know more about 2009 models. :)
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    Ceric, rarely....if ever is wrong!

    (Except when conversing with his wife)
  • newawdcx9newawdcx9 Member Posts: 7
    Not wrong but incomplete.
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    I just bought a 2007 cx9, it came with SIRIUS Satellite Radio (I don't want it), but because it is installed I can't use my aux port. does anyone know how to disconnect the satellite radio and re-connect the aux port. Or do I really have to buy the "switching box"?
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    If I were you, I would talk to my dealer (the guy who sold you the CX9) nicely to see if he/she can pull the Sirrus unit out and connect the Aux jack.
    That way, you get what you want, and have an Sirrus unit (for the dealer as parts) or for you to sell it on eBay. Make sure you have the whole accessories of Sirrus if you want to sell it on eBay.
    Depending on your negotiation with the salesperson, he/she may or may not charge you for the labor cost (get behind the center console and reconnect wirings).
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    Does this also apply to the 2008 CX9. All AWD have the factory tow pre needed?

  • cericceric Member Posts: 1,092
    Allow me to reiterate,
    all 2009 AWD (Sports, Touring, or Grand Toruing) models have Tow Prep as standard. No so for 2008 or 2007.
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    You state AWD 2009 Tow prep is standard - where is the harness located or is the tail that plugs into it to give your a flat 4 wire connector available from Mazda?
  • cericceric Member Posts: 1,092
    I don't have a 2009 model.
    My 2008 did not come with Tow package.
    Here is a thread you may follow or ask question.
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    For the 2009 with the wiring harness, what do i need to complete the harness. I assume buying a $50 wiring harness from Etrailer designed the CX-9 is overkill (part 118442, because it has the mazda connectors to plug into the lights harness.

    Or can I go with a generic harness like this for $25 and tap into the wiring harness mentioned -

    Or just the $5 harness here

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    edited May 2010
    The answer for 2009/2010 CX-9 all AWD models or FWD GT models : You can buy Mazda OEM wiring harness 0000-8E-N13. Picture is here:
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    Looking to surprise my wife for Christmas and install satellite radio in her 2009 CX-9. Since the dealer wants $350 for parts and $360 for labor I thought I'd try to do it myself. Please stop me if this is ill advised. Otherwise, can anyone tell me which OEM parts I need, where I can get them cheapest and where I can find step-by-step instructions for installation?
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