Alternator mounting brackets breaking

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I have had 3 alternator mounting brackets (orig., a new one, and then the new one after being welded after we were told it would be 4 to 6 weeks to get a new becaue "they NEVER break") break on my 2002 Odyssey in the last 7 months. Anyone else had this problem or know of any tech papers issued by Honda about this?

When they go, it is without warning, lots of belt whining, followed by the belt breaking, and then all the associated $$$ of replacing them all.

Had enough in FL


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    I have had the same problem with my 03 Odyssey. It's Christmas and the 4th bracket just broke this morning on our way to go sledding. It started with the a/c compressor going bad. Had it replaced with the timing belt. Then the a/c didn't work. Then the bracket broke. Had it replaced and the a/c apparently fixed. Both broke again. Fixed with promises everything is okay. Bracket broke again. Had the tensor arm replaced with a new bracket.

    More $$ and more $$.

    Then this morning the belt slipped off and I opened the hood and noticed that alternator was a bit off alignment and the belt was shredded. Cause? You guessed it, broken bracket. I'm beside myself and don't know what to do.

    Any one else have this problem and did you find a long term solution?

    Merry Christmas.
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    The belt just popped off our Odyssey and the alternator looks like someone turned it 30 degrees. is this what yours did? and what would cause the backet to break? Stress on the weakest link!
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    Hello we bought our Honda used and seems this is a major problem this is our second bracket in less then one week. Not sure what to do and how to fix this long term to avoid major damages. Thinking of trying to get it welded solid to help strengthen bracket? Anyone find a solution ? Thanks and good luck.
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    We have a 2003 Odyssey and on our fourth alternator bracket. Has Honda owned up to the design problem?
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    Well, I have a customer that has a 03 Odyssey, on there 4 alt. bracket. We have installed a aftermarket alternator, automatic tensioner, belt. My customer took to Honda yesterday they are charging him $1.000.00 to change every thing back to Honda. They advised him that parts have to be Honda. What a ripoff. Honda needs to step up to the problem, any comments.
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    Has anyone found a solution to this problem. I'm on my fourth bracket!
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    I make these brackets for people all the time. All I ask is that you send me your old one with all of the broken pieces just so I know which one to fabricate. The reason is I've had folks ask for the wrong thing. Normally I can have the new steel one which is guaranteed for ever out the door in two days.
    I can be reached at [email protected]
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    Hi - same issue with mine. 4th bracket in five months. This is crazy. Everyone thinks they have it fixed. I brought it back to the original mechanic. He's read all these blogs and said he talked to honda. I just don't know what to do and wonder since I bought the car used if the original owner new about it. I feel like I got really ripped off. I've dumped around $2000 in maintenance bills. It's almost like on a time clock - it works fine for about 1000 miles - then boom it breaks again.
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    After 90,000 miles on her 2003 Honda Odyssey LX, the upper alternator mounting bracket broke. Because the plastic rain and dust shield over the sparkplug area, that problem was not obvious. The belt came off right after the problem was discovered or I might have saved the expense of a tensioner assembly and possibly of the belt, but after I replaced everything properly I discovered I had done nothing to resolve the problem. Without damaging my new belt, I began checking for alternative problems. I noticed the broken ends on the block side and took off the plastic cover. Presto. Problem obvious.
    I logged in to the forum to find replacement part cost, but now that I see it is a regular problem, I may Superglue the old one and take it to a machine shop and have a new one made of heavy angle-iron steel. Actually, with just a little more equipment - a good hacksaw or power metal saw, a piece of 1/4 inch x 1 inch x 2 inches long regular angle iron, an electric drill with the right size bits and a tap for each hole, I could make one that I do not believe would break — ever!! I would attach an additional nut on the back side of the two alternator side holes. Superglue should work fine for that. Just be sure to only get the glue on the part of the nut that needs to be attached. Your friendly hardware store should be able to match the bolts you removed with the right size drills and taps.

    One nice thing about this is that if your homemade part ever did break, you could fix it with your own tools and leftover angle iron from before in less than an hour.
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    The problem with the constant alternator bracket ("stay") breaking is most likely from an improperly torqued lower alternator bolt. I read this in an internal Honda-Tech bulletin. This bolt should be torqued to 33 ft-lbs to be able to hold the alternator firm and reduce the vibration that weakens the bracket. If you had your alternator replaced, it is easy to cross-thread this bolt during installation -- the torque spec here is critical. The aluminum threads are soft and the long M10 x 1.25 bolt can easily damage the threads if overtorqued. So the proper range is narrow -- needs to be tight enough to eliminate alternator vibration, yet not too tight to damage the threads.

    I know -- I am rather careful with my shadetree mechanic ability, but I cross threaded this lower bolt during an alternator replacement. The heavy alternator and the full weight on this lower bolt makes it difficult to start by hand. I know now to support the alternator with one hand, while threading this bolt with my other fingers. Had to end up installing a Helicoil to properly repair -- because of very limited access -- not the easiest repair.
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    I had 3 bottom bolts to brake with proper replacement torque . Then the top one. Now my top bracket.  Two alternator.  Two battery . Should we report to the better business bureau?  I see ppl have replaced tension too. Maybe motor mounts is the problem .?
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    Saw comments by Jim on the form about making stronger replacement brackets but email gets rejected. Recently bought a 2002 Odessy with lower miles. But couple months after, have broken two alternator brackets. Anyone else have source to make solid replacement bracket, and did that resolve the issue? If so, let me know the cost and how fast I can get a replacement part.
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    I have found the part to fix the bracket breakage! It is made by Dorman part #926-099 . It's 1mm thicker than the oem and solid no pressed holes to weaken it. Most part houses can get it. But I'm getting a grade 8 through bolt this time third one to break and tired of drilling them out!
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