2001 Isuzu Trooper cuts out and dies while driving diagnostics not helpful.

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2001 Isuzu Trooper Limited cuts out and all gauge lights come on as it starts to die. If we keep giving it gas it will keep running sometimes. When it dies completely while driving we can restart in Neutral. We had Firestone do a diagnostic on it, they had it on the rack for 1 ½ days and said they checked everything and could not find the problem so it must be the Computer and that we should take it to an Isuzu dealer to heck and fix the Computer problem. The Isuzu dealer in St. Peters, MO. Said that they tested the Computer and found no problems. They said that the problem was carbon build up and that we needed a carbon clean out. After having the carbon clean out the problem remains. The problem started out once a week 3 weeks ago and progresses to 4 or 5 times daily a week later that’s when we took it to Firestone. Ten (10) days ago Isuzu did the carbon clean out and now the problem has continued to get worse, it happens every 6 to 15 minutes. We moved from St. Peters, MO, to Ames, Iowa a week ago after getting the car back from Isuzu. This was a very stressful move because of this problem. I have some automotive knowledge and amy not afraid to get my hands dirty. This is getting expensive. Please help us if you can. Thanks and have a great day.


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    My daughter's 2001 Isuzu Trooper with 89K miles is using oil real bad. I had the oil changed and about 1000 miles later I noticed that there was no oil on the dip stick. There are no visible signs of an oil leak. Does anyone have any suggestions other than checking the oil weekly or bi-weekly and toping it off ? I would appreciate your help !
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    It sounds like the same problem i had with my 2000, intake manifold gasket. The gasket was a defect when built and the new one you put in will prevent it from happening again.
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    They all burn oil, i have a 2000 with 93000 that has burned oil since new. You MUST check oil weekly, if not bi weekly. Also, use 20/50, NOT 10 W 30!!! If in warmer climate,use 30 wgt detergent oil. Im in florida and use 40 wgt in summer, slows oil burning in half.
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    I'm new here. We are on our third Trooper. Love 'em. It's a 1999. 238k miles. The CEL indicates a vacuum leak but our mechanic and an import mechanic have not been able to locate it. We've done the EGR, MAP (MAF?) sensor, new gas cap, fuel filter. The car stalls and dies when the RPMs drop such as descending a hill, making a turn or coming to a stop. It is random. Some days good, some days bad. I'm beginning to think it's the intake manifold gasket from reading threads here. Would that show up as a vacuum leak and would it be intermittent?
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    to bill32001, how did you know to replace this manifold
    gasket? who told you
    to do this?also do you recall what this might cost . because i would like to
    give it a try. anyone else tried this solution yet?
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    We did replace the gasket and had the tube to the EGR cleaned. No more stalling problems. Cost was $257. However, CEL came back on after two weeks. Then went off. Then came back on. Code reader used to say vacuum leak now it is a vapor leak. Whatever. At least it doesn't die now!
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    In reading the posts, this sounds quite familiar to what happened to me. I recently purchased a trooper from a friend who takes impecable care of his vehicle. I had some performance issues and thought it might be my battery and changed the battery and cables. A week later I was driving my trooper when it stopped and all of the computer lights came on. I know very little about cars and had it towed to the nearest repair shop where they told me I had only about one-quarter of the oil needed (and i had a recent oil change with no signs of leaking) and I need a new engine or motor to the tune of $5000.

    After reading these posts I am wondering if the problem is the intake manifold gasket? Any suggestions? Should I ask them about the intake manifold gasket, take it somewhere else, etc. I hate to immediately be so suspicious but there were never any signs of a problem of this proportion and the repair shop is quite aware of my ignorance reagrding cars. Is it possible the engine or motor may need to be completely replaced? Any ideas, help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    This is EXACTLY what I'm going through now! I was stuck on the highway yesterday because my '99 Trooper shut OFF while I was driving and just coasted to a stop on the side of the road. No hint of ANY problems. No nothing! After a towing and major inconveniences I was told that the engine had LOCKED/SEIZED up! Imagine my disgust to hear this. He told me that the engine was bone dry. I had no leaks prior to and he said he couldn't find any. He said the only other thing is that it just burned the oil up.

    My quotes thus far range from 3700 to 3900 to 4260 used and 6000 to 6610 new. It's makes me 'sick' just thinking about it. I love my Trooper!!! :cry: If I had gotten any indication that it needed oil at that point (oil light NEVER came on) or that it was even hot, I would've stopped at the next exit and handled it. Now, I'm faced with the dilemma of fixing it or buying another car. At least I'll know to keep the engine thoroughly juiced if I do buy the engine.

    P.S. Oh, I'm also told that they have to pull the front end off to remove the engine, which makes it an even more laborious task.

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    Did a diagnostic too when the CEL came on for no apparent reason. My 99 only has 129400 on it. The result was the EGR sensor/valve. Now, I feel like the issue was oil since my engine has now locked up. If only I'd known the a couple of quarts would've alleviated the problem. It would help if the OIL LIGHT actually did its job and came on when it was low.

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    i have 89 trooper and 2.8 tbi and its the second trooper that ive had that has the same problem and i have spent 2000 on trying to figure out the problem dose anyone know what the heck the problem would be and what i could do to salve it thanks
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