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07 Murano clicking noise (transmission???)

cde1cde1 Posts: 2
I am 1.5 years in to a 3 year lease. I will greatly exceed the mileage limit and plan on purchasing the lease out. For at least the past 10k miles (vehicle has 30k miles currently) I have heard a clicking noise that I attributed to either the transmission or suspension. When accelerating or taking my foot off of the accelerator, that shift in momentum, or shift in weight dispersement, (or changing gears) creates a "click-click". I have not had any issues with acceleration and am not aware of any leaks. With no change in vehicle performance and only a clicking noise I have not contacted Nissan. Are any of you familiar with this clicking noise? Is it possible that it will lead to larger issues? Will Nissan address a clicking noise as an issue, I still have a few thousand miles under my warranty?

Also, regarding the noisy brake issue, I do have a few squeaks when I have parked outside and it has been raining. Backing out of my garage on an incline it is a louder noise when applying the break.




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