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Infiniti G35 Just Took Off

poetrypoetry Posts: 3
edited May 2014 in INFINITI
I was backing out of a blind parking space and hit a car I didn't see. Naturally I braked. Before getting out to see the damage I shifted into drive to go forward in order to see the damage to my bumper and his car. By shifting into drive the car just took-off down an access lane at incredible speed and I ended up plowing into a steel fence that "caught" me and saved me from falling down a 20 foot or more drop straight down to either death or serious injury. The spectacle of the car hanging over this wall made the front page of our local newspaper. I was rescued. My question is has this occurred to other people while shifting from one position to another (my car is an automatic G35 2004). I am afraid to drive this car now. It is being repaired at great cost.


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