Pontiac Torrent Sunroof

jhorton6jhorton6 Member Posts: 7
I have a 2006 Torrent. I was looking at the sunroof the other day and have a question.
When it is closed should the glass be level with the top of the roof?
When mine is closed it sits about a quarter of an inch below at the front and only about one eigth below at the back.
I have looked at 3 other equinox's and torrents with one being the same as mine and the 2 others higher at the front and lower at the back.
I was just worried about water pooling in the front edge.


  • pt74pt74 Member Posts: 5
    Yes, mine is exactly like that that too. I think it got bumped by the dryer thingy at a car wash a few months ago. It's definitely out of alignment. The biggest problem now is the wind noise from the sunroof, since it's no longer closing properly. I have been waiting to take it in and get it fixed. Have you had yours repaired? What was the cost for that?
  • 2006torrent2006torrent Member Posts: 12
    I have a 2006 Pontiac Torrent and the sun roof leaks. When I went to the car wash today I got a bath myself due to leaking sun roof. The towel guy said that he could see that there was a dip in the sun roof like it wasn't all the way closed or didn't seal well . I had taken it to dealership while it was still under warranty a few months ago and the dealer said that the drain holes (that are in under the sunroof, go figure - that's why water comes inside the vehicle) were clogged so the dealer blew out the drain holes. That's the dumbest design that I've ever heard of. Has anyone else experienced this same problem with their sun roof? I'm interested in finding a permanent fix where I don't have to keep taking the vehicle into dealership to get the drain holes blown out. Any resolution you may have found would be grealy appreciated. Thanks.
  • 2006torrent2006torrent Member Posts: 12
    Yes my sunroof sits below the roof line of the vehicle. Supposedly it was designed that way so that the water runs off in under the roof through the drain holes that appear to get clogged quite frequently. So water drips from the front light overhead above the rear view mirror. One dealer blew out the drain tubes. Another one tightened my OnStar antenna but obviously neither one fixed my leak since it leaked big time at the car wash. I literally got a bath while inside the vehicle. Prior to Sunday it only dripped inside when rained, but now it's really bad.
  • 2006torrent2006torrent Member Posts: 12
    I'm taking it to my mechanic on Thursday (no longer under warranty so not going to dealership -- I don't trust dealers to do repairs like I trust my independent shop mechanic) so I'll know approximate cost to fix by end of week. That is if he can fix it. I've noticed on mine that there's a gap between the glass and the rubber molding. I'll let you know at end of week if my mechanic is able to provide a permanent fix for my leaky sunroof.
  • mkchambers25mkchambers25 Member Posts: 1
    Was your mechanic able to find a permanent fix? I just bought a used 06 Torrent which I LOVE - but just experienced the leaky sunroof during a car wash! :( Am curious if there is a repair at all of if I'm just stuck!
  • bandmasterbandmaster Member Posts: 1
    We had this problem at the dealer when they washed the car. They wanted a lot of money to clear the drain. I took a piece of solid wire (tie wire)about .030" thick and put a bend in the end that I put in the drain (crimped it so it wouldn't catch or damage on anything), then ran it as far as it would go. About 5 feet. I put some water in the drain and it ran out very well. Didn't have any problem the last time the dealer washed it. Also, when they use the pressure washer, they may be running too hard of a stream at the seal.(?)
  • 2006torrent2006torrent Member Posts: 12
    Thanks I'll try that. Where do I get tie wire?
  • 2006torrent2006torrent Member Posts: 12
    No permanent fix. Have to clean drain tube out frequently. Forgot to do it last week and today it rained. So guess what... More water inside my car. Headliner wet all over and water leaking in at light. Argh! What a pain. I like the vehicle except for that.
  • blueandhalo3blueandhalo3 Member Posts: 1
    I bought my 2006 Pontiac torrent in November of 2012, I bought with 48,000 miles on it. Just today 4 months later I go to the car wash to get the salt off my car because I live in VT, well half way through the car a small drip appears to be coming from the front dome light. Moments later that drip turns into a waterfall. All this while I'm still on the tracked car wash. I pull out and realize both Check engine lights are on as we'll as the traction control light. I proceed to step on the gas to park my Pontiac and come to find out I have no engine power at all, pedal is all the way to the floor yet nothing. The Pontiac will move under its own power from the engine at about 3mp, but nothing from the gas pedal. I press the on-star button and have them run a diagnostics. They tell me that the engine electrical system has shorted, transmission has suffered an electrical shortage, and the fuel system has shorted. All this happened about 5 hours ago. As of right now there's 1/4 on the inside of my vehicle and nothing works. I'll keep you updated on what the dealer says needs to be fixed. Luckily I purchased the extended warranty. Extremely aggravated at the fact that I payed $18,000 total with warranty and I've only had this vehicle for 4 months. I'll never buy a GM product again because of this.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Hopefully this will be resolved quickly for you. Let us know if we can check into anything further for you (we can be reached at [email protected] and ask that you include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • rickster55rickster55 Member Posts: 1
    Had the same problem with no power and engine lights on.
    There is a wire connection on the drivers side near the hood release and behind the plastic kick plate( if you remove the doorstep strip) it can get wet and lose connection. If you disconnect it and clean the connections and make sure they are dry it will fix the problem. I went a step further and wrapped plastic over the connector to keep it dry.
  • really11really11 Member Posts: 2

    I own a 2006 Pontiac torrent as well, and am experiencing some really weird things. When I saw your comments on the sunroof issues. I thought I may have come up on some solutions via your experiences. But mines is a a bit more farfetched, even though very close to yours blueandhalo3. When it rains the front floor areas are soaked on both the driver and passenger side. Mind you not the seats. Then I experience the exact same issues"both Check engine lights are on as we'll as the traction control light. I proceed to step on the gas to move my Pontiac and come to find out I have no engine power at all, pedal is all the way to the floor yet nothing. " ****** I mean really who ever heard of a partitioned rain in******

  • really11really11 Member Posts: 2

    Let me be very clear when it rains, there is no evidence of the water coming in via open windows or the sunroof. Just a real phenomenon...... :s

  • m_kchambers25m_kchambers25 Member Posts: 2
    I have this exact problem but haven't taken it anywhere to fix - were you able to find a solution to your leak?
  • m_kchambers25m_kchambers25 Member Posts: 2
    I own a 2006 Pontiac Torrent and am experiencing a lot of the same issues in this forum. It's currently at a dealer as I was told by my mechanic that the computer needs to be flashed and was informed that it could cost up to $500 for the dealer to do this. Does that sound right? (if anyone knows). Check engine light, ABS, Traction Control lights are all on and the brakes pulsate at low speeds. I'm afraid that if I pay this fee to flash the computer that I'll end up with all the same problems again in a month or so! Any insight is GREATLY appreciated! Can GM customer service on here help in any way with this process?
  • imaginaryfimaginaryf Member Posts: 1
    Had something very similar to what you are seeing really11, was an issue with where the drain hose connects to the sunroof frame.
    made quick vid on youtube, and found another one that shows on a different car, but very close enough.
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