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93 rodeo PLZ HELP!

tbarb08tbarb08 Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Isuzu
b4 i pull my hair out...can someone PLZ HELP.....
my bf and i have a 93 rodeo that we purchased from ( some guy)
almost a year ago and it has been a nightmare almost since day one.
almost immediately it was spitten/sputterin/no power..took it in to have it checked was told it had a dead cylinder and basicly needed to replace a 95 engine out of a passport and replaced it...drove it home ran great..shortly after started having same problem....took it to a couple places AGAIN to have it checked and told us they couldnt tell us what the problem was bcuz there wasnt a check engine light or codes. started replacing parts..he has replaced......
fuel filter, fuel pump, o2censor, spark plugs, coil packs & timing belt.
( not in that order)
it had completely stopped running and thats when he replaced the fuel pump and it now runs again but with no was suggested to us to take it to a isuzu dealership to have it checked out again...but b4 we do that as a last resort and spend a bunch more money we dont have we are hoping for some advice/ideas and any/all will be GREATLY appreciated.


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