Cadillac SRX premature brake wear

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Left the 2007 SRX (8 cyl) with 32,000 miles on the clock for an oil change/tire rotation yesterday. Service writer called and said the brake pads were worn, front and rear. Replaced them. I've never had disk brake pads wear so quickly except on a track car. Even then I typically go through 3 sets of front pads to 1 set of rear pads.

Others experiencing such rapid pad wear?


  • ben721364ben721364 Member Posts: 22
    I talked with a service representative at a dealership yesterday and was told that premature brake pad wear is common to all three cars built on the Sigma platform. He is trying to get a definitive answer from Cadillac as to what they are or are not planning to do about the problem. My pads on all four corners were worn out at 32,000 miles but some have been getting even poorer service. It is probably the pad material but other companies have figured out how to make quiet pads stop vehicles and last longer by far, especially on the rear wheels! Other than ridiculously short pad life, I really like the vehicle.
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    32k aint that bad for a freewheelin mutha like the srx. had to replace pads on my (new) 1990 lexus 400 every 15k, rotors @ 30k. Beemers are worse- replace rotors every time. good luck!
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    I disagree. On every other vehicle I have owned, I have replaced my rear pads the second or third time I replaced front pads. This includes mostly Bimmers. The Bimmer that you referenced either had an unusual problem or you went to the wrong shop, in my opinion.

    I like the SRX a lot and was considering replacing my E60 BMW with a CTS. I am waiting to hear from Cadillac as to whether they have or can recommend replacement pads with a reasonable life expectancy.
  • ben721364ben721364 Member Posts: 22
    Still no word from Cadillac on what if anything they are doing to increase brake pad life, especially rear pads. Do you think they are stonewalling? :-)
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    I had to replace tires, brake pads, rotors at 22,000 miles! I have never replaced brakes in my life, and I've been driving for 25+ years. I received horrible customer service from cadillac and GM. They had no explanation for it, other than, I ride the brakes, which I don't.
    If anyone gets a resolution to this problem, please let me know, I dropped way too much $ on a leased vehicle.
  • ben721364ben721364 Member Posts: 22
    Sorry to hear/read of your experience. As disgusted as I am with having to replace pads at remarkably low mileage, my tires are wearing better. My fronts will have to be replaced at about 42000 miles.

    I am beginning to think the premature brake wear stems from two things. (1) the car may be too heavy for the brakes and, (2) the transmission freewheels on deceleration requiring more brake use than on some cars.

    My experience with the dealer in Austin has been exemplary. I would probably buy another SRX in a couple years except that Cadillac is switching the SRX to a smaller, cheaper platform with FWD.
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    Lucky you! My dealership has gone thru some managment changes and they aren't willing to know the customer. I have been with them for 6 years of service, up until this. I have the Sport Package with the bigger wheels, maybe that's why I had to replace tires too??? My lease is up in 9 months, not soon enough.

    Thanks for your input, maybe another dealership will be nicer and give a little credit back for the $$ I've spent.
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    Yeah, I needed all new brakes (pads and rotors) after 24000 miles. I baby my car and was shocked at such few miles but it took me 3-1/2 years to get to 24,000 miles. I live in downtown Chicago so all my car trips are short. ;)
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    My 2007 SRX had it's first set of pads at 3200 miles it's first set of calibers at 15000 miles they ground down the pads in between to de glaze them but I've never glazed a set of pads in my life at 38000 miles they tell me I need new Pads and Rotors. My 2004 went 72000 miles on the OEM pads when I traded it for the 07 it still had 50% pad life remaining. Cadillac says it's normal wear. I don't believe it
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    I am from GM Customer Service. You do have the option on getting a second opinion at another GM dealership, if you haven't already fixed the brakes. I can locate another dealership in your area if you like. I would need your zip code. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
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    If you do not wish to reveal your location, you can search for other GM dealerships and service centers in your area using Edmunds Dealer Ratings & Reviews.
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    I lease a 2007 SRX and have had to replace the brakes 2 times prior to 45,000 miles. The dealer(s) that I have used had NO answer for why this car needed brakes so often other than to imply it was driver error! Considering that I have been driving for approx. 30 years, and never having to replace brakes this often, I believe it is GM's design flaw! I assumed purchasing a "high-end" GM vehicle that it would perform/deliver a greater value than a less expensive value vehicle. I was wrong!!
    I now have approx. 60,000 miles on the car and I am returning (off lease) early to avoid another brake job!
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    I have just found out about the excessive break wear problem.... Pretty much a ditto of this response... Been driving for 40 years and have never had excessive brake wear on my vechicals untill now.... 22,000 miles and breaks are near done..... We live on the flat and seldom have ventured into the hills where we lived 30 years ago....

    Had the same laim response from service and reluctantly paid the $1000 + bill. This was the last GM I am going to purchase.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
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    I apologize for your frustrations. Can you please send me your VIN, and a description of what you are experiencing? I look forward to your response. Have a great weekend!
    GM Customer Service
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    I as well have an SRX with 23,000, just had to have new pads and rotors installed front and rear. Dealer said it is not uncommon at that mileage. I also have low speed klonk from the transmission when slowing down. The dealer says all 6 speed, v-8s shift hard, hard to believe.
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    If you are uncomfortable with your dealers’ diagnosis, I recommend getting a second opinion. Please let me know what happens with that.
    GM Customer Service
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    Well...time to jump on this bandwagon. I just took ownership of a 2008 SRX and after 2 days, I hear a major squeak and it turns out that I need rear brakes. I spoke to the previous owner (my father-in-law) who told me the front brake pads and rotors needed to be replaced at 22K miles and up until the time he handed me the keys he had not heard any sounds from the rear. As you can imagine, I'm appaled that this could happen at such low mileage, although it's apparent that this is not an isolated case, as I've been driving for 20 years and have replaced brakes maybe 4 times over the years. I was also told by the service consultant that it may be caused by driving habits, but clearly that's not the case in this situation or others mentioned above. I've got Cadillac Customer Service invstigating and if they do not provide a satisfactory response, you can bet I will be on the phone with GM Corporate shortly thereafter.
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    I have Cadilac SRX 2004, and dealer want 2300,00$ for brake, rotors and pipes replacement. It seem extremely expensive. What I should do?? PLease help.

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