Dodge Avenger problems??

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I have a 95 Dodge Avenger. It seems that I might
have a furl injection problem. My car shuts off
every so often and fuel has difficulty circulating.
Does anyone know if this is a common problem????
Dodge Avenger


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    I had a 95 dodge avenger and it would constantly shut off while i was driving down the road. we all thought that it was simply the fuel pump. but we literally had everything fixed on the car. fuel pump, modular coils, fuel injection valves, and even went so far as to put a new computer in it. but nothing seemed to help. so finally we filed a lemon lawsuit against dodge and they ended up buying the avenger back. but still to this day (3 months after they bought it back) they have been unable to fix it. just wanted to let you know what you might be getting yourself into.
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    Alright, It's hard to believe that my avenger is doing the same thing that a lot of others are doing. You always think that it's going to be some other car and not your own. My car will not start, when it does it runs rough and idles really low. It will eventually start until it's shut off and cools down, Then the problem starts all over again. Any help or updates will be highly appreciated.
    Best Regards
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    I had the same kinda problems not too long ago. When they did the tune-up and changed the O2 censor it seemed to go away. Somehow prior changes to the censor didn't do the trick but finally got a good one and the mixture ratio must be good now with mine. Can't believe that there are soooo many folks out there that have had similar if not exact same problems as me! I am currently talking with Chrys. Corp. on some of these probs. Seems they need to step up and fix there product or stand loosing many many more customers.
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    The problems mentioned so far, are they on the 4 cyl or 6 cyl 1995 avenger. My son is thinking of buying a 95 Avenger, 4 cyc. model. I understand most of the problems to date have been with the 6 cyl. model. True?
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    Probably not - the 4-cylinder engine is the Chrysler Neon engine, which is known for blowing head gaskets.

    The 4-speed automatic transaxle is yet another problem product of Chrysler - not Mitsubishi. However, it may not be as bad in this car as it is in the larger LH cars and minivans, where it has an awful reputation.
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    I own a 96 Dodge Avenger, 4 cyl, 5-speed, with 145,000 miles on it, and I haven't had any problems with it yet. The only expenses on it were maintenance costs, like new spark plugs. I think it's the V6 auto that's crap.
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    I have a 1996 Avenger 4cyl with a 107,000. It started running rough six months ago. I changed the spark plugs and re-set the computer. It ran fine for the next six weeks then it started running rough again so I changed the spark plug wires. Again, the car ran fine for 8-weeks and again problem came back. I changed the plugs and re-set the computer again and the problem went away. No the problem has gotten worse and re-setting the computer nor changing the plugs makes a difference. Are these early symptoms of some of the above mechanical problems? I plan to change the fuel filter and have the O2 sensor checked.
    Has anyone experienced the same problems?
  • antonkantonk Member Posts: 19
    I had to change the plugs because it ran really rough, i think even maybe on less than 4 cyls, but it's been fine after I put new Bosch Platinums in.
  • alcanalcan Member Posts: 2,550
    Has the check engine light come on and has a scan tool been used to check for stored trouble codes?
  • antonkantonk Member Posts: 19
    That's exactly what told us it was some sort of ignition part, so we went with the cheapest - plugs. You could also tell they needed a change.
  • jott1jott1 Member Posts: 2
    I was hoping it would be the plugs however I changed them three different times. The check engine light came on 6-weeks ago however I did not check the stored codes. I was hoping the light would come on again but no luck. Does anyone have any other possible solutions?
  • antonkantonk Member Posts: 19
    What symptomes does the car have? Does it hesitate during acceleration, or just run rough, or what?
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    Do you still have the driveability problem, but no CEL? By "resetting the computer", if you disconnected a battery cable the trouble codes should still be stored in the powertrain control module as history codes. This'd give some direction re tracing the root cause of the problem. It sounds as though the plugs are the effect, not the cause. Were they black and sooty (rich mixture), oil fouled, wet with gas (plug not firing), whitish grey (lean mixture)? A good tech can get a lot of info about an engine by reading the spark plugs.
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    Oh man, this sounds similar to the problem that I've been getting. I have a 1995 Avenger ES 6cyl auto (105000 kms) and the engine would stop no matter if it was hot or cold, in the city or on the highway. They replaced the rpm sensor but three weeks later, the problem came back again. They then replaced the distributor computer a couple of days ago which was big bucks. I hope this'll be the end of it. I have had no serious problems with this car up until now but I've only owned it for a year and a half. I just installed a car alarm (Python) about two months ago, would this have anything to do with it? I know electronic systems can sometimes be finicky if you try to combine them. kjbenn, was yours a 6cyl? Any updates on your avenger?
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    Having worked at Chrysler before, I know that Chryslers have screwed up electrical systems. The guy I used to work with got pissed off every time he had to remove an Autoguard system, because it took his about an hour, and then he sometimes couldn't start the car afterwards.

    I have a 96 Avenger with 145,000 miles on it, and it's been having slight electrical problems (thank god it's not loaded with any power options). My right blinker intermittently screws up by the front blinking very fast, and the back not at all. It's very hard to predict when it will happen, and when it won't. I'm sure it's just a bad connection somewhere, but still. Also, about a week ago, the light that's supposed to come on when you turn on the defroster stopped turning on, even though the defroster works. Oh yeah, another thing is when at night I turn on the lights, the HVAC controls don't have any lights on, so you can't see anything.
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    I have just begun researching info. on the 1998 Avengers. I got what I thought was a *deal* when I purchased my car in late 1998. It's an AS, fully loaded, DC, leather, the works.

    The transmission just died while I was in busy traffic. I do have the extended warranty, I purchased it because of trading in my 1996 Dodge Status when the power steering went out. Foolishly, I bought another Dodge.

    It has 47,000 miles. Last week, it was pulling way to the right (which I now find is calling steering drift) and I took it in for alignment. It didn't need alignment. They re balanced the tires (I have this done continuously) which keeps the car on track for awhile. Several times I have had the shimmying problem with the steering wheel.

    The tires also wore out quickly, the back ones at 40,000. Put the old front ones on the back and brand new babies on front, and just replaced the worn out pair.

    The sun-roof cover has broken two times but repaired under warranty. The DC player broke at around 20,000 miles and was replaced. This last summer they tore the dash apart to find a rattle, related the dash, etc., and it is now making a noise again.

    The latest thing, when we had the car into the mechanic (not Chrysler) for the alignment, was that he noticed an oil leak all over the bottom of the car. I then took it to the Dodge dealer on Wednesday. They supposedly looked all over and there was no leak. They put fluorescent dye into the engine fluid and told me to wait two weeks. Because there is a deductible under the extended warranty, I paid the $44.00 for this.

    As soon as I left the dealers, I knew the car was no better, it was worse. It has been handling very bad with the ram's racing, etc. I had called and asked about this, and they told me I must have been on ice when this happened.

    When I returned to my office, I immediately called and complained. They said no problem with the brakes, nothing at all.

    My daughter took the car out that night and came home saying it was driving like oh*t, and now had a knocking noise in the back or front, or both.

    I then took it first thing Thursday morning to the dealer. I drove with the radio off and listened to all of the noises. It also would stick when I stepped on the brakes, etc. I tried to pass a car (normally I can pass in about 30 seconds) and this car barely moved. (V6) I couldn't make it by, so I slowed down to get back behind the car. The gears jumped and it just revved, right there on the highway.

    I got to the dealer and they all just smiled at me. (I'm a woman) I went for a test drive with the manager, and he tried getting it up to 70, etc., and of course it complied. He told me the only problem was that I needed fuel deicer (NEVER have needed this, and I live in a very cold area). All of the knocks and catchings were caused by this, he said.

    I left the dealer and got the car filled up, put the alcohol deicer in. About a half-mile later, in extremely heavy traffic, it clunked and the speed went down to 0. I got it to move a little bit further so I could get onto an exit ramp.

    It had to be towed in (I used AAA) but now am wondering if Chrysler should reimburse those towing expenses? When I got to the dealer, the one service advisor said, well, I most likely got bad gas when I filled it up. They said I couldn't have a loaner yet under my service contract because it wasn't proven to need overnight repair.

    They gave me a ride back to the office. An hour later they called and said something about a pin breaking in the differential. (Which I did read about today) Now I could have a loaner car. When I came back to the dealer, the manager was giving me a sheepish grin and oh, I guess we were wrong stuff.

    Out of curiousity as to what a differential pin was, I entered transmission problems in Yahoo search. I was floored to find a Chrysler Problems Web Page. I then did searches through Dogpile and found lots of problems by other consumers. (This was this afternoon) and ran off everything I could find.

    Now I am searching through Google and came upon this site. Sorry for long post! Even though I have the extended warranty for about 28000 miles yet, which is good, I want to know about all of the TSB's I read, for problems on the 1998 Avenger that I have never been notified, or had fixed. What are others doing about making sure everything gets fixed, or possibly getting the cars replaced or refunded?
  • antonkantonk Member Posts: 19
    I think the problems in Avengers start when they're fully loaded. Mine has nothing, and nothing has broken. In the 5 months that I had it, I replaced spark plugs and wires - $50 total.
    Also, I think the 4 cyl engine is A LOT better. And maybe they build them better for Canada, which is where I live.

    Sorry to hear you have so many problems with your car. But if you ever get rid of it and want something sporty, practical, beautiful and reliable, I would very strongly recomment a 95+ Nissan Maxima SE. My parents have owned one for 3 years, and the only thing that had to be done to it (at 50,000 miles) was a replaced fuel injector, which was completely covered by warranty, even though it's a 95 and rebuilt.
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    Is anyone aware of the fuel pressure regulator recall on these? I had my 95 in the dealer service the other day for the ball joint and control arm recall and they asked if I had the regulator recall performed. Of course my reaction was, " What regulator recall? " You may want to look at that as a potential resolution to the drivability problem it sounds like a lot of you have. I'm going back for mine, even though it's running good. Thought you all might like to know...
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    I have a 96 avenger, V6 with 60000 miles on it. It has been running great since I purchased it in Sept 95. But I have finally developed a problem.

    It has trouble starting. When it does start it idles OK but it doesn't have power during accelerations. Our first thought was the fuel filter, but we opened the line out of the filter and got a very good flow, so it didn't look bad. So now we are thinking of the fuel pump might be having so problems.

    As a side note during one of our test drives the check engine light came on and I lost acceleration immediately. The manual suggests that this has to do with exhaust gas flow. So this is confusing our ability to trouble-shoot our problem.

    Is there someone out there that has had a similar problem or might even know the answer to our dilemma.
  • alcanalcan Member Posts: 2,550
    If the check engine light came on there is at least one diagnostic trouble code stored in the engine computer. A scan tool will be required to retrieve the trouble code. Start there.
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    I'm really thinking about buying a Dodge Avenger. I started doing some research and now I don't know what to think. I've red about all these problems that people have had with this car. I would like to know if anyone could give me more specific info on there car problems. I have just one comment, I have a 94 eagle talon. I bought it USED with 78,000 miles on it. I take my car to a great mechanic, every 3,000 miles for the usual check up. I attribute that to not having any problems with my car! My talon in now going on 120,000 miles and she can still get it!
    Than for reading, please mail me if you have any good advice for me. Please use the subject Dodge Avenger. I don't open any unknown mail.
  • old_guy_in_txold_guy_in_tx Member Posts: 12
    Bought it new, traded it in this week with 112K miles on it for a toyota, Changed oil ever 3K, all required mant. Have replaced 11 tires @190 each(one more on the way), 10 lug nuts and studs(17 inch rims), had 3 rims straightened @ $125 each(pothole sensitive), 3 ox sensors and a camshaft seal @80K, 1 rotor and 2 sets of brakes, Will never get another. and I used to work for Chrysler!
  • dweezildweezil Member Posts: 271
    a cam shaft seal repair at 80 thousand? That isn't much.Lousy tires and rims? How do you drive?
    That isn't Chrysler's fault.That's the tire manufacturer!!!2 brake jobs in that amount of time with your tire and wheel problems??? What are you complaining about???
    I am no defender of Chrysler and it's sub- par quality,but buying a car and expecting to not even have to add oil [as Saturn flamers seem to think]or replace the brakes is simply absurd.
    The only REAL problem you had was with the 0x sensor, and a little investigation might have turned up a higher quality one than the one Chrysler uses.I think this is more a case of simply piling on, than it is another lousy Chrysler product.
  • enetheneth Member Posts: 285
    Of course, it should be noted that the Avenger is a Mitsubishi ......
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    I'd have to agree...aside from all those tires, you don't have any complaints for the mileage you got, I think. I mean, I know you'd rather not have spent that money on repairs, of course, but the things you mentioned are pretty normal. I'd be happy myself if that's all that happened to me after 112K.

    As for eating tires, this should have been a solvable problem. Should this occur again, go to an alignment shop that works on performance cars...find out where the Ferrari dealer gets his wheel alignments, or the local guys who drag-race. A good shop can fix a tire-eating problem!
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    I had a 96 Avenger that was great! I had no problems until 43k miles. At that point, my luck ran out. My third cylinder was no longer firing, and the dealer said I needed a new wire set. It took a week to get this simple part in. When I finally called and asked if I could pick it up, I found out that the driver-side window had been left open...

    Unfortunately, there was a very heavy downpour while it was sitting outside at the dealership, and it sat in a puddle that came up to the bottom of the door, but not over. The interior was removed and dried out, and after another week, I had to call and see if the car was complete. They said yes...

    When I arrived, the vehilce would not stay running at idle, and was squeeling really loud. The mechanic that drove my car out to my was a moron. He said that was normal for the car. I informed him that he was lying. It turns out that the tensioner had rusted and needed to be replaced. After 4 days, I called, and was told the vehicle was ready again. When I arrived, the tensioner belt was sqeaking. I needed the car for my job, so I started the 2 mile drive home. The tensioner belt broke. I called the dealer, and was towed back. I needed to buy a new belt now. The car also gained the ability to shift in and out of gears without the clutch down.

    At this point I told the service manager to get the dealership manager, and buy my car back. I got barely enough to pay what little I had left on my loan.

    Bottom line:
    The five star dealership that was supposed to be a better service enviroment was the worst service I have ever received anywhere

    The parts system that Chrysler has is very poor

    The dealership had never called me to let me know that my car was ready to go

    I never received a loaner even though it was clearly the dealerships fault

    Chrysler has good initial quality, but cannot back it up with proper service

    Chrysler will never make a profit until it treats customers like they mean something.

    Just my 2 cents
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    I too have had difficulty starting my 1996 Avenger S. I replaced the plugs and ignition cables, had the battery cleaned and charged. It ran fine for 2 weeks and then I had the same problems again. Was there really a fuel pressure regulator recall? Could this have something to do with why we all have had difficulties starting them. Also, I can attest to the screwy electrical system. The "security" feature on the Avenger has caused me problems too. The lights and horn will flash and sound because of the sensors in the doors. I have had no problems with the car until the last 4 months. Is it time to get rid of it?
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    I wish that I would have reviewed this section of the web site a year earlier as I had made a purchase of a Dodge Avenger S. I now have many of the problems described above and my car is going into the dealer in two days for repairs. When the car does start it is with a great puff of black smoke emitting from the tail pipe. The car idles roughly but once you get going it seems to run fine and idle properly until it sits at rest for an extended period at which time the process starts over again. I believe that if I do get the car running this week again it will find itself in the classified Sunday. What are possible solutions to getting the car fixed?
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