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2010 Mazda3



  • Thanks so much, Aviboy97!!
    I appreciate your keeping us all updated.
    Is your dealership located in NJ ??? I am in Northern Jersey - New Providence area.
    Cheers! Susie :)
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I'm located in western Connecticut, probably about 1hr 20 min from you.

    There are a few big time Mazda dealers in your area. Wayne Mazda (largest in the country), Ramsey Mazda and Open Road Mazda are all in your neck of the woods.
  • Darn!
    I would love to have given you the sale!! :D

    Thanks for the names of the other dealers.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Too bad both of you have your email addresses set to "private" in your profiles - otherwise you could exchange info :)

    Thanks for the info you've been providing here, aviboy97. It's really helpful.


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  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    My e-mail address is is no longer private!

    Susie3mhs, if you like any further information or advise, just e-mail me.

    Thanks for the info you've been providing here, aviboy97. It's really helpful.

    Thank you. It's nice to be appreciated!
  • Any idea yet about pricing?? I know that question has been asked already but that thing is 2 months away from being on the lots for goodness sakes! When are we gonna be able to get pricing so we can decide on model and options??
  • Hey !
    Neither is mine. Thanks for bringing it to our attention Kirstie!
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Any idea yet about pricing??

    That's the million dollar question to which I have no answer yet. Hopefully soon!
  • I have a few pics of a new 2010 M3 S GT at a local dealership that I would post if I could figure out how to post them. Anyway I didn't get to see it because the rep was leaving and I didn't have time to get over there but one of the salesman sent the pics to me. If anyone wants to see some of them let me know.
  • Do you have any idea if there is an S-Plan Rebate on the 6???
    Some were 400-500 Bucks..
  • Hey ! Would LOVE to see pix. If you can't figure out how to post them, my email is no longer private...You can shoot me an email.
    Thanks so much!!
  • This isn't too helpful for those of us in the USA, but the Mazda Canada website has the build and pricing online for the 2010 sedan and hatch. You can do a currency conversion but I don't know how accurate that can be since the options and pricing strategy are sure to be different between US and Canada.

    for the Hatch ("Sport" in Canada) it looks like there is a $1000 CAD increase between 2009 and 2010 models, so I would expect a similar increase on the US models.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Do you have any idea if there is an S-Plan Rebate on the 6???
    Some were 400-500 Bucks..

    I have heard that mentioned a few times in the Mazda6 thread, however, in my region (North East), that rebate does not exist. I don't have access to other regional programs either.
  • What I'm curious about, and I don't expect AviBoy to reveal sensitive insider info, but when when a new car like this is introduced (MZ3), historically what might we expect in terms of deals? I know pricing isn't available as of this writing, but can we expect dealers (and manufacturers) to be insisting buyers pay full MSRP or more, or might they we willing to deal right off the bat to get the car visible on the road? I've always heard it best to wait a few months after a new model intro to see how things pan out in terms of pricing and reliability, would that be the safest bet?
  • nornetnornet Posts: 24
    I know in Canada that any popular new vehicle is sold at MSRP or above, even if it turns out to be a bit of a dud. It takes a few years for realistic pricing to work thru the system .
  • If one dealer doesn't want to deal then one across town or in the next town will. As tough as times are right now all of them want to move vehicles. I don't think Mazda is going to have a tough time selling these cars but they will be sold for X dollars over invoice just like all the others except maybe Honda (and the Dodge Challenger- -beautiful car). I have already talked price with my local dealer and he makes no bones about having to get right on the price. He doesn't want me trying another dealer, and I don't blame him. Better to make a little profit than miss the sell. Based on what I have read and heard I am thinking the 2010 S Sport A/T will be close to the price of the 2009 S Touring A/T. Any thoughts?
  • creakid1creakid1 Posts: 2,032
    "And it shines through the moment you get behind the wheel. The steering is crisp and loads up nicely under cornering - offering feedback from the front wheels – while it feels grippy and composed in the bends...But the real surprise is the level of refinement and comfort, despite the agile character of the car. Mazda claim a six to eleven per cent reduction in road noise, and it’s true. Wind flutter and road roar are virtually non-existent, while the suspension absorbs bumps like a sponge and offers decent body-control on the move."

    "It sticks to the road like glue, the feelsome steering inspires bags confidence in corners and the range of powerful but frugal engines are fantastic."

    How many cars today still got real steering feel? It makes me wonder what's so mighty about the great-selling sport sedans from Honda? Civic Si's steering feels worse than some video games (see Car&Driver's comparison test)...all the way to the TSX or TL, which even Consumer Reports couldn't stand its numb electric steering...
  • When are we gonna get pricing on this car???? It is driving me insane.
  • jeffb1jeffb1 Posts: 42
    Talked to a rep at the St Louis Auto Show last night about the 3; he said no pricing yet, 6 weeks 'til they hit the showroom, and they are going to 'hold the line' on pricing. They had a fully decked out 2.5 there on display and he said it would be around $25k, give or take. He was kinda vague but that's all I could get outta him.

    BTW, he also said the CX-7 is being reworked cosmetically (including new dashboard layout and some other 'freshening') and will arrive in showrooms as a 2010 around May, which I thought was pretty odd. HOWEVER, he said it would have the turbo 4 but also the 2.5 non-turbo as an available motor! I guess the mpg complaints of the turbo 4 may be hurting sales. that thing is 4000 lbs +, i wonder how sluggish it would be with the 2.5?

  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159

    The 2010 Mazda CX-7 is undergoing some changes. I am unaware of any cosmetic changes, including the interior. As for the motor choices, you are correct. The Mazda CX-7 with the 2.3L Turbo will be the CX-7 s and the CX-7 with the NA 2.5L will be the CX-7 i, just like the Mazda3 and 6. My guess is the 2.5L will be rated around 19 city / 26 highway.
  • What does "hold the line" on pricing mean?
    Why is it so important to keep the pricing a secret?
  • mpg60mpg60 Posts: 71
    I believe it means NO incentives/discounts.
  • I take "hold the line" on pricing to mean that there won't be a drastic increase in price over the current 2009 model 3. I'm not sure about that though, when I looked at the Mazda Canada site it looked like prices went up by about 1K. Of course the argument will be made that there is more content in the 2010 model, so we'll just have to decide for ourselves if the extra content is worth the higher base price.
  • I tend to agree with you on what "hold the line on pricing" means. Surely Mazda realizes with the economy like it is they are gonna have to be aggressive with pricing. Concerning the Canadian pricing that you mentioned, I am hoping that we can expect the 3 S Sport to be about the same price as the current 3 S Touring. This is what I was told by my local dealer after he talked with a Mazda rep. Surely a base 3 S Sport Automatic will not retail for over $21,000 including destination. What do you think?
  • 2 days ago I had my Mazda P5 in for service and saw a brand spanking new 3 in the showroom and became entranced. Yesterday I picked up the first 2010 Mazda3 sold in Windsor,ON - a GT in a smokey silver color (forget what it's called) with black leather premium package & dealer window tint, without even taking a test drive. Having read about it I knew pretty much what to expect even though I wasn't planning to buy one, at least not yet. My plan was to wait until there was a somewhat comparable NA built vehicle available, maybe a Chevy Cruze or the European based Ford Focus. Anyway, great service at that Windsor Mazda dealer, things have been a little slow there too but they also just sold a MazdaSpeed3 while I was looking. I traded in the P5 (was a great car, pretty sad to see it go) but this new one's in a whole different league. It's hard to believe that only 8 years separates the two cars, the 2010's like from the future, a beautiful car & much better in person than the pics. It's also obviously better than my wife's 2008.5 Mazda3 GS (first time in 30 years she's shown any jealousy at all - my Valentine's day timing stinks). The drive home (28km) was a great ride and seemed like the quickest ever. Yesterday, being Friday 13th. and me not wanting to tempt fate, I just parked it in the garage instead of our customary new car cruise. Today it's snowing and me being a discretionary driver don't want to get it all salted up so I probably won't be driving it again until the roads dry up. My timing just sucks. Guess I'll just have to content myself with programming the radio stations and driver auto power seat positions (they auto adjust to driver's settings via driver remote key fobs when unlocking). If anyone has any questions I'll try & answer.
    Peace, out :P
  • Salt washes off... GO DRIVE THAT CAR!!!

    Zoom-Zoom ;)
  • I'd love to exchange information with you. I'm on the fence right now between an 2009 Mazda3 S touring hatch or a 2010 Mazda3 GT.

    I like certain things about each one but I have a feeling I won't be able to test drive both before the 09's are sold out.

    Just wondering if you'd driven the current 04-09 model and had any personal comparisons.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    $1,195 for the Technology Package (Keyless Ignition, Nav, MID and Sirius Radio) sound pretty cheap!
  • exit123exit123 Posts: 136
    Does anyone have the trim levels, standard equipment, options, etc.?
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