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Chevrolet Traverse Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,583
Tell us about shopping for the new Chevy Traverse!


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  • nargnarg Posts: 113
    Hi all!

    I have a new Traverse LT2 in my driveway tonight. The buying experience was interesting. Started out very bad, but ended up exceptionally good. Here's how it went:

    I fell in love with the Lambda platform since the Buick Enclave hit the road. I was very tempted to get it originally. At one point I was offered a large increase in my GM Card rebate amount to buy one too. But, wanted to wait and see what other GM models would appear from this platform. The GMC follow, but was a bit pricey to me. The Outlook was nice, but options seemed thin. Then the Traverse was announced, I was highly interested. But the HSBC folks didn't seem as eager to help this time. But GM was eager it seems...

    A week ago I started my normal buying education on a new car purchase. I gather all the data I could, priced out options, and even called my bank to pre-approve for the loan amount I thought I needed. I found a number of incentives ready for any new buyer of the Traverse. But, when I visited my dealer, the story turned bad quickly. Turns out I didn't qualify for many of the incentives I had originaly been led to believe I would be allowed. I walked out of the dealership, Traverseless.

    I wrote a letter to GM that night, telling them what occured. I said I was sad that this being the 6th purchase of a GM product didn't even allow me the "loyalty" incentive. Then something amazing happened. A high ranking GM representitive called me late last week. Asked me a few questions about how I found the information I did. I explained the poor information given on about incentives, and how my local dealer did try everything he could. But the bottom line was he had a Traverse dressed perfect for my desires, but the price would not fit what I had pre-approved for a loan, and my budget wouldn't allow any wiggle room. The GM rep's last comment was that GM wanted to get Traverses on the road, and that he would "look into it". The next day I recieved a call from the dealership, asking me to come in and consider a "revised offer". Amazingly, he was now able to offer the Traverse he had on the lot for the price I could afford.

    I purchased a white LT2 AWD with Nav, DVD and Leather for the Red Tag price plus $3750 in rebates from GM and my GM Card. Currently this is not available to everyone, but is to a few under some pretty tight restrictions. I understand the GM incentives might grow for everyone by as soon as maybe this year end. I had to make an extra effort to get my deal, but I think it could be easy for anyone very soon. GM is in the mood to sell cars right now, and they are glad to be able to sell cars under the current economic conditions. I feel lucky, both to have the offer they gave, and to own a new Traverse, and love how GM treated me on this.
  • guy1974guy1974 Posts: 119
    Great that GM stepped up and I hope you enjoy your new Traverse!

    Interesting that you say that these extra rebates may come at the end of the year (after the red tag event finishes 5 Jan?) I am looking to get a Traverse early next year - need to wait to see if my job is safe (know in a few weeks) and then see what happens with the incentives.
  • dol1dol1 Posts: 8
    'narg' you don't say how much you paid. :confuse:
  • nargnarg Posts: 113
    Sorry, consider an LT2 AWD with NAV, DVD, Leather and towing, take the Red Tag price and whack another $3500 off which includes GM card rebate: Just under $35,000. With my trade in, my total loan was for $28,000 even. (Amazing what a 10 year old Chevy trades in for these days!)

    Can't say enough how happy I am with this vehicle and the price I paid.
  • I am looking at a '09 Traverse 2LT. Last month I could get incentives totaling $5750 with the "red tag". This month it's $4750.

    $2000 Rebate
    $2000 bonus for returning lessee
    $750 Rebate
    $1000 Bonus (added mid December '08)

    As of Thursday (1/8) the last $1000 bonus is gone and is a deal killer for me because I am leasing and this makes the payment more than my Suburban.

    Does anyone know of other hidden $$ that I can use? I am a GM Family member as well. I really want the GM car but I am heading to another brand if I cannot get a decent deal. Buying is out of the question.

  • If you have a G.M. Mastercard you can use the rebate you have earned and they are offering another $1500 to go with it.
  • lablover2lablover2 Posts: 106
    are they still offering the extra $ if you have the gm mastercard? i tried looking online and can not find anything about it anywhere. thanks
  • maxxmdmaxxmd Posts: 18
    Yes they are. Google GM card. The site may be I used mine today and will pick up a Traverse Friday.
  • I've notice most who've posted here are using GM card incentives to drive the deal. I have no such card, nor am I a returning GM buyer or lease customer. The last US built car I drove was in the late 80's and it was a terrible diesel Jimmy.

    I like the Traverse and am seriously considering it vs. a german built suv/crossover.

    Any ideas on bottom line discount including any incentives one could get on vs. MSRP? In other words, how steep of a discount can I get off the MSRP? Based on my initial view, I think they're a bit overpriced to start with.
  • As near as I can tell, there is basically NO discount on GM cars these days unless you are a returning customer. It's insane -- makes it easy to see why they NEEDED a bailout, but sure is irksome that we paid for it and right now their cars seems to be overpriced compared to every other car out there (oh wait, there is one other manufacturer offering nothing but loyalty incentives right now -- Chrysler, the other bailout recipient!) It's almost like they don't want to sell cars right now -- I can't figure out if that somehow gets them more of a handout down the road or something?
    And the GM card incentives aren't $1,500 for everyone. Mine were rounded up to $2,000, which means I only got about $1,000 extra. Definitely not enough to bring the lambdas close enough to comparable cars out there.
  • degirldegirl Posts: 45
    Hi Donovan,

    I agree they are overpriced. I was looking at the Traverse in Dec. when GM offered the Red tag event (supplier discount). The cars were cheaper then. And even cheaper still if you did NOT own a GM product. Gm is NOW offering $2000.00 customer loyalty but as I stated it is now more expensive.The sales men told me there wouldn't be any great discounts since the vehicle has only been on the market for a few months. Although I noticed the Acadia and Enclave have the same promotions and those cars have been in production for the last year go figure. I agree with another blogger that stated maybe they get more bailout $$ if they don' sell cars. :(
  • lxclxc Posts: 1
    We went to get an estimate for our 2005 Equinox LT AWD and was offered $8,500 in trade-in value. I asked at least of $5,500 off MSRP on any Traverse... Initially the sale manager offered to up the trade-in to $9000 and the discount to $6,000 to close the deal today. Then he reneged later but we agreed on just $500 more.

    Wife really liked the LT for its rear view parking camera and power seat. She didn't want to pay the add'l $3000 in price difference. At the end, we settled on LS AWD for $31,065 (MSRP).

    The Equinox has had it shares of engine problems (coolant/intake gaskets/head gaskets leaks; all fixed by GM and still under special warranty for engine repair until 10/2009). We bought the Equinox at a different dealership that doesn't provide free loaner car and the time lost due to constant repairs makes it an easy decision to buy a new car from my local dealership. Also we will need a car for 6 passengers soon.

    To avoid the hassle and cost of repairs, we paid a 5yr/100K bumper-to-bumper warranty/zero deductible for $1300... This is a big shocker to my wife as I had never paid for extended warranty.

    We are able to use $1000 in GM Card Rebate. In the past, the GM Card rebates were around $2000 to $3500 for our other purchases.

    And finally an American car that is built in USA and doing my share to stimulate the economy.
  • murphy4murphy4 Posts: 92
    MSRP $38,955
    Discounts $7,500

    TOTAL $31,455

    I think this is a good deal. Anyone seen or heard better? The next hurdle is financing. Of course GM won't let you take 0% and all the discounts according to my dealer. Is that true?
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Yes, that is true.

    $7.5K is pretty good, can you list the discounts?

    Depending on your access to credit, 0% for 60 mths may be better than the $2250 cash.

    Has anyone received a $8K (+) off MSRP deal on one of these cars?
  • murphy4murphy4 Posts: 92
    2215 Dealer Discount
    2250 Cass Back
    2000 Lease discount
    1035 Regional Coupons?
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    With an GM employee discount combined with some other incentives, $10K off MSRP is possible.
  • murphy4murphy4 Posts: 92
    and still get cheap financing?
  • degirldegirl Posts: 45
    The Pentagon Federal Credit Union is offering 3.99 percent on new cars for financing up to 60 months. If you don't qualify to become a free member you can join for $25.00.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,624
    Edmund's has the current finance rate as an incentive at 6.9% regardless of term. CapitalOne has 4.79%

    What's up with that??

  • wavehowaveho Posts: 31
    Wish the incentives were a bit more and the GM Card had a larger allowance, but I was very happy to get $7,500 for my old 02 Suburban Z71 with 140K miles. I would not gotten much more if sold privately. Adding in the $1,000 for the GM Card allowance, $2,250 cash back, and the price dropped to below invoice ($500 over supplier pricing), I was happy with the deal. Also, I requested that they throw in two more wireless headsets (at $150 each, didn't want to get on my own when we travel with more than our two kids, which is often enough!) and the rear rubber mat. They were more than happy to do that. One salesman I spoke to had not made a single sale in a week! So, boys and girls, don't be shy to ask for extra goodies! If they believe a sale is dependent on acquiescing to your requests, then they will comply. In retrospect I should have asked for the rubber carpet mats, but bought good quality Michelin mats cheap enough. This is a handsome, high quality, and quite useful vehicle. It looks like an import, but without trying too hard. It's definitely Chevy on the outside, but surprisingly attractive and useful inside. Enclave was too soft and WAY too "blingy" with the chromed everything everywhere--ugly; Acadia too common and almost invisible; Outlook just appeared ill-fitted everywhere....Traverse was just right! Oh, and the cooled seats!! are a must!!
  • hey all im new and just got a quote from a dealer and want to know if you thinks it good. they have employee pricing going on right now so
    im looking at a 2009 lt1 with
    rear dvd ent.
    rear view camara system
    trailor package
    otd prices 29939
    msrp 34700
    invoice 32036
    employee price 31880
    trade in 2000k maybe more
    i think i can get lower just because he gave me this price so quick lol. i think i can haggle down some more
    let me know what you think
  • terdelyiterdelyi Posts: 1
    Although they say GM is in trouble and should be more than willing to negotiate on their vehicles, I am finding the negotiation process on a 2009 Chevy Traverse a hassle. I come to realize that trying to get the best price via the internet is not worth it as most dealers will not respond unless you come into the dealership. When I did visit one dealership, the negotiation process was too lengthy and a pain. Right now, here is what I found. If I purchase a Traverse with with all rebates and incentives, I can purchase for about $5300 less than MSRP. I can't seem to get a better deal. Has anyone been able to get a better deal? This is without using the GM card.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,624
    That's not too bad a price. I'd wait until June 1st after the pre-pack is announced to see what happens. The prices might drop for the 2009 MY.

  • wavehowaveho Posts: 31
    $5K to $6k off msrp is about right--you can haggle a good deal, but they simply won't sell you a car for less than they got it for! A good deal will be between $500 and $800 over supplier pricing. If you are trading in, you have more room to work. Also, don't be afraid to ask for extras. We requested, and received two more new wireless headsets for the dvd system (these are pricey--showed us the invoice of $150 each!) and new rubber cargo mat for the rear. You can ask for other stuff such as rubber weathertech floor mats and other such things to seal the deal; they have control over this stuff, so don't be shy.
  • maseacremaseacre Posts: 1
    I haven't been able to follow the GM financial crisis so can I ask what IS that pre-pack plan you mentioned? I know it has something to do with filing for chapter 11... but what else :confuse:
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,624
    Here's a little info for you.

    GM Chief Executive Rick Wagoner told Congress and the White House in November and December that a Chapter 11 reorganization would spark a plunge in revenue from which the company wouldn't recover.

    But after months of research, including analysis done by top bankruptcy advisers, the company has come to believe it could emerge from what is known as a prepackaged bankruptcy, said the person familiar with the matter.

    Under a prepackaged bankruptcy, the various constituents -- unions, suppliers, bondholders -- would agree in advance to concessions. Prepackaged bankruptcies typically take just a few months to accomplish.

    With a prepackaged bankruptcy, said the person familiar with the matter, "We'd have 60 days of havoc and chaos, but the view is, if it was supported by the government and supported by the constituents, included the bondholders, the VEBA [retiree health-care trust] was negotiated, labor was in, that...we would be able to manage it."

    A bankruptcy of any sort could be far more effective than the type of out-of-court restructuring GM is undergoing. For instance, the company's entire debt load could be reworked, rather than a majority of it as it currently is trying to do, and the auto maker could circumvent state franchise laws that have long protected its dealers from GM's restructuring knife.

    Should have been done in December.

  • lilizliliz Posts: 1
    HAD to trade...both our truck and van were on death's door. Sold van privately. Had hoped to wait a bit longer but our truck started to act VERY funny. We drove into the lot last night and my NEW Traverse is in my drive. Here is what they did for us. Listed our trade of an old beat up 02 Tahoe with the steering or tie rods or something about to render it useless at 6,500. Gave us a discount of 2250. Our MSRP was 37,215. This was an LT2 with DVD entertainment and the Moonroof in Black Granite. So with trade and discounts our Cash due was 28,951.88. Not our best car deal ever, but we don't have time or desire to dicker around with two young kids at home and busy lives. We used the tip here to get the loan from Pentagon Federal Credit Union and they were AWESOME...we turned in our application last night after midnight and I called them this AM and they finished my approval and faxed a letter to the Dealership to tell them we have the loan. They fed exed our payment to them for a bit extra but again...We like to get our deals done and move on. We got the 3.99 financing and also joined with the one time only membership. GREAT TIP thank you. (Chevy dealership was offering us 5.9.) We love our car... Happy to buy American and keep our business at our local dealership. Good luck to you looking.. Hope this information helps someone who is looking get what they want.
  • degirldegirl Posts: 45
    Hi Liliz,

    Your welcome for the Penn-Fed tip. Congrats on your new car it sounds awsome. Please keep us informed as to your like/dislikes. Have a great weekend.
  • jarradejarrade Posts: 3
    Hello all….obviously the future of this question is up in the air, but can anyone share recent pricing experiences on purchases?

    I know this starts a new month of incentives as well (if that even happens with the filing), but any new info is appreciated.

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