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just got an rx350 (2007)...paired my cell , works ok, but the navi system automatically answers the phone as soon a call comes in. i tried to disable that in RX's phones setting- there is an "auto answer" button, there is a line in the button that goes on off if you touch it but the results are the same-- auto answer is always on (note: auto answer is off in the phone, a moto v3m)

does any one knowhow to disable the auto answer function??



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    Does anyone use a mid grade in their Rx 350. I just bought a 2008 from the dealer and it says you have to use premium.
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    This is a function of your cell phone. Go into the menu of your cell phone and disable auto answer and you’re all se to go. I’ve tried it both ways, and I must admit, auto answer off is the way to go. Your phones rings, your nav shows who’s calling and you press talk (on the nav or on the wheel). I have a V3 also.
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    In about 34,000 miles in my '07 RX350 I tried a tank or two of premium (93 oct), then a tank or two of midgrade (91 oct), then I switched to regular (87 oct) and can't tell the difference. No knocking and the mileage is the same. Try regular and see if you notice anything - if you hear knocking, move up a grade.

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    thanks for responding. that is the first thing i tried but it did not work. i think you are right it is the phone setting but looks like my phone defaults to auto-answer int blue-tooth mode. i'll give it another try- may be i did not do it right.
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    I have spent three years driving 1 2007 RX 350 and used entry level unleaded with NO problems. Ran great!
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    Same thing here; 2007 RX350 with a little over 38,000 miles.

    No problems using regular unleaded gas in almost three years!
  • lexusboblexusbob Member Posts: 4
    I have a new RX 350, 2010 without Nav. I have been successful in pairing my cell phone, LG model to the Bluetooth system and it works ok. However, I have been unable to pair a second cell phone, another LG same model to the same vehicle. Help with steps?

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    if anyone can answer this for me.
    I want a DVD playback on the Navi screen on 2010 RX 350 (i dont want the dual screen in the back seats), can anyone tell me which option I need ? thanks
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