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Acura MDX Bluetooth problem

mojotaymojotay Member Posts: 1
edited December 2018 in Acura
I have a 2007 MDX ...I have used the bluetooth often with no troubles, but lately when I dial up using voice activation everything works but you do not hear the ringing or when the person picks up. I do hear it faintly on my cell phone that I keep in the cosole or my purse. So everything is working but it is as if it is on mute. Same with incoming calls it rings in the car but when I pick up it does not come over the speakers. I have read the owners manual and have made sure the phone is in sync...
Help please!


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    hflmanhflman Member Posts: 3
    Call the number for the helpful tech guys for the hands free link in the owners manual
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    jth3jth3 Member Posts: 4
    My 2005 MDX has worked perfectly with Hands Free until today. There is no connection with the HF button.
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    buyusedbuyused Member Posts: 11
    I get the same thing on occasion. I just "re-acquaint" my phone to the bluetooth via the phone bluethooth menu and it has always worked. I wouldn't try it while driving though, I had to kick it old school once and actually hold the phone up to my ear--how annoying!.

    We're all spoiled brats. Good luck.
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    eddiemaceddiemac Member Posts: 141
    Just purchased a 2005 MDX. bluetooth works fine making a call, but when answering a call, the caller can hear me fine, but i do not hear them. Anyone else experienced this? Any solutions?
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    honda2009honda2009 Member Posts: 30
    Looking at the MDX vs the pilot. My brother-in-law has an '07 MDX and cound not complain more about the bluetooth. Apparently on his model he can only dial via voice activation, and cannot scroll or use his phone to manually dial. Is this still the same on the '09? Can you manually scroll on the steering wheel control (our X3 has this feature which is good as the voice system is impossible to use)?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. Since bluetooth is such a huge feature to someone who needs to use the phone a lot while driving, this could affect if we buy an MDX vs. something else.
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    luvmiatasluvmiatas Member Posts: 1
    I was able to "pair" my Blackberry with the Bluetooth in my 06 MDX. It worked perfectly until one day it would only "pair" intermittently. I could link up...be talking and loose parity, then the phone wouldn't pair...Anyone had this annoying problem and will appreciate any feed back. I've been pleased so far, but if it appears at 54K miles I'm going to start having electronic problems...I won't be happy.
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    jth3jth3 Member Posts: 4
    I have the 2005 Touring MDX. Nearly 2 years ago my HF stopped working altogether. Acura wanted to replace the unit for megabucks. Since then, on several occassions I'll hit the HF button and get a connection. Going back in for a "2nd opinion." Really sounds like a short in the wiring rather than a bad unit. Any one else with similar loss of HF?
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    jimbo90jimbo90 Member Posts: 1
    I was wondering if you had any luck with your problem, since my problem is identical.
    I have a Touring MDX 2005. The hands free button seems non responsive. Everyone once in a while, it will be available, but won’t stay paired. My next step is to see what wiring I can check, as well as fuses, but I don’t see anything in the manual for Hands free fuses. Thanks,
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    youdriveyoudrive Member Posts: 5
    I have both a 2005 touring and 2007 MDX with RES and have experienced the same issues infrequently. To correct this in the 2005, I deleted ALL phones through the voice commands and also deleted the blue tooth entry on my phone. Shut off car with key out and then set up all fresh. One time, all I had to do was pull battery from cell phone for a FULL re boot of the phone and all worked fine after.
    On the 2007, pulling the battery out of the phone seems to do the trick more often than not. ONCE I did have Acura do a full RESET to factory default on the bluetooth mechanism in the car before things came back to life.
    To this day i am still disappointed in the sound quality of the 2007, 08, 09 bluetooth as it is ported through the AM radio channel which is blurry / dull sounding and hard to hear most of the time.
    My 2 cents....
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    lexluthorlexluthor Member Posts: 48
    I have a 2009 Acura MDX (w/o Navigation).

    I have an A2DP compatible phone.

    Am I able to stream bluetooth audio to the car?
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    mdxer4mdxer4 Member Posts: 3
    If I make a phonecall from by "paired" blackberry and say transfer after the call is connected the call transfers to bluetooth only 1 out of say 10 times.
    I had the dealership change the bluetooth system but the problem continues.

    Also, the bluetooth doesnt automatically recognize my phone -- I have to turn the ignition off and on again for it to recoznize the phone
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    skifreak999skifreak999 Member Posts: 1
    I have an 07 MDX Elite - the bluetooth worked terrific with my blackberry, but has limited functionality with my iPhone 4. just sat in a new TSX and the functionality appeared to be 100% - much better. i believe you can also stream music through the bluetooth now.
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    trm5trm5 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 MDX. Handsfree has worked flawlessly. Then, it just died. I press the "talk" button and NOTHING. Input?
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    tornadogtornadog Member Posts: 102
    Just paired my HTC Thunderbolt with the HF on a new 2011 MDX, it works awesome, the calling quality is crystal clear and incoming calls pick up after just one ring. Also the bluetooth audio feature is super aweome. it autodetects google music installed on my phone. I have about 3000 songs up there and its great that I can listen to it, allows me to keep my ipod at work and free up the usb link to charge my phone.
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    mdxdogmdxdog Member Posts: 6
    What Model MDX do you have? I just bought a new 2011 base model and I only have bluetooth on phone calls but not audio streaming. I'm a little disappointed because this feature comes stranded on most new cars.
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    tornadogtornadog Member Posts: 102
    I have the MDX with Tech Package. I didnt have to do anything special. Just paired it, started Google music once so it remembered my default music player and it connects all the time. Pretty impressed really, cause it automatically loads the Music app if its not running.
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    rontx1rontx1 Member Posts: 1
    My HFL/Bluetooth in my 2007 MDX went dead several weeks ago. After searching and some phone calls, I determined that it was almost certain the control module was bad. Could not find one on line and dealer would not honor under goodwill (out of warranty) so paid $170 (gave my 10% off) for new module. Very easy to install, pry off rear seat control console only secured with clips, disconnect wire harness from old module, three screws to take off, then replace module. So far no problems. Now its a woman's voice instead of a man's....my wife says I ordered it on purpose...:-)
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    dogsrule54dogsrule54 Member Posts: 1
    My bluetooth also just went out, can you tell me where you bought yours for $170.00 ? I would like to order one from them as I was told it would be $300.00 from the dealer I bought my car from. Any help would be apreciated.
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    tcradletcradle Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Acura MDX and my Bluetooth just died too. What is going on? T his needs to be a recall. I am seeing too many posts about the handsfree dying and people having to pay to get it fixed.
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    jaelepjaelep Member Posts: 2
    Must be the bluetooth death around 5-6 years. Well something must be going on as my 2006 MDX bluetooth just died and just went over 100,000 miles. Any suggestions to get a replacement module for a good price?
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    andre57andre57 Member Posts: 1
    Can you pls let me know where you bought your bluetooth for $170, where exactly is the bluetooth located in the 2006 mdx and how to remove it?

    Much appreciate your help.
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    skippy15skippy15 Member Posts: 1
    Hey There! Any chance of letting me know where you purchased your bluetooth module for your 2007 MDX for 170? I just had a quote for 278 plus tax...thanks much!
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    aysays Member Posts: 1

    I had the same issue with my 2006 MDX. The bluetooth died a week ago and I am lucky to fix it myself. Thanks to somebody who posted online with his experiment. I even also called Acura dealership but their price is too much. Just the bluetooth module itself cost $360.00 plus tax plus if you let them install for you which is very easy to do will cost more than $600.00. This is a rob. I read a post from someone in another site and awesome it works. Just follow the instruction and you will find out.

    Here is the site.

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    darcyduanedarcyduane Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 MDX and I've never had problems with my Handsfreelink before. My Iphone 6s will be connected and then it won't no rhyme or reason. This just started about a week ago. It will even disconnect right in the middle of a call.
    When notice it's not connected I try to connect manually through my phone and it's like it doesn't pick up the Bluetooth signal.
    I'm looking for ideas on how to trouble shoot to see if it's the phone or the Handsfreelink. I tried to pairing the phone but the button on the steering wheel that you need to use to pair the phone doesn't work!
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    acuraMDacuraMD Member Posts: 1
    2010 acura mdx elite here and my bluetooth audio option doesn't even come up when I scroll through all the settings. Anyone else have this issue? I only have USB and aux options but bluetooth audio should be one of them. I bought this car used and the option has never popped up.
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