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Toyota RAV4 Engine Indicator Lights



  • taccounttaccount Posts: 1
    Hey, what turned out to be the problem? I have the same lights on. Please respond as soon as you can. Thanks!
  • stacey33stacey33 Posts: 1
    hi, need some advice. I have a 2003 2.0L turbo diesel. When accelerating, a couple of times the car has felt like it has held back and engine light has come on. On the last two occasions it has lost power and any acceleration. The car has then driven fine with the engine light still on on another day prior to getting it checked out. I have taken the car to toyota garage x 2 who ran a diagnostic check and couldn't find a fault. They have mentioned that if it keeps happening it could be the turbo but may not be!! Can anyone help me with some advice?
  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    If the toyota garage ran a diagnostic check, that means they erased the code and the code never came back. So first if the light come back they should not charge you any fees the recheck again. Second I hope they record the old error code and then they can compare and see if is the same code. If is the same they have to give you a better view of what is the problem and I much it cost to repaire. Also they may not give you the exact parts to replaced, sometime they replaced an all macanic assembly to make sure it will fix the problem but you should all take notes of what the dealer tell you to replaced and ask other toyota dealers what they suggest you to replaced. One more think ! you need to record the error code number to ask other toyota dealer...take your time to managed all this ...good lock ! :)
  • awatchawatch Posts: 1
    Our 2009 TR4 car is currently with the dealer for the same lights coming on problem (check engine, vsc trac and the trac off light). The dealer (wants $285 to fix ) claims a rodent chewed through the wire and that's what's causing the issue. I plan to ask for the diagnostic code and about the gas cap etc. since I've read this forum. Apparrently, the auto industry is using soy based products in the wiring and it's a big issue because they claim it's an insurance, not warranty, issue. any comments out there?
  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    edited July 2011
    Hi ! I've never heard about "rodent chewed through the wire " the auto industry is using soy based products in the wiring" never heard about that ..

    I believe it could be a delicious for some ones ... I think toyota is not responsible for that and you may have to pay for that ... maybe you can spray some "dielectric grease product" on the wiring, they will not be attracted by the taste and smell ...
    good luck
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited July 2011
    Never heard the soy based claim, but there are links about it on the net. But critters have been nesting in cars for years, especially ones parked outdoors most of their life. My sister had about $2,000 in damage to her '05 Subaru last year from some rodent chewing on her wiring. She made a claim on her insurance and they covered it.

    Saw this a few years back at a Sierra trailhead where critters were damaging cars. Chicken wire fencing on the left, but I thought driving over a big tarp and then tying it up was clever.

  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    Thanks for the pictures I really like it... first time a saw that...loll
  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    Today , my toyota Rav4 2007 would not start. Battery seems dead so I pull de booster cables out and a good gentleman had boost my car and start up the engine. I was going to drive 200KM to go home it was about 17h00. After start up the engine I felt the steering becomes really hard to turn on and off like that and then it was fine. Then my dash odometer lignt was fliquering all the time than I decide to find a garage. At the garage they didnt have any mecanic guys but one guys was available to install a new battery. So they could not tell me if the battery was the problem but I figure out after 4 years and 146000KM and a lot of starting engines and strong winter here in canada !! I got lucky it was the battery...Yeeeeh I am at home right now and my car is sleeping well ! :shades:
  • stew16stew16 Posts: 17
    Is any Rav-4 owners having issues with the start/stop button failing to start the car when pressed and your foot is on the brake? My start/stop button is beginning to have more problems, I push the button and nothing happens, I have to wait a few minutes before trying to start the car again of course the dealership can't replicate the problem, what else is new? This is the same button I'm supposed to use should the car began to accelerate, hopes it works better than it has when its been sitting still, what concerns me the most that the problem is quickly becoming a safety issue. :lemon:
  • My front passenger airbag light on my 08 Rav4 LTD started coming on and staying on sometimes. Anyone experiencing this problem??
  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    Hi ! This problem is a recall from Toyota, you must go to any Toyota Dealers and ask for an appointment to repair and it's FREE. You should not pay for this recall.
    Good Luck :)
  • macguyverchickmacguyverchick Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    Figured I'd put this out there for those who think of having a remote start put in.

    I have an '07 Rav4 that I bought Certified Used from a dealer. I bought into the extended warranty to save myself some mechanical and financial hassles. Yesterday I had a Compustar remote start installed at Future Shop (who guaranteed that if there are any issues with the vehicle due to the remote start they would fix it or be responsible for it). Toyota wanted about $700 for a remote start and FS $400 - hence why I went with FS.

    Shortly after the install, as I back out of a parking spot, I start having transmission issues. The car now slams into gear. Check engine, VSC, & 4WD indicator lights all come on. Away to the dealer I go thinking I have a powertrain issue. They chalk it up to the remote start messing with PCU. I know a little about cars but electrical is beyond me. So 3 trips to FS and 3 trips to the dealer and nothing has changed. FS says there is nothing wrong with the install and that the problems have to be due to something else and Toyota just snickers and sneers at FS yet the dealer mechanics know NOTHING about remote starts (you would think they would know something about the ignition and wiring but I guess that is too much to ask). They say that the Rav4 should not have one and is not designed to have one. Why would Toyota create model of car and put remote starts in half of them if they are 'not supposed to have them' and sell them in Canada?

    Really not impressed. Now spending more $$ to have the 'Toyota recommended company' uninstall the old remote start, fix my ignition wiring and install a brand new remote start that I am pretty sure is the same make and model as the one I already have. Hopefully when all is said and done the lights go out and stay out this time. This may be the only Toyota I ever buy considering what I read about the transmission issues. :mad: :cry:
  • I there ! this is the reason why I bought the remote start from toyota dealer. I bought the full kit remote with alarm and unlock doors and remote start for $1000 ! yes very expensive but never had any problem with this kit. Except they replaced the micro-switch under the hood for a seal liquid mercure or lead free switch, no charge upgrade.

    On my previous car I did the same as you did and I had all kind of problems so thats why I did this way. I think they all says its easy to install you wont have any problem I dont belived that !!!, the electrical wiring car system becomes more and more complicated you better have the dealers toutch that !! anyway good luck! you did the right move to have them install it :shades: ...
  • what is this(!) ? thought it was tires, put air in them and this (!) is still on?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,273
    Traction control? Do the squiggly lines look like the tracks your tires would make, if you were fishtailing?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    Hello ! can you give more details , explain what happen is it when your driving ? etc ... sounds like a VSC failure ...
  • The battery light came on yesterday on my 2005 RAV4. I have not replaced the original battery yet and assumed this was the problem. I bought a battery and was going to drop it off at my mechanic's this morning but while driving the radio stopped, the speedometer and odometer dials stopped working and all the warning lights went on. I turned around and went back home. I'm hoping it's just the battery.......can it be something else?
  • This is the tire pressure warning light that comes on when a tire is low. I had all four tires replaced and the light came on. Checked the tire pressure on all four and it was were it was supposed to be. Check your spare, that was the tire that was low. Aired it up and the light went off. I am having problems with the check engine, vsc and 4wd lights coming on. Happened the first time when I accelerated quickly from my gravel driveway, took it to the mechanic and $70 later the lights were off. He said there was nothing wrong. I did it again and the lights are on once more. I should not take off when I am mad (that is what happened both times). I came on this website looking for a way to turn the lights off. Any ideas????
  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    Hi there ! it doenst have anything to do with the acceleration quickly from your driveway should go back to the same mecanic place and tell them you dont wont to pay again for resetting you cpu, ask them to recheck carefully before resetting the error codes and ask them what are the code numbers appearing in there obd2 computer. Also do a quick check if your gas cap is tight enough !!! it happend to me once that it was not tight enough, after you tight more drive a couple km shut off the engine restart the engine and see if it appears again.
  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    my RAV4 is a 2007 and my battery when so low that my steering wouldnt move freelly like usual ( it is an electromecanical steering control system) so when I replaced the battery all system lights an steering and so on when normal...
  • I have a 2000 Rav4 and the check engine light came on. I had it scanned for the code and they told me it came up with a P004. I tightened my gas cap and had them reset it. Four or five days later the check engine light came back on with the same code. This time per NAPA recommendation I replaced the gas cap. I went about seven to ten days this time before the light came back on, what could it be. Every time the only code that they find is P004? :confuse:
  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    hello ! here's the generic code I found for Toyota:

    Code Make Description
    P0004 Generic Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit High :shades:
  • I bought 2008 RAV4 V6 at March 1, 2008.

    Engine, VSC and 4WD lights all on yesterday. I went to dealer to fix it. I was told have to pay $114 for inspection, then have to pay all cost for repair. I was dispoint for the answer.

    Anyone know:
    Why to check and fix this problem not be covered still in 4 years warranty? Is this a common problem in Toyota? What should I do?

  • Okay, I have a 2007 V6 Rav4 2 wheel drive that has vsc, traction, maint require, and brake light coming on intermittently. Was maybe 5% of the time but has become quite frequent as of late. Also found out now that the cruise light is flashing and cruise does not work during this time. They go out by themselves. Any help tremendously appreciated. Could this possibly be gas cap related? I may be able to say it came on once or twice around gas up time?
  • adamrafadamraf Posts: 1
    check engine, vsc and 4wd light all on today. is this a recall on a rav4 2008? anyone knows?
  • lb4lb4 Posts: 1
    i had same problem with engine light on, machine said code p1155 so i replaced 2 fuel ratio sensors. light still on and car runs, but i am out hundreds of moola and scared to drive it help please
  • You dont have to be scare to drive with engine light on ! the only time you have to stop the car and turn off the engine is went the engine light is lit AND FLASHING on and off . If the light is on all the time no danger. You may have to resend your car where they repaired it and ask them to recheck there job correctly , they may had changed the wrong sensors or more sensors has to be replaced it. You can take your time to go to the garage the only thing you may consume more gasoline but notting more then that. Take your time.
  • Hi, I had a problem with my ABS VSC & Brake Light constantly ON for the last 18 months. Which also disengaged my cruise control and probably my power steering. I had bought my beautiful beast 2nd hand 2 years ago and was offered 2 year warranty which included coming back to them for a service every 6 months.
    This problem started a month after I purchased my RAV. In the 2 years I have had it I brought it into the dealers 2 times regarding this problem and the two times they kept it overnight for testing. They could not fix my problem. It got to the point where I could not put my car in drive without having to press the brake release button, still could not help me.
    A kind gentlemen flags me over at the lights and says, none of your brake lights are working. Fabulous my thinks. So next day take my car to my local Car servo for guy to have a look, meanwhile I say "oh and there's another problem you have to press the brake release button to put car into drive". He says "that sounds like it is all related and it is probably the Brake Light Switch".
    This man is a genius. Why has it taken 18 months and 2 overnight visits (plus $$$$) from dealership I bought the frekin car from to then just drop into my local with a seemingly unrelated matter and he's just like, 'ohhh that's the brake light switch'......I am over the moon the local guy...Pro-Works Automative, Matraville, Sydney, Australia, deserves a medal. Now I have to stop myself from automatically pressing the brake release button before I put it into Park.
    He also said he has worked with BMWs and Mercedes and they also have this problem. I hope I can help someone like myself and not have to waste, time and money to fix this simple problem.
  • I am not sure if you have solved your problem or if it was the same problem I was having :) . My ABS, VSC and Brake Light switch was ON constantly and I had to use Brake release switch to get car into Park. Also Cruise Control disengaged. My local mechanic replaced the Brake Light Switch and it solved all my problems.
    Good Luck!
  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    Hi ,mecanic car dealer are not the best sometime in mecanique for solving problems and the charge a lot $$$$$$ because on there lack of inexperience.

    Maybe your previous owner sell is Rav4 because they could fix this problem ...

    Do you know where the brake light swicht is installed ??

    Thanks to share all your information it help other dude to fix there problem ane saving a lot of $$$$$ .... :shades:
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