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Toyota RAV4 Engine Indicator Lights

chasiawchasiaw Posts: 3
edited June 2015 in Toyota
I have a 2002 RAV 4 with 75,000 on it. The check engine light suddenly went on this morning. I have not gone to the dealer yet as it will be expensive to do so. I have an extended warranty but am not sure if they will cover the cost. As to the problem, is there a quick fix to this? Can I just do it myself?

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  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You need to find out why the warning light is coming on. Ignoring it can be very costly in the end.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Thanks for the reply. I went to AutoZone yesterday and had a diagnostic check made, the code that was given was P0442 which says that it has an air leak. The guy at AutoZone told me that usually, it is from the gas cap. The cap is in tip top condition. Would you know anywhere else it can come from? If I remove the connection on the battery, will it help in resetting the light to turn off?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    That code indicates that there is a leak somewhere in the evaporative control system with the gas cap being the most likely place for that to happen. However, it can be anywhere within the EVAP control system such as one of the hoses. Perhaps someone with RAV4 experience would tell us how to reset the light - anyone?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Thanks for the help. I just hope that there will be no drastic effect to the car's engine if I use it. Thanks again.
  • I have a 2004 RAV4 where the VSC TRAC warning light will come on while driving, and will go out after some time has passed, but no definite interval. The TRAC OFF light and Check Engine light also come on, and go off at the same time. No constant interval between time on and time off, nor between time off and time on. My mechanic thinks it might be a sensor, or a loose connection from a collision. Any other ideas?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    A problem with a sensor or loose connection (from whatever cause) seem probable or it could some electronic control module. Anyone else have ideas?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • My check engine light recently came on and I went to Auto Zone for a reading. They said it was the "temperature control sensor", which, after asking at a few repair shops found that this term/piece does not exist in a 2002 Rav4. They said it could be 2 other things that are closely related to that term (having to do with temp control) and would be around $200.00 to fix, and if not done soon could lead to greater engine problems ranging in the $2-3,000 range to fix. ICK! Anyone know of anything about this??
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Could they be referring to an Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor? It measures the temperature of the air going into the engine and is used to adjust the fuel mixture. Does that $200 include installation?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • rav4u2rav4u2 Posts: 1
    Last month, my 2007 Rav4 V6 Ltd showed the check engine, vsc & 4wd lights on. Went to my Toyota dealership immediately as requested. Cause: codes P0302 & P0304. 2 coils #2 & #4 misfiring, ordered and changed. 4 weeks later, same lights on and vehicle running rough. Back to dealership and cause was: codes P0300P0302/P0304/P0306 RE TSB2964 oil control valve bank 2. Intake & exhaust oil control valve changed. Now, 6 weeks later, same lights again! Code P0456. Evap control system leak. Cleaned loose fuel cap and tightened & resecured hose in clamp at fresh air box. Now all seems good and hopefully fixed the problem. All under warranty so happy. I had read this morning on your site about the gas cap and there you have it. Thank you. Hope this will help Rav4 owners with similar problems.
  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    Hi, Ihave a 2007 Rav4 sport
    in summer 2007 the 3 warning light came on and to fix the problem I just had to retight my gas cap..the 3 light turns off
    8 months later..recently the 3 warning light appears, after a computer checkout, my dealear ordered an oxygen sensor, its back order for 3 weeks so I will let you know next time ;) how the repair whent.

    otherwise I still love that hotrod.....acceleration and the driving is amazing !!!1 :)
  • hubristhubrist Posts: 2
    I recently had the CEL come on (and a few seconds later the VSC and the 4wd light come on, which on another forum someone wrote that the CEL disables the VSc which disables the 4wd. Also as noted in another forum, this disable the cruise control). The gas cap was not fully tight, but I had had 140 miles since my last fill up (however, I was above 7,000 feet which seems to improve my mileage a lot but also meant a dealer was far away). Tightened the gas cap and 200 miles later the lights went off. The guys at autozone were great as it did say EVAP leak (and a sensor error) and they offered to disconnect my battery to reset it. The autozone guy thought it might take 30 short drives to reset the light. Thanks for the advice here!
  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    This text follow my message on march 31, 2009

    The toyota dealer received my parts, I went to the dealer to replace the oxygen sensor located near to the cathalytic exaust system (there is four sensors on the catalytic exaust system, two up front and two at the back for a six cylinders engines)

    So for the replcement of that oxygen sensor the dealer report me that during the installation they find the sensor wires were cutted (broken)....I beleived the original sensor was good....dealers dont spend enough time to find the problem and make the wrong diagnostic. But the 250.00$ sensor was on they installed that new oxygen sensor and they repaired the broken wires and so far so message anymore and the car running perfectly. I love that car amazing drive.
  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    Rav4 2007 - All those 3 lights "on" again.
    I went to the dealer today and they said its the oxygen sensors again but not the same they changed ! two others. They said it will cost me for one sensor between $400 to $600 it depend if they have to re doing the thred because the sensor are jamed. Also they said the fact that they have two error codes one for each sensor , if I change one sensor I may have the lights on again so I will have to replaced the second one, or , I changed both at the same time for the price between $800 to $1100. I said NO I take my car back and I will think about it. I told them this is no sense , these sensors are made to detect air exaust problems and I dont have any problem with air exaust I have big problem with these sensors !!! I am replacing these sensors every 7 months !!!
    I take my car back tomorrow and I will see...I think TOYOTA have serious problem with these sensors and I dont have to pay for that !
    Will see tomorrow.
  • editaedita Posts: 1
    They all came on at the same time just this early morning. The manual says take the car to the dealer. In reading everyone's posting, it sounds like sensor problem which may or may not be covered by warranty anymore. When I wake up this morning, I will check the gas cap, clean it up and make sure it is secured. This cap for me really has never been secured. It does not click when I close it. If everything else fails, I will bring it to the dealer and will get back here for the result. In the meantime, if anyone has better news for me, please help!
  • dunezersdunezers Posts: 1
    I have 114,000 miles on my RAV and my check engine light has come on. The code is an ECM error. Timing was close to getting a new set of tires at one store and oil change at my dealership. Could they have done something? Any ideas or is it going to be a really expensive ECM replacement?
  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    Hi !
    First make sure your gas cap is secure.
    Second, take your time before making any replacement by any garage or dealer. Most of the time you can drive months with these lights on. Maybe you will consume more gas but thats it. Nothing bad will happen to your engine.
    Then you can ask questions to your dealer or other toyota dealer and see what they proposed and ask an estimated on paper. Take your time dont rush. Ask questions to others.
    It is probably the oxy sensor...they cost alot...
    good luk!
  • comem47comem47 Posts: 399
    If you have an Autozone close by they usually scan and diagnose for free (hoping you'll buy the replacement parts from them, but there is no obligation) I know this is true for OBD-II scanning and not sure beyond that.
  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    Following my message on Jan 12, 2010 and for all the peoples who have the same problems...
    After battleling months with toyota canada customer service, toyota concluded to pay for the estimated repair $250 and the dealer $150. So after all this battleling and driving three months with all 3 check engines lights on, I send my car for repair to the dealer.
    I got my car repaired this week April 23, 2010. They replaced two oxygen sensors.
    They told me the computer recorded warnings history on two oxygen sensors for three mounths and they decided to replaced those two oxy sensors.
    I had to pay for this repair $550.00 can (included tax) instead of $900.00.
    The dealer told me they did not charge the computer check fees, they lower the cost of those sensors and cut down the time labor to 1.8hrs
    I hope the oxygen sensors will last longer then the original ones....
  • kdrenshawkdrenshaw Posts: 1
    This morning the vsc trac and the trac off light and the check engine light all came on simutaneusly. After reading the manual it looks like something is wrong witht the VSC on the rav4 (2004) and that turned on the trac off and the check engine. I know that the car is in need of new brakes and shocks, but i haven't had time to install them yet. I have 135,000 miles on this rav. any ideas on why the VSC light may have come on?
  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    Hi !
    First thing first ! you need to go for checking your car computer and have a diagnostic (you can go to the dealer for that, around 50$ for this job). Ask them an estimate for the repair and very important: write down the error codes and which parts they want to replaced and the time for the labor. If is cheap (ex: $200 go for it , but if is more expensive dont do any repair. From there you will know which are the error code(s) that your computer has recorded. Then take your time and come back with your error codes numbers ask questions and look on the web to find out what code are related to which parts in your engines and so on...
  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    I forgot ! it happen to me one time it was my gas cap that was not tight enough...your gas tank is pressurized and it could cause these warning light !
  • 1999 rav4 engine light was on, I disconnected the battery then reconnected --the light stayed off for 4 days then came back on. Can't afford dealer mechs and I would like to know how to replace plugs and wires, if this could be the cause. Also the light went out for about 50 miles (city) on its OWN then came back on.
  • I went to Auto Zone too with a '99 Rav 4 and they said it could be electrical, some air/fuel sensor,faulty NAF/VAF sensor, or vacuum leak---big help?
  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    Hi ! many things you do ....first, if you really want to know where the problem is located in your engine you must connect an OBD meter . You can buy one if you like but they are expensive or you can find someone who has one. I dont know which way to explain you because I dont konw if you like to play inside your engine yourself or you want someone else to repaired ???? you can pay for a mecanic to have a report on paper and have them to explain you the codes.
    So , when you have a reading of the OBD you tell me and I will guide you. Without that its very difficult to find out the problem. It is a good investment to pay just to have the reading and have them explain you the codes and ask questions..dont take any engagement for repair just ask me or other people what to do after....
    If you smell a very strong taste of gas exaust at the exit of your muffler it is probably a flow sensor that when bad.
    Good luck
  • I recently bought a 2008 certified rav4. Yesterday i noticed few light sensor stayed ON while i turned key on ACC (before starting engine). But when I started the engine, all sensors lit and cleared after few seconds, as normal. My question is: are those sensors supposed to stay lit while the key is on ACC before starting the engine?
    or do i need to have the car checked?
  • Please, make your mechanic check the ABS computer. My RAV4 did the same thing, but the mechanical components were alright. After a while, I almost fell off a cliff because my brakes stopped responding properly. When further checked, my mechanic discovered that the ABS computer was damaged. The part alone costs a whooping $3 thousand bucks, not including labor. So, beware and take precautions. Your life may be endangered.
  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    hi ! it is normal that some warning lights are lit when the key is position to ACC and engine is OFF. After you start the engine all warning lights should goes OFF.
  • Hello...I have a 2009 rav4. I went to get a car wash today and after I was done, my malfunction indicator light, my slip indicator light and my cruise control light flashes. Is there any way the car wash set these warnings off? There are no noises or vibrations in the car
  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    Hi ! if you went to the car wash you may went fo refuelling your car today ?

    if you added some gasoline in your car today you may didnt squeeze enought your gascap !!!!! if you re tighted your gascap and make sure the gas cap is correctly in position and drive a couple kilometers you may see all warning light goes off !!! if not let me know !!
  • greg215greg215 Posts: 1
    The other day it was raining and I went to back up another car was coming so I slammed on the brakes. Then my engine light started to flash, VSC and 4WD lights came on. I had it towed to our mechanic just waiting on the test to come back now!
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