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    If this is correct, a 4-door Honda hatchback would be awesome! I've read that the Kia Sophia will offer a 4-door hatch in the 2001 model year. So it seems we may have some more choices in the market. Oh late, lamented Daewoo Nubira 4-door hatch, we hardly knew ye.
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    I'm looking to buy a hatchback for my wife, the stereotypical old lady from Pasadena. My #1 choice at this time is Honda CX or DX. I'd very much like to receive opinions from some of you Honda Civic experts.

    1) I can find the prices (list and invoice) about the car itself and the auto option. But I can't find the price numbers for the radio and air conditioner--to be added to the CX. Is there any place on the net to find them?

    2) The only significant additions to the DX seem to be radio, trunk cover, and rear wiper. They jack up the price by about $1500. I know power steering is in the DX package. But it is also in the CX with the auto shift option--at $200 more than the auto shift added to the DX. Is this a fair assessment?

  • I was in the same predicament as you, as my wife and i just bought a new '99 CX in august.

    I went with the CX over the DX for these reasons:

    1. I could give a good crap about a rear wiper.
    2. The DX comes with a simple radio, with no tape player (forget CD). I recommend going to and purchasing a better radio with more features for less money, and a free installation kit. Took me 10 minutes - can't beat that. The CX also comes with front speakers standard; you can put rear ones in later.
    3. I don't care about a rear shelf.
    4. The CX Automatic was exactly $1000 more, and power steering is standard with the Auto tranny option.
    We wanted an automatic.
    5. I HATE wheel covers. The CX has nice steel rims with center caps, no wheel covers like the DX. Wheel covers get beat to crap after awhile, and they look cheap anyhow.

    Our final price for the 99 CX Automatic with Air Conditioning and floor mats was $12,500. A great deal - and I shopped around and used services like Edmunds and AutoVantage.

    The radio/tape player is a Kenwood, and it cost me $100 delivered from Crutchfield, with no installation hassles.

    Good luck
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    Thanks, Igloo, for sharing your experience with me.

    I'd still like to find out the list (invoice) price of an air conditioner. A dealer quoted $1350. My impression is that the dealer cost should be less than half of that. doesn't show prices for accessories for the 2000 Honda models. Their 1999 pages might have shown these prices, but those pages are nowhere to be seen.

    I'd appreciate anybody telling me where on the net I could find dealer costs for a Honda radio (simple AM/FM) and air conditioner--to be added to a CX hatchback.

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    Forest, AC is one of the biggest problems when pricing Honda cars. Unlike other manufacturers, Honda does not factory-install AC. If you want AC, the dealer installs it. They also price it and it can vary widely. Why not call a few dealers in your area to get a ball park figure?

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    Why oh why are you so worried about finding out what the dealer paid for the A/C unit?

    The only thing that really matters is what YOU will have to pay for it.

    Also, a large portion of the cost is for the labor to install it. It's about a four hour job, I think. could try to install it yourself...Good Luck!
  • Can anyone tell me why in the hell did Honda stop making the Civic Si Hatchback. I owned a 90 with 147,000 that had no major problems. Just three tire and muffler changes a battery and an alternator. Like a dumbass, listening to my wife, I traded it in on a piece of crap yuppy 4-runner and regret it dearly. Well since Honda doesn't make the si I traded it in on an Outback Sport. Sure it has all-wheel drive and handles great (only with a stiffer roll bar and new tires), but for reliabilty, mpg and fun the si was unbeatable. I don't want the two door as I am still hoping there will be a Si Hatchback for next year. Please Mr. Honda don't make me buy a Mexican made Golf.
  • Plus they are expensive.
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    I have fond memories of our 89 SI hatchback. Some idiot rearended it, and it died two years ago, with 146,000 miles. It looked and ran like new!

    Here is what you don't want to hear...

    Hatchbacks are dead, at least in the U.S. Oh, we still make and sell a few, but for the most part, they are unloved.

    Who knows, they may have a revival?
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    isellhondas, have you seen the December issue of Car & Driver? It features their comparison drive of "Five Heavy-Breathing Hatchbacks and Two Coupes under $25,000!"

    Sounds to me like they are pretty popular! :-)

  • Edmonston's Canadian version of Lemon-Aid New Cars 2000 indicates that Honda's MSRP is firm. Does anybody in this conference have any experience buying a Honda in Canada? Is what Lemon-Aid says always true? Is MRSP also non-negotiable in the States?
    Thank you.
  • Hello. I drive (drove?) a '90 Honda Civic DX Hatchback(5-speed manual transmission, 160,000 miles!). The transmission sadly failed only hours ago. Upon putting the car into reverse and then into first gear, there was an unusual "clunk." From that point on, the car would not shift into any gear (even reverse). The stick and clutch seem to move fine. I do not even feel/hear a hint of engagement when I shift now. The only strange noise that I hear when shifting out of neutral is a mild grinding noise (not too loud). I believe that the grinding is a bit louder when in reverse than in gears 1-5. I will be in touch with a garage tomorrow. I am hoping that someone will be able to provide me with some idea as to what is going before I do so.... Any help would be appreciated. I'd really like to hang on to this car a bit longer. It's been good to me. Thanks! Lisa
  • Is it a possibility that 2001 Civics will be fitted w/ 2.0L engine? Comment on this, isellhonda?
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    Hatchbacks do have their fans to be sure. I guess I should have said that they are very weak when compared to coupes and sedans. Most buyers just aren't attracted to them as in the past.


    I've only heard the same rumors as you probably have. I heard a 1.8 liter is in the works but who knows?
  • I must of been on mars the past few years. Why do I say that? I just can't comprehend why Honda would not install a tachometer in the civic hatchbacks. This may sound anal to many of you, but there is no way I'm going to purchase as car with manual transmission that doesn't have a tach. It can't be cost. I went into trade my Subaru Outback Sport in on a Hatchback and that was the first thing I noticed. I of course liked everything else on the vehicle. I do like the fact that Honda is still one of only a few car companies that sell stripped down models, no radios, a/c, power windows, etc. and still offer a nice car. But that damn deduct of a tach bothers the hell out of me. Of course the salesman tryed to get me to buy the SI, because it had the tach. I just explained to him I wanted a small hatchback, stripped down where I can add things on my own over time. Those stock Honda radios suck by the way. Oh well it's off to bed to dream about that needle reaching 7500 rpms on my freaking tach.
  • brent - what is it about the tach that exites you so? shouldn't you move into a sports car - if you lust for the tachometer? i don't mind no tach - because the tach doesn't tell me anything that i am interested in. it's all feel and ears for me, in terms of when to shift. i can understand racing enthusiasts who dig the tach, but for me, my days of speeding are done.
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    Ummm....Igloo perhaps you don't realize that for many people one of the benefits of owning a Honda is the ability to turn it into a sports car. Aftermarket is huge for these cars and the fact that they don't even OFFER a tach is pretty ridiculous.

    BTW, the Canadian hatch does have a tach, I guess for some reason they don't think we need it. We get the low fuel indicator, they get a tach. If you can't figure out your low on gas you should have your license revoked!
  • I am getting ready to sell our '95 Si hatchback in January. We love the car but with two kids it's too small for safety seats and all the gear that small families carry. (We're replacing it with a Subaru Outback wagon).

    Anyway, I am trying to determine a fair price for sale in the Seattle area. I've gone through the usual web sites for pricing information. I've researched the classifieds in the local papers etc. My predictament is that there are very few Si's for sale so I'm not sure where to price this car.

    Here is the info: 1995, Red, a/c, very clean, 41,000 miles, new tires and battery. Never been in an accident.We have complete service records. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    In the five years I've sold Hondas, you are the ONLY person to complain about the lack of a tach in the DX Civics.

    It's always amusing to me to see what bothers some people.

    I agree with Igloo. I can listen to the engine and know when I'm pushing the thing too hard.
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    Your SI will be very easy to sell. These are VERY hard to find especially with A/C.

    Or, bring it to me. We will be happy to buy it!
  • you must be the slug I threw salt on today. 95% of the salespeople out there no nothing about the products they sell or what the people want. My roommate from college sells cars for a living and does very well, but I would never buy anything from him because he knows nothing about cars only about pulling the wool over peoples eyes. I have given up on the Civic hatchback, that is until they get a little more power in it. Maybe the Si isn't such a bad idea, especially with the 3.9% financing or maybe even the Focus. I drove it today and the interior and exterior is better than the Civic DX, but the motor isn't a Honda.
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    Is your goal to insult people in these forums?

    You ought to buy a Kia or something, then you might be able to drive with your eyes on a tach needle!

    P.S. There is no 3.9 financing on 2000 Civics!
  • isellhondas: I was hoping that you would answer pgibian's question as I am in a similar situation. I have a 95 Honda Civic SI also and am getting ready to sell it to get something bigger. This car is my baby. It has been meticulously maintained. It is black, with A/C, completed all schduled maintenance at the local Honda dealer, has 58,000 miles and a week old tires. Any advice would be appreciated. I live in the Portland area.
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    The latest NADA book, for the Pacific Northwest lists a wholesale of 7500.00 and retail of 9200.00 for your Si's. This includes the A/C.

    These are VERY hard to find cars and you won't have any trouble selling them.

    Caution, these do attract young kids!
  • Want a DX hatchback but also want cruise. Does anyone happen to know if its available on the dx hatchback? Thanks
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    I own a '97 DX htbk 5-sp and it doesn't come with cruise. As far as I know the options for it are automatic tranny (don't recommend it), A/C and upgraded stereo.
    They only offer the power windows/cruise etc. in the LX and EX models. I like mine just the way it is. The only thing I 've changed is, I put some nice aftermarket alloy wheels on it (14x6 Borbet Type-T) with 195-60 HR tires that improved handling dramatically..
    Excellent commuter car.
    I have 85K miles on mine and have spent very little on maintenance. Getting ready to do the timing belt (and water pump while they 're in there..) and that's a biggie: $350, but it's normal maintenance required in almost every 4cyl. car.
    Go for it. You can live without the cruise.
    The Civic hatchback 5sp. is 150lbs lighter than the next lightest Civic so it's faster than the DX and LX coupes & sedans and almost as fast as the EX, if that helps.. :-)
    '99 Integra GSR
    '06 Civic LX coupe
    '11 BMW 335i coupe xDrive
    '13 Honda Accord sedan (wife's car)
  • Thanks for the info.... but no thanks cause I really wanted cruise AND the DX Hatchback, precisely for the reasons you mentioned :( Have a 40 min commute (each way) and my foot/ankle are really feeling it! Oh well...can't have everything I guess... guess I'll have to either retro-fit a generic cruise system or else get an LX/EX. Thanks again.
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    Are meant to be no frills cheap transportation.

    Yes "it would be nice" if tach, cruise, power windows etc were offered, but they are not.

    By adding all of this stuff would make the car something it wasn't intended to be.

    And, aftermarket cruise controls can be added.

    Me. I rarely use my cruise anyway so I wouldn't care.
  • I just wanted to say that I owned a 4 speed manual 1990 Civic hatch and LOVED it....
    I recently purchased a 1999 Civic CX with the automatic tranny, and LOVE it.

    Though I like the control of the manual, I grew to hate using the clutch in Boston.
    The automatic in my 99 CX is smooth and comfortable, and it's still a peppy car. Yes, not as quick as a manual, but quick enough for my purposes (certainly enough to still get me in trouble).

    Honda makes a FINE automatic tranny, better than most American cars in it's class.
  • >> Are meant to be no frills cheap transportation. <<

    They are? Someone better tell Volkswagen to stop selling the Golf GTI GLX....

    >> Yes "it would be nice" if tach, cruise, power
    windows etc were offered, but they are not. <<

    Why not? Even the base Ford Focus ZX3 comes with a tach.

    >> By adding all of this stuff would make the car
    something it wasn't intended to be. <<

    Yep...a lot more desirable.

    I currently drive a Civic EX coupe, but always have liked hatchbacks for their versatility and distinctive styling. I could be driving a Civic hatchback, but why should I give up all the convenience items I've come to appreciate?

    I bet Honda would sell a lot more hatchbacks if they included an uplevel LX, EX or even Si version. Keep the CX and DX for the "no frills" crowd, but give the rest of us what we desire.
  • ... a month after i bought it. $225, including labor. uses a stalk mechanism that looks very "Honda," and it's completely hidden from my sight line when looking down at the steering wheel.

    functions perfectly. the best $225 i've ever spent!
  • Sorry to have to ask again but I keep getting conflicting answers.
    Isellhondas or anyone else, will the redesigned 2001 civic offer a hatchback model?
    all the spy pix and articles I've seen only mention the sedan and coupe.
    Much thanks
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    That's all it is! If VW decides they can capture a segment of the market by building better equipped hatchbacks then the competition, they may test the market to see what happens.

    As I've said before, the hatchbacks are not adored by the majority of buyers anymore.

    It's a fickle market out there. I'm sure that Honda is doing continual market research.
  • ...even if my financial status should change one day - and i could afford an accord, i can predict that i'll still be purchasing the civic hatchback as long as honda makes one... i love the simplicity, and everything about the hatchback. and guess what: it does the same as the accord; it gets you from point A to point B - honda style.
  • I can only tell you what I've heard: Honda WILL continue the hatchback in 2001, and is considering a 5 door model.
  • I'm buying a 2000 DX HB with AC and floor mats. I've been quoted $12,900. I've looked the price up on this site and MSRP is around $12,200 but no one seems to know how much the options cost. Does Honda ever sell cars below MSRP? Is $12,900 a good deal? If there are any recent buyers out there, or anyone willing to share information I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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    I'm buying a Civic HB DX too. One dealer told me they will add the A/C for $1,295 and it makes the total price over $15,000!!(A/C is the only option) Then I said I'll pay $12,300 for it and he replied: maybe I can do it at $12,500 but I need to ask the sale manager first. I'll call them again to see what happen.
    Hope that will give you some idea about the price. Keep in mind this is the last model year so they can do it better than before.
    BTW, I also looked at the Ford Focus HB and it feels better and cheaper than Civic(more standard equipments), but I'm not sure about the resale value. But I think you should test drive Focus then make your decision.
  • For future reference (when I finally get my dx hatchback) where did you get your "honda-like" cruise? Was it installed at dealer? Sounds like a great deal. Thanks
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    I bought a 00' DX hatch at the end of October and Paid $13,400 out the door (all taxes(around $725), title/plate transfer($19) and destination $415)) with A/C.

    If they don't give you what you want call some dealers, tell them exactly what you want and how much you want to pay.

    I had one dealer tell me that he wouldn't be making enough off the car, I told him he wasn't selling Ferrari's and if he didn't take $13,400 he wouldn't make anything off of me. He got pissed, I walked and someone else sold me my car.
  • There has been talk at this Honda Civic section about the Ford Focus. I'm not sure any American Cars are to be trusted the way that Honda can be. My job requires that I travel from time to time, and that means that I have to rent cars to use while on business. Recently it was the Chevy Lumina, the Ford Contour and others. I can tell you that the American cars that I have rented on business trips were all new, and all were NOTHING in comparision to a Honda - in every way shape and form. It still surprises me that the USA just cannot seem to get it together. I've had 2 Hondas, and a bunch of American cars before that. Nothing has outperformed or outlasted Honda in my opinion. SO, for those of you who are leaning toward the Ford Focus, I'd reconsider. What appears to be tempting in the beginning, just might turn around and bite you in the behind later; at least that's my experience.
    I don't trust American cars.
  • Someone said they have seen pics of the 2001 Hondas... where can i see these? i am looking to buy a civic but would rather wait for the new body style....
  • Hi! (Anyone) I am considering buying a Honda Civic hatchback or a Volkwagen Golf to mildly modify and commute. (Possibly race SCCA races.) Which is better for the money and gives better performance / reliability?
  • I have a 1994 hatchback CX that I think needs some service. Does anybody know of a very reputable Honda service facility near Naperville, IL?

    Also, if I could tap into the expertise on this site, does anyone want to make a long-distance diagnosis on my car? Here are the symptoms:

    --a bit more tailpipe smoke than usual
    --rough idling
    --lower fuel economy
    --occasional "valve" noise when first starting.

    Car has 89,000 miles on it, and we've kept it in good repair, with regular maintenance and oil changes.

    Any input/ideas?

    Thanks in advance.
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