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    dlavi - you are right! i've got dx hatch with air for 12,456! (no floormats!)
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    Oops - sorry to hog the space, but I forgot two more questions that I'm dying to know!

    1) When do '99 Civics hit the showrooms? Anyone know if there are many changes coming? I'm ready to buy but don't want to kick myself if the new Civic Hatchback is a big improvement that comes along a month or two after I buy an '98.

    2) Also I'm debating CX vs. DX. I fully intend to have a great stereo installed after purchase - so I don't care about the radio in DX. (or -would it cost me more to put a stereo into a CX since it's not already equipped for one, or is it?) I don't care about the rear wiper that much.
    I like the look of the rear spoiler on the DX. But is it worth the extra money? I also don't care for the CX wheels - but could I upgrade with the difference in price? Any advice or suggestions? THANKS.
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    I am the original owner of an 86 Civic Si Hatchback, 5 speed (a must), A/C, with 119,000 miles, all of them on the original clutch. There is no room for further adjustment, but the clutch is still strong. This has been a GREAT car and I recommend it to others!! If it fit my current needs, I'd have bought another, however, two weeks ago I settled on a Toyota Extended cab pickup. I will be sad to see that little car go to someone else, but feel good that they are getting a great reliable vehicle.
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    I am in the market for a 1998 Honda Civic Hatchback DX series with automatic transmission and air conditioning. gives dealer invoice and manufacture's suggested retail prices both in US Dollars.
    I have obtained the msrp for the above vehicle in Candian dollars as 18,250. Appreciate if someone can provide the Canadian dealer's invoice price. Thank you.
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    I am just planning to buy a DX hatchback. But who can tell me how much it costs to install power lock & power window ? Cruise control is not available on DX, can it be installed ?

    Thanks in advance !
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    Hi there:

    I live in Canada and I can assure you that there is no Type R Civic here. The only Type R sold here is the Integra. I saw a nice black Civic hatchback in a Honda showroom with "Type R" decals, so I raced in to see it. Unfortunately, it is just a Civic CX with a $300 decal package.
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    And when it comes to buying this beautiful car, don't forget that Auto-by-Tel is also an option.

    I'd be interested to know how our online Edmunds pricing information compares with your experience. Please, keep us posted!
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    If you want to learn more about civic parts (spoilers,body kits,ect..)check out erebuni corp. website ,the civic is the most popular car known for custom,bodywork and so many easy performance modifications I dont have room to list.Jackson racing makes a street legal supercharger for most civics and it adds 60 horsepower and dont affect reliability..
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    I guess that lady was just confused. Makes sense there'd be a si-r but no typr r in canada. I wish they had them here. anyway speaking of honda charging too much for stuff I got the type r decals from a friend who bought one for me through a magazine for 50.00 they even had them for the 88-91 models, though I'm not sure if that model even exists. though most people in ohio are confused by them.
    oh, does anyone know about windshield separation. on the 1990 si hatchbacks. Someone said it was replaceable due to a recall(?) of some sort. Mine is clouding up but i dont want to pay to replace it if i dont have too. I'm not the original owner and i got the seatbelt notice for my 87 hatch 2 years after i sold it.
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    I've talked to a dealer over the phone
    today and they are willing to sell me
    a 98 CX for 10K including dest. charg. They
    wanted 1200 for AC but I told them I wouldn't
    spend more than 1K. Does anybody have an idea
    if this is a good price? I've checked different
    sites on the web including consumer reports and
    they all list the CX invoice with $9,990.
    Also does the DX hold it's re-sale value better
    compared to the CX? Any comments and suggestions
    are greatly appreciated!
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    Sebo, have you looked at the Edmunds pricing? You can look at the base price and then add or subtract the extras you want. Be sure to read the Price Guide Explanation and the Quick Guide on What to Pay as well as the Car Buying Tutorial. You'll find these items in a menu on the bar to your left when you select the link above. And if you want to make it easy on yourself, why not try Auto-by-Tel? And please, come back and tell us the rest of the story!
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    Well I went out there and got a DX instead of the CX. I paid 10982 for it without Air. They wouldn't go down on the price -- I even walked out on them once..... ;)
    Auto by tel is OK, but their quotes are usually about 3-400 above invoice.
    I'm just glad I got it.....
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    I'm glad you got it too! I think there's nothing like a happy driver in a new car. :-)

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    I'm looking to get a new civic here. My old car was ruined by a drunk driver and I'm glad that so many people are happy with it. I just want some a/c and a cassete player with radio. Everything else really doesn't matter to me. I checked the Edmonds guide for extras and all they showed was what automatic cost. I'm looking for the manual and want to know if the CX or DX is better and if the DX comes with a cassete player or not.
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    Sorry to double post, but that last statement of mine just didn't make too much sense after re-reading it. Basically, I'm looking to purchase a Civic here, 5 speed manual, a/c, and am/fm with tape deck. That's all I'm looking for in the car. After looking over the website, it didn't list how much a/c and the tape deck would cost. So any help would be appreciated.
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    I don't think Civics come with a tape deck, but your dealer will be happy to add one. The problem is, they'll charge you up the wazoo for a fairly poor tape deck. What you could consider is buying the car with the base radio (or no radio, if you can), and spending $150-200 at Circuit City or something on a much better quality tape deck.
    Good Luck.
  • Parko,
    Honda differs from most other companies in that it states in all pricing guides that extras (besides emissions prices, that's probably mandated by law to be clearly stated) are all "dealer installed". That means the price could differ from region to region, depending on which contractor each dealership hires. Unless they've recently changed policy, you'll have to go by other manufacturer's average prices for AC and the cassette deck (at the time I bought my 1990 Civic DX, they had several selections, and the cheapest cassette deck I got (~$250) is still working OK, after 179000 miles). In 1990, AC ran higher than other places, about $900 if memory serves. But, all things considered, it is definitely worth getting. It adds to the car's value, it's still cheaper than trying to install it aftermarket, and it can make a sweltering day bearable.
    The Edmund's guide base price for the car automatically (pun not intended) includes the manual transmission. As far as differences between CX and DX, well, the more expensive one will likely hold a higher value in the long run :). Other than that, you'll have to judge which bells and whistles are most desireable, and which you can live without, then pays your money and takes your choice. The NHTSA site ( can give you info on previous years and any recalls, etc. Good Luck!
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    Thanks escape velocity and garth,
    So, is the general concensus that getting at tape deck is better from the dealer or from somewhere like Circuit City? I don't mind too much paying $200 for a good tape deck at Circuit City but what does the installation fee cost? And also if I buy the CX, will I have to buy speakers as well? I'm just looking for the cheapest thing since I'm pretty bugdet minded right now.
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    You can get a tape deck for $120, installation around $40, at Circuit City, Best Buy, etc. Maybe cheaper, depending on your taste. In any case, cheaper than the dealer stereo!
    good luck.
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    Does anyone know of a rebate offers for new Honda Civics? And does anyone know how to calculate the sales tax and how much that is?
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    Kudos to garth & escapevelocity for being such helpful community members! IMHO, this is the best part of the Town Hall -- sharing our experiences so that others may profit from what we have learned. Thanks!!

    Here's some information that I hope will help you,parko. If you're ready to buy a new or used car at a dealer, I strongly recommend that you read all of the information in our Consumer Advice area. You'll find lots of advice about how to work with the dealer to get the best price for the car of your choice.

    Next, check out our information on Incentives & Rebates. You'll find the information you wanted on rebates, as well as all there is to know on dealer holdbacks. Using this, along with the pricing information you've already got, you'll be armed with a pretty good deal.

    If you know what you want and you know what you want to pay and you don't want any hassles, why not try Auto-by-Tel? That's how we bought my last car (long before we had anything to do with this website) and it was bliss! Easy, the right price, & nobody said anything about rustproofing or going to see the manager! :-)

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    (Sorry if this is a repeat message)

    While shopping around last week, the quotes I received for A/C ranged from a low of $1050 installed to a high of $1600, with most in the $1200+/- range. Someone mentioned the cost for parts alone from Honda is $740 or so. Figure with labor, they're spending at least $850-$900 to get that A/C in there.

    As far as needing to add speakers to a CX, I'm not sure, but I did note that under the DX Options it lists "4 Speakers" as being in addition to the CX package. Seems to imply the base CX doesn't come with 'em?

    DX vs. CX - The DX adds only Stereo/Speakers/Rear Window Wiper/Low Gas Light/Cargo Cover vs. the CX. For this, they charge a whopping extra $1400+ MSRP ($860+ invoice). Not much of a bargain, IMO.

    The dealer has a margin of $660 on the CX, $1250 on the DX (ignoring holdback). Guess which one is the "loss leader" and which is the one they want to "upgrade" you to? ;-)

    Picked up my new '98 CX with A/C, DX-level stereo and speakers, and alarm system for just under $11,300 plus destination, tax and license. Not sure if that's good or just OK, but at least it's a starting point for you to compare against.

    By the way, it's a GREAT CAR! Quiet, smooth, confortable, solid. Might sound sick, but I actually look forward to my morning/evening commute now! Maybe I need help.... :-)

    Good luck!

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    I'm feeling rather depressed now. I went and got a Civic DX, but paid too much. I had read all the material on how to get a good deal, but then got taken. My situation is a little complex and I felt at a disadvantage. So I bought the DX without anything for $400 over invoice. After re-reading some of the stories here, I could have done much better. I know a little better now, but feel a little ripped off.
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    Chin up! $400 above invoice is nothing to be ashamed of. It's not a bad price at all. Higher than some, and certainly lower than others. Did you pay any additional "fees"? (detailing, advertising, etc.)
    Between you and me, I think some of the claimed purchase prices on Edmunds Town Hall are... fictionalized accounts, shall we say? In any case, you didn't do that bad, ok?
  • parkoparko Posts: 7
    The only additional fee that I paid was a $40 paper processing fee or whatever. It's just hard to feel that you're not getting ripped off somewhere. I appreciate the support though. I just hope others will or can do better.
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    Just got rid of a 97 Olds van that was rattletrap and drove me crazy. We decided on an economical pickup for my husband and a small car for me. Have been looking around and drove a 97 Civic CX that has been sitting on the lot for awhile. The only addition was an air conditioner. They assured us of a good deal. Sticker is 12,843 and they offered 11,648. We didn't think this was too good since the car was a 97. Any thoughts out there? Thanks for any help. We are skiddish after the Olds fiasco!
  • I own a 97 honda civic dx hatchback. I have heard that these cars could run for 200,000 miles easily. Does this sound accurately? I change my oil every 3,000 miles. Also, any advice on how to clean my engine-I know that you should avuid getting water on some parts, but I am unsure. Appeciate the advice and feedback.
  • Civicminded,
    I currently own a 1990 Civic DX 3dr hatchback with 180000 miles on it so far. The dealership I bought it from recently sent me a card worth 10% off parts for 100K, 15% for 150K and 20% for 200K and over. Too bad they only go to 20%, I think I'll need all that and then some by then :), knock wood.
    Note I didn't say they've been trouble-free miles, not by a long shot, but with luck, perseverance, and knowing how to make Honda live up to its customer's expectations (meaning, shame 'em into correcting any boo-boos), you should make it.
    As to engine-cleaning; never failed to find it yet, so it's not become dirty enough for me to clean it :^). Maybe someone else will have the answer. Good Luck!
  • Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I feel that I will hit 200,000. I would still appreciate some advice on cleaning my engine - it's pretty dirty & I'm sort of a clean freak. Thanks.
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    sort of a clean freak? SORT OF? um, yeah.

    have you tried just hosing it off?
  • Civicminded,
    My joke was to say that dirt (so far, I think),
    hasn't killed my engine, and engine cleaners can be more trouble than they're worth. A Web search using those keywords may reveal a group or site that actually goes into detail. with its Virtually Useless Data section may have the info you're looking for, and there should be others. I do know that certain components need to be wrapped in foil to prevent problems, possibly the alternator? Other than that, good luck.
    One additional warning about the dealership service department, they may pull what mine did, saying a CV boot or boots are damaged, to the tune of about $125 per. They tried to do this at least twice before my warranty was up (but I would have had to pay this noncovered cost), before I called their ploy. Just a note, as a careless screwdriver
    might cause the same problem in your dealer's repair bay. Learn about car components, get a Hayne's manual on your car, I've found it to be great for showing inner details, and how difficult a repair could be. It will keep you (hopefully) from my kind of experience with Honda.
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    Greetings, I want to introduce myself. Two weeks ago, I bought a new 98 Honda Civic Hatchback. Now that I have read the Owner's manual, I wanted to learn if other Civic owners have followed Honda's demand for using their brand products, such as coolant or brake fluid. Also, Honda's shop manual, at $58, appears expensive. Have other Civic owners found this book worthwhile?
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    I've gotten some really helpful information from reading your posts. I'm considering buying a DX with auto, air, tape deck and mats. I was a little bit blown away by the sticker price of $1295 for air. Hopefully there is some room for negotiation on this. My big concern right now is what the '99's will be like. Is this the year for a big change in Civics? Please respond since I think I've just about sold my '87 Acura. I tend to look at Prodigy more often, so a response to [email protected] would be appreciated. Thanks, Frank in Santa Barbara, CA!
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    First of all $400 over invoice ain't bad. The dealer that I visited asked me for $200 over invoice. The invoice includes $1395 for A/C! So I suspect he has a some margin there as well. When I told him I would pay only $1000 for the A/C and not pay his $200 over invoice, he said no deal, and I walked. But I am sure we will talk again ;D They also had a 4% financing deal this month that is too good to pass up.

    About the CX v/s DX question that I saw in this forum, I will be buying a 98 Civic CX and install a stereo system. I selected a cassette deck + tuner + speakers that are FAR better in features and sound quality than the baseline stereo that comes in the DX model. The cost: $400 for everything including installation. I won't have the rear windsheild wiper, but I think it ain't worth the difference.
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    to rcruz:

    Congrats on your purchase. I just purchased my 3rd civic (actually a del sol, but mechanically identical to the civic) this weekend. I do all my own maintenance so I have found the shop manual to be very helpful. You should be able to pick up a Chilton manual for about $25. But, even at 50-60 bucks, you will save $ in the long run. Also, be sure to use brake fluid and coolant specified FOR Honda, but they don't have to be made BY Honda. Lastly, be sure to use engine oils described in the owners manual (5W-30 with SF and/or SG certifications, I think). Enjoy!
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    Sold the Acura on Saturday, which means I'm "carless" in California! Just about unheard of!!

    I need some help deciding on what to do now. I really like the DX Hatchback but am concerned that the '99's will be significantly different. Anybody heard any rumors about this?

    Frank in Santa Barbara
  • Pacol,

    The 99'honda civic hatchback will be the same as the 98'. The hatchback will be redesigned for the year 2000, they redesign their models every four years. As for honda part, I have used prestone anti-freeze in my 97' hatchback and have no problems to report. The car has been very good to me (50,000 miles in a year and a half) knock on wood. Good luck! I'm still waiting to hear about cleaning my engine-any clean buffs out there. Surely honda owners are also concerned about appearence,no?
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    Any suggestions on what to pay for a late 80s or early 90s Honda hatchback?

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    I love happy car owners!

    parko, I wouldn't worry about paying $400 over invoice. There are lots of variables that affect a car deal and some of them can't be controlled by the buyer or even the seller sometimes. While we provide the best information we can, local conditions can vary.

    I think the important thing is that you got a car you like and, from the testimony here, you can keep it for a nice long time. There's nothing wrong with that! :-)

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    Hi there. I'm looking for a Hatchback Si and I came across this ad...

    - '95 Honda Civic Si.
    - V-Tech (not sure where he gets this from), 5 speed. 27k miles.
    - ac, pdl, monroof, cc, alarm, tint.
    - red w/ black, gray int, loaded, mint cond.

    He is asking for $12,500. What price do you guys think I can get? Besides that, is the V-Tech engine fuel efficient? Thanks for any comments.

    p/s: what the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof? :)Thanks.
  • zelzel Posts: 10
    Does anybody know why Honda don't make the current Civic hatchbacks with V-tech engine any more? What about the Civic Type R? Any word that it's coming to the U.S. and when?
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    My sources tell me that Honda dropped the V-tech engine from the Civic hatchback because they don't view it as a performance car, which is strange since for years they only offered the Si model in the hatchback. I can't help you on the Civic Type R. "Somebody knows & he's not talking." Hmmm, sounds like my source! ;-)

    For more information, try the Temple of Vtec!

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    I wouldn't worry too much about fluids etc. My Honda dealer actually added some aftermarket additive to my Gearbox Oil (Specified by Honda as 10W30) to make it shift better. It DID, for a while. Next time I used RedLine MTL, which is a synthetic Manual Transmission Lubricant and it shifted better for a lot longer.

    Red Line Oil

    I also have good luck with Mobil 1 in the engine, which is offered in the 5W30 grade that is often specified by Honda. So far, so good at 120,000.

    YMMV. Bruce. Carlady's source...
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    a nice guy:

    VTEC is the variable valve timing engine in the SI hatchback and EX coupe models. My SI gets 38 mpg in highway driving. $12.5K sounds high, but these are great cars, and are hard to find. A power
    sunroof/moonroof with a sliding shade is standard
    on the SI (and the EX).


    The SI was dropped due to slow sales. Many potential buyers preferred the style of the EX coupe. But the Si is lighter, faster, and comes with 4-wheel disc brakes (the EX coupe has rear drums.) A 160 hp si/type r civic coupe (only) is due for release this fall in the US.

    For anyone interested in the SI or EX also check out the del sol SI. It is mechanically identical to the civic SI. And since many del sol owners use them as second cars or toys (must be nice) you
    can find clean, low mile examples at a good price.
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    The Civic Si was the only cool Civic hatchback. And the 93-95 Civic EX coupe did have 4 discs. The Del Sol is dead and that's no loss.
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    I just bought a 98 Civic hatchback dx over the weekend. It was a sweet deal. I paid $13,500 for the car including tax and destination charge, not to mention that it has AC. I really like the car. It's a black beauty. I would prefer the dark purple color though but no dealers in the are had it. I want to take it to the shop and have a nice sound system installed along with alloy wheels and new tires. Any suggestion? By the way I live in Houston TX.
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    I'm considering the Civic Hatchback for the first time because of its price. I had previously thought I only wanted a coupe or sedan. I'm reading good things about the Hatchback. Can anyone give me specific feedback?

    How is the steering since it's not power? Does it really handle as good as everyone says?

    I'd appreciate any comments.

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    Can anyone tell me what is the use of the square hole in the dashboard? It's located right next to the radio. Thanks.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,350

    It's for whatever you would like it to be for.
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    I understand that in the past Hondas had a severe problem with their timing belts. When they broke, it also cracked a cylinder head resulting in a very expensive repair. Toyotas evidently have had a different design that much better protects the engine. Has Honda improved this design flaw?
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