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Acura RDX handling in snow

maxleavittmaxleavitt Posts: 10
edited April 2014 in Acura
Got a 2008 rdx with tech package in September. Just drove in very nasty blowing snow on unplowed ny thruway and rural roads. Handling was great.


  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Just as it should be...

    Provided the engine/transaxle/SH-AWD firmware programmers had many very long and drawn out conversations, discussions, with the hardware types.
  • I have a brand new 2009 Rdx- I should say I am disappointed in the way it handles in the snow- especially in turns, if you take a fast turn in snow- I tend lose the rear end. I am thinking of putting some weight in the trunk.
    Any Suggestions?
  • I'm in upstate NY (where they just closed part of the ny thruway). I posted on Oct 28 about excellent handling in snow. I don't want to be smart alecky in my answer, but you shouldn't be taking fast turns in snowy conditions. I have since put on snow tires and handling is even better, but snow is snow
  • I think the tires on rdx is decided more for summer rather than winter. Because tires are too wide for snow, Since the car is light and tires wide- the car tends to float in snow rather than sink in snow to give grip. I had a Ford Escape fwd drive which I think handled way better in snow compared to RDX. Regarding the sharp turn, tried in a snow covered parking lot- to see if stabiltiy control would step in but no such luck- the car just spun out. I am glad you have snow tires- I am thinking about the same. What size tires did you get and did you get spare rims?
  • I got 17" Blizzaks with rims.
  • Great, So how does the TPMS work with this?
  • I bought the tpms system for the winter tires. It's an expense, but I keep my cars for a long time.
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