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Acura Integra



  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Edmunds has loads of tips on how to buy a car. Be sure to see the Consumer Advice section (click from the home page) as well as the Smart Shopper conference (click on the menu to the left) for help and advise. And of course, Integra buyers are invited to share their stories here.

    Please, be sure to keep us posted on your encounter with the Integra, realbuyer!

  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    Unfortunately, the Type R is a limited production car, so some of the rules don't apply. Your best bet may be to let the sales person "Talk You Into" a Type R. (Nudge, nudge. wink, wink. [%^) If you go into the dealer, with only one car on your mind, they know they have you hook, line and sinker.

    Play a little hard to get for the Type R. That's my advice.

    Bruce. Who REALLY wants a Type R too!!
  • ajvdhajvdh Posts: 223
    One of my cow-orkers saw one at the local dealer. He was told "Sticker plus $5k - no negotiating." He went back two weeks later, it was gone. For sticker plus $5k. Ouch.
  • prophet2prophet2 Posts: 372
    We pulled off a variation of this once. A student worker in my wife's office wanted an Integra LS Special Edition coupe in the worst way, but had the sense to listen to our suggestion to be as non-committal as possible when looking at cars. No "falling in love" with a particular color or feature.

    After viewing and test-driving the LS, we started the initial negotiations. Tucked away in a corner of the lot was a white LS Special Edition from a prior allotment, pushing the magic 60-day mark. We "allowed" the dealer to persuade him to see if the numbers would work on this car compared to an LS and made the deal at the same price as the regular edition, getting the special wheels, sun-roof, and spoiler. Dealer made a decent profit, buyer saved around 2K.

    Sticker (MSRP, I presume) + 5K for the current Type R? He got stuck, but, if he was willing to pay that, more power to the dealer! A willing buyer and a willing seller = a meeting of the minds.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Thanks for a great example, prophet2!

  • keltkelt Posts: 3
    My brother just bought his type R this saturday from Indy. He paid sticker -- no add ons or price hike. If you do some footwork you can get a deal.

    For those of you willing to spend the extra dough, it is worth it. The thing is a beast on the highway. I drove both his R and the new gsr and found them both a thrill. The type R is not nearly as loud (cruising) as all the articles say it is. My civic si is a lot louder on the highway. It is however loud once it hits 6000 rpm, whoa!! it sounds cool though.
  • I was wondering if anyone experienced rattles
    and squeaks from the hatch area of a second
    generation Integra (90-93). I had the dealer
    tighten things and checked around (including
    the spare tire area) myself and the noise
    persists. Mine is a 90 and it developed this
    problem about two years ago.

    I do have after market Alpine CD player that can
    overpower the noise but any other suggestions?

    Other than the noise, the car has great engine
    and transmission (5 speed). I read on earlier
    posts about break pads not lasting long enough
    (on third generation models) but I have been very satisfied with their life on my model. Front pad every 80K miles and rear every 60K miles. I do a little more highway driving than city and also I am pretty gentle with them.
  • nero2nero2 Posts: 2
    I am looking into Integras and so far my favorite is type-R it looks a little pricey though. Kelt how much did your brother pay over the invoice for Type R? How about its maintenance/gas costs and reliability?I heard it does not come with air conditioner either. Is it really worth the money?

    Would appreciate some input.
  • keltkelt Posts: 3

    He did have to pay $800 for ac, and $100 for floor mats. The total was right at 26k taxes and tags included. You dont have to worry about reliability from an acura. He got 417 miles on his first tank, although he did take it easy. His second tank he got 370 because he used the upper band quite a bit. Is it worth it? Well that day i drove the hell out of a gsr and it was nice. The handling is not like the type r. For a little money on a grs you could handle just as good. The speed difference is somewhat noticeable, but the sound is a big factor. The typr r in the upper band sounds sooo good, but the gsr sounds ok. If you dont mind not having a moonroof and leather then the type r is good, but if you cant live without it then get the gsr and put $1500 into an intake, header, and exhaust - and maybe get close to the type r performance. It is a sweet ride though. Drive a gsr and pretend its quicker (especially on the highway),and it handles better.
    The only negative aspect, for me that is, is that it revs high in 5th gear (ex. 80mph=4300rpm). If you don't mind, cool. Thats about all I can say, if you have any other concerns, write.
  • nero2nero2 Posts: 2
    Kelt thanks for your answer. If my current car does not die early I'll have some time to save for type -R that's a one cute car.
  • I have a 1989 Integra, automatic, that I have loved for 9.5 years. It has 169,000 miles on it and I feel that it's time to move on. It also just started to use a lot of oil. I have just put in a new battery and alternator ( I got stranded 2 weeks ago). The mechanic said that there were some loose plugs (?) that he tightened that might account for the oil usage. I had the timing belt changed at 100,000. I really don't want to change it again because I am planning on getting a new car at the end of December.

    So tell me, fellow Integra owners, will my car make it to the end of the month? (3 more weeks). Also, how much should I ask for it? No radio, body is in decent shape, upholstery is starting to age...
    I was thinking $1995?

  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Thanks for the info, acerone!

  • foosefoose Posts: 1
    2nd Generation Question:

    I have a 1990 GS that squeaks and rattles a fair amount. My Sony / Alpine sound system, too, overpowers the noise but rules out conversation when it does. Check the plastic screws on the inside of the hatch back -- if they're loose or stripped you'll get more noise. There's a good chance that if you overtighten them, they'll strip, so be careful. If you cannot tighten them enough without stripping them, add a thin shim to take up extra space - this worked nicely for me.

    On another note, my car goes through HUGE amounts of oil -- needs a ring job badly -- and I'm thinking of moving on to something else. I bought my car used (63K miles in April '97 for $6,600) and loved it until the compression and other engine problems started. Now I'm a bit bummed about the whole thing. If you're looking at used Integra's of this age, have a trusted mechanic check it over thoroughly (consider paying for a compression test) before buying. Good luck!
  • foose:

    Thanks for the suggestion on the rattle
    and squeak issue. I will give it a try,
    and yes, I will be careful not to strip
    the screws.
  • bigcacbigcac Posts: 2
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  • I just read the December 98 write up from David Reid.

    Excuse me.

    David said "... the car was a squeeze ..." and
    "...Thank goodness I'm not any taller or I would be unable to ride in or drive this car."

    I say "I'm 6'2" and I weigh over 225. I owned a smoky 94RS (plenty of headroom no shoehorn required) that was totaled last October. I replaced it with a gleaming white 95LS (It also has a sunroof/moonroof. I have headroom to spare and I don't need David's shoehorn.) I can't disagree with David's assessment more."

    One final note: Both cars were certified used. I've had no trouble at all with either car.

    Jim Leavitt
    P.S. It's almost too bad I like my LS. I've had 3 offers to buy it for more than bluebook!
  • I am looking at a '94 Acura Integra GSR with 25,000 miles on it. The owner is asking $12,750 for it, not negotiable. While I haven't seen it yet he says its like new. Does this sound like a reasonable price to pay for one of these cars?
  • Just bought a 94 Integra GSR for 10,995 with 58k miles on it and in excellent condition. I think the 12,750 is fairly reasonable price if it looks like new with those low miles. Basically, even though my car checked out ok, I'm still expecting it to blow up b/c of the unbelievable price I got on it. (and no it's never been wrecked, I checked the insurance history on the VIN#)
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Smart move devinjc!! No matter what car you're buying, used or new, run a VIN check before signing anything and check the VIN again before you leave the lot. Most of the time of course, there is no problem. But, why not be on the safe side?

  • hatch lite never comes on - why?

    vtec plate vanished - no scratch marks - why?

    annoying rattle from sunroof cover, both visors, and passenger side "finger cup" door handle - help?
  • This is just a lament about times gone by. I am going to have to sell my baby. I was message
    #54 in this townhall. Now get this I'm going to buy a gardeners helper (pickup but you probably figured that smart car owners that you all are). Does that suck or what. The only good thing I can say is one can get them sideways a lot easier than a GSR. Oh well time stands still for no man. At least I still have my bike. That no one will take from me!
    So when I am trundling down the road and a GSR or the like comes up fast I will indicate right a give the right of way. Just may sure when you go by dont go by at + 2 mph diff, Haul a**!
    Be safe
    Dont drink and drive
    JD :)
  • wgintzwgintz Posts: 22

    First, if your car is still under warranty bring it in and have all the little annoying problems fixed.

    Hatch light - have you tried replacing the bulb? If so check the fuse and also see if the switch could be stuck (I'm not sure where the switch is located, try the owners manual or call the dealer).

    VTEC Plate - a "nice" thief? Call the dealer, they may give you another for free.

    Rattles - I know there is a technical bulletin on the sunroof. I had the same problem with the "finger cup" door handle - the dealer had to pull the door apart and found something loose. (it was still under warranty)

    good luck!
  • I'm looking for a published 0-60 time for my '93 Integra GS, 140 h.p., 1.8 liter, five - speed model. I've research all the on-line auto magazine abstracts that should have had a review with this info, but no luck. The topic at that time was the GS-R. I've also checked with Acura Customer Service. No luck there either.

    I'm looking for this info to compare it to the published specs for other cars I'm interested in buying.

    Thanks to anyone who can direct me where to find this info.
  • Needing some advice: My financee has a 1992 Acura Integra with 133,000 miles on the odometer. Apparently there have been some, shall we say, gaps in the maintainance schedule (like 10,000 miles between oil changes!) The car itself is quite sound and a blast to drive, never thought I'd say that, being a truck person myself. Anyway, the clutch is sounding a little metal to metal contact is being made. Could the clutch be getting worn, but shouldn't it slip first, or is there a throw out bearing going bad?? Secondly, there is a clinking, or clanking noise upon letting out the clutch, or taps on the gas pedal cause this also. I'm assuming that means the CV joints, probably the inner, need replacing. The car does not pull one direction or the other. Could it be a transmission problem??
    I myself am quite mechanically inclined, and will probably replace the CV joints and clutch myself. I'm wondering though, with the car torn that far down if there is anything that should be done with the engine. I know you shouldn't fix something that ain't broke, but I'd hate to tear down again in a year or so. The valves sound a little noisy, is that common in this engine.
    Also, does anyone know the largest tire that can run on this integra without rubbing the fenders?? The car has not been lowered.
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  • About the 0-60 time for the 93 Integra -- It all depends upon the age and health of the hamsters under the hood.
  • Thanks for the response. The 0-60 time for the '93 Integra that I'm interested in was when the car was new, back in '93. Acura said that I needed to check the auto magazines at the time, but I already did that. Everyone was writting about the 170 horsepower GS-R, not the 140 h.p. GS model. Do you happen to know this information?

    Thanks again.
  • Jwiserl, if you really care about 0-60 go buy a camaro. Integra's are not about 0-60 they are about going around corners without scaring the bejesus out of you. It's been my experience that low 0-60 does not equate to a good handling cars( at least not in my price range( love a 540i 6-spd or Carrera) but prefer a house)). Why are Camaro's and their ilk priced like a GS-R even though they are v8's and lots of sheet metal. I believe it's because there is very little engineering in them. Cheap is cheap no matter which way you look at it . You pays for what you get etc,blah,blah,blah.
    Buy a GS-R (I have a 95 and love it),drive the hell out of it ,do the oil changes every 5000 and it will treat you well. I nearly had to sell it but now I don't have to yeah! Oh by the way does anyone know how to polish minor scratches out of a windshield your guidance would be appreciated.
    Drive Fast but pay attention
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 760
    Jpbulhon, I had a 1993. I don't know exactly, but think the time was a little over 8 seconds. I looked at the new specs at Edmunds which show 7.9 seconds. I'm guessing (perhaps wrongfully) that the power in the brand new ones is produced at a slightly lower rpm, giving it a little advantage over what I remember. Sorry, but an educated guess is all I got :)
  • MiroMiro Posts: 15
    Alright this is the 3rd conference I've posted in, hopefully I'll get an answer here:
    I'm thinking of upgrading the shifter knob on a 98 Acura 1.6EL for a 99. In the US that means swapping the Civic's plastic one for the Integra's leather one. My question is: how do you folks find the latter shift knob, I mean is it worth upgrading ($62Cdn) to?
    thanks for your comments,
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