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Pontiac Montana



  • Well, maybe no news is good news. The 2002 Silhouette Premiere was supposed to be built 27-31 AUG and the dealer has no update. So, the factory hasn't said that they didn't build it (it is okay to use double negatives when talking about cars). When I get a VIN number and can confirm that they built what I ordered, I will post again. I assume that if they are building Oldsmobile AWDs that they are also building Pontiacs. I noticed that while you can not search dealer lots for 2002 AWD Pontiac and Olds, that you can configure and price them (on GMBuyPower). I also noticed that the top-of-the-line Montana is about $1000 more that the Silhouette maxed out. Most of this can be accounted for by the fact that the Montana AWD can be had with chrome wheels, while they are not available on the AWD Silhouette.
  • We had to have our gas tank replaced on our 2001 Montana because the service light would not go off. Now that the new one is on I have noticed rust around the "nozzle" area. Anyone else with this problem? Also it has been in the shop 4 times and they still have not fixed the leaks after it rains. This time the headliner really got soaked. UGH!!!!!
  • The gas tanks on the Montana are made of a composite material (like plastic). The filler neck is a seperate part. It probably wasn't replaced when your tank was. It is not uncommon for some metals to show some surface rust. Should be no problem but have the dealer look at it next time you are in.
    Most posts that have to do with water leaks have focused on the rubber boot that goes form the body to the tailgate at the top as a source of leaks. What area is getting wet in your Montana? Has it had a Windshield replacement? Where has the dealer been looking?
  • Thank you for helping with my questions....yes I believe it had a rear windshield replacement because when we folded down the seats in the back, there was glass between them with lines in it like a back defroster. We bought the 2001 in April from a was a rental in Canada and we have lots of warranties, but any help to let the techs know what to do it helpful. Overall I do like the van a lot, but just want to work out all the problems. One more seems to have a puff of smoke come out at first start first we thought it was moisture from where we live, any thoughts?
  • Had the rear window on my 98 olds replaced. according to witnesses there heard a loud pop and the window blew out. heard the same thing happened on a venture. it was tough getting all the glass out,especially in the tailgate. the dealer never heard of this problem but it happened to me and it could have happened to your car to. no knows what caused it, maybe heat and an inperfection in the glass
  • Ok, I took the 2001 Montana to the dealer and they don't know why the gas neck rusted, so they are getting a new one, the smoke was caused by something set to high and it was getting too much gas and they are fixing the leak. Thank goodness because I really like this van despite the minor imperfections...yes I expect perfection from a new car but they all have their problems.
  • Suzanne,
    I find your last post interesting. "..yes, I expect perfection from a new car but they all have their problems". Several posts ago, I thought you said the car was a former rental car in Canada, and you found broken glass in the car. I think it makes your car a used car with a questionable history. On way anything rusts is being exposed to weather when it wasn't designed to be. Could it be possible that this Montana has been in an accident? Improper installation on the tailgate window may cause a leak but it would not wet the headliner. Look forward to you post about the leak fix and more details about the smoke fix. And when you post back could you include the last 6 numbers of your vin so others can see how their build sequence compares to yours, in case they have simular issues.
  • yzfyzf Posts: 65
    Spoke too soon about loving the GM minivan (Olds Silo Premiere) we got earlier this summer. Wife and I took it to the Outer Banks this past week. While down there, the van developed a metallic clicking noise in the steering column. It appears when the van is warmed up and running. Depressing either the accelerator or the brake will temporarily stop the noise, but as soon as you let up on either, the clicking starts again. It definitely sounds like its within the steering column. Any one else have similar problems in a GM minivan? Also, the three zone climate control is acting up. The driver's side temperature never cools down to degree the passenger side or rear does. Any one have ideas on that one? Van is going back to the dealer this week with only 2K on it - yup, just 2K.

  • Montanafan......
    A 2001 is a 2001, so yes it is a new car. You must be a Pontiac rep or something to take these comments to heart. At first they were helpful but I didn't mean for anyone to take it personally. If I think my van is a heap then goody for me. It is one thing after another and I am sick of it. Now it smells horrible like something electrical is burning when A/C or heater is running. Pontiac 800# is dealing with it now and mentioned getting us another. AMEN...Peace, Love, and Pontiac.
    I was only writing to see if others had the same problems. No harm meant. I still dig the van.
  • We have a '99 Montana w/ 8 seats & 30k miles. Love the car (had a 91 TSport before w/ no problems &120k). One problem has been the wing windows on the sliding doors rattle when open. Dealer changed the latches yesterday, still rattles! Anyone else have this problem? & solution? Also, can't stand the head lights turning on when it turns dark. Anyway of turning off/bypassing the sensor?

    Also, has anyone found a good deal on an extended warranty? All the electronics kind of bother me w/ this car.
  • offhamoffham Posts: 344
    The auto headlamp can be disconnected, so you can switch them on and off manually. This was posted several months ago on the Venture site. Dealer should have the solution.

    Agree the windows on the sliding doors as opposed to the very rear do rattle, and it was the same on our Lumina APV.I do not think the hinges give them very good support. Personally, they are not worth a light and rather have the a/c on and keep them closed. This apart from the fact that they are pesky to open and close and good for taking off your finger nails They are a cheap non solution, whereas the Mazda MPV has regular roll down..about the only minivan that does.
  • stobarstobar Posts: 110
    I owned a 1997 Chevy Venture Extended Wheelbase with the power sliding door and loved it dearly. Decided to go shopping around last month for a trade in and when looking at the 2001 models, came across some new Oldsmobile Silhouettes on the lot. Now as much as I like the Ventures, I soon realized that the Silo's were a step up, very plush. Dealers are trying to move them and even though they sell for about 2,500 more than a Venture, you can get it for the same price as a Venture (with many more options), but the kicker with the Olds is a 5 year, 60,000 mile warranty! I know that some are saying Olds is going out of business in the next few years, but parts will be readily available at any GM dealer for years to come. Heck, they have the same engine! Also, knowing that the Ventures, Silhouettes, and Pontiac Montana's are identical and made at the same plant, decided to purchase the Silhouette. If you are considering purchasing a Montana, you owe it to yourself to at least look at the Silhouettes. As a former Venture owner and 20 year Chevy man, I and my wife are pleasantly pleased with the decision. 60K warranty helps and no more silver grill! Also, the Olds doesn't have the black plastic molding that runs along the sides like the Montana. The Olds has the molding, but it is the same color as the van and blends in. (and no, I am not a GM/Olds rep - I'm just your average Joe who likes GM products) Good luck!

  • The 2002 AWD GM minis are now being built. Our 2002 Silhouette Premiere AWD was built 06SEP2001. AWDs should start showing up on dealer lots soon, and you can order one now. The Olds comes with the 5yr/60K warranty, but it does not look like many will be built, as our dealer (Chevy/Olds) just stopped new Oldsmobile sales yesterday as part of the dealer buyout program. They said that most Olds dealers had already signed up for the buyout.
  • So, has anyone purchased, test driven, or even seen any 2002 AWD vans yet (Montana, Venture, or Silhouette).
  • What I am is someone who gets disappointed with the lack of infomation in posts here. If I were to replace my Voyager it would be with a Montana because of its 8-passenger feature. I watch this board because two of my brothers have Montanas for their families, a 1997 (ID#174434) and a 2001 (ID#303612). You wanted to know if others had similar problems, but you haven't provided any details about the location of your leak, what the dealer has tried and where he has looked. How does your ID# compare to my brothers? What was the fuel/smoke issue and how did the dealer fix it.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Please note that the IIHS 40 mph front offset crash test results for the GM minivans is now linked in the Additional Resources box on the left hand column of your screen.

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  • Well I finally did it. Today I ordered factory built Montana AWD thunder package. I am not sure if I want to sell or keep my 94 Transport as a second car.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Edmunds reports that the "Thunder Sport package adds a fully independent suspension, 16-inch aluminum wheels, two-tone leather, a rear spoiler and the all-important "Thunder" badging."

    Getting any other goodies (and when is the delivery eta)?

    And, anyone, why is there a $69 New Jersey surcharge for this van?

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  • New Jersey law requires manufacturers to pay their dealers a higher rate for warranty repairs. This is the manufacturer's way of recovering those costs vs cars for other states.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Thanks montanafan - it's always something isn't it?

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  • Not many more options available after the thunder package. I ordered the pwr drivers side door and the in dash 6 CD changer. The only thing left is the heated engine block. I hope I will never need that. I live in Florida.

    I do not have a clue when it may be built. The thunder package may be a problem. I heard (on this list) that AWDs were being produced.
  • I had the "mirror won't adjust" problem on my 1997 Transport. The mirror attaches to the plastic positioning frame with three self tapping screws that go into bosses in the plastic frame. 2 of the plastic bosses had cracked and the mirror was wobbling around in the housing. A new mirror from your dealer is about $165 or you can order one on line for just under #100. Search for Discount GM parts - it is a dealer in So CA.

    Also, I am in Tx and we have extremely hot weather. This causes the glue on the head lamp outer cover to fail eventually and it will fall off. If you are lucky you can catch it before it falls off. (Check it every time you wash the car) Remove the head lamp assembly, carefully remove the cover, and clean all the old epoxy off the cover and also clean the reflector housing and inside of the lens cover. Mix up some new JB Weld clear epoxy and put a thin bead all the way around the reflector assembly where the cover attaches. Reattach the cover and wait for the epoxy[ to cure before reinstalling the assembly. This costs you about $5 versus about $150 for a complete new assembly. (I didn't catch the left one in time!)
  • Hi all, it's been sometime since I questioned tires on SHORT ON BOOTS. The GoodYear Alegra tires I replaced the XP2000 cheapies with, are working out just fine. On problems above, the fix kit for the stinky A/C finally came in to the dealership, was installed but unfortunately winter approches and the temp. switch goes to heat. The mechanic who performed the fix actually performed this to his own Montana with no follow-up stink.
    A new problem I haven't seen on any post yet is a slumping rear passenger power vent window. When opened it would drop down slightly and when one tried to close it, it would close on the body lip and not properly seal. The short term fix was to hold the glass up as someone else pushed the switch to close the window(watch your fingers). The dealer ordered the entire glass with hinge and replaced it under warranty. Seems to work fine now. The other nagging problem is the leading edge seal on the power sliding door. I've had it replaced twice since I purchased the van last spring. The latest fix is a completely new type of seal that looks like it should stay in place a little better than the original gluey type. Check it out at your dealer if this has been a chronic problem with you. On another point of interest, we had all the rear seats out a couple of weekends ago to fit in a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood. IT FITS!!! The front seats had to be moved up a little though.
    All else is working just fine.
  • mizeumlmizeuml Posts: 50
    What did they do to fix your stinky A/C? I have had my '99 in for this several times and it is still a problem. I had the electronic dryer module installed that was explained in a service bulletin, but that does not seem to help. On the tires, I was going to have the GY Allegra tires installed, but ended up going to Pep Boys and getting a Cooper tire with the name Futura Touring. This is an 80,000 mi. tire and is sold at Sears and National Tire & Battery under the Cooper name. The set of 4 installed and balanced ran $288 and include lifetime balance and rotation. So far so good, I also went to a larger size 225-70-15 and the van seems to handle better. We had the power door latch replaced under the recall earlier this year and I got a letter in the mail from GM yesterday that the replacement latch is being recalled. What a bunch of idiots! My seal on the power door seems to be holding on ok, but the left side middle door does not have a seal on the leading edge. Is this right? Wonder why the right side has the seal and not the left? The other problem I have that is getting worse is the intake manifold gasket is leaking antifreeze down each side of the block. It is getting bad enough that I need to get it replaced, 57,000 mi. It started leaking around 21,000. I had to replace the motor on the right side vent window, but no sagging problem yet. The motor had a dead spot and would not work sometimes.
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    The rubber strip on the edge of the door is not a seal. It is only on the power door (on both power doors on newer models that have them) and is a safety feature. It protects fingers at the very end of closure so that the door can sense resistance before crushing. Some of the strips were attached with inferior adhesive and tend to come off. The ones on our 2002 Silhouette Premeire AWD are different than the one on our 1999 Silhouette GLS, and seem more securely attached. The double recall (we had not yet had our 1999 done when we traded it in) was due to bad welds on a batch of the redesigned latch. The second recall affects production models built at the same time as the first latch recall. The latch parts are most likely not made by GM, but testing of first production in a safety redsign should have been more thorough. There should have been a spray to kill the cause of the odor in your A/C when they installed the dryer. If they did not use it (it is a complete kit) the dryer alone may not cure the problem. Also make sure that all of the condensation drains are open. If your antifreeze leak was noted on any work order while still under warranty, it should be a free repair.
  • mizeumlmizeuml Posts: 50
    Thanks for the information. We have a 100,000 mi. warranty so the antifreeze leak should be covered. GM gave me the 100,000 mi. warranty because my van has had several problems and they did not want to honor the Lemon Law even though the van has been in the shop 7 or 8 times for the same problem. It was their way of settling the case even though I did not agree with it. The van continues to have problems and GM has spent over $3000 in warranty claims on this vehicle. As for the stinky A/C, they supposedly disinfected the system when the dryer was installed and the stink came back. They disinfected the A/C again and it came back again. Both condensation drains are open, so I don't know what the problem is.
  • I replaced the original crappy XP2000 tires on my 99 Montana with Michelin's that I bought at Sam's Club out the door for about $390. Van rides like a dream now, quited it down and the ride is 10 times better. I've been real happy with the Van had the stinky A/C issue and the leaking Rear Door Issue. Put about 35K miles on it in that last year or so. Been a good van compared to the Dodge Grand Caravan that I had. Got the 8 passenger seating for my 5 kids and just a good van I think.
  • Looks like GM has upped the rebates up to $1500 for the Montana. I would assume the same is true for the Venture and Silo.
  • Well the '97 Van sprung a leak, looks like it is from the water pump and it is getting everywhere. I wonder if it is from the gasket like Mizeuml said?? I need new tires I was going to fo with 225-70/15, but someone said that my gas mileage would be bad? Anyone seen a difference??
  • The coolant leak I have is from the intake manifold gasket and is slowly running down the left and right sides of the engine block. It is not easy to notice unless you look at each end of the engine then you can see the streaks of antifreeze where the dust has stuck to it. I am not getting any on the ground and you can't smell it when the engine is running.

    As for the tires, I have not noticed any change in gas mileage. If anything, I would expect the larger tires to help my gas mileage because the larger diameter means I am going farther each time the tire rotates. I would expect that my speedometer may be off by 1 or 2 mph, van is going faster than the speedo shows.

    Good luck!
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