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Mercury Cougar



  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    The 2000 Cougar is the same thing as the 1999 model. The only thing that has changed is the colors (added new ones and deleted a few old ones), the map pocket on the driver's side door has been deleted (I really like this pocket, it's very useful), the cup holder has been redesigned (thank God!), and I have heard that a smokers group package is now available. If you like the 1999 model, you'll like the 2000 model.
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    I have obtained drawings and written directions on how to replace the factory stereo and speakers in the Cat. I'm working on a page for NECO with this and other audio information, but it will be a few weeks before it is complete. If anyone would like a copy of these directions, please e-mail me. I do not have them scanned yet, but I could fax them to anyone who needs them.
  • malibumalibu Posts: 155
    Regarding the 2000...I have been checking around for information about the 2000 myself, they tell me the special edition will be more readily available in 2000 and that they won't his the dealers until November. I live in a small coastal area of Calif. so they may be available sooner somewhere else. The Eliminator concept says it will see production in 2000, but the dealers aren't talking. I think they want to sell all the 99's before leaking any information.
    I'm patient..Make mine a 2000 special edition!
  • badulahbadulah Posts: 961
    who told you that FMC will be offering the Eliminator in 2000? All I have heard is rumors about the Eliminator, Cougar-S, and the SVT. As far as I know FMC has not released any official word on these cars.
  • malibumalibu Posts: 155
    there is a website I stumbled across that says to look for the Eliminator starting in January 2000. I have spent an hour trying to find the website, but I can't locate it again. It had a picture of the eliminator on it and it did'nt say a word about the S or the SVT. It could be bad information, but when I call the dealers they say the special edition is the Eliminator. All I know is I'm waiting until Dec/Jan to buy and I want a cat that is a little different then everyone else's so I'm going for the Special Edition and a yr 2000 one. Let me know what you hear your sources are probably better than mine.

  • ciaraciara Posts: 9
    Picked up my Cougar on 7-24, surprised to see there was no powerpoint or handy cell phone holder as advertised in the Cougar brochure. Asked the salesman about it and he said they have never had that option. Just wondered why they put it in the brochure. Otherwise, I love the car
  • darythdaryth Posts: 1
    Anyone interested in reading a little about the 2000 Cougar S - still not decided if it will be in production - can go to:

    Check it out
  • husker15husker15 Posts: 1
    Ok, I test drove both AT and MT 99 Cougars today.
    I like the MT much better. I went and drove the
    99 Eclipse GS-T also, with 2.0 liter 4 cyl with
    a turbo, it nearly gave me whiplash it was so
    fast. it was also almost 5k more than the Cougar.
    I am thinking maybe a turbo on the 6 cyl Cougar
    would give it more *pop*? Can anyone tell me if
    they have done this or if it is possible?
  • gustafscgustafsc Posts: 361
    Paxton has, or is in the process, developed a supercharger (not turbo, so the boost is constant with no lag). The projected price is about $2K (I think).

    See the transcript of a chat between Paxton and the NECO group (

    They're claiming 300HP+. I'm visualizing bent rods and cracked cranks. But hey, whaddo I know?

    Skip G.
  • Is my information truly correct? An automatic transmission is not available for the 99 cougar?
  • fredlyfredly Posts: 201
    an automatic tranny is available for the V6 not the I4
  • lisab3lisab3 Posts: 1
    Hi! I have been admiring the new Cougar for the last month or so. No wonder I like it so much. I didn't realize that it was meant to replace the Ford Probe. I have a red, '89 GT Probe that I have adored. Alas, I need a new car now. What can I expect to pay on a trade for the Probe on a 1999? Are the 1999 Cougars going to be on sale right before the millenium? When should I buy? I have never bought a car before and would appreciate ya'll helping out a greenhorn. Thank you. Lisa
  • Why would you buy a 99 when the 2000 should be out within a couple of months which I`ve ordered . Everything is about the same as the 99 , including the price within $200. Does anyone know when the 2000 should hit the showrooms more precisely.?
  • this is my 2nd response on the cougar -the 1st said you can order a 2000 now so forget the 99. Also suggest you go tolibray or magazine rack and pick up Consumers Digest titles 1999 new car & truck buyers guide. Read how to buy a car and then check out the invoice price of the cougar vs the retail price you see on the new car window. Add about 500 to the invoice and that should be close to what you have to pay fully loaded if you shop around including on the internet. YOU MAY get more on your probe from dealor to the next but then you will pay more for th cougar. The cougar is a great buy and 60% of it`s buyers are women.
  • jagg2jagg2 Posts: 1
    well, my v6 made it to its first oil change. no problems thank god. my auto trunk opener doesn't unleash the hatch completely . i have to use the keyless entry and pull up the hatch at the right time. the dealer should fix this ,no? mine is black and looks awesome but it's a [non-permissible content removed] to keep clean. i'm afraid i washit too much but the dealer has a free car wash. iknow, don't use them. enjoy your cougars jagg2
  • My wife and I went to test drive a cat yesterday, & I noticed a used 99 with 11,000 miles. ATX V6 on the lot. Anybody have a clue what I could get this for?
  • Does anyone know when the the 2000 cougar will hit the showrooms?
  • malibumalibu Posts: 155
    I just spoke with our dealer here on the Central Coast (Airport Auto Center) and he tells me the 2000 should be available in about 4-6 weeks. He can order a 2000 right now and you can have it in about 4-6 weeks. The special edition has to be ordered or he can dealer trade in about 6-8 weeks though. Hope this helps.
  • malibu thanks. My dealor just told me that the merk Marquis arrived yesderday and the cougars hopefully will not be too far behind. I`ve ordered mine already== A V6 fully loaded .
  • fredlyfredly Posts: 201
    just some picts of my kitty in the rain! finally rain. the rest of the story is over in CSG.

  • gadigadi Posts: 1
    I am very close to buying a a '99 Cougar (I figure i can get a better deal on it than a 2000) but I don't like the available sunroof. I prefer a windowed moonroof that actually opens all the way. Does anyone have the proprietary moonroof that Mercury offers to get installed and how is it?

    Also, if there are any Canadians that can tell me what they payed for a V6 Cougar fully loaded with leather and all packages?

  • Hi everyone. I am new to this conference, but I wanted to let everyone know that I have had my Cat for almost a year now. She hasn't let me down yet. The only dealer work done on her was a defective rim and the normal maintenance. I do advise that you use Mobil 1 synthetic in the engine. I bring a six pack with me every time. The reason I say this is that I also own an '88 Cougar. She has 210,000 miles on her and is still running without any knocking or pinging.

    When anyone asks me how I like my car I tell them I don't just like it I love it. I commute 60 miles one way to work everyday. My kitty definitely makes the drive fun. She now has 28,000 plus miles on her, and knock on wood, not a hairball from her. She still looks and purrs just like the first day I brought her home.

    So if anyone has any doubts, let me put those doubts behind you. The Cougar is definitely worth it.

    P.S. I have the V6 with the Sport Group. The only options I didn't get were the side-impact bags and leather interior.
  • brigitbrigit Posts: 1
    I'm still looking for at the '99 cougar for a good deal. I admit I've only been to 2 dealers so far so I need to look more...but both dealers said that a V6 5 speed would be impossible to find now! One dealer had about 20 Automatics on his lot. Why would anyone want a sports car in automatic. Can anyone tell me if they've had the same experience in their search??? I just couldn't settle for automatic and I really did want the V6. Thanks
  • gustafscgustafsc Posts: 361
    The projected product mix by Mercury turned out to be all wrong. They were still thinking typical Merc/Linc customers. ie:Automatic transmissions and all the luxury items that they could add on.

    Then we came along and saw a very desireable sport coupe at the right price and ran them out of stock on stick shift packages.

    One of the reasons that some of us early orderers had to wait months to get our cats, no engine/trans packages. Plenty of ATX, but no MTX were available.

    The 99 leftovers are very likely to be ATX.

    Only two things to do:
    1. Have the dealer check around the area to see if what you want may be available on someone's lot.
    2. Order a Y2K just the way you want it and prepare to wait. Hopefully not too long.

    Good luck!!!

    Skip G.
  • fredlyfredly Posts: 201
    The reason the one dealer probably said you can't find a MTX v6 is because he has 20 ATX, I am sure he wants to get rid of them, tell him find one in his computer, its actually real easy for them to find cars.
    I got a good deal on my cat, invoice minus 400 for recent college graduate. v6 mtx/sport/conve/spoiler delete.
  • runtieruntie Posts: 5

    I highly recommend this book to any women who've never bought a car, it definitely helped me out a lot.

    Everything Women Always Wanted to Know About Cars*
    *But Didn't Know Who to Ask
    by: Lesley Hazleton

    It's divided into three main sections, all of which are very well written and informational.
    1. General what women want in a car
    2. The Buying Process
    3. How a car works (engine etc.)

    The book is available through Amazon (and other places, too!)

    Let me know how things go,
  • runtieruntie Posts: 5
    I sit in over two hours of traffic each day.
    That's why I want to drive an ATX cat.
    To each his/her own.
  • rhythmsrhythms Posts: 2
    I was in your exact position...I started to buy a 99 cougar in early July and realized that trying to find a 99 mtx v6 fully loaded in the color I wanted(silver) was never going to happen. What area of the country are you in? I'm in WI and of the 5 dealers I talked to, they couldn't find anything in WI, MI, IA, IL, IN, or MN. Therefore, I have gone to ordering a 2000. But, I get exactly what I want, and still at invoice + 100. Also, it will be in by the end of Sept.(so I'm told) so the wait is hard but not like those who ordered this time last year...
    just a suggestion, good luck
  • gustafscgustafsc Posts: 361
    I ordered mine on July 8, 1999, and took delivery on Dec. 7, 1999.

    Exactly 5 mo. and a lot of communication with L/M headquarters. Sorta like an elephant's pregnancy ;)

    From everything I've been reading, the delivery times are now pretty normal (~6wk).

    Good luck.

    Skip G.
  • swigswig Posts: 1
    I have the V-6 with the Sports Group, took delivery in early June. Great car, only problem has been with the CD player. Some CDs work with no problem, others show error message and will not play. Dealer has ordered replacement. Any body else had similar problem?
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