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Volvo XC70 Transmission Questions



  • alcor18alcor18 Posts: 2
    My shifter would not move out of either neutral or drive and was towed to Volvo for repair. After $1000 repair bill they said it was due to "spilling something" and it got clogged causing it to get stuck. Well 1 week later my Volvo shifter got stuck again and was towed AGAIN this weekend to the dealership. Has anyone had this problem and/or know what could really be causing this to happen?
  • Me too i just went on friday for the slipping transmission they charged me 130.00 for software update only to give me an estimate for a new transmission at $2200.00
    i have owned many volvos and this is unheard of a new tranny at 122,000 miles!
  • jd70jd70 Posts: 1
    Same thing happened to me. Dealer said it had to do with faulty ignition core which they replaced
  • ihatevolvoihatevolvo Posts: 2
    I had the same problem, but my knowledgable neighbor told me open up the base of the shifter (it comes apart pretty easily) and I would find a flat cable that is put in European cars as a safety device, but it moves around sometimes and causes the shifter to stick. Sure enough, I found it, moved it, and the problem was solved. I am sure the fix would have cost no less than $300 at the shop. Oh, I did have to do it again about 6 mos later. Of course, now my car has 79,000 miles on it and the transmission is failing.... no easy fix for that..
  • ihatevolvoihatevolvo Posts: 2
    After going through the posts I think I understand that once you start feeling the hesitation and the little clunk when you downshift or go from a stop, you SHOULD NOT start with the all the expensive little "fixes" because they won't work! Is this the general consensus? To his credit, my mechanic said, "you need a new transmission" even tho it just started showing those signs of trouble. The quotes I got in Seattle are no less than $5000!
  • bill1942bill1942 Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 Volvo XC 70. Bought new. I have had FOUR transmissions. Car has 150 K miles and has been meticulously maintained. I just picked it up from the shop for a major tuneup and asked for a diagnosis of a trembling feeling the car has when accelerating from a stopped position. His opinion was that the tranny is startiung to go AGAIN. I'd be glad to join you in a classaction suit. Email at
  • bill1942bill1942 Posts: 2
    Try Steve Garvin at Bel-Red ransmissions in Bellevue - 425-253-7871. he's right behind Barrier Volvo and claims to do their transmission work.
  • shanti13shanti13 Posts: 4
    Hey everyone.. I am actively looking to file a class action lawsuit against volvo but I need everyones help. I have a 2001 XC70 and have had numerous problems, spent thousands of dollars, including a tran replacement at 80k miles and am fed up. Its time to do something about it. We are getting raked across the coals. Please email me at to discuss our options thanks...
  • shanti13shanti13 Posts: 4
    Looking to file a class action... lets get the ball rolling
  • do a search for "class action" in the xc70 and sc70 transmission boards and you will find other people in your position.
    good luck.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Asking others for help in class action lawsuit endeavors is solicitation and against the rules of the forums.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • I also have a dilemma with my 2003 Volvo xc70. Started to "jerk" and "hesitate" to accelerate noticeable when driving under 30mph but not in the freeway. Took the car to the dealership and diagnosed it with a transmission problem. Spent almost 2K dollars a couple of years ago to "fix a software problem" and now need to spend almost 6K to replace the transmission. This is a well maintained 88K mile car yet having to replace the transmission 7yrs after buying it new really sucks! I've never had to replace a transmission with a less than 10y/o car. We've had 3Hondas(2 accords and an Odyssey) and a Plymouth voyager with all under 100K and never had to deal with the transmission problems. I feel safe driving and riding in a Volvo but to deal with the transmission this early is too soon. I wish Volvo has to live up to its good reputation about durability and safety.
    Does anyone know anything about Volvo's say about several complaints and problems re their transmission. Thanks.
  • For those of you having complaints about Volvo trannys, please report issues to the highway safety folks at
    The form is fast and easy and lets them know people are having issues. If they get enough complaints, they will issue a recall and the company will be forced to start covering their faulty work. Perhaps Volvo will begin to rebuild its good reputation!
  • I am trying to make a smart decision on this vehicle. Two Volvo dealers state costs are $4200. to repair/replace with a Volvo tranny. Car is worth $6500. It has been reliable- until now. What to do--?? Please advise!
  • That's a tough one. You really can't sell the car to anyone except a junk dealer with a bad tranny. So you really should just fix it and hope that you can get many more years use out of the car.
  • I have the same problem. I bought the car less than a year ago. 1 week after owning it I complained about the car not shifting into gear right away. there was a 1 month warranty. they said they needed to download a software fix to stop the hesitation. They also flushed the transmission. something I was told they should never do. The hesitation hot better but didn't go away completely. then the car started to clunk into gear. Now it's occasionally hanging up when trying to shift. the volvo dealer told me it's the valve body inside the transmission. they said Volvo had a poor design for a couple of years and a valve will catch, which causes the hesitation and then the car clunks when it lets go. they said it won't hurt the transmission but is will get worse and if it catches at higher speeds it could cause problems. I'm now fighting with the dealer who I bought it from to fix the original problem. Not the software, but the valve body. Good luck.
  • bad_tranniesbad_trannies Posts: 11
    edited November 2010
    I've posted here before about this same problem. My 2002 S60 clunks into Drive after using Reverse. I tried several different things and found that if I go to Park from Reverse, wait a couple seconds then into Drive, most times it will be a smooth gear change. I always keep my foot hard on the brake to minimize car movement as it goes into gear, thinking it will reduce the trauma to the gear box. No one on this thread had previously posted anything about this valve body business, including the dealer. All I heard from them was software update. For which I have the privilege of paying $80. And I do not have a great deal of confidence (nor do they) that will correct the clunk. I found also that going into Drive directly after turning the car on the gear change is pretty normal most times as well. Now I back into my driveway and parking spaces to deal with this problem.
    What the heck, with all these transmission problems don't the dealers or Volvo realize there is a problem??? jeez. I have purchased my last Volvo as a result of this. There are too many transmission money horror stories in this forum. :mad: ">
  • Here's my update. The dealer I bought it from had his tech take the car for 3 days. He said the car never did anything it shouldn't have. No codes came up, No clunking, no hesitation. Anyone buying this? He said that if a catastophic code came up than they could do something. Really?! Since the problem seems to be occasional, and they can't pinpoint it when they have it, there isn't anything I can do. I asked them why it was other people have had the exact same problem but they have never heard of any of these problems? I'm hoping to keep the car just long enough to pay it down and sell it. I will never buy another volvo.
  • What came of your transmission repairs? Where in PA do you live? I'm in Delaware County and my 2001 XC70 will not downshift properly in low RPM/torque conditions.
  • hi there bob,
    well my mechanic at the time told me the only thing that was wrong was i needed the software update....however i never got around to it =( this past aug i was in a accident and the "icis" was totaled now i have a 2005 touareg....came highly recommended by my mechanic...however i miss her very very much ...but the touareg is softening the blow
  • sorry i never answered the other part of your question....i am in allentown my mechanic is in new tripoli lehigh county
  • sorfinsorfin Posts: 2
    edited December 2010
    I have the same exact problem and same car! The Corporate office at Volvo said that they do not warrant outside the 100K miles. I think this is a manufacturer issue and should be a recall item to upgrade the software. The current state of my car that it is inoperable because there was an issue with installing the software. My car is currently with the Authorized Volvo repair shop for about a week without success and minimal assistance from Volvo. I also have an issue with the computer system, and the car has a buzzing sound when turned off. I will never buy another Volvo. Volvo used to be a great car, in fact we still have a 1995 Volvo V70, but the early 2000 models are no good. A friend bought a 2004, and anded up returning it to Volvo due to an electrical system problem. They had to get an attorney involved, but in the end, they received all their money back.
  • I own a 2003 Volvo, and I would have to say purchase a different car. Volvo has major transmission problems. Seriously pick another manufacturer.
  • I just bought a 2006 XC70 with 130,000. I didn't detect the hard shifting transmission unti the day I bought it, because I never drove it long enough to get the trans fluid warm enough. After only 750 miles it seems to be getting worse. It seems like you were able to get several more miles from your transmissions. Since this hard shifting characteristic show up so early (low miles) in some cars, maybe there is a chance I can get more miles on mine. Presently no slipping in the trans. What do you think?
  • bad_tranniesbad_trannies Posts: 11
    edited February 2011
    QS16, sorry to hear of your experience. I hope you got it at a dealer - at least there might be recourse of some sort there.... The S60 was the first Volvo for me and my shifting experience, as you read, was not a singular incident for me. I recently discovered something quite by accident that seems to make the shifting much smoother now when going from reverse to drive - if I shift into drive while the car is moving very slowly backward the transition to drive is practically normal feeling. So if others have the same reverse to drive problem that may solve it for them.

    As for your XC70, I'm afraid I have nothing to offer. Does it shift harshly in all gears as it up shifts in Drive from a stop, or with down shift as in passing mode, or reverse to drive, or drive to reverse, or park to drive? My bet is your dealer will tell you it needs a software update which offers no guarantee of solution (that aggravates me no end, I feel it should be free).
    As fyi, my XC70 now has 92k miles and still runs great with no shifting issues. Fingers crossed.

    With all the horror stories on this forum and my own experience I have purchased my last Volvo. :(

    I wish you the best of luck.
  • precousprecous Posts: 3
    whenver I put the car in reverse, it clunks....what is the problem...I am getting very anxious
  • precousprecous Posts: 3
    I have xc70 '03...when i make a cut-U it clunks...the mechanic (ha Ha) doesn't seem to know what the problem is or how to fix it.
    Any suggestions?
  • precousprecous Posts: 3
    Somehow the mechanic working on my car...screwed-up the indicator light on the dash...the reset butoon does nothing...any suggestions?
  • jfurgaljfurgal Posts: 1
    I have an 2001 XC70 with the same tranny issues!!! Hard shifting, clunking, etc.

    I filed a complaint with - the NHTSA - there are tons of complaints for the same issues for the V70, V70XC, and under XC70.

  • whwowhwo Posts: 1
    I guess I am the latest victim. I am experiencing all the problems you mentioned, down to the service rep. telling me they will try softward update. Now I know they are again bulllshitting me.
    I have gone out of my way to take good care of my care, three services yearly since 2003 when I got the car. This transmission problem happens just a couple of months after my extended warranty expired. which I paic thousands and everytime you asked them to pay to problems, it was a nightmare. I agree with everyone, stay away from Volvo, my XC70 never had no problem! not, I am told I will likely have to dish out $6000 plus to ifx my problem by the dealer/service in Vancouver BC. What can I do to not get ripped off?
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